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It’s no secret:  I love wiener dogs.

My Charlie came into my life at such a hard time, and he comforted me, and was an instant true companion.


I have wanted a dog tattoo for a while, to symbolize loyalty- which I feel is one of my strongest traits.  And it would only make sense that my dog tattoo be of a Dachshund, since I love them oh so much. 🙂

I asked the artist to make it look like a drawn image, with some water-coloring.  I think he did a fantastic job!

Here it is!!!  I love it!

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Like this:


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Sausages in ink: our favourite dachshund tattoos

We thought it would be fun to see how people have expressed their love for dachshunds through tattooing.  You either have a tattoo or you don’t, no two ways about it. But there is a middle ground that many people seem to occupy, which is to dream and scheme about what tattoo we would have if the circumstances were right.  Humans who choose to have tattoos get them for all kinds of reasons - to honour, to memorialise, to rebel, to express, to belong, or to be a work of art. 

Across the world tattoo artists work in many different styles or schools.  It’s a creative medium with a rich history and passionate artists and customers.  No wonder then that there are so many options, from traditional and neo-traditional to realist, watercolour, blackwork, stick and poke, and fine line work. Tattoo artistry has a regional history, think of Maori and Polynesian tattooing, Japanese tattooing, or Russian prison tattoos, as well as New York-style or London-style work.  With or without colour, the tattoo artist’s skill is deployed on portraits, patterns, religious icons, objects, cartoon characters, anime, and sometimes cover-ups of previous tattoos.  Our favourite tats all involve designer chairs (don't ask!).

What type of tattoo you get is a question of personal taste and style, and to some extent the depth of your pocket.  Some tattoo fans will travel to get work from an artist in a different country, and for popular or high profile artists the waiting lists to get work done may stretch to months.


A good rummage on Pinterest and other platforms suggests that the most popular styles for dachshund (wiener, doxie, teckel) tattoos at the moment are small and discrete line work designs.  Picasso’s famous sketch of his beloved dachshund Lump (a German word meaning “rascal” according to AnOther) is a big inspiration here, often reproduced faithfully in tattoo form. These tattoos are not usually a likeness of one particular dachshund, but a play on the long body and familiar sausage profile that we all know and love.

three dachshund lower back tattooline tattoo dachshund on thigh

At the other end of the spectrum come the cheeky traditional ‘sailor’ style portraits of dachshunds and other dogs, complete with roses and nautical imagery. These tattoos are super-fun and highly imaginative, bursting with humour, and brightly coloured.  Our current favourite is the Dachshund auf Tirol relaxing with his beer (below).  Check out the surfer dachshund tat too!  These tattoos require a bit more time under the needle than a simple line work piece.

dachshund tattoo in Tiroltraditional style dachshund tattoo chest


Some dachshund tattoos are clearly portraits of a particular dog.  It’s an instinct these days for people to inscribe images of those they love or have loved on their skin - children, siblings, partners - and their beloved dogs too it seems. These detailed portraits, some in colour, others in black ink only, speak to the close emotional ties between human and dog.

Have you got a dachshund tattoo?  

[Image credits: all images from Pinterest]

Sours: https://barkmatic.com/blog/post/sausages-in-ink-our-favourite-dachshund-tattoos
Ep #4: GHOSTWIENERBUSTERS - (Funny, \u0026 Spooky Dog Video for Halloween!)

There are people out there that love their dogs more than they love people. Sometimes people choose a particular breed of dog, and are very loyal to that particular breed like the dachshund. You all know about the little dogs that look like walking hot dogs right? Well if you are unfamiliar with cute little dachshunds, you are about to get to know them quite well! Ever seen a dachshund tattoo? Well you are about to because we have found some for you all to look at.

We have searched all over to find these 12 Darling Dachshund Tattoos that should make you smile because they are so cute! We promise you one thing though, and that is that you will love these tattoos, and maybe seeing dachshunds like this will make some of you want to go out and get a puppy of your own so you can see why it is that people love them so much. Okay, enough of our rambling though because you need to see these really cute tattoos for yourselves. Are you ready to check out the list of dachshund tattoos? If so, you can go ahead and scroll down now.

Dachshund Outline Lower Back Tattoo

Aww here is a really cute dachshund outline, but it happens to make a great tattoo especially on the lower back! Is this tattoo really cute or what?

Dachshund Outline Lower Back TattooDachshund Outline Lower Back Tattoo

Cartoon Dachshund Inner Arm Colored Tattoo

Now here is a really cute tattoo of a cartoon dachshund! This wiener doggie is so cute because it has a happy expression and seems really friendly.

Cartoon Dachshund Inner Arm Colored TattooCartoon Dachshund Inner Arm Colored Tattoo

Dachshund Outline Foot Tattoo

Oh my this dachshund tattoo sure is cute, and this dachshund lover chose to have it on the top of the foot, which is a great place!

Dachshund Outline Foot TattooDachshund Outline Foot Tattoo

Dachshund Doggy with Heart Collar Tattoo

Here is a really sweet dachshund tattoo, and its got on a collar with a heart on it too.

Dachshund Doggy with Heart Collar TattooDachshund Doggy with Heart Collar Tattoo

Simple Dachshund Arm Tattoo

This dachshund tattoo is as simple as you can get, and it looks great right on the arm!

Simple Dachshund Arm TattooSimple Dachshund Arm Tattoo

Simple Dachshund Tattoo On Ankle

Wow check out how long this wiener dog is! This tattoo is really cute, and its going right along the ankle.

Simple Dachshund Tattoo On AnkleSimple Dachshund Tattoo On Ankle


Dachshund Outline Wrist Tattoo with Heart and Paw Print

This little dachshund tattoo is more discreet because its located on the inside of the wrist, but the heart and paw print really shows how much these sweet doggies can touch the lives of their owners.

Dachshund Outline Wrist Tattoo with Heart and Paw PrintDachshund Outline Wrist Tattoo with Heart and Paw Print

Dachshund 3-D Outline Tattoo

3-D tattoos are becoming popular, and here is a dachshund tattoo that is 3-D, and the tattoo itself is really simple but cool too!

Dachshund 3-D Outline TattooDachshund 3-D Outline Tattoo

Dachshund Tattoo Inner Wrist Tattoo with Four Colored Hearts

Now this tattoo is all about dachshund love, and the hearts are of many colors, which is really cute especially with the design of the tattoo itself.

Dachshund Tattoo Inner Wrist Tattoo with Four Colored HeartsDachshund Tattoo Inner Wrist Tattoo with Four Colored Hearts

Black Dachshund Puppy Leg Tattoo

This tattoo is actually all black, and its located right on the leg of its owner, but its still really cool and sweet too.

Black Dachshund Puppy Leg TattooBlack Dachshund Puppy Leg Tattoo

Dachshund Amelia Tattoo with Sparkles

Every dachshund owners names their favorite doggies, and this tattoo is all about Amelia, and the sparkles make it more fun.

Dachshund Amelia Tattoo with SparklesDachshund Amelia Tattoo with Sparkles

Dachshund Arm Tattoo

Here is another example of a really simple tattoo that is located right on the arm. Maybe in the future, the owner can get it filled it at some point or just leave it like it is.

Dachshund Arm TattooDachshund Arm Tattoo

So, were we right about these darling tattoos? Did these cute little wiener dog tattoos surprise or impress you? If you have anything to say, be sure to leave us a comment below. However, if you didn’t like this list of dachshund tattoos, we have links to even more lists below of all kinds of different things. All you have to do is click on a link, and you’ll be on a whole new page. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started right now!

If you liked this list of 12 Darling Dachshund Tattoos, then check out 40 Awesome HD Wallpapers Collection, The 9 Best Android Games For Free, and10 Best Free iPhone Apps for Music Lovers.

Sours: https://designpress.com/tattoos/12-darling-dachshund-tattoos/

Tattoos weiner dog


Ep #4: GHOSTWIENERBUSTERS - (Funny, \u0026 Spooky Dog Video for Halloween!)


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