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The Meaning Behind Faith Cross Tattoo And Symbols

Are you a tattoo enthusiast with devoted and disciplined religious beliefs? Well, if that is the case, you should probably know about one of the most popular tattoo trends, “faith cross” tattoos. If you have not heard about them before, you should probably keep reading to learn about the faith cross symbol and the different meanings that people perceive from the tattoo.

Faith Tattoo on leg

Faith Cross Tattoos depict the icon of divinity that the Christians believe in. Many Christians around the world who are enthusiastic about body art opt for this popular and traditional tattoo idea, the Faith Cross Tattoo.

Faith Tattoo on wrist for women

Do you often wonder about the vivid influx of art around the world, inside almost every aspect of human life? It’s very interesting. If you think so, it’s time to explore the meaningfulness of Faith Cross tattoos. After all, they carry deep, personal, cultural, and historical significance and allow a wide array of customization. Read on to learn about the different meanings behind a faith cross tattoo and what they can suggest about the person wearing it.

Faith Cross Tattoos – What Do You Think People Believe?

What do you think the cross signifies? There are various descriptions and beliefs, right? Firstly, in Christianity, the cross is a very loud depiction of the events surrounding Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

Faith Tattoo on shoulder for women

As a firm Christian and believer of Christ, you might feel inclined to preserve the meaning of such an event via the means of body art. And that is, with the “holy” symbol of one of the biggest religions on the planet. Moreover, in some groups and cultures around the world, a common belief is that a ‘cross’ is the “center of the universe” or “Axis Mundi.” This implies that everything revolves around it throughout the universe.

Do You Know the Real Meaning Behind Faith Cross Tattoos?

Although beliefs may vary throughout the cultures, some traits and features of the Faith Cross tattoo can portray different meanings with regard to your personality. Besides the firm belief in God and divinity, the Faith Cross tattoo signifies that a person possesses a unique sense of life. In their day-to-day interactions, the person aligns with particular religious codes.

Furthermore, if you take a look at the Faith Cross tattoo from numerous other perspectives, you might be able to perceive several different ideas. The Faith Cross tattoo symbolizes many other qualities besides religious connotations. It can tell others that you are looking towards the divinity and the creator in times of uncertainty.

Amazing Faith Tattoo on leg for women

Of course, this implies how firm your belief is. Further, many people opt for a Faith Cross tattoo because they want to carry certain memories that relate to death, personal transformation, courage, unconditional affection, and the support of a God-gifted family. Faith Cross tattoos work as anchors for people in desperate times.

Faith Cross tattoos also symbolize a staunch Christian’s belief in the Day of Judgment, the rising of the dead, and the appreciation of life. So, you might wonder why a lively person wouldn’t opt for this. They do, and they support the idea that life is a precious gift from God.

couple tattoo

Additionally, the Faith Cross tattoo may also reflect on the sins of a person, which entail the journey of that person from perhaps, an illegal or criminal history to a lawful way of life. Furthermore, many people use the Faith Cross tattoos as a way to remind themselves of life-changing events or sins that led them to where they might be now.

Now, you are probably in a daze about how a small cross tattoo can mean so much. Trust us, it does. In fact, it has different meanings for different people. However, there are various placement options for Faith Cross tattoos. The placement you opt for will also contribute to the significance’s that the tattoo holds. Maybe, it may reflect on the meaning that the person possesses for the tat.

Bad Luck And Superstition?

The Faith Cross tattoo, which is a symbolization of belief, hope, unity, and love, allows you to place it at almost any part of the body. However, you’re the one who is feeling inclined to present faith in the form of body art as well. Thereafter, you might opt for a faith cross tattoo on your arm or your wrist, facing you. What’s the big deal? Well, your faith cross tattoo (facing you) on your wrist or arm may appear upside down to others. Hence, superstitions entail it as bad luck. Of course, the idea for the faith cross tattoo is your choice!

Classy Faith Tattoo

A Few Types of Faith Cross Tattoos

Faith Cross tattoos range from simple single-line crosses to long and cursive faith in cross styles comprising of diverse colors. The most common ink color that Faith Cross tattoo enthusiasts go for is black. For a dramatic effect, their tattoo artist may add a few hints of red here and there.

1. Small Faith Cross Tattoo

After viewing the small faith cross tattoo, you can imagine the simplicity that it shows while depicting the wide array of meanings. This decent tattoo can help you portray affection between you and your partner. Although it appears simple, there are color variations for this style of Faith Cross tattoo that you can look for. This way, your Faith Cross tattoo will reflect your body art preferences.

Tiny Faith Tattoo for women on neck

2. Celtic/ Irish Faith Cross Tattoo

Looking at this tattoo, you will notice the vivid display of religious association via the cross and the boldness of personality through the color. Take a look at the Celtic / Irish Faith Cross Tattoos and determine whether you would prefer it or not.

Faith Tattoo at back for women

Other Types

  • Ankle Faith Cross Tattoo
  • Back Faith Cross Tattoo
  • Rose and Faith Cross Tattoo
  • Sword Faith Cross Tattoo

Wrapping Up

So, whether you are a tattoo enthusiast or a firm follower of religion, you should be aware of the various side effects that tattoos carry with them. Moreover, several cultures and religions also forbid the wearing of tattoos on the body (the permanent laser ones). Hence, consider your religious beliefs adequately before opting for a vivid tattoo that will remain on your body forever.


What better way to express your strong Christian belief than getting a cross tattoo. Such a tattoo truly showcases how religious and committed to your faith you are. Moreover, it shows your spirituality and also how cool and creative you are even when it comes to religiousness. So, if you’re looking to get a cross tattoo, you’re at the right place. In the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at some traditional meanings of cross tattoos as well as design ideas to fit your creativity and tattoo requirements. So, without further ado, let’s get inked!

Cross Tattoos Traditional and Modern Meanings

Traditional Meanings

The symbolism of cross tattoos can extend from religiousness to faith, devotion, or even personal transformation. Of course, everyone assigns their own meaning to a cross tattoo, but some traditional symbolism cannot be ignored. For example, a cross tattoo symbolizes;

  • Spirit and spirituality
  • Sacrifice and death (in direct relation to Jesus)
  • Faith and devotion to your belief
  • Commitment and loyalty
  • Unconditional love for your family and friends
  • Rebirth and personal growth or transformation
  • Peace and harmony

As we can see, most of the symbolism and meaning is related to Jesus, Christianity, God, and faith. In Christianity, the cross is one of the most essential symbols. Jesus died for our sins on a cross, which is the main source of cross tattoo meanings; self-sacrifice, personal revelation, resurrection, and transformation. The cross can also symbolize eternal hope and one’s ability to overcome even the hardest, most difficult hardships in life.

Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, meaning

Modern Interpretations

When we say ‘modern cross tattoo interpretations’ what we mean are the tattoos that stem from a genres of music or subculture originating in the mid and late 90s, and lasting to this day. Such music genres and subcultures usually comprise rock and roll, hard rock, metal rock, and similar music paths which heavily rely on religious vernacular, imagery, and of course, the cross, or rather the anti-structure of a cross or anti-cross.

Many of such musicians and culture representative personas have cross tattoos which often have a unique design suitable to their interpretation of Christianity, Christ, and the whole belief system. The modern cross interpretations often refer to the sin, the devil, the story of Jesus and God’s mistreatment of the devil, and the return of the Antichrist. The tattoos often refer to human nature and people’s tendency to sin and rebel against ‘God’ or the ‘religious system’. Either way, such cross tattoos are works of art and have incredible designs. They surely suit those who want to express their rebellious and transformative nature, rather than spirituality and loyalty to Jesus.

Traditional Cross Tattoo Designs (and the Best Placement Ideas)

When we talk about cross tattoos, one of the most essential topics to cover are the very cross tattoo designs. We’ll take a look at some popular choices and the best placement ideas. Cross tattoos can be styled and designed in hundreds of different ways, and they look good anywhere on the body; this being one of the reasons they’re so popular. But, enough with the chatting and let’s look at some designs;

The Jesus Cross Tattoos


Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 1
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 2
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 3
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 4
  • Tattoo highlights; the Jesus cross tattoos are often large and take several hours to several sessions to complete. Because of how time and labor-consuming they are, you might have to pay up to a few thousand dollars for the final tattoo (including shading, detailing, and coloring, as well as body placement and complexity of the tattoo).
  • Best body placement; upper back or full back, chest, should and bicep area, upper thigh, side of the neck, etc.

One of the main cross tattoo design is the one that features Jesus on the cross. This imagery adds further to the traditional interpretation and symbolism of the tattoo. Combining the two most powerful symbols of Christianity is a true sign of faith, belief, and commitment to God. But, for the tattoo to be an ode to God, it needs to be done rather well. Jesus cross tattoos often feature highly elegant and almost baroque-like tattoo style. This style comprises a heavy load of detailing, shadowing, and sometimes even a color-combination of black, white, yellow, red, etc. The color combination is there to emphasize the pain of Jesus, the holiness of the imagery, and the dramatic effect of what the tattoo depicts.

The Holy Trinity Cross Tattoos (Three Cross Tattoo)

Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 5
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 6
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 7
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 8
  • Tattoo highlights; the Holy Trinity cross tattoos are often small to medium in size, so they don’t take too long to complete. Also, apart from filling in the outline and some shading, they don’t often feature any additional colors. This means you’ll probably pay significantly less for a simple, three-cross, black and white tattoo, which is a great choice if you want to save some cash but still pay tribute to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Best body placement; shoulder and upper arm area, forearm, side of the neck, ankle, hand and wrist area, etc.

The Holy Trinity cross tattoo, also known as the three cross tattoo is one of the more modern interpretations of the cross tattoo design. The tattoo design often comprises three intertwined crosses that represent the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In some cases, one cross is designed as a central piece of the tattoo, representing Jesus, while the other two are smaller, placed next to the central one, and represent others that were crucified with Jesus.

The crosses are often black (don’t feature colors), and can have some details or shading for a more artistic appearance. The crosses, however, don’t have to be intertwined; in some designs, the crosses are placed next to each other or made to form some shapes and figures. So, if you want to get a simple, yet effective and cost-friendly tattoo, we surely recommend the Holy Trinity design.

The Rose/Flower Cross Tattoo

Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 9
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 10
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 11
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 12
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 13
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 14
  • Tattoo highlights; the rose cross tattoos often vary in size and design. They can be small and subtle, or large and occupying the whole body parts, like the upper back. They can also feature a color scheme with red tones to emphasize the rose design. The tattoos can be simple and straightforward or feature an intricate and complex design where the rose and the cross are intertwined. Depending on the size and color choices, the tattoo can vary in price.
  • Best body placement; forearm, side of the neck, shoulder area, upper back, calf, etc.

The rose cross tattoo design is equally beloved among men and women. It is a wonderful combination of symbolism and imagery, which elevates the tattoo even more. In rose cross tattoos, the cross is often intertwined with the rose and ‘placed’ within the flower. This artistic layering of symbols enhances the meaning of both symbols individually. The floral infusion of the tattoo, however, adds to the purity of the cross meaning and enhances the design of the cross as well. The tattoo can feature leaves, flower buds, several crosses, a chaplet, etc. Rose tattoos are generally favored by women, but men tend to get them as well, without hurting their masculinity.

The Winged Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 15
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 16
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 17-1
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 18
  • Tattoo highlights; often large, the winged cross tattoo is a combination of two powerful Christian symbols; the wings of an angel and the cross. The tattoo is often done rather elegantly, where the wings cross is seamlessly incorporated with the wings. Alongside some shading and detailing, the tattoo is often in a black and white combo, but some designs do call for a color scheme including yellow and reddish tones. Since these tattoos often take a lot of space, you could pay a few thousand dollars for the final tattoo, especially if it features several colors.
  • Best body placement; upper or full back, chest, upper thigh, shoulder, and bicep area.

If you want to make a statement with your new cross tattoo, then what better way to do so than combine it with angel wings. This is such an awesome design, and because of this it usually takes up a lot of space (deservingly). The cross is generally the centerpiece of the tattoo, but the spread wings do steal the spotlight as well. The tattoo often requires detailing, especially on the wings, and its size depends on the size of the wings. For those who want to make a statement get tattoos that spread across the whole back or chest area. Either way, the combination of such two powerful symbols will make anyone feel super cool and committed to the man upstairs.

Simple Cross Tattoos

Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 19
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 20
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 21
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 22
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 23
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 24
  • Tattoo highlights; a simple, minimalistic cross doesn’t cost much but is very effective. The tattoo is pretty straightforward and can be done in only one session. Because the tattoo doesn’t require detailing and coloring, it can cost only a couple hundred bucks, so you’ll save money and still get badass ink.
  • Best body placement; upper (central) back, shoulder and bicep area, forearm, side of the neck, finger or hand, foot, ankle, rib (the side of the abdomen), etc.


One of the best things about getting a simple cross tattoo is that it looks good wherever you place it. The design comes through as effective and straightforward, which is surely following of the way Jesus died; on a simple cross. Without much detailing and coloring, the design of the tattoo is simplistic, often black and white, and can feature some shading. Because of this, the tattoo session can last an hour max and cost you a minimal price, especially if you only go for a cross outline. Simple cross tattoos are often preferred by women, but in the past few years, men have made it a trend to also get such tattoos.

Celtic Cross Tattoo (The Irish Cross)

Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 25
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 26
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 27
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 28
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 29
  • Tattoo highlights; getting a Celtic cross tattoo means getting a highly stylized and detailed piece. The design of a Celtic cross often calls for some color game, but the tattoo can be in black and white with some shading as well. Either way, the tattoo always turns out epic, but you should be ready to pay up for such a piece of body art. The tattoo is usually big, so alongside all the design requirements, you may expect the size to also increase the final tattoo cost.
  • Best body placement; upper back, chest or breast area, forearm, shoulder and bicep area, calf or upper thigh, etc.

The Celtic or Irish cross tattoo carries a mix of historic symbolism and Christian meaning. The Celtic cross is a symbol that has survived thousands of years and to this day symbolizes the struggles of religious persecution. When it comes to the design of a Celtic cross tattoo, you can expect some heavy stylizing and detailing. This is not a simple cross tattoo; it requires expertise and hours of work. The final design is often epic and intricate, with complex detailing and shading, especially when there are different color tones. Because of the amazing design and the average size of the tattoo, you should place it somewhere visible because this tattoo deserves some showing off.

The Upside Down Cross Tattoo (Anti-Christian Tattoo)

Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 30
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 31
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 32
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 33
Cross Tattoos, saved tattoo, 34
  • Tattoo highlights; the tattoo can vary in size and style. It can be simplistic and straightforward, or complex and detailed. Depending on the size, complexity of the design, and color scheme, the price can vary from medium to high cost. Either way, the tattoo will surely stand out since it does feature an anti-Cristian symbol.
  • Best body placement; forearm, upper/center back, side or back of the neck, ankle or wrist, finger, etc.

An upside-down cross is generally an anti-Christian symbol, symbolizing the Antichrist or any negative connotation about Christianity as a religion. In some cases, the cross can represent St. Peter, since he was crucified on an upside-down cross as he wanted to be the complete opposite of Jesus. Either way, the upside-down cross tattoo is can have a completely different meaning, like self-awareness of religious humility. The design of the tattoo is generally simplistic, minimalistic, and straightforward. The tattoo itself can vary in size, which can affect the final tattoo price.

Cross Tattoos FAQs

  • What does it mean to get a cross tattoo?

Getting a cross tattoo means you’re devoted to your religion and belief and shows that you’re ready to carry Christ close to you through the rest of your life. A cross tattoo also means you’re not afraid to show your religiousness, unconditional love for Christ, and also a sacrifice for him.

  • Is it sinful to get a cross tattoo?

According to the Bible and conservative Christianity, getting a tattoo is considered a sin (it is talked about as a body alteration, meaning you’re disrupting God’s work which is your body). However, modern interpretations do speak about tattoos as non-sinful. This especially goes for those who just converted to Christianity and carry a cross tattoo as a symbol of their transformation. If you’re a Christian and worried about whether a tattoo is sinful, we recommend you talk to your local pastor and see what they think about this topic as well.

  • Can I get a cross tattoo if I’m not religious?

Of course you can! You can get any kind of tattoo that you want, so long it fits your wishes. However, be ready to be frowned upon by some conservative, religious Christians, but other than that, you are perfectly allowed to get a cross tattoo despite your belief system.

  • How much do I have to pay for a cross tattoo?

The price of a tattoo, whether if it’s a cross or not, depends on several things. These include the size, the color scheme, the complexity of the design, the expertise of the tattoo artist, and the location of the tattoo shop. Smaller tattoos tend to cost between $50 to $150, while the larger ones can go up to several thousand dollars. If you want a colored and detailed tattoo, expect the price to go higher than the average.

Final Thoughts

Getting a cross tattoo can be very exciting. We hope that our little meaning and design guide will help make a good decision about your next tattoo. Cross tattoos are excellent regardless of whether you’re young or old, religious or not, or getting a 1st or 10th tattoo. For more information about the pricing for each design make sure to explore some tattoo shops and ask different tattoo artists about their pricing and offers. Whatever it is that you choose to ink, we wish you good luck!

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Top 50+ Best Faith Cross Tattoo Ideas – [2021 Inspiration Guide]

The faith cross tattoo is an increasingly popular design for religious tattoo imagery. 

Combining the cross – the most visible symbol of Christianity – with the word faith, usually in beautifully flowing cursive lettering, makes a personally religious statement of great symbolic meaning and links two simple ideas into a larger expression of belief. 

With an increase in visible tattoo art, and ink for religious purposes being more popular than ever, the faith cross design is a noticeable phenomenon. 

Check out the following collection of 50+ faith cross tattoo ideas that you can use as inspiration for you next piece. 

1. Ankle and Lower Leg Faith Cross Tattoos

leg faith cross tattoo brihaug

Source: @brihaug via Instagram

leg faith cross tattoo

Source: @flaco.ink_ via Instagram

ankle faith cross tattoo blackswan_dorotagontarz

Source: @blackswan_dorotagontarz via Instagram

ankle faith cross tattoo brujas.tattoos

Source: @brujas.tattoos via Instagram

ankle faith cross tattoo ink.and.ivy_

Source: @ink.and_.ivy_ via Instagram

ankle faith cross tattoo tattooist_mii

Source: @tattooist_mii via Instagram

2. Upper Arm Faith Cross Tattoo Ideas

arm faith cross tattoo blackhousetattoo

Source: @blackhousetattoo via Instagram

arm faith cross tattoo

Source: via Instagram

arm faith cross tattoo onyxtattooliechtenstein

Source: @onyxtattooliechtenstein via Instagram

arm faith cross tattoo rocheinktattoos

Source: @rocheinktattoos via Instagram

arm faith cross tattoo sliderinktattoo

Source: @sliderinktattoo via Instagram

arm faith cross tattoo xoeybarcenal_tattoo

Source: @xoeybarcenal_tattoo via Instagram

arm faith cross tattoo xtattoos_new

Source: @xtattoos_new via Instagram

3. Faith Cross Tattoo Art for the Back

back faith cross tattoo contreras_tattooist

Source: @contreras_tattooist via Instagram

back faith cross tattoo cowboy9436

Source: @cowboy9436 via Instagram

back faith cross tattoo inkdontmove

Source: @inkdontmove via Instagram

back faith cross tattoo jeremiahvelez15

Source: @jeremiahvelez15 via Instagram

back faith cross tattoo ludwigvantattoo

Source: @ludwigvantattoo via Instagram

back faith cross tattoo painfreaksonly

Source: @painfreaksonly via Instagram

back faith cross tattoo xoeybarcenal_tattoo

Source: @xoeybarcenal_tattoo via Instagram

back faith cross tattoo yuantattoodesign

Source: @yuantattoodesign via Instagram

4. Chest Faith Cross Ink

chest faith cross tattoo chevycorteztats

Source: @chevycorteztats via Instagram

chest faith cross tattoo josemelendeztattoo

Source: @josemelendeztattoo via Instagram

chest faith cross tattoo kmotattoos

Source: @kmotattoos via Instagram

side faith cross tattoo carl_prust

Source: @carl_prust via Instagram

side faith cross tattoo deantattoo15

Source: @deantattoo15 via Instagram

5. Ear and Neck Faith Cross Tattoo Ideas

neck faith cross tattoo

Source: @kl.lr_ via Instagram

ear faith cross tattoo grafikxposure

Source: @grafikxposure via Instagram

ear faith cross tattoo perfectly_imperfect_ink

Source: @perfectly_imperfect_ink via Instagram

ear faith cross tattoo positivevibetatt

Source: @positivevibetatt via Instagram

neck faith cross tattoo swizzink

Source: @swizzink via Instagram

6. Forearm and Wrist Faith Cross Tattoo Ideas

forearm faith cross tattoo 203_tattoo

Source: @203_tattoo via Instagram

wrist faith cross tattoo alma_azul_tattoos

Source: @alma_azul_tattoos via Instagram

wrist faith cross tattoo krijuestattoostudio

Source: @krijuestattoostudio via Instagram

forearm faith cross tattoo aloktattooist

Source: @aloktattooist via Instagram

forearm faith cross tattoo cejitasbyetta

Source: @cejitasbyetta via Instagram

forearm faith cross tattoo georgedressing

Source: @georgedressing via Instagram

forearm faith cross tattoo hymnsandcurses

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forearm faith cross tattoo imaginetattoos7

Source: @imaginetattoos7 via Instagram

forearm faith cross tattoo itsglitter

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forearm faith cross tattoo jasper4420

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forearm faith cross tattoo katielunny_tattoos

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forearm faith cross tattoo kircamadventures

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forearm faith cross tattoo lintattoo77

Source: @lintattoo77 via Instagram

forearm faith cross tattoo tattoosbyca

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forearm faith cross tattoo vantablacktattoo

Source: @vantablacktattoo via Instagram

7. Simple Faith Cross Tattoo Ideas

simple faith cross tattoo af.ashmodiel

Source: @af.ashmodiel via Instagram

simple faith cross tattoo asma_tattoo_ink

Source: @asma_tattoo_ink via Instagram

simple faith cross tattoo cielorojoestudio

Source: @cielorojoestudio via Instagram

simple faith cross tattoo deep_south_ink

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simple faith cross tattoo

Source: @randy.ink_ via Instagram

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