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SecretLab Titan Review 2019 - IS THIS THE BEST GAMING CHAIR?

I just love the Tesla looking T for Titan Logo in the center and the Secretlab chair logo across the top and back combined with the Prime PU Leather gives it a very premium look.

The Titan variant of Secret labs chair has actually been designed for the slightly wider set end user. No pun intended.

The Secretlab Titan’s base is slightly wider and the armrests are slightly further apart than that if the Secretlab Omega. Also, the max weight that the Titan can take is higher than the Secretlab Omega range also.

That's not to say that if you a slightly slimmer you shouldn't consider the Titan gaming chair.

I'm quite slim & I chose the Titan not because of my size. I actually chose it because I prefer flatter base, as opposed to the bucket racing seat design.

All the materials used on the Titan are premium. Everything from the ADC12 reinforced Japanese aluminum to the Cold-cured high-density foam, and the incredibly strong carbon structural steel foundation.

Even the armrests are awesome. They are made up of a rubberized material with the Secretlab logo imprint. A nice touch.



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Since 2014, Secretlab has made a name for itself making premium gaming chairs with a strong range of movement. The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 released today combines features of one of the best gaming chairs we’ve tested, the Secretlab Omega, and the Secretlab Titan, which accommodated the big and tall crowd, into one. Secretlab is discontinuing the other two chairs and offering the Titan Evo in three sizes, hoping to accommodate the whole market. 

It’s a risky endeavor, but the Titan Evo looks to accommodate a vast range of body types with very specific adjustments. That includes a redeveloped lumbar support system that lets you tweak both its firmness and height and armrests that have 4 different adjustments. This is the kind of chair that can accommodate so many different positions and seems built to last.

Note that with the Titan Evo, Secretlab is doing away with the smaller Omega and larger Titan. The Titan Evo comes in three different sizes to cover the whole range of sizes and come in different prices:

  • Regular - tested ($449 for faux leather / $469 for fabric upholstery): for gamers  5’7” - 6’2” and weighing under 220 pounds with a max supported weight of 285 pounds
  • Small ($429 / $449 for fabric): for gamers 4’11” - 5’6” and weighing under 200 pounds with a max supported weight of 285 pounds
  • XL ($499 / $519): for gamers  5’11” - 6’9” and weighing 175-395 pounds

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Specs 

Regular (tested)SmallXL
Upholstery Secretlab SoftWeave Plus Fabric (tested) or Secretlab Neo Hybrid LeatheretteSecretlab SoftWeave Plus Fabric or Secretlab Neo Hybrid LeatheretteSecretlab SoftWeave Plus Fabric  or Secretlab Neo Hybrid Leatherette
Total Height (with base) 51.2 - 54 inches / 127 -134cm50 - 52.8 inches 53.1-56.9 inches / 133-144.5cm
Backrest Length 33.5 inches / 85cm32.3 inches / 82cm35 inches / 89cm
Backrest Width (Shoulder Level) 21 inches / 53cm20 inches / 51cm22 inches / 56cm
Seating Area Width (Point of Contact)18.5 inches / 47cm17.7 inches / 45cm19.3 inches / 49cm
Seating Area Width (total) ~22 inches / 55.9cmNot disclosed Not disclosed 
Seating Area Depth19.3 inches / 49cm18.9 inches  / 48cm19.7 inches / 50cm
Armrest Width26-29.1 inches  / 66-74cm24.4-27.6 inches / 62-70cm27.4-30.5 inches / 69.5-77.5cm
Armrest Height26-31.9 inches  / 67-84cm26-31.9 inches  / 66-81cm26.4-33.1 inches / 67-84cm
Max Recommended Weight 285 pounds / 130kg285 pounds / 130kg395 pounds / 180kg
Weight76.1 pounds / 34.5kg73.9 pounds82.7 pounds / 37.5kg
Warranty 3 years, extendable to 5 years if posted on social media 3 years, extendable to 5 years if posted on social media 3 years, extendable to 5 years if posted on social media 


The Titan Evo rolls onto the scene with a full array of color options for both types of upholstery — fabric or fake leather — available. Although, the most vivid colors are on the $20 pricier, Softweave Plus fabric side. This is partially due to a new, automated weaving process that allows for more detailed patterns than the previous SoftWeave. Secretlab describes it as using “interlacing loops of high-strength yarn fibers,” which enables “smaller details to be incorporated into every stitch, enabling ... complex designs in a multi-layered textile with different layers of color.” 

Currently, you can get the chair with the fabric upholstery in (as seen above) Plush Pink, Mint Green, Frost Blue, Cookies & Cream, Black3 or Arctic White. However, I’m looking forward to seeing what other designs come to light with this new technology and Secretlab’s already established reputation for ornate designs with themes encompassing everything from League of Legends, to Game of Thrones and electronic DJs.

My review unit came in Black3, which, despite its name, carries subtle hints of white thread peeking throughout for a black or dark gray overall vibe, depending on your lighting Suede accents line the sides of the seat and backrest. The backrest also has a reminder of the year and size of the chair and a pinch of red curiously, yet inoffensively, threaded into a small area near the backrest’s suede too. There’s also a tiny number of silver accents contained to the armrest area, but they’re only noticeably for you to enjoy, not anyone watching your livestream. 

It’s not truly an all-black chair, but the sprinkling of white gives the Titan Evo extra character and helps it look a little more expensive. However, I can’t help getting some car seat vibes.

It’s a tight weave, and it doesn’t seem like anything will snag on these slicker threads, at least not for a long time. Machine embroidered logos in black on the back and front of the headrest are stealthy on the dark fabric. These logos also look like they won’t snag easily because they feel smooth, flat and stuck to the upholstery. Speaking of logos, Secretlab’s is stamped into each armrest, but they’re too small to be any bother, unless you’re offended by how similar it looks to the Delta Air Lines logo. 

Even the zipper at the rear of the backrest that gives you potential access to its innards is guarded by hard plastic. It makes getting inside the backrest hard, which is good because you shouldn’t have reason to mess with the foam inside anyway. 

Ultimately, the SoftWeave Plus upholstery has just the right amount of texture to make the chair feel durable but not scratchy. It also won’t stick to or encourage sweaty skin, like leather or faux leather upholsteries often can. Cleaning may be tougher, especially if you get crumbs or other muck in between those threads. But because the threads are so tightly woven, this wasn’t an issue for me during and testing and definitely less concerning than with some mesh chairs, like the Mavix M5

If you prefer leather, you may be disappointed that there’s currently no real leather upholstery option like there was with Secretlab’s previous chairs. However, Secretlab believes its new faux leather, called Secretlab neo Hybrid Leatherette, is so similar to the Napa leather it used, that few people would spend the extra for the real thing.. 

You can find countless gaming chairs all over the internet coated in polyurethane (PU) leather and many notably cheaper than the $449 Secretlab is charging for the regular-sized Titan Evo. The Cooler Master Caliber R2, for example, is currently $300, albeit with a smaller range of adjustments and less comfort. However, Secretlab claims its new fake leather is 12 times more durable than regular PU leather, thanks to a “base layer reinforced with ultra-fine fibers.” Plus, a “unique top laminate” claims to imitate the luster of Napa leather. Currently, the faux leather upholstery is available in (as seen in the the picture above) Ash, Stealth, Black, Royal and Classic. 

If you’re not buying it, Secretlab told Tom’s Hardware that there will be a Napa leather version available “at a later time”; however, the brand is expecting a lot of interest because of how similar and cheaper the Neo Hybrid Leatherette version is. 

Within the Titan Evo is a steel frame that you can’t feel at all through the upholstery and foam. The chair is complete with a hydraulic gas piston and aluminum alloy wheelbase.

The brand says it tests durability with the likes of drop tests, loading it with heavy weights and more. Other tests include immersing the upholstery in artificial sweat and putting it in a humidity chamber. As perhaps expected of a chair that foregoes real or fake leather, the SoftWeave version of the Titan Evo didn’t get warm, sweaty or sticky during my time with it.

New 4-Way L-Adapt Lumbar Support System 

One of the biggest changes Secretlab introduced in the Titan Evo 22 is its lumbar support system. The Omega chair I previously used had a detachable pillow covered in dreamy velour and stuffed with luscious cooling memory foam. It was so comfortable that it could stand on its own as an extra pillow in the  living room or bedroom, rather than just a freebie tossed in with a chair. 

The Titan Evo goes the way of the larger Titan chair, which uses an adjustable lumbar support system built into the chair. I was told that this is because smaller people who would use the Omega rather than the Titan also wanted built-in lumbar support. You can still buy the lumbar support pillow, but Secretlab spent 2 years completely redesigning its lumbar system for the Titan Evo so that L-Adapt, as it’s called, can offer two types of adjustability: thickness and height.

We’ve seen knob-based, adjustable lumbar support systems before. For example, the Razer Iskur has a knob for adjusting how firm the lumbar support area is. The Titan Evo also has that, plus a second knob for making that area move up or down along your back.

Firmness adjustments yield a noticeable difference when sitting in the chair. If you’re not, you can clearly see the backrest’s protrusion varying with each twist of the knob. I like a lot of lumbar support and usually have the system set to maximum firmness. Support felt hard and unwavering but didn’t stick out dramatically or push into me. In fact, I could actually use a little more lumbar support. 

You can still buy the Secretlab Signature Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow for $59, and I happened to have one on-hand. Placing it on top of the Titan Evo’s L-Adapt provided the excess care my greedy lumbar craves. The chair wasn’t uncomfortable without it, but it moved up a level with the chair included, hugging the deeper curve of my lower back more. Again, I like more lumbar support than average, so there’s a healthy chance you’ll be perfectly satisfied without the pillow. 

The problem with relying on a detachable pillow for lumbar support is that when I recline or adjust my positioning, I also have to adjust the pillow. And if I want it higher, I’d have to hold the pillow in place by applying a bit of pressure. The Titan Evo’s lumbar support system doesn’t have this problem, thanks to its height adjustment.

Generally, the height adjustment was harder to notice than the one that pushes the system inward and outward. In fact, I didn’t believe it was really moving until I placed my finger where the bulgiest part of the backrest was. But after I saw it with my own eyes, it was easier for my body to feel the height adjustment. The feature was most helpful when I adjusted the angle of my seat. For example, if I was sitting at a 90-degree angle I wanted higher lumbar support than if I was reclined. During a deep recline, I wanted lumbar support higher than with a medium recline. The fact that I can get that specific is a point in the Titan Evo’s favor. On the other hand, the differences were minute in my experience. But if you’re paying over $400 for a chair, it’s about time that meant being able to address fine details of your comfort. 

Secretlab’s L-Adapt feature is comprised of a lattice of hinges that’s supposed to move with you left and right.

This was the least noticeable feature of the lumbar system of all. The whole backrest is pretty firm to feel anything “moving” with me beneath. The Regular-sized Titan Evo I tested is for people under 220 pounds with a max of 285 pounds. I weigh significantly less than both measurements, so it’s possible someone with more heft could put a greater dent in the backrest and feel the hinges moving with them. That said, I never felt a noticeable lack of lumbar support when shifting from one side to another.

My inflexible, scrawny arms, (as well as a friend’s slightly longer arms), have another complaint in that the system’s two knobs are hard to reach and turn from a seated position. My appendages quickly grew weary while making adjustments. Additionally, it’s hard to read the words on the knob since it’s black-on-black, but Secretlab made the controls intuitive (clockwise for higher and more lumbar support, counterclockwise for lower and less support).

Comfort and Adjustments

Image 1 of 5
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The regular size version of the Titan Evo I tested is geared toward gamers who are 5’7” - 6’2” and under 220 pounds, but it can support a max weight of 285 pounds. I’m just tall enough to fit the recommendation and have over 100 pounds of wiggle room when it comes to the max weight. 

Secretlab’s Titan Evo is a solid chair. The chair’s cold cure foam has hardly any give. Secretlab describes it as “medium-firm,” but I’d go with hard — but not rock-hard. I came to this chair after months of using the Mavix M5, a mesh chair that uses a porous lattice pattern for support with obvious give. The contrast made the Titan Evo a bit jarring at first. 

The backrest was easier to get used to because I like a lot of back support and don’t want to feel like I have to press back to get full support whether I’m straight up or reclined. But the seat feels a little hard after a couple hours and makes me want to readjust. The seat does feel softer than the backrest when squeezing it. The angled sides are especially easy to press down, and I can hear air coming out of the foam as I do. This flexibility will help those who want to use the full width of the seat. 

Although I’ve gotten used to the seat’s firmness, a little more give would still make the chair a little more comfortable for long gaming sessions. A friend who weighs more than me but still under the 200-pound mark agreed, appreciating the hardness of the backrest but wanting a slightly softer seat. Someone with more weight, however, may prefer the more dense support.

Because of the seat’s firmness, my thighs definitely feel supported, making them easy to forget about while sitting. The seat also has what Secretlab describes as a "waterfall edge" on the lip that’s supposed to contour to the back of the legs, which I felt regardless of my recline angle. 

This is a spacious seat. When I’m sitting in one place for hours I tend to move around, and the seat here is great enough that I can sit with both legs crossed on top of it. The armrests’ ability to move up and down or in and out also makes this more feasible.

The seat’s point of contact is 18.5 inches across; however, the total width of the seat is about 22 inches, which is why I’m able to kick my feet up on it. The seat is also 19.3 inches deep (from the back of the knees to the back). The Razer Iskur’s seat is slightly tighter (17 inches, 21 inches and about 20 inches, respectively). And the AndaSeat Jungle’s seat is uncomfortably narrow (14.2-inches, 20.3 inches and 16.9 inches, respectively). 

The Titan Evo’s backrest is cut from a single piece of Secretlab’s proprietary cold foam (the same stuffing found in its previous chairs). It has a distinct shape with shoulder wings that gently curve in. This should come in handy for broad shoulders. The edges of the backrest also come in, making for a small hugging sensation that makes me feel safe but doesn’t necessarily add more comfort. I fit in well in the area surrounded by the wings, but the wings prevent me from sitting in the chair with my shoulders and elbows back and my arms close to my body.  

My review unit’s backrest measures 21 inches across at the shoulder level and is 33.5 inches long. For comparison, the Razer Iskur, which has similar height and weight recommendations (5’6”- 6’2”, under 299 pounds) is tighter at 19 inches and 32 inches, respectively. Meanwhile, the more affordable AndaSeat Jungle (recommended for people 5’0”-6’0” and under 211 pounds) has a backrest that’s slightly wider (22.6 inches) and shorter (32.5 inches) than our review focus.  

The backrest is very accomodating of both focused and lackadaisical gamers. It can sit at an 85-degree angle from the seat, meaning you can lean in close to your game and still have your back and shoulders supported. I like to get up close and personal with my screen when I’m gaming sometimes or doing detailed productivity work, like photo editing. The 85-degree recline makes those tasks go from feeling tense to natural, and a recline under 90 degrees is more rare among gaming chairs. For the more laidback player, the chair can recline back 165 degrees. As mentioned, the lumbar support system helps the recline a little in that you can move the lumbar support system up and down to accommodate your specific angle. The chair still felt trustworthy as I laid back, even with me spinning round in circles (why don’t they allow this chair at the dentist?). 

The recline lever on the seat’s right side is easy to grab without looking and even features handy finger grooves. But it can get a little jammed when you’re lowering it, requiring either some extra force or for me to lean forward a little to allow it to lock it in place. This is accompanied by an off-putting metal noise. 

Armrests are another one of the ways Secreltab chairs have stood out because you can move them so much. In this case, the armrests go up and down 3 inches, move sideways 0.8 inches, forward and back 1.4 inches and can also turn diagonally one notch outward or inward. Each movement has its own button and is usable regardless of any armrest adjustments you have already made. 

This all matches the functionality of the preceding Omega and Titan, except for the sideways movement, which used to be 1 inch instead of 0.8 inch. I bring this up because when I first built the chair, I wished the armrests were closer together. With both armrests as close to my sides as possible, I still had to open my wingspan slightly to rest my elbows, even with the armrests angled inward. If I’m using a smaller keyboard or just want to keep my arms as close to my body as possible, either for ergonomic reasons or maybe because I’m gaming with a controller, I wouldn’t get any armrest support. While the Omega’s armrests were 24.4 - 27.6 inches apart, the Titan Evo’s are 26-29.1 inches. It could be worse though: The Jungle’s are 27.4 inches apart and not adjustable in this way. 

Update 7/16/2021: The chair shipped with the armrests already attached to the seat, but apparently they're set to their furthest distance possible. However, Secretlab's assembly instructions don't note this at all. Secretlab informed me that the armrests can be installed closer together on the seat. Underneath the seat, it's easy to loosen some screws and slide the armrests along a bracket about 1 inch, providing extra flexibility and more comfort for how I like to sit. 

As a smaller complaint, I’d like the armrests to be able to move backward more to accommodate deep reclines. I also wouldn’t mind the armrests getting a little lower. With the seat and armrests both at their lowest positions, the armrests are 26 inches high. That’s just a smidge too tall to fit under my tiny desk.

The armrests are resistant to weight, requiring me to press down hard to make it give. But they don’t feel hard, meaning I can rest on them for hours. Their PU faux leather topping is also buttery soft, boasting smooth luxury I want to melt into. If you’re not into the faux leather feel though, you can pay extra and swap out the armrests’ magnetic tops. Secretlab is also releasing its Technogel Premium Armrest tops, which use “German-made memory gel [that ]conforms to your wrists and elbows in all directions for more even weight distribution and improved pressure relief,” according to Secretlab. 

Underneath the seat’s left side is a lever for turning tilt on or off. The tilt feature is accompanied by a knob for adjusting tension. It’s under the center of the seat and much harder to reach. When sitting at a 90-degree angle, I had to shove back hard to get the tilt working. It’s easier at a slight or greater recline, where I can get a nice rocking chair effect if desired. However, I found little use for this, as I do for rocking chairs (sorry grandmas). 

The lever for adjusting the chair’s height is underneath the seat’s right. The handle faces a different direction than the tilt lever to help differentiation. And it’s helpful for righties that the one you’re most likely to use is on the right side.

Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been waiting for someone to shake up the neck pillow game, and Secretlab has by making the Titan Evo’s stick to the chair via magnets rather than a strap. Unfortunately, I still find the pillow to stick out too much and that it pushes my head forward in an unnatural way, although less so than with other chairs. This pillow is dense, requiring me to apply some pressure for it to conform to my head shape. 

The new approach to the pillow’s application and adjustment means there are no unsightly straps stretched across the back of the backrest. Instead, the pillow has a magical floating look, and the magnets worked well for the most part. With a deeper recline the pillow rarely slipped; although, in that scenario I wanted the pillow lower than the most southern part of the backrest’s magnets (by the top of the T logo), so, of course, the pillow fell. 

Another downside is that it’s easy to forget that the pillow has magnets in it, so just be careful tossing it near anything that’s sensitive to magnets.

The Titan Evo’s memory foam head pillow is better quality than any other free neck pillow I’ve seen included with a gaming chair.  When you squeeze it with your hand, it lovingly gives in to you and promptly unscrunches back into shape when you release. There are calculated curves here too. It’s just too bad I still haven’t found a neck pillow that I feel adds superior comfort. I ultimately prefer to use the Titan Evo without its neck pillow.


Secretlab’s massive (about 30.5 x 26 inches) print-out instructions hint that it’s easier to build the Titan Evo with a friend, but I was able to complete it with just me, myself and I in about 45 minutes. I also used the tools in the box, a pair of Allen wrenches, including one with a comfy handle that also serves as a Phillips head screwdriver on the other end. 

It’s a hefty package at about 76.1 pounds, so you may need help getting it up any stairs. But I was able to wearily navigate the heavy backrest and thick seat without help. The hardest part, as usual, was getting the holes in the backrest to align with the holes in the bracket of the seat so the two could be screwed together. But while I normally need assistance with this part and extra patience, getting the holes to match up seemed a little easier on the Titan Evo than on other chairs I’ve built. 

I appreciated the armrests being attached to the seat out of the box. The armrests’ covers easily snap on magnetically, as do the covers for the brackets connecting the backrest to the seat, saving me some time and effort.

Bottom Line

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 offers almost all of the adjustments you can want in gaming chair and in a good-looking package. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a rival that feels and looks this good. The Razer Iskur puts up a good fight with its firm build, but its lumbar support system isn’t as adjustable and aesthetically, it looks like a bulky, scaly defect. At least in the case of the fabric upholstery version I tested, the Titan Evo is one of the few chairs that feels as durable as its price implies and further earns the high cost with its appearance. Plus, the quality of the Titan Evo’s pillow sets a new standard. 

This is a harder chair, and because of that your back should feel very supported. But for the same reason, the seat may feel tiresome after a couple hours. The ability to finetune the lumbar support and armrests should not be overlooked. However, the lumbar support pillow Secretlab used to include with its chairs provides even more support that conforms to deep curves better. Further, having the armrests closer together would take things to the next level, and being able to move the armrests backward more would be a nice bonus. 

The Titan Evo 2022 isn’t perfect, and there are some things I liked about Secretlab’s now discontinued Omega better. But this is still the cream of the crop among chairs we’ve tested and should be a sound investment for gamers seeking a versatile, supportive chair for the long haul.

Editor’s Note: This review was originally published on July 12, 2021 and updated on July 16, 2021 to provide more accurate information on the chair’s armrests. 


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SecretLab’s new line of 2022 gaming chairs have a renewed focus on packing in more features without significantly boosting the price. It’s also making it easier to decide which one to buy. Instead of offering both the Titan and Omega chairs, it’s cramming the best aspects of each into a single model called the Titan Evo. SecretLab told The Verge that it’ll launch the Titan Evo in mid-July starting at about $20 or $30 more than the small-sized Omega chair, which is currently selling for $359.

The company is offering the Titan Evo in small, regular, and extra-large sizes. And no matter the size you choose, it’ll come with the same new comfort and cosmetic features. It revamped the seat base to offer thigh support, and there’s a new knob on the left side of the chair that tweaks its new and improved “L-ADAPT” lumbar support system.

Photo: SecretLab

Following SecretLab’s recent obsession with magnets in the Magnus desk, the Titan Evo has replaceable magnetic arm rests. You’ll be able to upgrade with more materials in the future, including Technogel. There are more magnets! The pillow that comes with each Titan Evo chair attaches to the chair magnetically. SecretLab emphasized that it was challenging to develop strong magnets in a pillow that didn’t impact its softness, or put wear on the chair over time.

The company is offering the Titan Evo in two new colors available with its hybrid polyurethane (PU) leatherette material: royal and ash, which are a blue and gray color, respectively. SecretLab says it has improved that material, as well as its SoftWeave weaving technique, to be more durable. It claims that its PU leatherette is 12 times more durable than standard PU leatherette. Also, it uses a new weaving technique to bring color gradients to what SecretLab is calling SoftWeave Plus fabric, which it claims has a 3.5x improvement in strength.

Everything you need to know! The 2020 SecretLab Titan Chair Full Review

Secretlab Omega Prime PU Leather Ash Gaming Chair Gallery

Secretlab's not so secret formula for success includes cutting out the third party. The firm offers straight to clients instead of dealing with sellers and representatives. This enables them to pass their financial savings on as well as offer a costs product at an extremely practical price. It additionally eliminates a minimum of one additional delivery journey from the equation, decreasing the probability of damaged goods.

This company version seems to function rather well for them, as the Omega looks and feels on par with pc gaming chairs we've evaluated that are far more costly.

The Secretlab Omega features highly customizable armrests, multi-functional tilt systems and also some of the densest foam we've really felt in a gaming chair. According to the business, each item of foam is put through an inflexible cool healing procedure and separately formed, not reduce.

The outcome is an extremely challenging as well as durable piece of foam that is built to last. We've invested several months in the Secretlab Omega now and the seat pillow feels just like it did when it was brand-new. The one downside with this is that the seat gives up some of its gentleness to give support for heavy use throughout the years.

We assumed the chair was really solid initially, but it came to be much more comfortable after longer periods of gaming. The Omega additionally includes the best complimentary head and also lumbar cushions we have actually received from a gaming chair business.

They are made of velour memory foam as well as fit enough to sleep on. Our only grievance with this is that they do not safeguard themselves very well to the chair and also therefore use little room for modifications.

The Omega includes a multi-functional tilt system that permits you to rock and adjust seating settings to promote blood flow and oxygen to the mind. It reclines up to 165 degrees and also has armrests that can adjust themselves in practically any method possible. Completion result is a highly comfy gaming chair we have a difficult time wanting to get out of.

The Omega is among one of the most well made chairs we've examined. From the wheels to the base, lift device, armrests and seat back, Secretlab clearly utilized several of the very best materials available.

The very discreet logos, premium construct high quality and obvious craftsmanship were things we actually made note of. Upon closer assessment of Secretlab's product, it's clear various other makers were taking note as well.

Pc gaming chairs have actually obtained rather a following recently. That's mainly because of the comfort they use for lengthy sessions invested with a controller in your hands or a keyboard at your fingertips. But there's one location where they usually get a bum rap: their "extreme" looks and vibrant fuss.

Like a lot of various other supposed video gaming chairs available, the Secretlab Omega includes a design influenced by competing seats. That streamlined outside hides a riches of modification alternatives, nonetheless, enabling you to place the chair in nearly any kind of means you see fit.

On the side of the chair, you'll locate a reclining lever that quite resembles what you 'd discover on your automobile's seat. What stunned me most is simply exactly how considerably you can recline the back of the chair. Drawing the bar gives you a smooth activity that allows it to go from a straight 90-degree angle to just shy of 180 levels.

As we noted in our review of the Secretlab Titan, the best component of every one of these changes is that they're exceptionally smooth to operate. The numerous bars and buttons don't feel janky while making modifications as well as, as soon as in position, they really feel strong generally (much more on that later).

Along with the reclining activity, the Omega includes your conventional paddles underneath for locking or unlocking the tilt, in addition to increasing or lowering the chair to your preferred height. There's also a dial for controlling the tension. What's even more, even the armrests can be gotten used to your preference, with switches for relocating them up, down, ahead, as well as backwards.

As for comfort, the Secretlab Omega is the most comfortable chair I've used in years. The seat cushioning, particularly, is firm without really feeling rigid, providing you sufficient "bounce" to stay comfortable for long periods. Combine that with myriad placements readily available from the flexible levers, as well as it's easy to call in the excellent position.

On the whole, the chair really feels around as strong as you can obtain. You can tell Secretlab put some thought into the top quality of the materials it utilized right here, also to the casters. As well as, believe me, I'm not typically excited by casters, yet these are the best and most solid wheels I have actually really felt on any kind of office chair so far.

While the majority of the bars as well as buttons to readjust the positioning of the chair's different elements are solid as well as run smoothly, I fret about the durability of the armrests.

Especially, even after they have actually been secured place, each armrest has some give to it that triggers it to wiggle back and forth. It's by no means a dealbreaker, as well as I'm certain they'll stay with the life of the chair, but I might see them becoming looser gradually.

Also, the chair's extra padding is very comfortable, however it does take some time to barge in. When I initially took the chair out of the box and also placed it with each other, I had some worries over simply exactly how firm it was. Nonetheless, after 2 weeks of using it daily, it's currently at simply the best pleasant place.

Ultimately, that firmness is probably a good idea; I have actually had a number of office chairs that just looked to mush after a year or 2 of usage. On that particular note, it also would certainly have behaved to see back assistance developed into the Omega line, but the consisted of lumbar pillow does a good enough job.

I additionally have issues about exactly how well the SoftWeave material will certainly hold up to any type of accidental spills. With the PU leather design, you 'd just be able to wipe any kind of food or beverages away without any fuss. Once you venture right into sewn fabric, nonetheless, it's a various tale. In other words, if you choose the SoftWeave option, see to it you take care if you're snacking some food during any type of extensive pc gaming sessions.

Lastly, be warned that putting together the chair might need some finesse. While the instructions are simple enough to comply with and there aren't way too many actions involved, you'll definitely desire a 2nd individual around to help out. Many actions can be accomplished with a single person, to ensure, but screwing pieces like the plastic side covers in position can call for a little bit of elbow grease.

I have no worry advising the Secretlab Omega SoftWeave. Due to my work (and in spite of my standing desk), I invest a great deal of time being in front of a computer system, and the Omega SoftWeave has actually made that time a much more comfortable experience.

Secretlab does recommend the Omega for individuals that are no taller than 5' 9 ″, which are a maximum weight of 240 pounds. Their suggested maximum weight for users in this chair is just 175 lbs.

But, for the elevation, I'm best regarding 5-foot-9 to 5-foot-10, and also I assume if you were a little taller, this chair would be a choice that you can think about. But if you are 5 '11 or taller, you'll likely intend to look elsewhere.

The improvements will first be available to the Omega and Titan collection, along with the scandal sheet chairs like the Game of Thrones and also Dark Knight models. The Throne will certainly be getting several of the updates too, however the company intends to concentrate on its even more exceptional offerings initially.

Inevitably, the primary driving aspect behind the 2020 collection seems to have been the desire to improve sturdiness as well as long life. The Omega 2020 I'm evaluating today includes upgraded PU leather, or what Secretlab is calling Prime 2.0

One of the complaints regarding the previous version of PU leather had to do with how it might begin to peel off or flake, especially after being subjected to sweat and also the damp, sticky, mosquito-infested environments that are the tropics.

According to Secretlab, the new Prime 2.0 PU natural leather is up to 4 times much more resilient than normal PU natural leather, going purely by metrics such as cycles handed down abrasion examinations. The company partnered with no less than A * CELEBRITY to create the brand-new PU natural leather, so you recognize there's really some science behind it. At the end of the day, the company desired a material that could surpass existing sector criteria.

For starters, the problems of sweat and humidity aren't normally made up during laboratory screening. To take care of this, Secretlab worked with A * CELEBRITY to find up with a series of brand-new and rigorous tests that might simulate real-world problems.

Prime 2.0 PU came with these tests undamaged, which bodes well for real-world usage. Certainly, time and individual responses will be the genuine test, however it should motivate self-confidence that Secretlab is extending its service warranty from 2 to 5 years, if you sign up under the firm's 5-year Extended Warranty Program. The guarantee only covers mechanical faults though and not wear-and-tear.

There is one change that you'll definitely discover though, which's the new and enhanced arm rest style. These are still so-called 4D armrests, which suggests you can relocate them along the x-, y-, as well as z-axis, along with pivot adjustments. However, what's altered is the truth that they currently sport a full-metal interior mechanism that is far smoother than in the past. An appearance below likewise discloses an appealing black chrome plating.

Extra notably, the modifications really feel a lot more liquid. They're likewise easier to make, specifically when it come to the left-and-right changes. You can currently practically really feel the steel parts rolling smoothly over each other, whereas before you had to kind of grapple with the arm rests to make the same changes.

The switch to make the front-to-back modifications is additionally now flush with the arm remainder, as well as is made from the same black chrome as the remainder of the mechanism. You additionally now have to push this switch in order to pivot the arm rest, which ought to prevent any unintended changes that may have occurred previously.

The cold-cure foam is also slightly various from before. Secretlab claims it's modified it somewhat to be a lot more constant, and also the whole point is healed from a single aluminum mold. This is a subtle modification that you possibly will not observe since it's not such as the previous model had very evident difficult and also soft spots, however it's nice recognizing that even this aspect of the chair was reworked.

Upon closer inspection though, it seemed to me like the side wings that mount the seat really feel ever so slightly firmer than they did on the 2018 version (and as a result, extra in line with the seat itself), although I might just be picturing things.

Someone resting on the Omega 2020 for the very first time may instantly be struck by exactly how strong and also thick the foam feels, yet I believe that's a good idea, because it implies better support. And while the foam might be dense, it's not unyielding, so it's still truly wonderful to rest on.

The memory foam lumbar pillow stays one of my preferred parts of the chair. It really feels ever so luxurious and fits my reduced back flawlessly, and also it's truly a big help in regards to pressure alleviation. With the 2020 series nonetheless, Secretlab is additionally expanding the memory foam therapy to its head pillows. I haven't exactly been a follower of the previous polyester pillows as I located them also springy and a little bit lackluster in terms of sustaining your neck.

Well, no more. The new memory foam cushions are marvelous, as well as they happily adapt the shape of your head or neck. One cool incorporation is the layer of cooling gel on the cushion, which helps dissipate heat more quickly. I can't state specifically how efficient this is, since I don't have a comparable memory foam cushion to contrast it with, however the pillow does really feel cooler than the back padding after a while.

The cushion additionally now includes a flexible strap, so you can lengthen the strap and have the cushion rest lower down the chair, wonderful information for midgets like me. I used to unceremoniously cast the cushion aside on the previous models, but I'm currently greater than satisfied to keep it on.

Lastly, the Omega 2020 is getting XL PU wheel wheels by default. The XL PU wheels were formerly only offered on the larger Titan, although you might practically buy them independently and install them on your own. That said, it behaves to see that they're now the basic alternative on the Omega 2020.

If I had one complaint, it would be that Secretlab hasn't added new shades for its 2020 line. At launch, the Omega 2020 will be offered in Stealth, Black, Standard, Brownish-yellow, Royal, and also Ash colorways, along with the SoftWeave Material variations.

The Secretlab Omega 2020 attributes flawless develop high quality as well as upgrades grounded in rigorous research and also lab testing. The 2020 design is its finest chair yet, as well as Secretlab has quite potentially outshined itself right here.

The Omega chair is readily available in Charcoal (black) or Cookies & Lotion (black and also light gray) versions (synthetic leather designs are actually offered for a bit less, at $329).

The typical gaming chair customizations exist below, including the air cyndrical tube height modification as well as whole-chair tilt adjustment you discover on office chairs. The armrests can be moved up, down, forward, as well as backward to fit easily under your arms, and also the chair back can recline kindly.

If you want a comfy, excellent quality pc gaming chair for those marathon Fornite sessions or a relaxing computer chair to lounge in while you study or work, Singaporean startup Secretlab has you covered.

The brainchild of two young players as well as entrepreneurs, Secretlab appeared of the gate swinging a few years ago with a line of premium pc gaming chairs that delivered impressive degrees of convenience, high quality, as well as toughness. The 2018 variation of the Omega, offered in Stealth or Traditional editions, even more improves that tradition, and is one of the best pc gaming chairs on the market.

Straight out of the box, the chair really feels tough and well made. The component items are significant and also heavy, yet setting up was very easy enough with the included overview as well as going along with videos.

I had the ability to obtain the chair developed within twenty minutes, and it includes some welcome additional screws as well as an Allen key/screwdriver combination so you will not be scrambling to discover devices while you're placing it with each other.

Lastly, the Omega 2020 is getting XL PU wheel wheels by default. The XL PU wheels were formerly only offered on the larger Titan, although you might practically buy them independently and install them on your own. That said, it behaves to see that they're now the basic alternative on the Omega 2020.

The discreet logos, premium build quality and noticeable craftsmanship were things we really took note of. Upon closer inspection of Secretlab's product line, it's clear other manufacturers were paying attention too.


Lab ash secret

Best Secretlab Gaming Chair Designs for All Sizes

Which is the best Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 gaming chair? There are 37 leatherette and seven SoftWeave Titan Evo 2022 designs. The ‘best’ depends on what effect you’d like it to have. A dark chair will give your workspace a powerful, executive feel. A brighter one adds more fun and energy. Here is the ultimate Titan Evo 2022 Design Guide. Use it to find the perfect Secretlab Titan chair for your home office or gaming room.

Best Secretlab Titan gaming chair designs

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is by far the best gaming chair money can buy. Its ergonomics, quality of build, sizing, durability, and range of designs are industry-leading.

But with so many designs, choosing the right model can be tricky! To ease that process, this guide combines hands-on aesthetics tests with color theory fundamentals.

Titan Evo 2022 best chair colors

Take note that Secretlab’s prices recently increased. Gaming chair price hikes are happening industry-wide because of skyrocketing global shipping rates.

Secretlab’s prices recently increased. Gaming chair price hikes are happening industry-wide because of skyrocketing global shipping rates.

Ultimate Work-From-Home Seating

Here’s a tour through the Secretlab work-from-home experience. First, a skim through its ergonomic merits. After that, a deep dive into the color theory of various designs.

Titan Evo 2022 Ergonomics

The point of any type of ergonomic chair is twofold. First, to support the body into healthy neutral sitting positions. Second, to encourage plenty of movement while sitting.

How to use a Secretlab Titan gaming chair

The Titan Evo 2022 achieves both with robust adjustability and specially designed ergonomic seats. Chairs come in small, medium, and XL sizes. After choosing the appropriate size, two features allow perfect customization with your spine’s natural curves.

Titan Ash chair ergonomic features

First, a 4-way integrated lumbar lets you adjust the depth and height of lower back support. Second, a strapless magnetic headrest provides a larger adjustment range than a pillow confined by straps.

Healthy neutral postures in a Titan gaming chair

Combined, these features make it easy to support the natural curves of your spine while you sit. As a result, maintaining clean and healthy neutral postures becomes almost effortless!

To master healthy sitting techniques in less than 10 minutes, check this tutorial:

Gaming Chair User Guide For Healthy Neutral Sitting

Key Ergonomic Features

For a deep dive into technical specs, see this Titan Evo 2022 Technical Chair Review. Here are the highlights:

4-Way Integrated LumbarMagnetic HeadrestWaterfall Pebble Seat

The Titan Evo 2022 comes with the world’s only4-way adjustable integrated lumbar support system. In all types of chairs, light pressure applied to the lower back is the biomechanical key to sitting up straight.

Titan Evo 2022 Series lumbar support adjustability

Toggle the dial on the left to adjust the height of the unit. Then, turn the knob on the right to adjust the depth. If you need help with this part, check our Lumbar Support Biomechanics Tutorial.

The Titan Evo 2022 comes with a strapless memory foam pillow that holds in place with magnets. That gives the chair a clean, classy look.

Secretlab 2022 Series magnetic headrest pillow

As a bonus, without straps, you get a larger adjustment range of adjustment. Anywhere you need neck support between the bottom of the embroidered “T” and the top of the backrest is possible!

Titan 2022 Series headrest adjustment range

To encourage movement while you sit, the Titan Evo 2022 also features a next-level Pebble seat base with a waterfall edge. This combines the best of 2020 Series Titan and Omega chairs into one package.
Secretlab Titan waterfall seat edge

The waterfall edge provides a gentle drop. That reduces pressure on the back of the thighs. The seat’s side wings have also been toned down to a gentler slope. That provides enough room to sit cross-legged.

Titan 2022 Series pebble seat base

At the same time, soft edges provide support to gently guide users to the center of the seat.

Summary of Specifications

  • Functionality: 4D armrests; multifunction tilt-lock; recline from 85-165°.
  • New 2022 Series Features: integrated 4-way adjustable lumbar support; magnetic headrest pillow; pebble seat base with waterfall edge.
  • Sizing: small 4’11” to 5’6″; medium 5’7″ to 6’2″; XL 5’11” to 6’9″.
  • Warranty: five years.

Out of the box, Titan chairs come with a 3-year warranty. To upgrade to a 5-year warranty, post a photo of your chair on social media and share it with Secretlab. For details, check out Secretlab’s Redeem Program.

Small, Medium, XL Sizes

The Titan Evo 2022 comes in small, medium, and XL sizes. All models come with wide seat pans that support both slim and (moderately) thick body types.

Titan EVO chair sizing

To choose the right size, most people can simply follow Secretlab’s size ratings:

Even so, it’s possible to use a larger size than what’s recommended. To test that out, I also ordered a Titan XL. Based on Secretlab’s size ratings, my 5’9″ height is two inches too short.

Titan 2022 Series sizing

However, the Titan Evo 2022 offers better adjustability than other chairs. Thus I lowered the integrated lumbar and placed the headrest pillow to its lowest point. Then, I enjoyed a wonderful fit!

If you’re thinking of going for a larger size, the seat depth is the key thing to look out for. Learn more in this feature:

Titan 2022 Series Size-Hacking Guide

Neo Leatherette vs SoftWeave Upholstery

The Titan Evo 2022 comes in a choice of SoftWeave Plus fabric or Neo Hybrid leatherette. I’ve tested a SoftWeave Cookies and Cream and leatherette Ash chair in tropical weather. Choosing one of the other will yield minor differences, but a similar level of comfort.

SoftWeave vs Neo Hybrid leatherette

  • Breathability: both do a good job at staying cool over long sessions. Even so, SoftWeave has a definite edge.
  • Tactile quality: SoftWeave has the soft, plush feel of luxury sofa fabric. However, leatherette is stunningly smooth and buttery soft. SoftWeave feels nice, but leatherette wins with a jaw-dropping wow factor.
  • Maintenance: leatherette wins big. It’s tough, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. If you spill any food or drink, simply wipe it off. In contrast, you can’t eat crackers in a SoftWeave chair. Doing so will burrow crumbs deep into the fabric and could attract ants!

Based on these points, leatherette is the more practical choice. It’s breathable, comfortable, looks good, and is easier to maintain. Even so, among both 2020 and 2022 Series chairs, I’ve felt the happiest when using the SoftWeave versions.

Why I prefer SoftWeave over Leatherette

Where leatherette is crisp and formal, SoftWeave is like an old college sweatshirt. Sitting in a leatherette chair will make you feel slick and stylish. Doing so in a SoftWeave model adds a cozy, homey aspect that some might find preferable.

Titan EVO 2022 Series style options

Within the Titan Evo 2022 Series are various collections of different chair styles. To gauge the aesthetic impact of different chairs, we can use color theory fundamentals.

All colors reflect light. When light strikes the eyes, it converts into impulses. Those send information to the hypothalamus. That part of the brain maintains your body’s balance. It regulates body temperature, mood, appetite, sex drive, and more.

Best Secretlab Titan gaming chair designs

As a result, different Titan chair designs will yield differing aesthetic effects. Designers make sense of this by using color theory. That divides colors into a spectrum of warm and cool hues. Off the spectrum are neutral blacks, greys, and whites. In brief:

  • Neutral colors: often used for corporate office furniture. Neutral blacks, whites, and greys slow the heart rate. They also exude corporate vibes like formality, harmony, and blending in.
  • Cool colors: blues and greens bring a sense of nature into workspaces. These convey calm, creative, introspective energies.
  • Warm colors: these reflect more light and energy, making them the most stimulating. Bright reds and yellows are staples in fast food branding. They give off a fun, optimistic, high-energy dynamic.

Standard Leatherette Executive Styles

If struggling to choose a design, five standard leatherette styles are all safe picks. These come with basic designs in four neutral colors and a royal blue variation. Besides Secretlab logos and color accent stitching, there aren’t any embellishments.

Conservative, executive-style Titan Evo 2022 chairs

Here’s a quick look at two standard leatherette designs we’ve enjoyed testing in-house:

Titan Stealth

The Stealth is the original Titan design and is still one of the most popular. From a distance, it looks like an imposing executive chair. As you get closer, subtle details emerge.

Titan 2020 Series chair closeup

Contrasting its sleek black base are carbon fiber accents on the seat and backrest edges. Lining those, crimson stitching adds visual pop to keep things interesting. Golden Secretlab branding embroidery also adds effects.

Secretlab Titan Stealth gaming chair

Under brighter lighting, those give the leather a brownish hue. Under darker lighting, it fades into shadows like a ninja! The contrasting effects make this a versatile design.

On one hand, it seamlessly blends into a workspace. On the other, the fine detailing really pops if you look for it. Bottom line: If you can’t decide, choose the default Stealth style! For a closer look at its aesthetic effects, check out our Titan Stealth review.

Titan Stealth2022 SeriesNEW2020 Series
SmallTitan Evo $499Omega $399
MediumTitan Evo $499Titan $449
XLTitan Evo $549$529

Available from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Titan Evo 2022 Ash

As a contrast to my lovely experience with the Stealth chair, I decided to try its exact opposite. The Titan Ash is a striking off-white chair with a slight grey hue. Adding contrast is silver Secretlab branding embroidery and black suede side wings.

Ash chair as a workstation centerpiece

It has a graceful, elegant look that’s bright yet not overwhelming. The mild grey tinge dampens the intensity of the white. As a result, it brightens a workspace discreetly, without overwhelming other elements.

Ash chairs under RGB lighting

Another interesting aspect of the Ash chair is its ultra color reflectivity. White contains all the colors of the spectrum. When colors (such as RGB lights) hit white objects, all color wavelengths reflect back. Thus, the Ash chair is an interesting option for both executives and gamers.

Ash chair for gamers and executives

The former will enjoy a clean, classy look that will integrate well in a corporate setting. The latter will enjoy ultra-reflective leatherette that comes to life under RGB lighting!

Titan Ash Leatherette chair clean corporate styling

For a closer look at the Ash, Stealth, and other standard designs, see this Titan Evo 2022 Ash Leatherette Review.

Available from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

2022 Series Titan Ash (medium) $499

Titan Ash (small) $499 | Titan Ash (XL) $549

Softweave Plus Fabric Designs

The Titan Evo 2022 SoftWeave collection includes seven designs. Besides the flagship Triple Black edition, the rest are pastels. Adding white to any primary or secondary color turns it into a pastel. Pastels evoke feelings of calmness, cleanliness, and white space. At a glance, pastels are positive and uplifting.

Best Titan SoftWeave styles

I’ve had the pleasure of using a 2020 Omega Triple Black and a Titan Evo 2022 Cookies and Cream. Under a macro lens, you can see that the newer version has a softer, plushier quality.

Softweave fabric vs SoftWeave Plus

In a workspace, both deliver a conservative look with subtle splashes of charisma. The Triple Black blends three shades of black threads. The lighter shades add flecks into the fabric that make it buzz with visual activity. The closer you look, the more its nuances pop out.

New vs old Secretlab gaming chairs

Lately, I’ve been using a Titan Evo 2022 Cookies and Cream. It flips the script on the black with a mixture of white and black threads. White dominates, with specs of black adding contrast.

Titan Cookies and Cream fabric upholstery closeup

Using this model has been a delight. The upper backrest side wings have a gradient effect that really pops! Its visual effects mirror the Triple Black. The closer you look, the more buzzing details you’ll notice in the fabric. Learn more: Titan Evo 2022 Cookies and Cream Review.

Available from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Titan Cookies and Cream (medium) $499

Titan Cookies and Cream (small) $499 | Titan Cookies and Cream (XL) $569

Colorful SoftWeave Designs

Beyond the neutral designs are options on the warm and cool side of the spectrum. Frost Blue and Mint Green will deliver cool, introspective vibes that recall nature. The next time I get the chance to test a Titan chair, the Mint Green edition is my pick.

Secretlab Mint Green gaming chair

Low-saturation green delivers soothing energies that recall nature. It’s also popular in high-fashion circles. On top of that, it’s the most balanced color on the spectrum. It’s easy on the eyes and brings a sense of nature into a workspace.

Secretlab fabric gaming chair review

For a more playful, energetic vibe, choose Plush Pink or the Overwatch D.Va edition. For a color theory comparison of all models, check out our Titan Evo 2022 SoftWeave Color Guide.

Triple Black SoftWeave2022 SeriesNEW2020 Series
SmallTitan Evo $519Omega $429
MediumTitan Evo $519Titan $479
XLTitan Evo $569Titan XL$549

Available from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Pro Esports Team Chairs

Secretlab partners with more pro esports teams than any other chair brand. Its esports collection reps elite squads like Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, G2, and OG.

Secretlab esports partner chairs

Out of the eight esports team editions available for sale, most come in dark leatherette. All feature team logos on both sides of the chair, with contrasts using official team colors.

T1 esports gaming chairs 2022 Series

The exception is the recently updated T1 gaming chair. It comes clad in a 2-tone ruby red leatherette with crisp black and white color accents. For a closer look at all eight designs, check this: Review of Secretlab Pro Esports Team Designs.

Official T1 Chair2022 SeriesNEW2020 Series
SmallTitan EVO $529Omega $439
MediumTitan EVO $529Titan $429
XLTitan EVO $579N/A

All esports editions are available from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

League of Legends Gaming Chairs

League of Legends is one of the world’s most popular esports games. Secretlab has been partnered with the game’s publisher Riot Games for over two years. There are now eight chairs in the Secretlab League of Legends collection.

League of Legends gaming chair review

The most recent League of Legends trio is a Ruination Series. It has designs featuring Miss Fortune, Pyke, and Viego, the Ruined King himself.

League of Legends Viego gaming chair

Like all Secretlab LoL designs, the Viego edition features intricate detailing. The Blade of the Ruined King adorns the front in brilliant green embroidery. On the other side, find the Ruined King’s crown set against ominous wisps of black mist.

For a detailed look at all eight designs, see this League of Legends and K/DA chair review.

Titan Viego Edition (medium) $529

Viego Edition (small) $529 | Viego Edition XL $579

Game of Thrones Chairs

Gaming of Thrones season 8 was a big letdown for many. Even so, legions of fans around the world continue to reminisce about the high points of the show. As evidence of that, Secretlab’s Game of Thrones chairs are still very popular.

Game of Thrones gaming chairs

As a result, all three models have been carried over to the 2022 Series. Choose between House Stark, House Targaryen, and House Lannister.

For a closer look at each design, see this Secretlab Game of Thrones review. There, you’ll also find an Iron Throne edition only available as 2020 Series versions.

House Targaryen2022 SeriesNEW2020 Series
SmallTitan Evo $529Omega $439
MediumTitan Evo $529Titan $479
XLTitan Evo $579N/A

All GOT editions are available from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

DC Superhero Gaming Chairs

Last year, Secretlab added a Joker edition to complement its Batman gaming chair. Recently, the company added two new DC superhero gaming chairs to make it a quartet. The Flash, Superman, Batman, and the Joker are all represented.

Secretlab DC superhero gaming chairs

The new editions make this one of the most diverse Secretlab collections. Designs cover all parts of the color spectrum. Both thrill-seekers and executives will find things to like here.

DC gaming chair color psychology

All models reveal intricate details as you look closer. For example, the Superman chair’s backrest packs in fine detail. It has crimson carbon-fiber wings, two-tone blue leatherette, and an intricate embroidered logo.

Superman gaming chair detailing

Meanwhile, The Flash edition mixes rich red leatherette with brilliant yellow embroidery. Lining the seat pan, there are dark carbon-fiber wings flanked by soft ruby suede.

The Flash gaming chair suede seat closeup

If you prefer something more conservative, the Batman edition’s sleek, executive design is worth a look. From a distance, it looks like a standard executive’s chair.

Secretlab Batman gaming office chair

But as you get closer, sinister signs of the Dark Knight emerge. Check out the aesthetics of all models in this Secretlab DC Superhero Collection Review.

Available from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Titan 2022 Superman (medium) $529

Titan 2022 Superman (small) $529 | Titan 2022 Superman XL $579

Who are Secretlab chairs for?

Like standard ergonomic office chairs, Secretlab chairs support healthy posture over long periods of sitting. One limitation of ergonomic office chairs is a limited recline. Most are designed to keep users upright in formal, corporate-style postures.

Gaming chair vs task chair recline

The tall, padded, backrest, deep recline, and seat tilting functionality give Secretlab chairs a lot more versatility. Working in an office, sitting upright across strict shifts is reasonable.

Secretlab work from home gaming chair

Working from home, it’s possible to spread out your workday. When working, set your chair in an upright position. When reading or relaxing, deepen the recline.

Titan EVO chair sizes

That means you can enjoy all-day support in a Secretlab chair better than you can in an office-style one. Given the new Titan 2022 Series sizing, this support suits all WFH computer users from ages 12 and up.

Work-from-home professionals

Among the top-50 esports teams of all time, more partner with Secretlab than any other chair brand. Among desk-workers, pro esports players are among the hardest workers.

Team Liquid traing at Utrecht office

Typical players spend 10-12 hours training every day. Training sessions require peak performance with blazing reflexes and up to 400 actions per minute. Secretlab chairs provide comfort and posture support to help these players stay sharp.

In both corporate and work-from-home settings, these chairs are also ideal for office workers. For one thing, no other gaming chair has more advanced features than the Titan EVO.

For another thing, few models on the market come with a 5-year warranty. What’s more, no other chair comes in as many styles as the Titan EVO does. On top of everything, the Titan is actually cheaper than other top-rated pro esports chairs.

Secretlab Titan for office worker

There are plenty of pro-quality gaming chairs out there, but none at this level. Check out our review review to see for yourself why the Titan is the best for pros:

Best Pro Esports Gaming Chairs of 2021

Students aged 12 and up

A sudden shift to home-based schooling forced many to study on a sofa, floor, or bed. That resulted in a surge of lower back injuries.

Problems with home study ergonomics

One ergonomist gave the Advisory Board a technical cause. Working without the right support means people are unable to hold a neutral position. Luckily, all gaming chairs are specifically designed to support neutral sitting postures.

Secretlab chairs for students

Using average sizes of Wisconsin students, the Titan EVO small version fits ages 12 and up.

In normal conditions, a student would only use a gaming chair part-time. After school, they’d spend a few hours using it to play video games or do homework.

However, in case of further lockdowns, extended schooling from home is likely. Then, a small-sized Titan EVO chair would be a smart investment on two fronts. First, it assures a young, developing body of perfect posture support over long periods of sitting.

Best small gaming chair picks

Second, with superior durability and a 5-year warranty, a Titan EVO would last a 12-year old into their late teens. For these reasons, the Titan EVO ranks as the best gaming chair in the business for small sizes.

If you’re indifferent about your child’s seating, you can buy a cheap gaming chair for less than $150. But if you’re serious about giving them the best tools to succeed, the Titan EVO is the best choice. See this review to learn more:

Best Gaming Chairs for Small Sizes

Serious video game players

It’s worth paying a premium gaming chair if you sit full-time. For those who only need support for a few hours a day, paying a premium might be overkill. Over part-time hours, a cheap gaming chair provides sufficient support.

On the flipside, hard-core gamers who spend full-time hours sitting at a desk need look no further. As Secretlab supports professional gamers, it can also support aspiring pros.

Secretlab Titan for pro esports

Will a Secretlab chair make you a better gamer? Not directly. However, it will keep you comfortable for long hours of gameplay. At the same time, it will align your spine and help you to develop healthy posture habits.

With good posture habits, you’ll feel more energetic and alert. As a bonus, your brain will also work more efficiently.

T1 esports team using Secretlab gaming chairs

While a Secretlab chair won’t help you win a game, it will ensure that you’re rested, relaxed, and fully focused. As a result, you’ll be able to train longer and perform better.

Learn more about the performance-boosting potential of a good gaming chair here:

How to Boost Motivation With a Good Gaming Chair

Stock traders, hobbyists, and casuals

We’ve tracked a few different use cases on Here’s a quick rundown:

Secretlab chairs for home stock traders

Fans of stock trading will know the name DeepF**kingValue. He’s a home-based trader using a Secretlab Lannister edition as his battle chair.

Reddit Troll GameStop hedge funds

His advice led to the GameStop stocks scandal, which cost big banks billions while making small investors rich. Chiming in on the story is Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) in a Titan NAPA leather chair. Check out the chairs used by top stock traders.

Secretlab chairs for hobby gamers

A lot of pro athletes are hobby gamers on the side. Some also stream on Twitch using Secretlab chairs. For instance, Dele Alli (English footballer) uses a Titan Stealth edition.

Blake SNell Twitch stream Secretlab

Baseball pitcher Blake Snell (2018 Cy Young winner and avid streamer) uses a Titan Dark Knight Batman edition.

Other casual home users

When confined largely to your home for long periods, proper seating becomes a priority. When used for long periods, soft sofas are bad for your back. The softer the padding, the worse the support.

Secretlab chairs for casual home users

Thus, anyone who spends long hours sitting at a computer from home can benefit from using a Secretlab chair. Lying in bed all day will give you bedsores. Sitting on a sofa all day will ruin your back.

So why not get the same level of comfort and support that the pros use? Doing so will let any computer user sit longer, work smarter and be more productive.

How gaming chairs boost productivity


Secretlab makes the best gaming chairs in the industry. The company’s global shipping operation is also the most advanced. As a result, you can buy direct from Secretlab in North America, the EU and UK, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.

Neo Hybrid Leatherette 2022 Series chairs

In all regions, customers can order online and have chairs delivered to their door.The unboxing and assembly process is a joy. Rolling your assembled chair up to your desk for the first time will ascend your workstation aesthetics to a higher level.

Browse the entire Secretlab collection

Secretlab Chair Healthy Sitting Tips

See these articles to optimize your Secretlab sitting experience:

Secretlab OMEGA 2020 Series REVIEW Softweave VS 2.0 PU Leather Comparison

Secretlab Omega 2020 review: Fit for a king

Note: This article was first published on 22 May 2019.

Secretlab Omega Stealth 2020

Game of Thrones may have reached its disappointing and less-than-epic conclusion, and the Iron Throne may just be molten steel now, but there's still a throne that could interest you. Secretlab today announced its 2020 series of chairs, a refresh that includes upgraded features and better materials. While the overall look of the chairs remains the same, many of the changes take place under the hood, and trust me when I say that they're not insignificant.

The improvements will first be available to the Omega and Titan series, in addition to the special edition chairs like the Game of Thrones and Dark Knightmodels. The Throne will be getting some of the updates as well, but the company wants to focus on its more premium offerings first.

Ultimately, the main driving factor behind the 2020 series seems to have been the desire to improve durability and longevity. The Omega 2020 I'm reviewing today comes with upgraded PU leather, or what Secretlab is calling Prime 2.0. One of the complaints about the previous version of PU leather was about how it could start to peel or flake, especially after being exposed to sweat and the damp, sticky, mosquito-infested environs that are the tropics.

Secretlab Omega 2020

According to Secretlab, the new Prime 2.0 PU leather is up to four times more durable than regular PU leather, going purely by metrics such as cycles passed on abrasion tests. The company teamed up with no less than A*STAR to create the new PU leather, so you know there's actually some science behind it. At the end of the day, the company wanted a material that could surpass existing industry standards.

For starters, the issues of sweat and humidity aren't generally accounted for during laboratory testing. To deal with this, Secretlab worked with A*STAR to come up with a series of new and rigorous tests that could simulate real-world conditions. These include immersion in an acidic solution to mimic exposure to perspiration, followed by placement in a humidity chamber set to 70°C and 95% relative humidity. For some perspective, that's pretty close to what we get in Singapore, where the mean annual relative humidity is somewhere around 83.9%, a figure which can increase to up to 100% during prolonged periods of rain. Finally, the leather was put through 200,000 cycles on the Martindale Abrasion Test Machine.

Prime 2.0 PU came through these tests intact, which bodes well for real-world use. Of course, time and user feedback will be the real test, but it should inspire confidence that Secretlab is extending its warranty from 2 to 5 years, if you register under the company's 5-year Extended Warranty Program. The warranty only covers mechanical faults though and not wear-and-tear. (Update: Peeling of the PU leather is now covered under Secretlab's new peel protection guarantee.)

It's easy to talk about testing and abrasion cycles, but the bigger question is probably how the new PU leather feels in person. Fortunately, I still have an Omega 2018 for comparison, and the Prime 2.0 PU leather on the Omega 2020 feels softer and slightly more supple. That aside, there don't appear to be any obvious visual differences. Then there are the small details like stitching and logo embroidery, which are pretty much impeccable. The stitching follows the curves and angles of the chair perfectly, and I think these small details go a long way toward creating an impression of quality.

Secretlab Omega 2020

There is one change that you'll definitely notice though, and that's the new and improved arm rest design. These are still so-called 4D armrests, which means you can move them along the the x-, y-, and z-axis, in addition to swivel adjustments. However, what's changed is the fact that they now sport a full-metal internal mechanism that is far smoother than before. A look underneath also reveals an attractive black chrome plating.

Secretlab Omega 2020

More importantly, the adjustments feel so much more fluid. They're also easier to make, especially with regards to the left-and-right adjustments. You can now almost feel the metal parts rolling smoothly over each other, whereas before you had to sort of grapple with the arm rests to make the same changes. The button to make the front-to-back adjustments is also now flush with the arm rest, and is made of the same black chrome as the rest of the mechanism. You also now have to push this button in order to swivel the arm rest, which should prevent any accidental changes that might have occurred before.

Additionally, the arm rests are topped by a plush PU coating that is really comfortable to rest your elbows on.

As a final touch, there's a "Designed by Secretlab" metal badge fitted to the sides of the arm rests. It's pretty discreet, and I find that it adds a nice bit of character to the chair.

Secretlab Omega 2020

The cold-cure foam is also slightly different from before. Secretlab says it's tweaked it slightly to be more consistent, and the entire thing is cured from a single aluminum mold. This is a subtle change that you probably won't notice since it's not like the previous iteration had super obvious hard and soft spots, but it's nice knowing that even this aspect of the chair was reworked. Personally, I can't really tell the difference when switching between the Omega 2018 and 2020, but suffice to say that the chair is still really comfortable, even after long hours.

Upon closer inspection though, it seemed to me like the side wings that frame the seat feel ever so slightly firmer than they did on the 2018 model (and consequently, more in line with the seat itself), although I may just be imagining things. Someone sitting on the Omega 2020 for the first time might immediately be struck by how firm and dense the foam feels, but I think that's a good thing, since it means better support. And while the foam may be dense, it's not unyielding, so it's still really nice to sit on.

There are also the same recline and multi-tilt mechanisms found on the Omega 2018, so it's quite possible to take a nap in the chair with its 165° of recline.

Secretlab Omega 2020

Secretlab Omega 2020

The memory foam lumbar pillow remains one of my favorite parts of the chair. It feels ever so plush and fits my lower back perfectly, and it's really a big help in terms of strain relief. With the 2020 series however, Secretlab is also extending the memory foam treatment to its head pillows. I haven't exactly been a fan of the previous polyester pillows as I found them too springy and a bit lackluster in terms of supporting your neck.

Well, no more. The new memory foam pillows are glorious, and they happily conform to the shape of your head or neck. One nifty inclusion is the layer of cooling gel on the pillow, which helps dissipate heat more quickly. I can't say precisely how effective this is, since I don't have an equivalent memory foam pillow to compare it with, but the pillow does feel cooler than the lumbar cushion after a while.

Secretlab Omega 2020

The pillow also now comes with an adjustable strap, so you can lengthen the strap and have the pillow sit lower down the chair, great news for midgets like me. I used to unceremoniously cast the pillow aside on the previous models, but I'm now more than happy to keep it on.

Finally, the Omega 2020 is getting XL PU caster wheels by default. The XL PU casters were previously only available on the larger Titan, although you could technically buy them separately and install them yourself. That said, it's nice to see that they're now the standard option on the Omega 2020.

If I had one complaint, it would be that Secretlab hasn't added new colors for its 2020 line. At launch, the Omega 2020 will be available in Stealth, Black, Classic, Amber, Royal, and Ash colorways, in addition to the SoftWeave Fabric versions.



The Secretlab Omega 2020 features impeccable build quality and upgrades grounded in rigorous research and lab testing. The 2020 model is its best chair yet, and Secretlab has quite possibly outdone itself here.

However, the upgrades mean that there's been a slight uptick in price. The Omega 2020 will retail at S$499 directly from Secretlab, while the SoftWeave models will cost S$529. Secretlab may no longer have the undisputed pricing advantage that it had when it first launched, but I think it's worked hard to keep prices reasonable, and the improvements have more than justified the price increases along the way. The S$30 price bump is a small price to pay for the upgrades you're getting, and the Omega 2020 continues to be a very attractive offering, both from a price and features standpoint. Whether you're several hours into a marathon gaming session or crying into your porridge after binging eight seasons of Game of Thrones, this chair's pretty much got your back.


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