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Work at AA sea?

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Originally Posted by welcometohackView Post

Work at AA sea?

same waiting update for aa sea version, there a chinese guild already use speedhack with wagon

i dont mind to pay it again for sea version , since they use diffrent version than unchained and legacy

sea vers use old vers and mixed with latest patch (6.1.9)
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I've already done some stuff in relation to SEA just message me on discord or here in relation.

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Originally Posted by PloxasarusView Post

I've already done some stuff in relation to SEA just message me on discord or here in relation.

mod on sea work perfectly, i gonna waiting another feature being adding in future
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Originally Posted by PloxasarusView Post

I've already done some stuff in relation to SEA just message me on discord or here in relation.

Check message
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does derp work on AA:U fs? the mod pack allow us to multibox very easily right?

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Does this enable dual-clienting?

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Originally Posted by gowithdaflowView Post

Does this enable dual-clienting?

Neither derp nor the mod enable multi clienting, they simply allow you to do in the meaning of being able to utilize it across different clients.

The AASea stuff is the same, since both AAU & Sea use an anticheat which is rootkit related you cannot multi client without the use of a VM or taking the anticheat off ( which both have a heartbeat and you cannot do so ).

To clarify, there is quite alot working on the AASea version, but only functionality in relation to derp ( including hauler speed ) - the mod is not functional there at this time since they've inner related checking that I'm still taking apart.
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check pm thanks

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Archeage Unchained hack??

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I cant donate, can you help me? Msg me please

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For me on AAU, not work fine. Can't have the seller in AH. I have basicly only friends location who work good and no water. any idea why?

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Originally Posted by Syaha97View Post

For me on AAU, not work fine. Can't have the seller in AH. I have basicly only friends location who work good and no water. any idea why?

The mod was updated, simply message me in relation for the update.
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Hello, does the cheat work? how can I buy? AAU

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sent u pm Plox
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Hacker who launched DDoS attacks on Sony, EA, and Steam gets 27 months in prison

Derp trolling meme face

A 23-year-old man from Utah was sentenced this week to 27 months in prison for a series of DDoS attacks that took down online gaming service providers like Sony's PlayStation Network, Valve's Steam, Microsoft's Xbox, EA, Riot Games, Nintendo, Quake Live, DOTA2, and League of Legends servers, along with many others.

Named Austin Thompson, but known online as DerpTrolling, the man is the first hacker who started a trend among other hackers and hacking crews -- namely of launching DDoS attacks against gaming providers during Christmas, which they later justified using ridiculous reasons such as "to spoil everyone's holiday," "to make people spend time with their families," or "for the lulz."

The hacker's DDoS attacks were extremely successful at the time, in 2013, in a time when most companies didn't use strong DDoS mitigation services.

At the time, Thompson used the @DerpTrolling Twitter account to announce attacks and take requests for services users wanted him to take down.

While the hacker had been active since 2011, his most famous stretch of activity was between December 2013 and January 2014, when most of his high-profile DDoS attacks took place, before the account going inactive.

The attacks caused many online gaming services to go offline, and after seeing DerpTrolling success and the media coverage the hacker got, many other hacking crews followed suit in subsequent years.

Hacker groups like Lizard Squad launched DDoS attacks on Christmas in 2014, a group called Phantom Squad did the same in 2015, R.I.U. Star Patrol in 2016, and several lone hackers last year, in 2017, but with less success than the previous years.

This annual trend of DDoS attacks on gaming services over the Christmas holiday prompted the FBI to act. The agency, together with law enforcement from the UK and the Netherlands seized the domains of 15 DDoS-for-hire services last year, in December, in an attempt to prevent any DDoS attacks -- which eventually proved successful.

Thompson was arrested in 2014 after getting doxed. He pleaded guilty in November 2018.

According to Thompson's sentencing document obtained by ZDNet, the hacker must also pay $95,000 in restitution to Daybreak Games, (formerly Sony Online Entertainment), and is scheduled to start his 27 months prison sentence on August 27.

"Denial-of-service attacks cost businesses and individuals millions of dollars annually," said US Attorney Robert Brewer. "We are committed to prosecuting hackers who intentionally disrupt internet access."

Related malware and cybercrime coverage:

Related Topics:

Security TV Data Management CXO Data Centers Sours:
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  2. Sears lawn mower engines
  3. Hp 5400 zl

Derp (hacker group)

This article is about the hacking group. For other uses, see Derp.

Hacker group

DerpTrolling (Austin Thompson[1]) is the name of a hacker that was active from 2011 to 2014. He largely used Twitter to coordinate distributed denial of service attacks on various high traffic websites. In December 2013 he managed to bring down large gaming sites such as League of Legends in an attempt to troll popular livestreamer PhantomL0rd. Public reaction to his presence has been generally negative, largely owing to the unclear nature of his motives.


Initially,[when?] Derp sent a few tweets using the Twitter account “DerpTrolling” to indicate that he were going to bring down the popular gaming website League of Legends.[3] his first attack however, was on a game called Quake Live.[4] Hours afterwards, many of the League of Legends game server regions in North America, Europe, and Oceania, as well as the website and Internet forums were taken down.[5] To bring down the game servers, he used an indirect attack on Riot Games' internet service providerInternap.[6] he revealed to have been targeting a popular livestreamer who goes by the name of PhantomL0rd on the streaming website Twitch.[7] PhantomL0rd, whose real name is James Varga, is a 25-year-old professional gamer who regularly streams gameplays on his Twitch account and gets paid to play video games.[8]Reddit summarized the report by saying that he had planned to use distributed denial of service attacks to flood traffic[9] on various high-profile gaming websites associated with PhantomL0rd, including League of Legends and Blizzard Entertainment's[6] According to The Escapist, the hacker also issued a threat to take down Dota 2 if PhantomL0rd were to lose his game,[10] which the hacker carried out. However, he only crashed Phantoml0rd's game, while other games in DoTA 2 were running normally.

When PhantomL0rd asked the hacker why he was attacking these sites, he responded by saying it was "for the lulz"[5] and that it was also partially out of dislike for "money-hungry companies."[11] He also persuaded PhantomL0rd into playing Club Penguin[3] while simultaneously managing to take down Electronic Arts website[10] PhantomL0rd's personal information was leaked during the attack and released onto multiple gaming websites, in a process often referred to as doxing.[8] This led to many fake orders of pizza arriving at his house, as well as a police raid on his house when they received reports about a hostage situation.[4] According to PhantomL0rd, at least six policemen searched through his house,[6][10] but they only realized later that the call was fake.[12] The hacker group claimed to have additionally attacked several other Internet games and websites including World of Tanks, the North Korean news network KCNA, RuneScape, Eve Online, a Westboro Baptist Church website, the website and online servers of Minecraft, and many others. A day after the attacks, Riot Games issued a statement confirming that their League of Legends services had indeed been attacked by the hacker, though the hacker have brought their services back online.[10]

Aftermath and reaction[edit]

The news website LatinoPost criticized the attack as being "frivolous" and merely "just for attention," unlike so-called hacktivist groups.[11] It's considered fortunate at the time that the hackers' activities have mainly been restricted to denial of service attacks and have not been as severe as password leakage yet.[8]VentureBeat noted that PhantomL0rd's stream was still drawing in over one hundred thousand viewers and that it is "still good for his traffic."[9]PlayStation LifeStyle stated that they believe the current problems with the PlayStation Network had more to do with the "influx of new PS4 owners and increased holiday online activity" than any effect or damage the hacker attempted on the network.[7] Editor of popular gaming news website Game Informer's Mike Futter also blamed the Twitch streaming service and PhantomL0rd for not shutting the stream immediately despite having received several warnings throughout, and that this was tantamount to playing accomplices to the crime. Varga defended himself by saying that he was merely trying to maintain a business, and that if he did not comply, DerpTrolling would have targeted another streamer.[13]

See also[edit]


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Derp Hacks

What are DERP hacks?

A Derp hack is where, someone has their head spinning and they are clicking everywhere.

Click to see full answer.

Likewise, can you get hacked through a Minecraft server?

You can't be hacked through the Hypixel server directly unless you click on a link from a player in chat. The same goes with the forums, the staff team try their hardest to remove any malicious content to avoid such circumstance however there is always a chance there's a few around.

Also Know, what does velocity do in Minecraft? Velocity aims to support Paper, Sponge, and Minecraft Forge.

Likewise, what is dolphin in Minecraft Hack?

Dolphin - This is a modules that functions when the player is in water. The player constantly bounces up over and over again, which is why the name of the hack is Dolphin. Easily detectable if the player is seen sneaking and running around at a fast pace.

What does blink do in Minecraft?

Minecraft ForumsSo if you have never heard of it, blink is an ability in a hacked client that lets you place your body somewhere, walk somewhere else, then teleport your body back to you. It will look like you are teleporting! Its basically like extreme lag.


Hacks derp

Inside the mind of Derp, a hacking group with a taste for cyber chaos

Friday 27 December 2013. The answer phone message was simple: “Get PhantomL0rd”. No one knew who it came from.

The message was left on a phone operated by “DerpTrolling”, a clandestine hacker group, active since 2011. Like many similar groups, Derp, as its tens of thousands of Twitter followers know it, is a loose collective of coders and computer experts, who have a taste and a talent for internet chaos. They identify a target – usually a large corporation, often a video game company – and attempt to break its online infrastructure.

But Derp has a unique approach. The group advertises a phone number on its Twitter page with the simple instruction: “call or text a request.” Dial the number and you can leave a message with the name of a website you would like to be taken offline. If they decide to act, the hackers then stage a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against the target.

A DDoS attack is not hacking, it does not require the perpetrator to gain illicit access to the system – instead it involves directing a colossal flood of network traffic at the site until its servers buckle under the load. During the past five years, many of the world’s largest and most powerful websites, including PayPal, Mastercard and even the US National Security Agency have been shut down by DDoS attacks instigated by amateur hacker groups like Derp.

This time, however, the target was not a website but a person.

Enter Phantomlord

Jason Varga is a popular internet TV presenter who earns his living playing and commentating on online video games. Varga, known to his channel’s subscribers as PhantomL0rd, is one of the most popular “casters” in the business: he earns an estimated $184,000 a year from YouTube advertising, which supplements his already sizeable income generated from subscribers who pay to watch to his channel on the popular Twitch service, recently bought by Amazon for $970m.

The person who called Derp was perhaps a rival presenter or a bored viewer who wanted to cause some trouble during the school holidays. But their simple request was accepted.

DDoS attacks have vastly increased in frequency during the past few years. While some of the attacks are financially motivated (groups have demanded a ransom to be paid before they call off the attack), many are motivated by anti-corporate sentiment. When Mastercard and PayPal blocked donations to Wikileaks in 2011, the best-known “hacktivist” group, Anonymous, launched a DDoS attack against both sites in a programme of chaos it called “Operation Payback”.

Other hacker groups aren’t doing it for money or activistism, they’re doing it for fun, and to boast about their success on social media. It is the electronic equivalent of graffiti with a vaguely anti-establishment theme. This is where Derp operates.

Three days after the answerphone message was left, perhaps drawn to the idea of one of their DDoS attacks being streamed live on air, Derp chose to act against Varga.

At 4:07pm GMT on 30 December, the group tweeted: “Something special planned for League of Legends”, a reference to the hugely popular online PC game that Varga was playing while streaming footage to his hundreds of thousands of viewers. During the next few hours the group staged multiple DDoS attacks on the League of Legends servers. They successfully took the game, its accompanying website and forum offline around the world.

Rather than report the incident, Varga entered into a dialogue with the hackers. Realising the spectator value of what was happening, he made a deal with them, concerning the next game he was planning to play on air – the popular arena battle title, Dota 2.

“If my team wins, we’ll keep going,” he said, live on air. “[But] if my team starts to lose, Derp Bros, take this shit down.” The hackers agreed.

When Varga’s team lost the match the hackers made good on their promise: at 21:12pm, DOTA2 disappeared from the internet.

Throughout the evening the hackers continued to follow Varga online. They convinced him to play a game on the Disney-owned Club Penguin before they took the entire site down. They were enjoying the attention. They got more ambitious.

During the next few hours they successfully brought down various game-related websites, including Origin, the online web store of giant video game publisher, Electronic Arts. Varga asked the group why they were doing this. “For the lulz,” they replied, before adding, perhaps to lend a sub-note of gravitas to their campaign, that they also wanted to target greedy game companies.

But they weren’t finished with Varga.

Mischief night

In an hour-long video released after the attacks, Varga explained that Derp had found his home address. He claimed that the group ordered pizzas to be delivered throughout the night, and says that, at one point, police officers arrived responding to an emergency call claiming there was a hostage situation at the address. On Twitter and Facebook, Varga wrote that he had an “automatic pointed at me” and that the “handcuffs hurt.” (The LAPD later refuted this.)

While some delighted in the anarchy of the night’s events, others weren’t so enamoured – or perhaps Derp’s high-profile escapades had triggered the antagonism of a rival group. The next day, personal details of Utah resident Austin Thompson were posted online alongside the claim that he was the leader of Derp and had orchestrated the nights’ attacks. Now Thompson was the target; within days his Facebook and Twitter profiles had disappeared and his parents’ home phone number was disconnected.

“Thompson was arrested on 7 January, 2014 by the New York police department,” writes one of Derp’s members, communicating with the Guardian via the group’s official Facebook account. He claims that the authorities found Thompson’s identity through his personal account on the Electronic Arts digital gaming site, Origin. The US Attorney’s Office, however, told the Guardian that it has no record of any such arrest.

So where was Thompson? “Whatever’s happened, he’s not in jail,” the Derp member claims. “But he can’t touch a computer for 29 years.”

This may not be true. Skilled hackers are sometimes employed by the authorities who catch them. In a key example, George Hotz, the hacker who first broke into Apple’s iPhone and, later, Sony’s PlayStation 3 firmware, was eventually hired by Facebook. A spokesperson for the FBI initially agreed to look into the case for the Guardian, but ceased communications when asked to confirm or deny the arrest.

Origins of an internet troll

According to the anonymous Derp source, the group was formed in 2011 after someone at school told him about DDoS attacks. “I started with the LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) program,” he says.

Ian Reynolds is an IT security consultant for MTI Technology, testing government and business networks for security flaws.

“The Low Orbit Ion Cannon is the weapon of choice for most DDoS participants,” he explains. “Users install the application on their computer and connect it to the hacker group’s chat server or Twitter RSS feed. When the hackers decide to take action against an organisation, all connected participant computers begin to send network traffic toward the target server. It doesn’t take many DDoS participants before a crippling torrent of network traffic is aimed towards the victim.”

Thompson wrote Derp’s current DDoS software, which uses a botnet – a collection of connected computer programs. “Another method of getting more participants in a DDoS attack is through the use of malware infection,” explains Reynolds.

“These allow a remote attacker to take control of an infected computer and use it as part of a DDoS attack. Large-scale malware infections of this type often form part of a botnet, which allows the owner to control potentially hundreds of thousands of infected machines to target a DDoS attack.” Botnets can even be rented from their owners. Reynolds estimates the going rate to be around £150 for 1,000 infected machines a day.

While Thompson appears to have been the technical wunderkind of the Derp operation, the group is still active. When the Guardian last spoke to the Derp hacker in May, he claimed there were now only three members. “One of us is from Sweden, one from the US and I’m from the UK,” he said. Since Thompson’s apparent disappearance, they have redoubled their security. “We’re more secure than before,” he writes. “We use proxies that change once a minute.”

Online companies are also involved in the technological race against DDoS attackers. “These attacks are incredibly difficult to prevent,” says Reynolds. “It is almost impossible to differentiate between a request being sent from a malicious computer and one from a valid customer.”

In the past couple of years, a number of companies who specialise in protecting large organisations from DDoS attacks have emerged. “These companies act as a proxy between the organisation’s web servers and the general Internet,” says Reynolds. “They utilise a vast artillery of defenses against DDoS attacks ranging from custom-written detection systems that can differentiate between valid network traffic and malicious traffic to tremendous bandwidth.”

Anarchy or apathy?

Nevertheless, owing to the ease with which amateurs can cause gross disruption, Reynolds believes that the scale and frequency of DDoS attacks will continue to increase in coming years. While some are criminally motivated, many derive from boredom.

“A large number are launched by individuals simply because they can. Many of the botnets in circulation have been spawned from the bedrooms of teenage hackers who may just want to aim a DDoS attack at an organisation for the hell of it.”

For the Derp hacker, this certainly appears to be the case. “We like to target games companies because game players have a strong reaction,” he says. “But mostly, we do it because it’s fun.” This type of crime is low cost and, due to the distributed nature of the attack, low risk.

Moreover, for the young and disillusioned, it’s an effective way to lash out at the system, be it video game companies employing unpopular business models, or governments that teenagers feel powerless to address in any other way.

But there are darker motives emerging. On 24 August, a high profile DDoS attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network brought the system down for several hours. Two groups have claimed responsibility: a hacker named Fame, and an emerging group named Lizard Squad.

The latter appears to be motivated, not by boredom, but by extremist dogma – its Twitter stream is filled with references to Isis and Islamist slogans. The group even appears to have tweeted a bomb threat to American Airlines, concerning a passenger flight with a Sony executive on board. The plane was diverted and landed safely.

The links to Jihadist groups may well be just the latest attention-grabbing joke, but causing the diversion of an aircraft is a whole new paradigm.

For his part, the Derp hacker shows no remorse, and the disappearance of the group’s leader hasn’t diluted his ambitions. “We don’t regret anything – I hope to take down NSA someday,” he says, before signing off, with faint irritation, “we don’t have the time to be on Facebook 24/7.”

Mineplex Derp Hacker

Update: Creating this page was probably not a good idea, as it is impossible to tell how long it will take for a hack to be "detected". Use your common sense, and just remember that hacking will always bring the risk of a ban.

Safety Levels (By NoCheatPlus):

  1. Undetectable
  2. Detectable by NCP sometimes
  3. Detectable by SERVER
  4. Blocked when enabled without player moving

3.5 represents hacks that are preventable in every way IF YOU DO SOMETHING.

Included clients here;

Nodus, Wolfram, Wurst

Note: Useful hacks (not chat hacks, silly ones, etc.) only. Hacks like derp are not to be listed here.

Not included hacks;

Repetitive ones (build random, autobuild)

ForceOP ones (book commands, OP sign)

  • Aimbot (locks target when you aim) 2: Detectable through target "snapping"
  • Anti-AFK (Walks around randomly to prevent AFK kicks) 1: Usually no one will mind
  • Anti-Blind (Stops the blindness/nausea effect) 1. Only when blindness is given to everyone
  • Anti-Fire (you don't get burned when you are in the fire) 4: See note 1
  • Anti-Hurtcam (disables the annoying effect if you take damage) 1: Impossible to know
  • Anti-Knockback (disables knockback) 3: Easy to detect (if it's not reduced knockback), some kick the player, some don't
  • Anti-Potion (prevents bad potion effects) 4: See note 1
  • Armor and Invsee (what they hold)ESP 1: ArmorESP is allowed on some servers
  • Arrow Trajectories (you see where arrow lands) 1: Unless the whole objective is to aim with arrow
  • AutoArmor (automatically places armor) 3: Might throw NCP Checks
  • AutoAttack/Fightbots (automatically attack everyone you see) 2.5: Easy to tell, may throw checks
  • AutoBuild (automatically builds objects) 3: If you don't look at it, you can't build it... Some bypass by looking at it
  • AutoLog (automatically combat logs) 1: If server only has NCP3.5: Combat logging plugins
  • AutoEat (automatically eats) 3: Might throw NCP checks
  • AutoMine (mines everything you see) 1: Impossible to tell
  • AutoRespawn (automatically respawns after dying) 1. Impossible to tell
  • AutoSoup (automatically drinks soup) 3.5: Throws NCP checks
  • AutoSprint (always sprint) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Auto Steal/chest raid (steals everything from chest) 2.5: Blocked if it is instant, but otherwise not
  • AutoTool (switches to the correct tool) 1.5: The tool must switch fast
  • AutoWalk (automatically walks) 1: Don't need a hacked client to do this
  • BaseFinder (finds bases by searching for manmade items) 1: Render mod
  • Blink (freezes all packets from client to server, player moves, removes blink, to "teleport") 3.5: Blocked with NCP, unless it is for short durations
  • BlockESP/search (searches for a specific block) 1: Can't Tell
  • BowAimbot (locks bow on) 1.5: Easy to tell from others, but NCP can't tell
  • Breadcrumbs (leaves a trail behind you) 1: Can't tell
  • BunnyHop (makes you jump whenever you walk) 1: Can't tell
  • CaveFinder (finds caves) 1:Can't tell
  • ChestESP (Finds chests) 1: Not easy to see
  • CIvBreak (breaks anni nexus faster) 2.5: Throws NCP checks, but it will still work.
  • CompassTracer (traces compass back to the original location) 1: Can't tell
  • Criticals (force crits) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • Dolphin (a way to automatically swim, most bypassable version of NCP 1.5: If you move normally you can't tell
  • FarmHuntESP (finds players faster in farmhunt) 1.5: Unless its obvious
  • Fastbow (shoots bow hyper fast) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • Fastbreak (breaks blocks fast) 3.5: Majority blocked by NCP
  • Fastfall (falls faster) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • FastLadder (climbs ladders faster) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • FastPlace (places blocks faster) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • Fly (flies, one bypasses but doesn't allow you to fly that much) 3.5: Latest fly bypasses but is weak
  • Freecam (flies around in third-person, can't break but it just spectates) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Fullbright (makes it day/always light) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Glide (falls slowly) 3.5: All blocked
  • HealthTags (shows all health, like damage indicators) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Invisibility (after you die other players can't see you) 4: Not really possible anymore
  • InvWalk (able to walk with inventory) 1: Impossible to tell
  • ItemESP/tags (draws boxes around items/shows you what items there are) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Jetpack (files up in the air when you hold space) 3.5: Blocked like Fly
  • KillAura/Legit (attacks everyone, legit one is slower) 2.5: If you do it too fast it will be blocked
  • Liquids (allows interaction with liquids) 3.5 Blocked by NCP
  • MobESP (mobs have a square wrapped around them) 1: Impossible to tell
  • MoreInventory (crafting table in survival inventory won't drop) 1: Impossible to tell
  • MutiAura (attacks mutiple entities) 4:Blocked by NCP
  • NameTags (shows larger nametags) 1: Impossible to tell
  • NoFall (0 fall damage) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • NoSlowdown (You don't slow down at webs, etc) 3.5: Blocked by NCP
  • NoSwing (you don't swing to hit) 3:Blocked
  • Nuker/Legit (you destroy everything around you) 3: Blocked (the fast ones), but slower ones can bypass
  • Overlay (make you easily see block breakage rate) 1: Impossible to tell
  • ParkourJump (jumps like parkour) 1: Impossible to tell
  • PathFinder (finds a path to a point) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Phase (glitches through walls) 3.5: Mostly blocked
  • PlayerEsp (draws boxes around players) 1: Impossible to tell
  • PlayerFinder (exploits a glitch with weather to help find players during thunderstorms) 3: NCP stated that this is blocked, although you can't tell if someone is using the hack
  • PotionEffects (show active potions) 1: Impossible to tell
  • PropHuntESP (shows all "blocks" when you are at hide and seek) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Reach (reaches out more) 3: Reaching too much = Block
  • Regen (regens faster) 3.5: Is prevented by NCP, see note 1
  • RemoteView (views from another users PoV) 1: Impossible to tell
  • SafeWalk (prevents you from falling off) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Spider (climbs up blocks) 3.5: Blocked for climbing up too much
  • Step (steps up one block) 2.5: Mostly blocked, but bypasses exist?
  • Timer (speeds up everything) 3: Most blocked by NCP
  • Tracers (draw lines to players) 1: Impossible to tell
  • TrueSIght (sees invisible players) 1: Impossible to tell
  • Waypoints (shows way points) 1: Impossible to tell
  • X-Ray (sees ores) 1: Impossible to tell

Note 1: These mods work by speeding up motion updates, which before 1.9 allowed you to speed up processes like health regeneration. NCP blocked them all back in 1.8, and they haven't been possible since 1.9.

Note 2: "Impossible to tell" means that NCP cannot tell. Being suspicious will always get you reported.


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  • oh look, clowns that failed to understand the simple mechanics of this game

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    Nice player to consider using flee ambush and speed hacks to escape an outplay ^^
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    oh look, clowns that failed to understand the simple mechanics of this game

    Surprised ofc

    Nice player to consider using flee ambush and speed hacks to escape an outplay ^^
    I thought you could read?! Did you miss the part where you can't say anything without posting the video? The fact that you were that close to another man in the open world raises more concerns than you would think your good for getting outplayed in a 2v1 scenario.

    m4ck the h4ck hid behind a rock and Derpy got lost running around like a blind dog. Did you not hear about this new h4ck called Obscure Character Highlighting? It's been out for two betas now and you can access it in the Video settings after clicking the little wheel near your avatar. It's OP.


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