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Outdoor LED Display Screen

Quality Display Screens To Attract More Customers!

LED Controller Card is known for their leading- edge and high-quality display accessories such as video walls and outdoor led display screen! As one of the best outdoor led display manufacturers, we deliver large format displays which offer the best visualization options best fitted for your business!

LED Controller Card is known to provide quality and affordable LED display options. We are committed to providing visual experiences to real life through our products. We proudly provide a perfect range of premium display large led display panels and related solutions.

Full customer satisfaction is our only mission which is why we are defined by our core values of service, responsiveness, and communication. These core values can take many possible shapes including latest and trending technology, timely deliveries and lot more as per industry demands.

Our product reliability lab provides our engineers with information to design and build rugged and reliable products. No matter what is the scale of your project, LED Controller Card works with each client to develop outdoor display screens in almost any configuration, shape, curve, or proportion to create a revenue-turning customer experience. We help our customers accessing a competitive outdoor led screen price with ease.

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Ok folks, now is the part that many of you have wondered about and asked about.

There are a few things to be aware of in how these are priced, as there are many parts that make up the whole system. I will say however that this discussion on pricing is just going to be general guidelines and not much for specifics, as for the most part it is really ideal to work with a professional firm that knows the systems well and can help you integrate them.

LED Panels

There are many &#;brand&#; names that are familiar to many of us like Chauvet, Absen, Aeson, PixelFlex, Elation, ADJ, and others who sell LED panels, and many new names popping up all over the place. If I may &#; take all these names and they are analogous to Buick, Chevrolet as to General Motors. You don&#;t walk into a specific General Motors dealer to buy a GM car, but GM makes them for Buick, Chev and the rest of the brands. Just like that, there are a few factories in Shenzhen that make the products for the many brand names. And just like a car is made up of many parts from multiple suppliers &#; the LED wall panel is the same, where you have a power supply, receiving card, chassis, circuit boards, IC driver chips and LED&#;s themselves. So some brand names are assemblers who buy each of the components and other brand names actually manufacturer several of the parts and then assemble the wall.

There are also many different options and quality lines that General Motors makes. For example, Chevrolet offers both a Spark and a Corvette. Both bear the brand name, but they perform vastly different.

The same can be said for an American DJ LED 6mm wall panel that had an advertised price of $ and an Elation Professional mm panel that is advertised for $ and another brand which may be even more expensive. Both will display video, but the fit, finish, expected lifespan, durability, and video performance is greatly different. To get to the $ price ADJ had made a panel with much more plastic parts and has value engineered the electronics to be able to sell it at that price. When you look at a panel that is $ it will have higher grade parts. (at least you hope so, right?)

So for a general range, the LED wall panels will be anywhere from about $++ per panel &#; and the most typical size being a Xmm panel. There are various other sizes &#; like Xmm (which is essentially two mm 2 panels in one assembly) and many others.

The pricing also does depend greatly on the pixel pitch of the LED panel. The most commonly quoted pitch today is probably the 4mm or mm. Last year and before it was more in the 6mm and we are now seeing panels with a pixel pitch of 1mm and even tighter. The cost for the 2mm and tighter is much higher, and that pixel pitch would only be needed if you have extreme close viewing or you require very high resolution at a small screen size.

There is one other example of pricing that I will share &#; as it&#;s no longer a valid quote &#; as that would be inappropriate to share on a public forum like this &#; is a study I did about a year ago on the total cost of a few brands of LED wall for a customer. (being it&#;s a year old, the pricing has all changed as have the products&#;)

So I took and added up all the costs for the LED panels, controller, and cabling (not installation) for the various brands and then divided it out into the cost per square foot as a level playing field. Brand names have been left off as to not promote any of them. So here are my old numbers:


LED wall #1 &#; 4mm &#; 23&#; 7&#; wide and 11&#; tall
&#; pixels
square feet
Approximate cost &#; $ per square foot

LED wall #2 &#; mm &#; 25&#; wide by 14&#; tall
(thin and light LED wall &#; specialty)
&#; pixels
square feet
Approximate cost &#; $ per square foot

LED wall #3 &#; mm &#; (exact dimensions unknown)
square feet
Approximate cost &#; $ per square foot

LED wall #4 &#; 6mm &#; 25&#; 2&#; wide by 10&#; 1&#; tall
&#; pixels
square feet
Approximate cost &#; $ per square foot

LED wall #5 &#; 6mm &#; (exact dimensions unknown)
square feet
Approximate cost &#; $ per square foot

So I hope this is helpful to just give you an idea of what the numbers looked like a year ago &#; today they are different. And based on the size of your LED wall &#; the cost per square foot will vary due to the parts you need for a large or small wall. Typically, larger walls will have a lower cost per square foot, but not always.

For example, recently I went online and found a retailer that sells the ADJ brand 6mm LED wall and did the math to see that it is priced around the low $ per square foot range. Keep in mind that it is a very entry level panel. So this price would be one of the lowest cost LED panel out on the market &#; and from there, prices go up based on quality and pixel density.

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Sours: https://audiovideoelectronics.com/led-walls-partsourcing-and-pricing/
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Vivid 4 LED Screen (Price per Panel)

Product Description

Vivid 4 is a modular video panel vividly displays content without the need of bulky media servers. Create dazzling video displays with these lightweight video panels that feature Black body LEDs that accurately reproduce high-contrast videos. Vivid 4 makes a perfect DJ façade and seamlessly integrates with Serato for displaying music videos to add gig excitement. Set up is easy and fast with multiple magnets and positioning pins that make getting up and running tool-free and effortless. Stellar reliability and quality are built into Vivid 4. Dual power supplies ensure downstream panels don’t lose signal. Intelligent modules with dedicated memory improve the image quality and simplify maintenance. Panels can be suspended vertically or horizontally offering different aspect ratio options. Multiple Speego connectors mean Vivid 4 sets up twice as fast as other panels.


We have 16 panels available (m x m). Price is per panel, plus labour and tech costs.


  • Light Source: 21, SMD LEDs (tri-color RGB) W, (60 mA), 50, hours life expectancy
  • Power Linking: 7 units @ V; 13 units @ V
  • Input Voltage:  to VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
  • Power and Current:  W, A @ V, 60 Hz
    W, A @ V, 50 Hz
  • Weight:  lb ( kg)
  • Size:  x x in ( x 65 x mm)
  • Approvals: CE, MET
  • Wavelength:  to nm red, to nm green, to nm blue
  • Viewing Angle: °
  • Maximum Illuminance: 1, NITS
  • Calibrated Illuminance: 1, NITS
  • Contrast Ratio: 4,
  • Refresh Rate: 1, Hz
  • Pixel Density: 43, m2 ( x )
  • Pixel Pitch:  mm
  • Minimum Viewing Distance: 12 ft (4 m)
  • Maximum Vertical Hang: 23 panels
  • Maximum Horizontal Hang: 17 panels
  • Required Controllers:Vivid Drive 23N
Sours: https://dj4you.co.nz/product/vividled-screen-price-per-panel/
giant led screen price in Bangladesh

If you consider that paying more for a LED advertising screen will mean that it has higher quality, we have no problem in increasing our price. But we believe that it is not necessary and that it is better to be honest and offer the real price. Keep in mind that LED screens for advertising are a relatively new product and there is a lot of ignorance about them.

By not having a definite reference of prices for this type of products, many companies take advantage to charge high commercial margins in their sale.

It is clear that companies will never tell you this and their price justification will have to do with their high quality, and will tell you that other cheaper prices will lack quality services. What commercial technique would you use to sell a LED screen with a good profit margin, compared to another screen with similar features?

At Visual Led we have been in the world of advertising giant LED screens for more than 12 years; working on national and international projects with thousands of square meters running daily. That is why we are obliged to offer quality screens, since our clients are professional advertising companies that expand their fleet of advertising screens and need reliable and long-lasting screens.

Sours: https://visualled.com/en/led-screens-prices/

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