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April Fools Prank: The Fake Parking Ticket with Free Downloads


Doesn’t that look official? If you got that in the mail, would you not be like “What the?? How did I get a $400 parking ticket!?!?” See how I made an april fools fake parking ticket prank go off perfectly. Cackle cackle!

Well, it’s not official. I made it all. And now I will share it with you, so you too can torture your loved ones and maniacally cackle while they curse you.

Last year I shared with your our April Fools Prank, the Fake IRS Audit with Free Downloads. HA HA HA, sorry I laugh every time I think about it. Maybe I’m mean, but I just LOVE april fools pranks. Anyhoo, that was two years ago. Last year we pulled another successful prank on our friends and family, but I couldn’t tell you about it then for fear of spoiling it. But now all is revealed: we sent them a faux parking ticket in the mail. For $401.09. Like Scarlet’s birthday that year, and the date of April Fools 4/01/09. They all fell for it! Except for one, but she was expecting it. They fell for it even though the fine prints says “19119040108119220411140.10360.9840104040109040110APRILFOOLS2132689975142323447950HAHAGOTYOU”.

We created a template based on a parking ticket I got in the mail, then we added the address of each friend and the seal of their local city, which I found via google image search. We didn’t use their license plate number or any more personal details than their addresses, and they still didn’t catch on. Duped!

Now it’s your turn! There’s still time to customize my templates and send out your own. Get the April Fool’s Fake Parking Ticket tute and free downloads below…


So for this to look real, you can use our Parking Ticket Template. You just need to go into the word doc and change the address to your local parking office address or city hall address, and change any details (like the date or the amount or the violation – this one is for exceeding 2 hour parking in a school zone, what?) and if you’re feeling fancy, you can change the city seal to your city. I made them for a bunch of different cities, so if you live in Nashville, Sacramento, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle, or Dallas then you’re in luck, email me and I’ll send you the one I made for your city. So here is the ticket template: APRIL FOOLS PRANK FAKE PARKING TICKET TEMPLATE. Note the bright red “SEE INSIDE FOR COURT DATE” – we had included Scarlet’s birthday party invitation inside, they had to flip through to see it. You could write CALL THIS NUMBER FOR COURT DATE and put your phone number?

Then you’ll need a regular old window envelope to mail it in, but you’ll need to print on it so the parking violations bureau (or whatever it is called in your city) address is printed on there, to make them believe it is a parking ticket and not just toss it in the trash. Here is the LA one again, but again you can email me for the other cities or customize your own. April Fools Parking Ticket Outer Envelope Template. This one is getting cut off in google docs, and I don’t know how to fix it, but you get the idea.

And finally, if you want to go all out, you’ll need to include a return envelope and print it to look like an official parking ticket envelope. These are smaller than a traditional envelope and a little harder to find, but not impossible. here is the template for the return envelope: APRIL FOOLS FAKE PARKING TICKET PRANK RETURN ENVELOPE TEMPLATE.

Let me know if you do this april fools fake parking ticket prank, and how much joy it brings you. Also let me know if you think I’m a jerk. Then check out our April Fools Day Pranks to Play on Your Family.

UPDATE: Here is a link to all the editable files I have on Google Drive. Please download and edit! Google made some strange edits to some of the files, but if you download the files you should be able to fix them up. Happy Pranking! Click here to see and download all of the Pretty Prudent April Fools Prank Templates.




Printable Violation Tickets

Printable Violation Tickets

Printable Violation Tickets

Printable Fake Parking Ticket
Printable Fake Parking Ticketdownload

What is a violation ticket?

Violation tickets are objects made to discipline vehicle users who commit violations. In every element of life, of course, there are rules that are made in order to create comfortable conditions for living side by side. They are well-intentioned. Each region has different violation ticket criteria. This is influenced by the rules of law upheld in that place. So in order not to get the tickets, you must first know the standard rules that apply.

Who makes a violation ticket?

The person who has the right to issue violation tickets is definitely someone who works for a company or even a government. This can be done by the police, or by security in charge of a building area. Both of them are equally responsible for curbing everyone who owns a vehicle around them. Not everyone can be trusted to do this job. Meanwhile, the division that works to design or make it into tickets is a different job from the police or security. Not only that, when someone gets violation tickets, there will be another job desk responsible for processing them.

How much money to pay a violation ticket?

The next stage after obtaining violation tickets is punishment. The types of punishment that each person receives are different in relation to the rules they break. One type of penalty is to pay with an amount of money that is in the detailed regulations that have been made. Because local regulations are always different, the amount of money you pay will not be the same as other regions. It would be better if you did not have to pay for the tickets by obeying and not making mistakes that got you stuck in those conditions. Read the guide before you decide to do routine activities using the vehicle. There will definitely be a sign or guide rules associated with violation tickets.

Fake Parking Ticket Template Printable
Fake Parking Ticket Template Printabledownload

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Printable Fake Parking Ticket
Printable Fake Parking Ticketdownload
Printable Fake Parking Ticket
Printable Fake Parking Ticketdownload
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Printable Parking Ticketsdownload
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Printable Parking Violation Tickets Nycdownload
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Printable Traffic Tickets Violationdownload

How to know a fake violation ticket?

Even when dealing with professional and responsible people, there will always be people who cheat the situation like making fake violation tickets. In order not to get the fake version, always look for valid information regarding the process and conditions that apply while in that condition. Nowadays it is easy to access information such as via the internet. So it is not difficult to know the difference between the real tickets and also the fake version.

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16+ Parking Ticket Templates in AI | Word | Pages | Publisher | PSD

A parking ticket can be defined as a way of telling the driver of the vehicle that he/she has been fined for parking in a restricted zone where there is no parking of any vehicle allowed. There are many parking ticket templates available for you to see.You can also see Ticket Templates.

5 Steps to Design a Parking Ticket

Step 1: Choose the Right Base

To create the perfect parking ticket for any event, you need to choose the best template and base first. You can choose the right one from the ticket templates that are available online. Make sure that it matches the theme of your event, add the right details and done!

Step 2: Decide on the Elements

Next step would be adding elements on your parking ticket. These elements would be the color coordination for the ticket, the images, fonts, graphics and also, the text you want to be mentioned on the ticket. Tickets are very helpful as they help in traffic regulation and prevent crimes to a maximum extent.

Step 3: Choose your Background and Layout

Once you know what is the template you should use, the text and fonts, the images and details to be added, next would be to choose the main background color that will go with the theme of the event. After that, you should decide on a layout for the ticket, which is placing the necessary details in order. You can also check out vintage tickets that might be helpful in designing your tickets in a retro theme.

Step 4: Barcode and Sequential Numbering

Barcodes play a very important role in tickets. Since it is a parking ticket, barcodes help in knowing how many hours of parking did you use and also, if there are any pending violations against your vehicle. Sequential numbering will help you keep a check on the number of vehicles that have come in today.

Step 5: Review and Print

In crowded places, parking can be disastrous and terrible, particularly when have a parking fee added along with it. If you attract a customer with free parking tickets when they avail of your you also increase the revenue for your business. Once you are sure about all the details and elements of your tickets, review it again and print.

16+ Parking Ticket Templates

1. Editable Parking Ticket Template

    Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


    2. School Parking Ticket Template

      Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


      3. High School Parking Ticket Template

        Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


        4. Mall Parking Ticket Template

          Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


          5. Shopping Parking Ticket Template

            Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


            6. Penalty Parking Ticket Template

              Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


              7. Simple Parking Ticket Template

                Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


                8. Parking Ticket Voucher Template

                Size: 8.5×4 inches


                A parking ticket voucher acts as a striking offer given to the people who are driving their vehicles. This offer is basically showing the free parking hours you get before you have to pay to park your vehicle in the designated place. It gives its recipients the luxury to park their vehicles without charge. Do not forget to add the terms and conditions for this voucher and the validity too.

                9. Basic Parking Ticket Template

                basic parking ticket templateDownload

                The above template shows the basic parking ticket template. Every parking ticket has some basic details to be mentioned in it if there are any violation of rules. In such parking tickets, you have details of the vehicle like the number of the vehicle, what the violation made is, what is the violation fee, etc.

                10. Sample Parking Ticket Template

                sample parking ticket templateDownload

                The name of the company, the entry and exit time, the amount paid for parking, date and the barcode should be mentioned on the ticket. This will make it better to understand as to whether it is a violation ticket or just a parking receipt. You can also check out sample parking ticket templates.

                11. Parking Ticket Example

                parking ticket exampleDownload

                This parking ticket example, as shown above, shows a person holding a parking ticket. This ticket is totally based on the barcode that is printed above and there is no other information like the name of the company, address, links, texts, etc. on it. This unique barcode, when once scanned, shows the details of the person on the machine itself.

                12. Standard Parking Ticket Template

                standard parking ticket templateDownload

                Parking tickets for events are completely different than those that are used for violation. Printable ticket templates can be used to design unique event tickets. As parking is divided into different levels at concerts and special events, each level should have differently designed parking tickets. This helps in convenient parking for all the audience for the show.

                13. Simple Parking Ticket Template

                simple parking ticket templateDownload

                Usually, parking tickets of violation are placed under the vipers of the windshield of the car. This way, it makes it easier for the person driving the car to notice the ticket placed on the car. It will make him/her understand as to what is the violation they have committed and what are the further steps they need to take to get clear of the fee.

                14. Elegant Parking Ticket

                elegant parking ticketDownload

                A penalty charge notice is a type of notice mostly found in the United Kingdom, where there is a fine or payment for this charge, but it is not added as a criminal record on your name. This is usually given to those drivers who drive in the wrong direction and do not adhere to the traffic rules.

                15. Creative Parking Ticket Template

                creative parking ticket templateDownload

                An express parking ticket is those tickets that are usually given to the people that have to park their vehicle in multiplexes, shopping malls, etc. This gives you the first few minutes of the parking free, but as time passes, there would be a fare you will have to pay to take your car out of the parking lot. The fare will be mentioned in the ticket with the entry and exit time and a barcode, which will be easily scannable to get all the information required.

                16. Parking Ticket Sample Design

                parking ticket sampleDownload

                It is very important that your parking ticket be easily readable to the person you are giving it to, no matter what kind of a ticket it is. Using any of the traffic colors (green, red, orange or yellow) will make it easier for someone to read the ticket with much effort and strain to their eyes. The texts should be clearly visible on the ticket.

                17. Design of Parking Ticket

                design of parking ticketDownload

                Violation parking tickets have to be placed on the windshield of the car, as this place is one that is easily visible to the person driving the vehicle. This way, he/she can keep a check on traffic rules that they violate because the more you do, your license will be blocked and you cannot drive a vehicle later. You can use ticket template examples for further references on parking tickets.

                This elegant modern parking ticket can be used as prank parking tickets. Prank your friends or family members by placing these on their car and see them freak out! Use the above template to make the most real looking fake parking tickets for pranks. Download it now!

                Man Fools Cops With Car Made Of Snow, Gets Fake Parking Ticket


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                Giving Fake Parking Tickets PRANK!


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