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I’ll put it bluntly—without science, life would be extremely boring. At least for me. There’s hardly anything that can compare to the rush of joy and the butterflies fluttering in your stomach when you stumble across a piece of news about some huge scientific advancements.

From new medicines that will greatly improve the quality of our lives to leaps in tech that are making regular space travel and the colonization of other planets merely questions of ‘when,’ not ‘if.’ And don’t even get me started on quantum physics which is so close to magic, I’m glancing out the window, waiting for my invitation to study at Hogwarts.

I’m not the only one in love with science, though! Frankly, I’m glad that’s the case because when it comes to science and learning—the more, the merrier. There are plenty of online communities that mix science with humor and one of them is the ‘Science Memes’ subreddit that’s dedicated to sharing and creating memes about science.

Check out the very best science memes that Bored Panda has collected from all over the web, including about r/sciencememes, and upvote the geekiest and funniest ones.

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You don’t have to have a degree in biology, chemistry, physics, etc. to be a science geek. Similarly, just because you have a degree in science doesn’t automatically mean that this is it, there’s no turning back, you’ll have to work as a scientist until the end of your days.

Loving science is more about the curiosity inherent in human beings than choosing from a narrow list of undergraduate degrees. If you’ve got the spark to learn new things, test out your theories, and a willingness to be open-minded and proven wrong, then in my eyes, you’re a scientist. Degree or no degree!

Earlier, I actually had a chat about the wide gap between what people majored in and what career path they chose with voice actor André White, who has worked with the History Channel and The Smithsonian, among others.

According to him, we don’t have everything figured out by the time that we graduate from college. Instead, we should embrace that uncertainty and use our 20s to try new things and discover new passions.

“If you are 18 and you feel lost and not sure of what your next move should be, GOOD. No one should have it all figured out at that age. And the same goes for a 25-year-old or a 35-year-old. Don't feel like you HAVE to do what society tells you to,” André told Bored Panda in an earlier interview that we should learn to think and decide for ourselves. In short, we have to be bolder, more courageous.

“Go to a community college, go to an HBCU, start a business, find your passion because your passion is what's going to make those tough days a little less tough. What makes you smile ear to ear? Do that! Life is way too short to look back in 30 years and regret anything," André said.

“People feel like a college degree is how you get respect. College is still being pushed as a safety net when in reality going to a trade school, community college, or pursuing the path of an entrepreneur can be just as rewarding. I wish that we would teach our kids that there are so many other options and that if college is what they want to do, then fine but don't ever box yourself in."

Science Memes


23++ Funny Memes About Quantum Physics

Here are tony stark memes just for you.

Funny memes about quantum physics. Physics jokes memes that will rock your world. A collection of relatively funny physics jokes puns and funny pictures that have a lot of potential to make you and all your science minded friends laugh. 70 funny physics jokes and anectodes jokes only physicist would appreciate here is a huge collection of some of the best physics jokes ever.

Funny quantum physics meme. Updated on july 1 2018. Why are quantum physicists bad lovers.

Barman says sorry mate no electrons proton replies nah im not an electron im a proton barman says are you sure proton replies yep im positive q. Physics jokes that will make you laugh all the way to quantum mechanics class quick funny jokes. Father of physics funny meme i am going to name my son physics then i will be father of physics robert downey jr has been entertaing us since ages whether he is playing the role of the iron man or the witty detective sherlock holmes.

Physics jokes we have over 150 categories of jokes on our main page. Updated daily for more funny memes check our homepage. Here are tony stark memes just for you.

See rate and share the best physics memes gifs and funny pics. A brief history of physics. Your daily dose of fun.

Neutron walks into a bar. Just composing an assessment on the influence of danish scientist niels bohr on the theory of quantum physics let alone strategizing the presumably pain. Letterpile humor writing.

The breath of life had been kissed into an old meme when physics student sairam gudiseva rickrolled his teacher in a scholarly fashion by cleverly inserting every lyric to rick astleys never gonna give you up into the margin of an essay. Father of physics funny meme i am going to name my son physics then i will be father of physics robert downey jr has been entertaing us since ages whether he is playing the role of the iron man or the witty detective sherlock holmes. They will surely make you laugh out loud.

To you no charge proton walks into a bar. The quantum mechanic can get the car from inside the.

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I know, I know, science is serious business. Science labs typically aren’t the places where memes and other viral nuggets are made, but where very smart people research and examine how things in the universe work, and then portray it to us lesser folk.

But who says we can’t have both, the scientific truth and a good laugh? The scientific spin on popular memes is, of course, no substitute for actually studying these subjects, but it might make you feel smarter, especially if you’re fluent in geek.

Anyway, I’ve been in the meme business for a long time now and I don’t take this lightly, so I can confirm that the science related memes are the best memes. So, without further ado, here’s your list of the funniest ones from the nerdiest minds on the Internet that will either make you laugh or scratch your head. Enjoy!


1. #MotivationMonday

matter and energy science meme

2. I don’t want to give 2021 more ideas, but…

Earth magnetic feld meme

3. Bacteria: you guys are getting things?

Animal legs science meme

4. This is the bloody truth

AB+ blood type science meme

5. Inches and centimeters can at least agree on something

Kelvin, Celsius and Farenheit funny meme

6. *Now kith*

Gregor mendel science meme

7. Electron is not gonna participle in this anymore

Electron meme

8. Immune system is metal af

Immune system science meme


Isaac Newton meme


Biologists are just a bunch of cells

11. Also me on a daily basis

math meme


Positive and negative charge meme

13. What about before gravity was discovered?

Funny friction meme

14. The scientific method

Science method meme


base proton acid science meme


sun fusion meme


Lysosome funny meme


Hilarious science meme

19. Right on

newton's gravity meme


funny science meme

21. If the cop paid more attention in school he’d know

einstein speed ticket meme

22. I hate to break it to you, but the half of the stars you sing to is already dead

star radius science meme

23. Quantum physics – the ultimate sci-fi plot device

Quantum physics in movies meme


biologists and frogs funny science meme

25. This one got a reaction out of me

Funny catalyst reactant meme


Classical physics vs Quantum Physics science meme


acidic solution vs basic solution meme

28. The Mercury-verse

Mercury science meme

29. This one took me a minute

animar color range meme

30. Is it too late to change majors?

Goldein's States of Matter funny Introduction


Schrodinger's cat meme

32. Poor electrons 🙁

electron negative thoughts


ionic science meme


mutants funny meme


Schrodinger's funeral meme

36. Pink Floyd fans will understand

prism rainbow science meme

37. *Pikachu face*

cells and microscope meme


Soudium dydride formula funny science memes

39. Some credit, please

plants making oxygen science meme

40. LOL

washington, AC meme


marine biologists working from home meme

42. My psychology professor would be proud

hypothalamus science meme

43. If you leave your food on the floor for 4 seconds, it really pisses them off

germs and 5 seconds science meme

44. IQ overload

45. Hahaha


Funny science meme


Funny physics meme


Two types of nerds meme

49. Geology: Am I a joke to you?

Psychology meme

50. Bacteria better watch out


science meme the earth is round


I make bad science jokes because all the good ones are Argon


Funny science meme


Funny Science Memes

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