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BitDefender VPN Review

The Good:BitDefender VPN uses hotspot shield’s servers, so it’s important to analyse both company’s privacy policy. Luckily, both feature a clear zero-log policy and do not track you online. BitDefender uses the fastest VPN protocol (Catapult Hydra) and most secure encryption standard (AES).

The Bad: BitDefender VPN does not feature a kill switch, and does not use its own DNS servers. 

What privacy and security elements do we test for?

  1. Logging Policy
  2. Jurisdiction
  3. Protocol
  4. Encryption
  5. Own DNS Servers
  6. Kill Switch Test
  7. Leak Test

1. Logging Policy

What does “logging policy” mean and why is it significant?

Under ideal circumstances, a VPN provider wouldn’t store any information about your online activities. But, the circumstances we find ourselves in aren’t always ideal, and VPN providers do keep some information of this kind – these are logs.

The purpose behind the creation of these logs is the optimization of the VPN’s service. It helps servers run optimally and can also prevent the services from being abused. Different providers will collect different amounts of data to this end.

In general terms, your VPN provider can collect four types of information about you. Some of this information really doesn’t have the potential to be harmful, but that’s not always the case. These four types are:

  1. VPN service data: The version of the VPN app you’ve used, which operating system you’re running it on, the server you’ve established a connection with.
  2. Connection data: The amount of data you’ve downloaded and uploaded, when you logged in and for how long, exactly when you logged out.
  3. Original IP address: This is the unique identifier of the device you used to access the VPN server and can be used to pinpoint your exact location.
  4. Online activity: Any website you went to, anything you searched for, all online services you used. This essentially equates to your browsing history.

Your VPN provider can collect your service and connection data anonymously – rather than single any user out, all data gets grouped together. If this is the case, then you don’t have much to worry about. The VPN provider will get what it needs to maintain and improve its service without jeopardizing your privacy. Because of this, many VPN providers do this to some extent.

As for the number three item on the list, most people do not want their VPN to keep a record of their IP address. But, it is usually not a deal-breaker. Simply, VPNs are about anonymity so your location shouldn’t be of interest to the provider.

However, what definitely can be a deal-breaker is the final item on our list – logs of your online activity. Keep your eye out for this and be careful if the VPN keeps these records.

We realize the importance of this so a VPN which stores this data won’t be amongour recommendations. But, this is not all that uncommon among free VPNs, which may then proceed to sell this data. This is reason enough for us to believe you should avoid such providers.

You will often hear claims about a zero-log policy among VPN providers. This sounds good but doesn’t always mean the same as there is no universal standard to be applied. So, take the time to read the privacy policy in full before you make any purchase decisions or look up a review.

What is BitDefender’s logging policy like?

BitDefender’sprivacy policyis rather short. We made it a bit more readable to help you decipher what it actually says:

&#;we collect (&#;) only randomly generated or hashed user and device IDs, IP addresses (&#;) we use Pango as data processor who processes data on behalf of Bitdefender in accordance with Bitdefender&#;s instructions and for the sole purpose of providing VPN services to users.&#;

We may process device location solely for the purpose of offering Bitdefender VPN functionalities such notifications of unsafe Wi-Fi or the auto-connect feature. We do not store any details regarding your location or online activity nor do we share them with other entities.&#;

The key take-away is that BitDefender only collects randomly generated data, which means that it doesn’t track individual users. However, it does use Pango&#;s (also known asHotspot Shield) servers and its data processing services. 

Therefore, it is important to also read Hotspot Shield’sprivacy policy. In short, this one states:

  • Your IP address is stored, but only while you are connected to the VPN: Once you disconnect from the VPN, your IP address is deleted.
  • Your browsing history is never stored: Your online activity (the websites you visit and services you use) are never tracked or stored.

So what can we conclude from all this? 

Your online activity is not stored and your IP address only for the duration of your VPN session. It is deleted afterwards.

Thus, you are safe.

2. Jurisdiction

What does jurisdiction mean and why is it significant?

The company that provides your VPN services needs to be incorporated in some country. And since the laws and regulations of that country are binding, this can make a big difference.

For example, certain countries are very strict when it comes todata retentionand the accompanying laws. The USA is among them as are numerous countries of the EU, Australia, etc. Therefore, theISPs (internet service providers) located in them are required to collect lots of data on internet users. This includes sent emails, records of visited websites, and so on.

This type of mass surveillance is one of the main reasons people turn to VPNs. By using one, any data you send over your ISP’s network will be protected by encryption, making it impossible for your internet provider to read. And what it cannot read, it cannot collect.

In addition to worrying about ISPs, some people also have concerns that VPNs may also be forced to collect data because of the aforementioned laws. But, there is one crucial difference here – an ISP is a public provider while a VPN is private. As such, the same rules do not apply, and VPNs are not obligated to keep user data.

Still, the government agencies which are interested in this data are serious organizations and have a few tricks up their sleeves to get the info they want. In the United States, for example, the relevant agencies can issueNational Security Letters, which are a type of secret subpoenas. One of these can make it possible for the agency to get their hands on any data a VPN may possess.

Now, you may think that governmental agencies don’t really resort to these tactics, but they do. Take what happened withLavabitin After being pressured by theNSAto disclose data concerning Edward Snowden, this encrypted email provider chose to temporarily close down rather than comply. Similarly, a VPN company calledPrivate Internet Accessdid not want to comply with Russian data logging regulations so it decided to shut down the servers it had there in There are differences between these two cases, but they prove the same point – various agencies under governmental control are on the hunt for data.

Users who take exception to this can proceed in two ways.

The first is to find a VPN provider which falls under a favorable jurisdiction. For this, you can look at international treaties regarding intelligence (theUKUSA agreementis a well-known example of this), and find a country that isn’t a member of them. Naturally, the local data retention laws are equally important, and you want a country which isn’t strict in this regard. In other words, find an offshore VPN. ExpressVPN is based out of the British Virgin Islands while NordVPN is bound by Panamanian laws, to name two examples.

The other is to essentially avoid the issue of jurisdiction by going with a VPN provider which truly adheres to the policy of keeping no logs which could be used to identify you. As mentioned, no law, no matter how strict, can make a VPN provider hand over data it never had in the first place.

Either one is a good solution, but it is also possible to combine them for extra security.

What is BitDefender’s jurisdiction?

BitDefender is incorporated in Romania which is not part of an intelligence agreement like the UKUSA agreement, but it is a member of the EU. As the EU has been pushing for EU-wide data retention laws, it is a good thing that BitDefender has a clear zero-log policy. After all, data it doesn’t have, it cannot hand over.

3. Protocol

What does protocol mean and why is it significant?

A protocol is the underlying technology defining how a VPN server will format and transmit data over a network, be it the internet or a local area network (LAN). There aredifferent protocolsout there, and they come with different levels of speed and security. Most considerOpenVPNas the most secure, ranking it ahead ofL2TP,PPTP,SSTP, andIKEv2.

What protocols does BitDefender use?

BitDefender VPN uses the fastest VPN protocol currently available, developed in-house by Hotspot Shield. It’s calledHydra Catapultand is much faster than OpenVPN. 

4. Encryption

What does encryption mean and why is it significant?

Encryption is turning data anyone can read into a form which is incomprehensible. To achieve this, anencryption keyis used, and it is also how the data is subsequently turned back into a readable form.

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is what’s been accepted as the norm in this regard. In the field of VPNs, you will generally find two key sizes: bits and bits. Even the simpler AES has a reputation as beingunbreakable, while AES takes security to an even higher level.

What encryption standard does BitDefender use?

BitDefender VPN uses the most secure encryption standard: AES

5. Own DNS Servers

What do DNS servers mean and why are they significant?

When you want to check what your friends have been up to, you’ll open the browser and type in This is adomain name, a short (and ideally catchy) term which allows you to go to the website you want. But, Facebook’s other identifier is a large group of numbers. This is the IP address, and it is something we could never memorize. Hence, the domain names.

But in order for this to work, there has to be a connection between the IP address and the domain name. This is whereDNS serverscome in. Think of them as the telephone operators of the internet age. A DNS server is a repository of numerous domain names and their IP addresses, and once you enter the domain name you want – it sends you to the correct IP address.

When VPN providers have their own DNS servers to use, they can encrypt this process, along with all your other online activities, in aVPN tunnel. This puts everything beyond the reach of parties who might want to create logs of what you do online, intercept, or censor it.

Does BitDefender VPN use its own DNS servers?

No, BitDefender VPN uses 3rd party DNS servers.

6. Kill Switch Test

What does a kill switch mean and why is it significant?

When you establish a VPN connection, you can browse the internet safe in the knowledge that your privacy is being safeguarded. But if this secure connection were to fail for some reason, you’d want your internet connection to be terminated at the same moment since your activity would no longer be hidden. This is what a kill switch does and why it is significant.

Does BitDefender use a kill switch?

Yes. BitDefender&#;s VPN includes a kill switch.

7. Leak Test

What does a leak mean and why is it significant?

Even though you’ve established a connection with its server, a VPN may sometimes allow some of your data to slip through and remain visible. This is a leak, and there are several common types of them:IP leaks, theWindows Credential leak,DNS leaks, andWebRTC leaks.

Does BitDefender leak your data?

No, BitDefender VPN does not leak any of your data.


If you use any of Bitdefender’s security packages, you’ll get a free version of its VPN service, which is a great bonus until you’ve surpassed your meagre MB daily data transfer limit. However, if you’re willing to spend money on a Bitdefender Premium VPN license, you’ll be able to access more than 1, servers in over 30 countries – all without any data caps.

It's worth noting that while Bitdefender Premium VPN uses Hotspot Shield tech in the form of the Catapult Hydra protocol, the apps themselves are wholly designed in-house by Bitdefender. What's more, Bitdefender has confirmed to us that user data is not shared with Hotspot Shield or its parent companies, which is certainly good to hear.

However, although it's a full fledged service in its own right, can Bitdefender Premium VPN really match up to the best VPN services on the market today? Keep reading our Bitdefender VPN review to find out.

Bitdefender Premium VPN 1-minute review

In terms of pricing, Bitdefender is pretty reasonable all-round. If you only want to sign up for a month at a time, you won't have to pay through the nose – it's just $ a month. Signing up for longer will save you even more cash, though, with the best option currently coming in at just $ a month.

Bitdefender uses Hotspot Shield's superfast Catapult Hydra protocol which is widely thought of as secure, and we've received clarification from Bitdefender that no user data is shared with Hotspot Shield or its parent companies.

However, thanks to that link with Hotspot Shield, Bitdefender VPN is incredibly fast. The Catapult Hydra protocol delivers incredible speeds the world over, and in our testing it topped out at an incredible Mbps.

Streaming was a bit of a let-down. Bitdefender's able to access US Netflix, but iPlayer, Disney+ and Amazon Prime are all off the table. 

In use, the desktop apps are simple and effective, and while they don't offer anything ground-breaking, it's stable and useful. The kill switch worked well, and while it's missing some features like a Favorites system, it's by no means underpowered. The same goes for the mobile apps, which also have a kill switch, and deliver good usability.

Finally, Bitdefender VPN offers live chat, email, and phone support – but this is a general support service that covers Bitdefender's primary business of antivirus, too. You should get decent service, but be aware it's not as robust as the support you'll get from the leading dedicated VPN providers.

Bitdefender VPN on paper

Number of servers: 1,+
Number of countries:
Platforms supported:
Windows, macOS, Android, iOS,
Simultaneous connections: 10
Split tunneling: No
Kill switch: Yes
Supported protocols:
Catapult Hydra
Country of registration:
Support: Articles, email, live chat

Latest updates

There have been a couple of minor developments from Bitdefender since our last review. First off, we've got a couple of new server locations, in the form of Belgium and Poland. Always good to see.

The mobile apps have also been improved, and will now auto-connect of Wi-Fi if you choose so, and your VPN IP is now displayed in-app.

Bitdefender VPN price: how much is it and is there a Bitdefender free trial?

At $ per month on a rolling plan, Bitdefender Premium VPN is a surprisingly cheap VPN, especially considering that the market leaders often charge over $12 a month on similar plans.

However, there are more savings to be had for anyone willing to pay for a year’s subscription in advance. This is billed as a one-off payment of $ (equal to $ per month) for the first year and $ (equal to $ per month) in subsequent years.

That’s much less expensive than VPN providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN, and comparable to the best bargain provider Surfshark. Payment options include credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, check, and even cash (if you’re a US resident with a 7/11 nearby).

If you’re looking to try before you buy then you’ll be glad to know that a seven-day free trial is available to anyone that signs up for a Bitdefender Central account. You’ll also benefit from a day money-back guarantee if you do sign up for the service but later decide it’s not for you.

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How private is Bitdefender VPN and does it keep logs?

Although Bitdefender Premium VPN may be packaged as a Bitdefender product, it actually works by connecting through Hotspot Shield's Catapult Hydra protocol. servers. When we first reviews the VPN, we initially wrote that we were concerned that Bitdefender was simply a white-label Hotspot Shield, which would mean users were subject to similar logging.

However, we've had clarification that the service does not share user data with Hotspot Shield or its parents, meaning any logging – or lack of it – is wholly down to Bitdefender, and the only shared technology is the Catapult Hydra protocol.

Despite this, Bitdefender’s privacy policy is fairly basic, to say the least, but it does outline what data it uses and how:

‘We collect for this service only randomly generated or hashed user and device IDs, IP addresses, and randomly generated tokens to establish a VPN connection for the sole purpose of providing the VPN service. For this service, we use AnchorFree as data processor who processes data on behalf of Bitdefender in accordance with Bitdefender's instructions and for the sole purpose of providing VPN services to users.'

Although neither Bitdefender nor Hotspot Shield can see what you're doing online, and claim that what they log cannot be linked back to you, this level of logging is higher than most of its competitors.

How fast is Bitdefender VPN?

The latest version of Bitdefender Premium VPN has swapped the OpenVPN protocol for Hotspot Shield’s incredibly fast Catapult Hydra protocol. To say this has made a big difference would be an understatement, so if you’re looking for a fast VPN, you won’t be disappointed.

Download speeds on a 1Gbps US data center to Bitdefender’s VPN’s nearest location peaked at Mbps, which is very impressive and, unsurprisingly, very similar Hotspot Shield's performance. It's not quite as speedy as ExpressVPN's Lightway results (Mbps), but on the whole Bitdefender is swift and should keep up with any task.

How good is Bitdefender VPN for streaming?

Bitdefender Premium VPN is sold mostly for the sake of encrypting your data and allowing you to browse the internet anonymously, but the website does say that users can ‘unlock media, videos and messaging from all over the world.’

First up, we tried to access US Netflix from the UK, and Bitdefender proved effective – we could watch exclusive content without a hitch. BBC iPlayer can often be problematic, and last time Bitdefender struggled. However, this time round it passed the iPlayer test flying colours, which is an improvement we're very pleased to see.

Unfortunately, the fun stops there – Bitdefender can't access Amazon Prime Video or Disney+. However, we're glad to see some improvement, and we hope it carries on in the same direction.

This all makes for a good Netflix VPN, and while it's not the best all-around streaming VPN, depending on what you want to watch it may well do the job.

How good are the Bitdefender VPN apps?

Bitdefender Premium VPN provides a familiar interface, one which is very similar to ExpressVPN, and it covers the essentials of what is needed from the software. This includes a big blue Connect button and the name of the country where your current server is located, which when clicked on will present you with a list of other server locations (but without details such as load figures or ping times).

On the whole, it worked as expected, with connection times between 3 to 4 seconds. We particularly like that you can change the server location you’re connected to without having to disconnect from your current one. There are also desktop notifications to tell you when you are and aren’t protected, and there’s a Dark Mode.

The client also sports an efficient kill switch, which does a good job of blocking internet traffic and alerting the user. This feature continued to function despite the tricks we used to close the VPN connection.

A form of split tunnelling is also included, although this only whitelists certain websites, not apps. This could potentially be useful in some cases, but considering that Bitdefender VPN is actually quite capable as a torrenting VPN, with P2P allowed on all servers, a per-app split tunnelling system would be most welcome.

However, you can set the app to autoconnect, and the way it works is quite impressive. Enter the menu, and you'll be able to tell the app to connect when it detects a P2P app being opened (or any other app, for that matter). You can also tell it to do this when you head to a particular website, and the app even has certain categories you can set this to (Financial, Online Payments, Health, File Sharing, Online Dating, Mature Content). This feature is seriously impressive, genuinely useful, and outdoes pretty much all of the competition.

So, it’s a good client, but not without its imperfections. We're missing a Favorites or Recent list to swiftly connect to your most-used servers, and there’s no real connection status information. However, the recent addition of an IP display and the powerful autoconnect feature certainly elevate the apps from basic to very usable – and if it has all the features you want, it's a pleasure to use.

Regarding its usefulness as a mobile VPN, the apps for both Android and iOS are pretty similar, in terms of both the interface and the functionality. We were pleasantly surprised that the kill switch is available on both platforms (as this isn’t typical for an iPhone VPN) and there’s a setting to ‘automatically connect on public Wi-Fi.’

What customer support does Bitdefender VPN offer?

Bitdefender’s support team can be reached via live chat, email, and phone, but it’s worth noting that this is the general support team and will cover issues for all of Bitdefender’s products and services, not just Premium VPN. 

Whilst it might be easy to get the support you need, in our experience, the antivirus companies selling VPNs as extras don’t provide the same level of support that you’d find with specialist providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

As well as the support teams, users can find information in Bitdefender’s knowledge base, which is stocked with articles, how-to-videos, and FAQs.

Bitdefender Premium VPN: Final verdict

Bitdefender Premium VPN does a good job of delivering great speeds for a good price, but don’t let that fool you into thinking you’re getting a full-on Hotspot Shield-beating experience for less.

Bitdefender VPN is basic compared to the competition, and for power users there simply won't be enough on offer to sate the appetite for customization – and for those we'd recommend ExpressVPN  or NordVPN. However, with ever-improving content unblocking and some genuinely useful features in-app, we're not writing off the antivirus giant's foray into VPN just yet. Well worth a try.

Thomas Johnson is a freelance journalist whose passion and fascination with technology has led him here. He contributes to Future titles, such as Tech Radar, Tom’s Guide, IT Pro Portal and Creative Bloq. He’s also a self-confessed film snob and is the Editor of Salty Popcorn, a bi-weekly Substack dedicated to movie news, reviews and trivia.

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4 Recommended VPNs According to Reddit & 2 to Avoid in

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable VPN but you’ve read a lot of reviews, heard mixed recommendations from friends, and still feel uncertain about your decision, we know just the place you can get some honest and unbiased opinions on almost anything.

Over the years, Reddit has established itself as one of the best resources for accurate reviews on VPNs. Users openly share their experiences, and they don’t hold back!

Take a look at the recommended VPNs according to views from Reddit users.


  • day cash back guarantee
  • Over 2, servers across 90+ countries
  • Stable and secure security protocols
  • No logging policy
  • Recommended for its high speeds, customer service, and streaming capabilities

A VPN that’s fully penetrated the hearts of Reddit users, ExpressVPN has no download or bandwidth limits, provides excellent torrenting support, and robust security protocols.

Screenshot of ExpressVPN's positive user review comments on Reddit
Screenshot of ExpressVPN's positive user review comments on Reddit about ExpressVPN's fast speeds, good ping time, and fast loading on streaming sites like Netflix

With ExpressVPN you can customize your online connectivity to make it more private and secure using bit AES encryption, an automatic kill switch, IPv6/DNS leak protection system, and it works to bypass the Great Firewall of China. There is also split tunneling feature, and a host of browser extensions to make sure you’re entirely safe.

Screenshot of ExpressVPN's positive user review comments on Reddit about availability to use ExpressVPN in China

ExpressVPN supports up to five devices simultaneously, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems, while you can contact customer support 24/7 for any problems you might incur.

Try Now Risk Free


screenshot of devices with installed Mullvad VPN
  • Pay with Paypal or Bitcoin
  • No logs
  • An optional kill switch
  • Excellent subscription costs

MullvadVPN is wholly dedicated to providing its users with complete privacy, which it deems a crucial human right. Signing up, you don’t need to provide details like an email or home address; instead, you’re assigned a unique ID code, so you can remain anonymous.

Mullvad’s network currently consists of more than global servers, with straightforward apps compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. Users of any experience will be managing their security and privacy in no time.

Screenshot of MulladVPN's positive user review comments on Reddit

3TorGuard VPN

  • More than 3, servers in 50 countries
  • No speed or bandwidth limits
  • Connect up to five devices simultaneously
  • Great customer assistance
  • Affordable payment packages

When it comes to comparing functionality and price, many Reddit users feel that TorGuard VPN is arguably the best, with some of the most flexible subscription periods with monthly, quarterly, annual or semi-annual payment packages.

Screenshot of TorGuard VPN's positive user review comments on Reddit about TorGuard VPN's availability to unblock US streaming services, good speed, and often discount

TorGuard offers more than just a VPN service, with proxy and email packages available to fully safeguard your online privacy. Each feature is supported by 24/7 customer assistance, available days of the year.

Get it Now

4Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Over 3, servers in over 30 countries
  • Connect up to five devices simultaneously
  • Strict no logging policy
  • Support eighteen different languages

Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN offers good value for money and has excellent features like ad blocking, fast speeds, several VPN gateways, a SOCKS5 Proxy, and port forwarding.

Despite this, we discovered that some Reddit users were not pleased with the connection speeds of PIA’s network. Even so, they praise its ability to work on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android, together with the high levels of security.

This VPN allows you to pick from either or bit encryption, a kill switch, and IPv6 leak protection systems, and although the service is generally good for bypassing geo-blocked content, it does have issues with some Netflix restrictions.

Screenshot of PIA's positive user review comments on Reddit about the validity of PIA's no-logging policy

Reddit users recognize and recommend PIA for its affordability, given all its impressive features.

Get it Now

While we were looking for positive reviews, we also came across a few VPNs that many Reddit users were warning their subs to avoid. The two that kept popping up were

1. AirVPN

Screenshot of AirVPN's negative user review comments on Reddit
Screenshot of Azire VPN's negative user review comments on Reddit about Azire VPN's bad customer support
2. AzireVPN
Screenshot of Azire VPN's negative user review comments on Reddit about Azire VPN's bad customer support

We need to highlight one fundamental factor. In our research, we discovered that many Reddit users discourage the use of free VPNs, as they distrust and question the terms and practices of their business.

After all, remember that the VPN market is filled with shady companies and suspicious business practices, therefore, you need an honest and reliable place to get the information you need, and Reddit is always there to guide you…

ExpressVPN encrypted virtual tunnel

Try ExpressVPN Now – Risk Free

Summary: These Are The Best VPNs Recommended by Reddit Users in

NordVPN vs ExpressVPN (Part 6) - Gaming Speed \u0026 Geo-Block Comparison Review 👇💥‌

ProtonVPN VS Bitdefender VPN

ProtonVPN is a security focused FREE VPN service, developed by CERN and MIT scientists. Use the web anonymously, unblock websites & encrypt your connection.

Bitdefender Premium VPN is a service that grants you complete online anonymity by encrypting all traffic on your PC, Mac or mobile devices.

ProtonVPN Landing Page
Bitdefender VPN Landing Page


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Bitdefender VPN videos

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NordVPN vs Bitdefender VPN - VPN Comparison & Review

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Category Popularity

% (relative to ProtonVPN and Bitdefender VPN)


These are some of the external sources and on-site user reviews we've used to compare ProtonVPN and Bitdefender VPN

ProtonVPN Reviews

The 10 Best Open Source VPN Apps

If you frequently watch YouTube, you must have at least heard of this VPN application. Not only is ProtonVPN available on all Windows, macOS, and Linux-based systems, but you’ll also find its mobile apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. A little background on this app: ProtonVPN has been developed by a team of scientists from MIT and CERN, so you know it’s


8 Best Turbo VPN Alternatives for Android and iOS

Not to mention, ProtonVPN recently open-sourced its VPN tool which makes it one of the most trusted VPNs out there. The only downside is that you need to create an account, but worry not, ProtonVPN has a no-log policy and it does not share data with third-parties even for free users. So to put it straight, ProtonVPN brings everything that Turbo VPN offers but with ironclad


The Best VPN Services for

ProtonVPN is a VPN from Switzerland. The software is easy to use and provides all the features necessary to keep your data secure both at home and while on public WiFi. Servers are located around the world, and because ProtonVPN uses a Secure Core network of servers – it will provide fantastic speeds for streaming.Proton permits P2P for torrenting on some of its servers. In


Bitdefender VPN Reviews

We have no reviews of Bitdefender VPN yet.
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Social recommendations and mentions

Based on our record, ProtonVPN seems to be more popular. It has been mentiond 94 times since March We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

ProtonVPN mentions (94)

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  • Sorry I Didn't Know
    And it's probably wise to use a VPN if you have one. If you're poor and can't afford one, has a free service available. Of the free VPN providers, proton seems the most trustworthy - but that's just my opinion - you do your own research and decide if they sound safe to you. - Source: Reddit / 8 days ago
  • Unable to open Proton VPN website
    No issues accessing with or without a VPN. Not sure if Firefox is behaving similarly to HTTPS Everywhere, but with that extension if a website is briefly inaccessible, and it can't display the web page as HTTPS, it throws up a warning page. - Source: Reddit / 16 days ago
  • Please don't throw any rotten tomato's at me but
    ProtonVPN has a free service that may (or not) be usefull: - Source: Reddit / 18 days ago
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Bitdefender VPN mentions (0)

We have not tracked any mentions of Bitdefender VPN yet. Tracking of Bitdefender VPN recommendations started around Mar

User reviews

Share your experience with using ProtonVPN and Bitdefender VPN. For example, how are they different and which one is better?

Post a review

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CyberGhost VPN Review

Virtual private networks (VPN) extend a private (i.e., encrypted) network tunnel across a public network. This secure way of transferring data enables users to send and receive sensitive data across shared or public networks as if their devices were directly connected to the private network.

Applications running over a VPN connection benefit from the functionality, security, and management of the private network.

There are many CyberGhost reviews on the web, yet most are somewhat one-sided, focusing either on the positives or the negatives.

Here I paid for the service and exhaustively tested its functions, speed, security, and privacy. I noted down all the issues I encountered, highlighted its strengths, and compared the price of CyberGhost and other top VPN providers.

What Is CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is an easy to use VPN service. I tried it for a few days, and the first impression was rather good.

For starters, you can download CyberGhost free version and test it for a hour trial. It is easy to install and simple to use.

Naturally, the first thing to check is if it works. I connected it to different servers, in different countries, and it worked like a charm.

The owner of the service raised some eyebrows, though.

Crossrider, (now Kape Technology) belongs to the Israeli billionaire Teddy Sagi, who was sentenced to 9 months in prison in for “grave deceit, bribery, and insider trading”, after being found guilty of manipulating bond prices in Israel in

Not ideal but the VPN performs reassuringly enough, as you’ll soon find out in this CyberGhost review.

Check out what the hard-cold data shows.

CyberGhost Essentials – Speed, Security, Privacy

Both security and speed are essential for a quality VPN experience, while the importance of real privacy can hardly be overstated. Let’s see how CyberGhost fairs in these domains.

CyberGhost Speed

One of the first things you’ll notice after installing CyberGhost is the time needed to connect to the VPN. It can take almost a minute to connect to a remote location with a broadband speed of Mbps. If you have a slower internet connection, it can get really annoying.

Otherwise, once the tunnel is created, the speed of the servers is good if they are relatively near to your location. During the tests, Germany and France had the fastest CyberGhost servers. I did some testing from Bulgaria and got good speeds from the servers in Europe and the US.

A minor drop in speed from Germany.

Decent from across the pond.

I had less luck with more remote locations like Australia, or Korea (and Asia as a whole.)

From down under, the speed wasn’t that great.

Surprisingly, Korea was slower than Australia.

Overall, it is not the fastest VPN out there, but it is good enough.

Videos run smoothly, and the streaming services buffer well.

Torrent downloading is okay, of course depending on the server you use. There are a few dedicated servers, optimized for torrenting and streaming.

In other CyberGhost reviews, written just a few months ago, the number of available servers hovers around Right now you have at your disposal over VPN servers located in 90 countries, which is pretty impressive.

CyberGhost Security

CyberGhost protects against DNS leaks, IPv6 leaks, and port forwarding leaks. It can also force HTTPS protocol on sites that support it.

The kill switch is automatic and if the VPN connection drops for some reason it blocks the internet traffic. You can continue browsing without VPN protection or wait for it to be restored. You can also add exceptions to your VPN client and access them over a regular, unencrypted connection.

To finish this impressive security suite, you receive the CyberGhost Wi-Fi Protection, a simple tool to encrypt your wireless internet connection. You get it automatically when connecting to a server of the private network.

Useful and secure – that’s what I like to see from my VPN apps.

CyberGhost Privacy

CyberGhost was developed and created in Germany, but the company later moved to Romania, which is good for users seeking privacy, because there aren’t mandatory data retention laws. There is a small problem with the owner, who is registered in the UK, but CyberGhost’s official position is that the company runs as a standalone organization based in Romania, subject to Romanian law.

The good news is that it doesn’t log user behavior, so no connection logs can be tied to an individual user. Naturally, when connected to a CyberGhost server your IP is automatically substituted by a VPN IP address.

In some end user CyberGhost reviews, I found concerns about privacy and they are justified, to an extent.

The company has a no-log policy, but it uses your email address and anything else voluntary shared when registering.

CyberGhost can provide your personal information (email and other account details) to third parties on a number of occasions, specified in its privacy policy.

This doesn&#;t exactly mean that the company will call the authorities to inform them about your activities, but for sure it’s something you need to know before installing and using the software. CyberGhost is willing to share personal information and is open about it.

What I want to make clear in this CyberGhost review is that the company does not monitor user activity over its network, and this will not change after the deal with Kape Technology.

CyberGhost Pros

CyberGhost is a VPN service with many merits beyond the obvious ones – speed and security.

Easy Installation, Easy to Use, User-Friendly Interface

It takes less than 5 minutes to install the software, find your way around it, and connect to a server. It is highly suitable for first-time VPN users.

Cheaper Than Most of the VPN Providers

At $ a month for the six months plan, it is below the mid-range for premium VPN providers. You can order the 2 year plan and save even more. Also, you could find a CyberGhost coupon online from time to time, when there is a promo-campaign.

Allows Up to 7 Devices Connected With One Account

You can connect simultaneously up to 7 devices to your account, running one of the following OS: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

days Money-Back Guarantee

CyberGhost might have a single day for trial but gives a generous day guarantee for new subscribers.

You also can refer your friends and get 45 more days free for each person who purchases the software (up to 3 referrals per user). Your referrals will get 45 days free too.

Works Fine With Netflix

With CyberGhost Netflix streaming isn’t a problem. The VPN successfully bypasses all geo restrictions and allows access to your favorite shows from around the world. That’s not as easy as many VPN providers make it seem, as Netflix actively seeks ways to prevent VPNs and proxies from accessing its content.


If streaming is not your thing but P2P file sharing is, this VPN service provider has you covered. You can access your preferred tracker and safely get the desired torrent – CyberGhost encourages the activity and delivers excellent speed to facilitate any peer-to-peer connection you want. This ties in nicely with the next point in the list.

Out of the 14 Eyes

Romania isn’t part of 14 countries that share information about their citizens’ online behavior. VPNs located there don’t have the legal grounds to spy on you or share information about the sites you visit and what you do there.

Good and Friendly Support, Excellent Chat Service 24/7

While preparing this CyberGhost review, I spent half a day talking with a tech support agent via the live chat option. He was very helpful and his responses came only seconds after the question. And most importantly, they were helpful, so thumbs up to the support team.

If you have any questions, you can choose between the site&#;s Help/FAQ section, the ticket system and the site’s chat function. CyberGhost has a very friendly technical team who won’t keep you waiting for more than a few seconds.

Many Useful Extra Features

The CyberGhost Chrome and Firefox extensions are very handy, but the service has many more things to offer.

You can block ads, videos, malicious websites, block online tracking and redirect every site to HTTPS. Also, you can improve your internet speed by compressing the data of the websites you visit.

CyberGhost Cons

As good as it is, CyberGhost is not without flaws. Neither is particularly glaring, even though some CyberGhost reviews I saw on Reddit almost made me think otherwise before checking the service myself.

Still, the shortcomings must be mentioned.

Not the Fastest VPN

I lost between 20% and 40% of network speed using servers in Europe and the U.S. While that drop is to be expected by any VPN, the 80%% drop from the more distant servers (Asia, Australia) is unacceptable.

Minor Privacy Concerns

Although the company has no logging policy, some of your personal data is stored on third-party servers, which is far from ideal.

CyberGhost Price

CyberGhost has recently updated its pricing plans. As of now, it is much more affordable:

  • 1 Month: $
  • 6 Months: $/month
  • 2 Years: $/month

You can also download the free trial and test it for 24 hours.

Generally, this is a great value for money because of the functionality, features, and security of this particular VPN provider.

CyberGhost Payment Options

You can choose between debit or credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin payments.

There is a day money-back guarantee and a no-questions-asked policy. A minor deterrent is the fact that the free trial lasts only for 24 hours, but the generous money-back policy compensates it nicely.

Do I Recommend CyberGhost?

Overall, I am pleased with the Cyberghost VPN. It is safe, works well for browsing, torrenting, and streaming. The speed is not bad either, and you get a wide array of servers worldwide.

On top of the low price, you will receive a good piece of software, which does what it says. Additionally, you get helpful and timely support. This VPN can also successfully bypass any streaming service geo-restrictions and also allows you to download torrents from otherwise forbidden sites.

My final judgment is a resounding yes. I do recommend CyberGhost.


How much does Cyberghost cost?

The longer you prepay for, the cheaper it is:

  • 1 Month: $
  • 6 Months: $/month
  • 2 Years: $/month

How does CyberGhost VPN work?

It creates a virtual private network (VPN) through strong encryption, which keeps your data secure when communicating within the CyberGhost network. You will receive a new IP, that can’t be used to identify you or to spy on you.

Just like Mystique’s (from the X-men) power, the VPN shapeshifts you in the virtual world. You can still do everything you were doing as before, but the difference is that no one else knows it is you. From the moment you connect to any server, you receive a different identity.

Where is CyberGhost located?

It is located in Bucharest, Romania. Its developers are mainly based in Germany, but the service runs from the Balkan country. In the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) declared that these Romanian laws which implemented the EU Data Retention Directive were an unconstitutional violation of Romanian citizens’ rights to privacy and private correspondence. The CCR held that the legislation was a clear infringement on citizens’ privacy rights, and which were disproportionate to the laws’ purposes. The court was especially critical of how the legislation amounted to a “presumption of guilt” on the part of any citizen whose data had been retained – this the court found especially objectionable.

Does CyberGhost keep logs?

No. The company states it has strict no logging policy. The only data it stores comes from you during your registration process. Any activity conducted while using the CyberGhost network remains anonymous and is not recorded anywhere. Co-founder and chairman, Robert Knapp states that “The only way to secure your data is not to store it.” In the company was the first one in the VPN industry that published a Transparency Report. It publishes a new one every year since then.

Is CyberGhost safe?

Yes, it is. Operating in Romania, it puts CyberGhost outside of the 14 Eyes program, which means that agencies and government structures can’t simply go into the company’s office, demanding information about your online activities, or ask other countries to do it. The program offers an automatic kill switch, bit AES encryption, DNS and IP leak protection, and a wide range of protocols – OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, and PPTP.

What is CyberGhost Pro and is it very different?

I preferred the interface of the CyberGhost 7 instead of the PRO version. I guess it is nicer for mobile devices (although I tested the software for mobiles as well), but it didn’t appeal to me.

There you have the servers you can connect to, and on the left, there is a list of servers for streaming and torrenting.

You can block ads (or rather try to), but it’s kind of a hit and miss.

I used CyberGhost with all of its protections/blockers turned on and they worked fine for the most part. There are some different opinions on the HTTPS redirection on the web, and it redirected every site over HTTPS.

You can also stop malicious websites.

You can have up to 7 devices on your account. You can install CyberGhost on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, Amazon Fire, and Linux.

All in all, whichever CyberGhost version you choose, you will get good service and support. For more information, read the CyberGhost review above.

How to Install CyberGhost VPN on Firestick?

The installation is pretty easy. You simply have to download the app from the Amazon Appstore and send it to your chosen Firestick. It should be directly installed and you can find the icon on your TV. If it’s not there, it should be in your Amazon cloud space. You can click the icon there and it will be installed automatically. You can also automatically protect wi-fi networks with CyberGhost for Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick, or you can adjust specific reactions to known Wi-Fi networks.


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A fan of servers, networks, and web hosting, I unplug from the Web only when the temptation for a cold one is too strong to bear.

Bitdefender 2021 Review: Test vs Malware

The Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10 According to Reddit

Antivirus according to RedditSelf-termed the “front page of the internet”, Reddit is home to all sorts of useful information, and just as much useless info too. But Reddit has a long thread of discussions related to the most efficient antivirus software for Windows 10. Since the subject is of a wide interest, it’s always good to discover what the opinions of Reddit users are on it, especially when it comes to the different free antivirus software you’ll find covered by our reviews.

Windows Defender in the Eyes of Reddit Users

Surprisingly, Windows Defender is often mentioned when it comes to the question of what the best antivirus defense for Windows 10 is. Some agree that it can offer basic protection for the inexperienced user, while others don’t. All in all, the general advice is to use “Common Sense + Windows Defender. Emphasis on the former”. Another Reddit user suggests that just these two are not enough, since Windows Defender “is not bad, it’s just that it’s not very proactive in preventing zero day malware/exploits”. Of course, someone else asks where common sense can be downloaded.

One smart remark recommends following AV-TEST results, the independent antivirus ranking organization testing and ranking all known antivirus software. Windows Defender received quite a high ranking from the organization, too.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition and Reddit Karma

Bitdefender with its free version is often mentioned in comments on the subreddit “What’s the best antivirus for Windows 10?” though the solution does not seem to be so popular with users. One of them noted that it pops up when he is playing games on his PC, always doing some “mysterious” scan he didn’t ask for and even blocks some browsers from opening. His opinion is that “an antivirus is not supposed to do that”.

A more informed user replies that “Bitdefender is renowned for having the best protection in tests as well as being one of the lightest resource intensive antiviruses. I take advantage of their free version and then pair that with weekly scans using malwarebytes and superantispyware.” The same user adds that at some point he purposely downloaded something “sketchy” and Bitdefender was able to block it.

Avast Free Antivirus and Redditors

Redditors also brought up the Avast Free Antivirus solution quite often, but only briefly. One of the most interesting comments is the one that stated that Avast was the lightest of all the antiviruses tested. With other programs, according to the commenter’s experience, the CPU cooler can often be heard working, while it hardly happened with Avast. However, they add that it is necessary to do the custom setup to get rid of the useless “bloat”.

Another Redditor adds that Avast is a great program and even though he does recommend it to some users, it can prove to be particularly intrusive when used on an HTPC (home theater PC) and would be “resource-intensive”, leading to churning the disk sometimes. The commenter goes on to state that they have used the software for about three years on four different systems, however eventually decided to change to Bitdefender and is much happier with the choice now. The Redditor’s parting message is that both programs offer great security and “score well in tests”.

Best Antivirus Software of

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