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All About Stucco Foam

Stucco foam can be used to change the outside architectural look of your home with no construction required. It can change your home from something average looking to something extraordinary by creating trims and accents where there were none before. This product will also work well if you need to provide some curb appeal to sell your home. A do-it-yourselfer can enhance the look of a typical home in a single weekend. Here's some more information about stucco foam.

Easy to Install

Few tools are required to install stucco foam. All that's required is a saw to cut the foam, carpenter's glue (or glue supplied with the product) to position it to a door, wall or window, caulk to hold it in place and make the seams are weatherproof, and standard household paint to color the accents to match the look of your home. It also trims easily to retrofit any window replacements. No special carpentry skills are required to install stucco foam. Most manufacturers also supply easy to understand instructions with the product.


stucco side of a house

Stucco foam is affordable and much cheaper than adding architectural features the standard way with wood. Some manufacturer's claim that their stucco foam is more durable than wood, but there have been some issues regarding the product's durability and strength. See the next points to learn more.

Moisture Penetration

When joints are not properly sealed, moisture penetration can happen. Once moisture gets behind the stucco foam, there's a higher chance of mold growing which looks bad and is also an allergen. Mold will completely destroy the foam meaning replacement is necessary if you want to maintain the design you created. Sometimes the mold spreads to other outside surfaces of the house. The chance of moisture penetration can be increased by improperly installed flashing (the plastic installed under doors and windows to divert rain water) that directs water to the seams of the stucco foam causing them to deteriorate much faster.

Easily Damaged

Stucco foam is generally not as sturdy as wood architectural accents. It's easy to dent. This means if you have sports minded children playing basketball or soccer near the foam structural accents, expect dents in the synthetic stucco. Most stucco foam is strengthened with fiberglass meshing between the foam and the top layer of structure. But damage can still occur even with this added strength if the architectural accent is hit with enough force. Dents and cracks need to be repaired immediately so water doesn't get behind the foam and cause mold to grow.

Not Fireproof

The polystyrene foam board used in stucco board is not fireproof and easily catches fire. The cement-like stucco surface reduces the combustibility but the foam still has a low melting point. Dark stucco foam has the potential to absorb enough heat from the sun to melt the foam and cause a fire, so it's a good idea to paint sections exposed to a lot of sun a lighter color to reflect the sunlight and reduce the chance of overheating.


Stucco trims

We manufacture exterior trims that are installed on the top and the two sides of windows and doors. Our exterior window and door trims are designed to enhance the look of your building, and with the Window Designs, you can easily choose the style you like.

Our exterior trim mouldings are made of an EPS core, with fibreglass mesh, and then are coated with smooth stucco base coat. The finished product is lightweight, and ready for paint. Our products are made for applications in areas with harsh weather, and are resistant to rain, snow, or temperature changes, whereas, wood mouldings can easily deform and get damaged due to weather. In addition, can produce our trims with large profiles, which can’t be done for wood trims.

The light weight of our mouldings makes them the preferred product for many applications. With no need for expensive machinery, and complicated installation procedures, and less labor cost, compared to precast mouldings, the overall cost of using our pre-designed, pre-coated stucco mouldings is significantly lower. Moreover, besides the very short time that is needed to produce and install the stucco mouldings, our experienced team can design custom profiles, and put them in production at no time.

See below all the standard trim profiles that we produce. Contact Us to discuss your project, or if you want changes on the profiles, or if you want entirely different ones than those we have listed.

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Stucco Foam Trim

Want to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your Southern California home? You don't necessarily have to commit to a major renovation in order to make a lasting impact! At Design Windows and Doors, we offer stucco foam trim that's surprisingly affordable without compromising on the design versatility or variety you want.

Using a material that only looks expensive, we can turn your standard home exterior into the customized design you've always envisioned! As a locally based remodeler since 2005, we put our customers first to provide the best results and the best experience around.

Professional Stucco Foam Trim Installation in Southern California

From classic adobe-style exteriors to famous California ranch houses, all kinds of homes can benefit from a stucco foam trim installation. We offer a wide selection of foam detailing options, ranging from subtle windowsills to attention-grabbing columns, door trims, decorative bands, and more.

Whichever kind of architectural element you prefer, you'll always get the same benefits of choosing Design Windows and Doors:

  • Quality Products: We've partnered with trusted stucco manufacturers and only install stucco foam trim that meets our high standards of durability and quality.
  • Local Experts: Our courteous and knowledgeable staff places a premium on your satisfaction. From our product specialists to our installers, you'll be impressed by the experts on our team!
  • Honest Service: As a family-owned and BBB-accredited business, we prioritize genuine care for every customer. We'll provide a free design consultation and pressure-free cost estimate for your stucco detailing.
  • Added Protection: In addition to all manufacturer warranties, we provide a four-year labor warranty to keep your remodeling investment protected.

Get Your Free Design Consultation for Stucco Foam Trim

Are you ready to add sophisticated touches of style that transform your Southern California home exterior? Then contact Design Windows and Doors today to learn more about our beautifully customized stucco foam trim! Give us a call or fill out our online form to sign up for your free consultation from our friendly local experts.

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Welcome to StyroFoamTrim!
Your source for StyroTrim® - America's trusted brand of stucco & cement coated window & door trim

Join thousands of people across the country that have modernized and enhanced the look of their homes using StyroTrim® brand stucco coated foam trims and treatments.

Made right here in the USA, StyroTrim® offers the highest quality, and the most cost-effective Stucco and cement-coated foam treatments for interior and exterior residential and commercial structures.

Beautify the interior and exterior of your home with these architectural accents specially crafted to provide maximum durability and weather resistance.

StyroTrim® products are produced with various stucco coating finish types to meet your application, from base coat typically for construction, to single and double stucco coating, to a smooth cement coat for both interior and exterior uses.

Why StyroTrim Stucco and cement coated foam?

  • StyroFoamTrim carries the over 100 wall, window and door accents in over 600 shapes that StyroTrim produces. Each is available in decorative and flat trims, arches, sills, columns, and more.

  • These stucco trims can transform a home or commercial building into something unique and appealing by giving 'that perfect touch' and adding to your home’s curb appeal and value.

  • StyroTrim stucco foam trims provide you with the most affordable architectural accents, without the weight of alternative construction elements or expensive labor costs.

  • Requires very little preparation work and is extremely easy to install. Whether you are a trained craftsman or a novice do-it-yourselfer, StyroTrim stucco and cement coated accents arrive ready for you to cut, glue, caulk (with the company's own StyroCaulk®) and paint,  - and you're done!

Building and homeowners across the country choose do-it-yourself, StyroTrim brand stucco and cement products, now available at, to help them transform their houses into more visually appealing, modern, customized homes.

"StyroTrim accents transformed the house into something unique and beautiful."
- Don Hirsch, Designer, HGTV Curb Appeal


Trim stucco for windows foam

FAMI "Foam Architecture Manufacturer" is a family own business. We manufacture STUCCO FOAM designed for exterior decoration. Our products are of high quality yet low price to fit your budget and home or building improvement needs.Our products are made with the utmost care in accuracy for cut shapes, using promat netting, and bond cement coat that promote long lasting durable products. In addition we have product lines that include Columns, Trims, Potshevles, Belly Bands, Caps, Bases and Medallions.

We carry all the interior mouldings such as basebroad, crown, casing, chair rail those mouldings are available in a wide variety of species including Solid and FJ Pine, Ultralight and Standard MDF, Fir, Redwood, Oak, Poplar, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Alder and Resin. All mouldings available in Flexible, so you can curve.

FAMI provides discounted price, technical advice, and the best service to our customers.

What is stucco styrofoam trim molds and how to repair

Stucco Foam Trim and Molding SHIPPED

Welcome to Stucco Foam Trim and Molding

We are now under new management and are relocating our facilities. We will be accepting new orders soon! In the meantime, please leave your contact information using our inquiry form, and we will notify you when production resumes.
Thank you.

Based in Sacramento we are a manufacturer and supplier of stucco coated foam trim, molding, sills, columns, shutters and many other architectural decorative shapes to all of the Bay Area and Northern California. Foam window and door trim can be installed over stucco and other types of siding, exterior or interior.

We are a family owned company manufacturing trim since 2003 and are proud to serve our customers. Our regular clients are stucco contractors, architects, designers, builders and home owners.

Feel free to browse through our catalogs, call us for more questions, or get a quote for something that you can’t find listed. We also offer installation!

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