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Kathy Limes, Board Member & Penta Career Center Representitive

Kathy LimesSince 1996, Kathy Limes has served as a member of the Wood County Education Service Center Governing Board serving as both President and Vice President.  She has been active on a variety of committees and attended an assortment of seminars to benefit herself, the WCESC Governing Board, and the Wood County educational system.  Mrs. Limes also received the privilege of being a Board Member when the new WCESC was constructed at its currently location in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Mrs. Limes has been married to her husband Donald for over four decades.  The couple has two children (Peggy and Dana) and six grandchildren (Donyelle, Taylor, Dalton, Hunter, Mikayla, and Logan).

Kathy is a proud graduate of Bowling Green High School (Bowling Green, Ohio).  She has taken numerous courses on income tax preparations, real estate and estate taxes, sales and marketing, business account, and computer programming.  Education has served her well as she conducts and orchestrates major financial decisions as a business partner in Limes Family Farms for over 40 years and in her endeavors with individuals throughout Wood County and Northwest Ohio.

An active participant in her community, Kathy has served on the Penta Career Center Board since 2001 where she presided as President and Vice President.  During her time there, she was on the Executive & Personnel, Policy/Legislative, Building & Grounds, and Finance & Curriculum committees.  She was honored to be on the Penta Board during the construction of the current Career Center located on Buck Road in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Other activities and interests include being a lifetime board member of the ARC of Wood County Board which is associated with Wood Lane School (Wood County, Ohio), a lifetime member of the Wood County Historical Society, a member of the Republican Party and the Republican Central Committee, a past candidate for Wood County Commissioner, and a member and Sunday School teacher at Dayspring Assembly of God Church (Bowling Green, Ohio).

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Wood County BOE votes to make masks optional

Wood County Board of Education member Judy Johnson, right, speaks as fellow Board member Ron Tice, left, listens during a special meeting on Friday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

PARKERSBURG — The Wood County Schools Board of Education narrowly approved the optional use of masks when student return to school soon.

In a special meeting Friday morning, the school board voted 3-2 in favor of strongly recommending but giving the option that all individuals wear a face covering while indoors on school campuses.

Board members Rick Olcott, Justin Raber and Debbie Hendershot voted in favor of the recommendation with Judy Johnson and Ron Tice opposed.

Inside a packed Bailey Board Room, Johnson proposed an amendment that Wood County Schools should require all individuals in Pre K-fifth grade to wear a face-covering while indoors on-campus and/or on buses in addition to maintaining at least three feet of physical distance when possible.

She also strongly recommending that sixth-12th grader wear masks on-campus/buses as well as social distancing.

Delegate Roger Conley, R-Wood, spoke against a mandatory mask mandate for the 2020-2021 school year during a special meeting on Friday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Gov. Jim Justice lifted the mask mandate in June and Wood County did not require students to wear masks during summer school.

Johnson said the reason to require all students in Pre K-fifth was because with the recent rise in positive COVID cases in the state, younger students are more at risk to get sick and get others sick by not being old enough to receive the vaccine.

“What the difference between summer and today, is that West Virginia in the last week has gone from 1,000 active cases to 5,000. We have to look at this. We have a responsibility to all children and several studies have said that masks are more effective if both people in the same area are wearing masks,” said Johnson, a former elementary teacher in the district for 30 years, adding younger students are still learning how not to spread germs and practice good hygiene.

“With little ones, you’re just teaching them not to cough in somebody’s face, they sneeze and they drool. It’s a different situation in elementary school. We need to have that extra layer of protection to protect all of our children in that classroom,” she said.

Tice was in support of the act, stating that the majority are more worried about their child, and not concerned about other children’s health.

Winnie Williams spoke in favor of Wood County School enforcing a mandatory mask mandate for the 2020-2021 school year during a special meeting on Friday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Tice also said wearing masks should only be for a couple of weeks when the first day of school starts on Thursday. The county can follow the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources COVID color map to keep or stop wearing masks for that week.

“They’re worried about individuals as opposed to the community, they’re not concerned about the other people in the room,” Tice said. “They’re concerned about my child. I want my child not to wear a mask or I want my child to wear a mask. What I feel is that as a board member, my job is trying to protect the health of all the students in the county.”

Raber, the school board’s president, said the students’ parents or guardians know their children the best, knowing when they should and shouldn’t send their child to school along with the numerous protocols the district follows to prevent the transmission within schools. Raber recommended voting down Johnson’s amendment and was joined in the vote by board members Hendershot and Olcott.

“I know that I represent a constituency and about 65 percent or so of the people that contacted me by email and phone, were against us putting a mandate in place. I’m elected by Wood County citizens, I’m looking at if it’s a 65-35 split. If I go a different way, then I’m not honoring the input that’s coming from the community around this,” Olcott said.

The board listened to 25 speakers on the matter, with the majority of the speakers in favor of not enforcing a mask mandate for Wood County Schools. Those opposed stated that it should be their right if they want their children to wear or not wear a mask for the upcoming school year.

Ed Berry spoke against a mandatory mask mandate for the 2020-2021 school year during a special meeting on Friday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Others spoke in support of a mask mandate, citing safety for not only the children but for the safety of their family and teachers as well.

Tyler Bennett can be reached [email protected]

Michael Iannetti spoke in favor of Wood County Schools enforcing a mandatory mask mandate for the 2020-2021 school year during a special meeting on Friday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Bruce Boston spoke in favor of Wood County Schools enforcing a mandatory mask mandate for the 2020-2021 school year during a special meeting on Friday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Wood County Board of Education member Rick Olcott speaks during a special meeting on Friday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Wood County Board of Education President Justin Raber speaks during a special meeting on Friday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

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Sours: https://www.newsandsentinel.com/news/local-news/2021/08/wood-county-boe-votes-to-make-masks-optional/
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Wood County Commission

The Wood County Commission, comprised of three elected officials, oversees operations of county government including all purchasing and budgeting, correspondence with state and federal government, and hearings for Wood County residents.

The Commission terms are to be held on Mondays from 9:30 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. or until finished; the first Thursday of the month for planning meetings, and if needed, go over the agenda items; and on the third Thursday of the month for Probate, with the Prosecuting Attorney present if possible. The remaining Thursdays will be used as needed and if needed. Anytime there is a holiday on a Monday, the Commission will automatically meet on the Thursday of the same week.

To request an appointment or hearing with the Wood County Commission, contact the County Administrator's office at (304) 424-1984.

The County Commission of Wood County meets on the second floor of the historical courthouse located at #1 Court Square Parkersburg, WV 26101

Commissioner Duties

Commissioner Duties

  • Create and authorize the county's annual budget including approval of purchase orders and payment vouchers
  • Set the levy rate for property taxes
  • Administering and maintaining the county courthouse in Parkersburg, WV
  • Overseeing the voting process and certifying the results
  • Presides over probate and estate hearings
  • Select members for county boards and public service districts
  • Approve ordinances in areas of jurisdiction as prescribed by law

County Administrator

County Administrator

County Administrator Marty Seufer

The Wood County Administrator's office is responsible for assisting the County Commission with its duties necessary for the daily operation of Wood County government. The Administrator's office keeps the commissioners' agenda up to date by scheduling appointments for those who need to meet with the Commission.

In addition to formatting the agenda, the office also keeps the minutes of each Commission meeting. They record motions, nominations, and all other activities that occur during a Commission meeting. Commission Meetings are recorded on CDs which are available to the public for a cost of $2.50.

Following are additional responsibilities of the Office of County Administrator:

  • County Depositories (orders, letters, etc.)
  • Inventory of county property including furniture, office equipment, vehicles
  • Updating of records for county vehicles such as those used by the Sheriff's Department, Assessor's Office and Maintenance Department
  • Exonerations
  • Building Permits
  • Office of the Director of the Wood County Planning Commission
  • Purchase Orders and other orders
Sours: https://woodcountywv.com/county-offices/commission.html
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