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The Adventures of Merlin: The Complete Collection BLU RAY

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16th June, 2021

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Bring home all the magic…on Blu-Ray!

In a land of myth and a time of magic… the destiny of a great kingdom rests on the shoulders of a young man. His name… Merlin. Swords, sorcery and swashbuckling adventure rule in the hit series The Adventures of Merlin! This complete collection brings together all five series, as we follow the young warlock Merlin (Colin Morgan) as he attempts to fulfil his destiny at the side of the future King Arthur (Bradley James). Featuring a stellar cast including Angel Coulby, Katie McGrath, Anthony Head, Richard Wilson, and John Hurt as the voice of the Dragon, this collection tells the epic story of the golden age of Camelot!
Series 4 & 5 are presented from High Definition masters. Series 1, 2 & 3 are Standard Definition masters upscaled to High Definition.


– Making of Merlin documentaries
– Out-takes
– Cast & crew audio commentaries
– Deleted scenes
– Wallpapers
– Series 2: Secrets & Magic
– Photo galleries


The Adventures of MerlinBBC | 2008-2012 | 5 Seasons | 2829 min | Nov 04, 2014

Merlin: The Complete Series

 (TV) (2008-2012)

Screenshots from Merlin: The Complete Fifth Season Blu-ray

Set in the mythical city of Camelot, in a time before history began, this magical adaptation of the Arthurian legend follows young Merlin's enthralling encounters with the young Prince Arthur.

Directors: Jeremy Webb,Alice Troughton,David Moore,Justin Molotnikov,Ashley Way,Ed Fraiman
Writers: Johnny Capps,Julian Jones,Jake Michie,Julian Murphy,Howard Overman
Starring: Colin Morgan,Bradley James,Angel Coulby,Katie McGrath,Richard Wilson,Anthony Head

This Blu-ray bundle includes the following titles, see individual titles for specs and details:

Merlin: The Complete First Season

Merlin: The Complete Second Season

Merlin: The Complete Third Season

Merlin: The Complete Series Blu-ray Review

No review exists for this particular release, however, it exists for the other following editions/regions/countries:

Merlin: Other Seasons

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A Quick Down and Dirty Review of the Merlin Blu-Ray Box Set

Note! The information regarding the new available content was somewhat misleading! See details below:

Okay, got home from work tonight to find that this had been delivered!



Here’s the back:


It’s a rather flimsy cardboard shell that houses six discs: the five seasons and the bonus disc.


Okay, so let’s start with that Bonus Disc, since that’s probably what everyone wants to know about first.


First and foremost, it is important to note that there are NO BRAND NEW COMMENTARIES! The ones located on the bonus disc in this set are of 5x01 and 5x13. They were not previously released IN THE USA, but apparently were on the UK version. So, as a Merlin fan that has international friends that share, that discovery was extremely disappointing.

Second, the video from the SDCC12 Merlin Panel. This video is actually of relatively poor quality (for a DVD) and very low volume compared to the rest of the features on the disc. I had to turn up my volume on the TV quite a bit to hear it normally. I wasn’t expecting this to be Blu-Ray quality, but quality enough to read their name plaquards clearly would have been nice! I was extremely disappointed that they didn’t appear to do any sort of cleanup of what was obviously a raw feed. Still, it is good to have if you haven’t seen a good fan copy of the panel.

Third is The Real Merlin and Arthur. Nope, not Blu-Ray quality either. However, it’s at least of original broadcast quality, which makes it loads better than any recording I’ve seen of it. So, I call this one a win.


Okay, on to the rest of the set. A cool little Easter Egg I noticed (I don’t think the regular DVD version had this) is when the discs start to load, before the FBI warning screen pops up, the black screen flickers for a second with the Pendragon crest!


(this took me several tries to capture…it flickers on and off so fast!)

Series One and Two are not what I could consider true Blu-Ray quality, but it’s obvious they did their best with a non-digitally recorded source. Although not of your usual “Wow, I can see their pores!” sharpness, it was still a noticeable improvement over the DVD version and Netflix.

Series Three is where the discs really start to look awesome, and Series Four and Five are gorgeous!

Other than the volume level on the Merlin Panel recording, sound quality seemed good throughout.

And, last but not least, the magnets:


They come as you see above, and they are those semi-cheap flexible plastic magnets. Each one is a standard 2x3in wallet photo size. As you can see, these are from stock Series One publicity photos. This would have been way cooler if they’d had TWO sets: One from Series One, and one from Series Five.


My early verdict is, if you already have all the Series on standard DVDs like I did, you can probably hold off for a little bit, as it makes quite a dent in one’s wallet. Otherwise yeah, this is worth investing in if you’re a Merlin fan.

The better quality video is definitely a plus, although the Bonus Disc was a bit of a let down after the promise of new content included commentaries that I already had access to. The quality version of The Real Merlin and Arthur is great, although I’m sure someone will have it available for sharing sooner rather later. And of course, each Series disc has plenty of extra content, too.


If my opinion changes after getting more time to watch each disc, I will be sure to let you know!

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