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Ammo cans are available below for a variety of calibers in a variety of sizes. The Ammunition containers you will find in our store are from a variety of militaries across the globe. We offer military surplus ammo cans from WWII as well as many other eras. Browse our selection of military surplus ammunition containers and boxes below, and be sure to check back often as we frequently add new ammo cans to our inventory!

Surplus Ammo Cans

Our most popular ammo cans are genuine USGI surplus ammunition containers from many different eras. Models such as the 20mm ammo can and are some of the most sought after ammo cans ever made, and are increasingly hard to find. We take pride in offering the best selection of genuine USGI ammo cans available online. If you are looking for an ammo can that you can't find in our store, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you track it down!


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    Ammunition box

    Not to be confused with Magazine (firearms).

    An ammunition box or cartridge box is a container designed for safe transport and storage of ammunition. It is typically made of metal and labelled with caliber, quantity, and manufacturing date or lot number. A rubber gasket is commonly found in the hinged lid to protect the ammunition from moisture damage.

    The resealing ammunition box is largely a NATO tradition. Warsaw Pact nations typically stored and transported ammunition in single-use "spam cans". They had crates that had a sealed zinc lining on the inside. In World War II, duct tape was used to seal opened ammo cans.[citation needed]

    Commercial ammunition boxes[edit]

    Not all ammunition boxes are metal. Wood and corrugated fiberboard have also historically been used as a method of packaging and storing ammunition. Some enthusiasts and investors collect historical ammunition boxes.[1][2]


    Due to their durable construction, used metal ammunition boxes are popularly re-used for general storage and other purposes.[3][4] They are a popular choice for Geocaching containers. Used ammunition boxes have lead and propellant residue inside, so they should not be used to store food or drink. Commercially-made new or fully reconditioned used boxes do not have this problem. Used boxes are often sold at military surplus stores.


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    Ammo Cans

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    2. Ammo Cans offers high quality, USA made, surplus 30 cal M19A1, 50 cal size M2A1/M2A2, "Fat 50" PA SAW, M 20mm and PA 40mm ammo cans for much less than retail!

    Choose from like new, hand-cleaned, Grade 1 ammo cans, Good Condition Grade 2 ammo cans, or trusty Grade 3 ammo cans to touch up or use as is, with their battle worn, original military patina. Read an in-depth description of the grading system here: Explains the Grades of Military Surplus Ammo Cans. Find out what our repeat customers already know. Order Today!

    A Veteran Owned Small Business

    Providing the finest US mil-spec surplus ammunition components since All items are hand-sorted, rated, and backed by our Clean Ammo Cans satisfaction guarantee.

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