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BMW N63TU Engine Problems Cause Lawsuit

— BMW N63TU engine problems have caused a lawsuit that alleges the following vehicles consume excessive amounts of oil.

  • 2013-2019 BMW 750i / 750Li
  • 2013-2018 BMW 650i
  • 2013-2019 BMW 650i Gran Coupe
  • 2013-2016 BMW 550i GT
  • 2014-2016 BMW 550i
  • 2017-2019 BMW M550i
  • 2018-2019 BMW M850i
  • 2014-2019 BMW X5
  • 2014-2019 BMW X6
  • 2018-2019 BMW X7

The proposed BMW class action lawsuit includes the N63TU engine and any of its variants, engines that are allegedly as defective as the N63 engines, the predecessor of the N63TU.

BMW's N63 engines have already been involved in past class action lawsuits, and the plaintiff in this newest suit claims the automaker still has never fixed the alleged defects.

The N63TU lawsuit alleges owners must spend a lot of money to constantly put oil in the cars and face the prospect and expense of damaged engines.

Plaintiff Thomas Isley says he purchased a 2015 BMW X5 xDrive50i equipped with an N63TU engine in 2015. In early 2018, BMW replaced the engine in the X5 because he had to routinely add 6-8 quarts of oil between oil changes which the plaintiff paid for out-of-pocket.

However, Isley says the new engine didn't fix the oil consumption problem and he still must constantly add oil to the N63TU engine.

According to the lawsuit, BMW introduced a new turbocharged V8 engine in 2008 called the N63 that “was the first to market with a hot-vee configuration and other cutting-edge technology like direct injection working in conjunction with twin turbochargers."

The hot-vee layout has the exhaust manifold and turbochargers mounted between the cylinder banks, allegedly exactly the opposite of previous designs.

The lawsuit says most automakers locate turbochargers outside of this V configuration and away from components that can become damaged from the excessive heat of the turbochargers.

In 2012, BMW released the N63B44O1 (N63TU) engine, an update of the original N63 that still features the hot-vee engine design.

Then in 2016 BMW again updated the N63 with the N63TU2 (N63B44O2) engine with twin-scroll turbochargers taking the place of the conventional units within the N63, along with moving the oil and coolant heat exchangers between the cylinder banks.

The lawsuit also alleges BMW then released the N63TU3 variant in 2018, with allegedly improved thermal shielding on the crankcase and cylinder heads, along with a redesigned ignition system.

But despite the engine updates, the plaintiff claims the vehicles still consume too much oil too quickly.

In support of his claims, the plaintiff references multiple technical service bulletins (TSBs) issued by BMW to dealers concerning the N63 and N63TU engines.

In May 2013, BMW released TSB SI B11 01 13 which applied to both the original N63 engine and later N63TU engines. BMW told dealers that consumers were complaining about excessive oil consumption and instructed technicians to add two quarts of engine oil, even though the driver display in the vehicles tells owners to add only one quart.

In August 2013, BMW issued TSB SI B11 03 13 concerning a new “Oil Consumption Specification” stating that “[a]ll BMW engines (excluding Motorsport) can consume up to 1 quart of engine oil per 750 miles at any time:”  BMW then updated TSB SI B11 02 13 in August 2016.

In September 2013, BMW issued TSB SI B11 04 13 titled “N63TU Engine: Engine Oil Consumption” due to complaints the low engine oil message is displayed too frequently.

In February 2017, BMW issued TSB SI B11 01 17, titled “N63T AND S63T ENGINE: VALVE SEAL REPLACEMENT” in order to provide “a new procedure for the N63TU valve seals replacement.

In August 2017, BMW issued TSB SI B11 11 17 titled “ENGINE LEAK DIAGNOSIS ON TURBOCHARGED V8 ENGINES,” then the automaker issued an updated version in September 2018.

In April 2018, BMW released TSB SI B11 03 18 titled “N63R ENGINE: ENGINE OIL LEAK DIAGNOSIS AT TURBOCHARGER” to diagnose the source of oil leaks in models equipped with variants of N63TU engines.

Finally in October 2018, BMW updated TSB SI B11 01 13 to cover additional models.

According to the lawsuit, BMW also created a customer care package in 2014 due to oil consumption problems, but the plaintiff says the alleged repairs did nothing but mask the N63TU engine problems.

The BMW N63TU engine lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey - Isley, et al., v. BMW of North America, LLC, et al.

The plaintiff is represented by Bursor & Fisher.

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Sours: https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2019/bmw-n63tu-engine-problems-lawsuit.shtml

In the video above we will be discussing some of the more common problems you can expect with your BMW F10 5 series car. The BMW F10 was sold from 2011 all the way up to 2017. So, as you can imagine the issues have changed over the years. New ones came up and older ones have been resolved by the BMW. 

To start with, I have had my BMW 550i xDrive for 2.5 years and I’ve done all of the maintenance and took care of the car myself. My BMW F10 was CPO car from a BMW dealer and I’ve had zero issues for the year I had the CPO. After the warranty expired, I have replaced the ignition coils and spark plugs, engine oil, engine filters and that’s it.

I will be concentrating on the US spec cars as these are the ones I know about.

Right of the bet, we can split the cars into pre-LCI (model years before 2014) and LCI cars (model years from 2014 on). I would absolutely recommend getting the LCI cars as you get more features and most of the models have also fixed a lot of the issues in the previous version of the car.

The car has a great built quality, there are no rattles and the car really held up well even after 5 years.

All cars have run flat tires, so rim damage or deformation is not uncommon. Cars across the board have also had some issues with water getting into the trunk, back up camera and sensors not working well in the cold and other common BMW problems you can expect.

528i (N52B30 2010-2011)

  • Very reliable cars, but getting old now.
  • Oil and coolant leaks are the most common culprit when it comes to these engines and can cause engines to overheat.

528i (N20B20 2012–2016)

535i (N55B30 2011–2017 in US)

  • Early cars aren’t recommended (2011) due to having too many of the issues
  • BMW 535s with N55 engine is probably the most reliable car out of the 3 models we are discussing today. BMW are know for making decent straight 6 engines and this one is a good engine.
  • Known issues on early cars:
    • Increased battery drain issue
    • Fuel Pump
    • Leaking oil filter gasket
    • Belt Tensioner going bad
    • Turbos have issues, people have had them replaced under warranty
    • Oil Filter Housing and valve cover gaskets
    • Coil packs
    • Fuel Injectors

550i (N63B44 2009–2013)

  • Excessive oil consumption, although more so in the pre-LCI
  • Ignition coils and spark plugs around 60K miles
  • Valve Stem Seal Job – my friend has had this done on this 40k mile N63TU engine right before his warrant ran out and it was an engine out job. If done outside of warrant this could cost around $5000.
  • Timing Chains are also a common on all years to a lesser extent and is obviously more prone on  higher mileage cars
  • Known issues on pre-LCI cars:
    • High Pressure Fuel Injectors
    • Hot-Film Air Mass Sensors
    • Engine Vacuum Pump
    • Fuel System Low Pressure Sensor
    • Fresh Air Intake Turbo Seals
    • Crankcase Ventilation Lines
    • Timing chain
    • Fuel Pump
  • N63 Customer Care Package
    • The highlights are:
      • Check the timing chain for stretch; replace if necessary
      • Check the following items and replace if necessary: 
        • fuel injectors
        • mass air flow sensors
        • crankcase vent lines
        • battery
        • engine vacuum pump
        • low pressure fuel sensor
      • Change the oil service interval to 12 months/10,000 miles
    • This has helped many vehicles and many owners reported way fewer issues after this CCP. 
    • Most dealers and private shops recommend even smaller (5-7k) mile oil change interval.
  • If you go for a 550, it pretty much has to be a 2014 model or newer. The original N63 engine had a lot of problem. In 14, BMW switched to the N63TU for the 550.

LCI 550i (N63B44O1 (N63TU) 2014–2017)

  • BMW has improved the engine a lot with this update as well as increased the power to close to 450 HP from 400. Very solid performance. 
  • Parking Camera and Sensors issues are somewhat common.
  • Oil Pump Gasket leaks happen on higher mileage vehicles.

In conclusion, I would recommend getting the BMW 535i or BMW 550i that is 2014 or newer as you will have plenty of power and decent reliability for this type of car. 

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BMW 5 Series There’s always been something cool about a BMW. These cars, famous for their quality engineering and top class ride stats, are epitomised by the 5 series. Instantly recognisable as the mid-range luxury model that nicely bridges the gap between sexy motoring and family car, it’s no wonder this machine has been gracing the roads of Europe since 1972.

A second hand BMW 5 series is widely recognised as a good investment. These cars are known to last for many years, keeping their looks and style long into their lifespan. However, you need to be aware of a number of common problems with the BMW 5 series, so be vigilant and guard against these faults when considering any used vehicle from this range.

Cooling System

The water-pump and thermostat are known to have problems in the BMW 5 Series. Keep one eye open for the Service Engine Soon light as this is a giveaway and watch the temperature gauge too to see if the engine is too hot. The cooling system is responsible for 25% of all mechanical problems in this model of vehicle and if problems are allowed to persist this can cause issues with the whole engine.

Air Conditioning

There is a widely reported issue with the air conditioning in the 5 series. This can be felt as the fan changing speed without any prompt from the controls and the system only blowing out cold air on the lower settings. Be sure to check the air con fully at all levels before parting with your cash for a second hand model.

Sun Roof

Does the BMW 5 series you’re looking at buying have a sunroof? Listen out for a whistling sound as you drive the car, which could indicate a problem with the rubber seal, which has not been fitted correctly on certain vehicles due to a production fault. This will impact the fuel economy of the car, creating extra drag and will irritate you with drafts as you drive the vehicle.

Fuel Pumps

The E60 5 series including the 535i suffer from widely reported problems with its fuel pump system, resulting in poor engine performance, low power and rough idling. This requires a full change of all the pumps as the part was redesigned due to the failings – and it is a costly job to replace all six. Watch for problems accelerating, repeated misfires and an increased chance of stalling.


Worn tensioners and idler pulleys will make a squealing sound that is very distinctive, rising up from the engine bay. If you hear such a noise, then we recommend you perform a quick visual check of the belts in the engine, looking for cracks or damage. A damaged belt can affect the cooling system and will cause problems with the cooling system, alternator or power steering.

Timing Chain

Unfortunately, even though the timing chain in the M47/N47 engine was originally described as maintenance free, this part is known to suffer from sudden snaps, which will render your engine useless. Be sure to check that your BMW 5 series has a full service that details the reviews and inspections that have been carried on this part.

The BMW 5 series is a good car and is perfect for a family vehicle when you want to combine good engineering with ride quality and prestige. With a decent fuel economy and enough space in the back to accommodate holiday travel this is a great choice of second hand car. And of course, you’ve got the famous manufacturer’s mark on the front.

For cheap replacement engines, gearboxes and more, see our new and used BMW 5-Series parts page.

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5 Common Problems/Issues With the BMW 5 SERIES (2013-2015)
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Originally Posted by mediocrechrisView Post

Long story short, last week I bought a CPO 2016 535i xDrive with about 24k miles on it. There is some original warranty time left so I predict it will be out of CPO warranty around April 2021 or a little after.

Tonight I made the mistake of browsing the bbb.org page for BMW USA and then I noticed that BMW NA's Facebook page has their reviews page hidden from public view, and that tells me that on Facebook the reviews must be horrible. Just in case you didn't know, the BBB gives BMW N.A. an F rating.

I've done a lot of google/forum searches and every time I become reassured that the 2016 535i is a decent car, I find another story about BMW and it makes me worry again.

Are there any 2016 535i xDrive owners who can tell me stories to either prepare me for what to expect as my car's mileage increases or anyone who can reassure me that this is a good model and that it should be dependable if I take care of it? Should I plan to trade this car in the day before the warranty expires or are you having good results so far?

Typically I'm a very responsible driver who is daily driving about 100 miles round trip of highway miles in Eco mode. Hot-rodding, redlining, is avoided and my top speed is usually hovering around the 80-83 mph mark.

Aside from staying on top of the maintenance, is there anything I could/should do to prolong the life of the car and avoid problems?

Thank you in advance for your information.

The BBB is...


The Better Business Bureau, founded in 1912, is an organization focused on advancing marketplace trust, consisting of 106 independently incorporated local BBB organizations in the United States and Canada, coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus in Arlington, Virginia. Wikipedia
Look at your local BMW dealer not nationally. Each dealer is independently owned and pretty much divorced from BMW in general. Most people believe they buy a car from a manufacturer, be it BMW, Ford, GM, whomever. The dealer purchases the (new) cars from the manufacturer and we purchase (new) cars from the dealers. The manufacturer couldn't really care less about second plus owners as they are twice (or more) removed from the original sale of the car. In the U.S. the dealer network is VERY powerful and actually has a good amount of sway over the manufacturer. The reason American manufacturers are dropping cars and focusing on trucks and SUVs is pressure from the dealers. I bought into an American BMW (Lincoln LS) but the dealers killed it because they had no clue how to market a sport sedan to the 5-series buyer.

All that said just enjoy your car. Our 2012 535i has over 85K (we put 40K of those miles) mostly trouble-free miles (NOTHING that left us stranded, just a couple of gasket replacements) and a our 2014 (just shy of 50K miles of which I added 25K of those miles) has had nothing more than maintenance. Our 2012 has made a trip to Texas and Yellowstone with nary a problem and with EXCELLENT mpg; over 31. Last fall we took a 5600 mile trip to the east coast in the 2014 and got over 32mpg; also with no problems whatsoever!! I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another 5 series with the straight-6. After all, BMW has been making the straight-6 since Noah was a messcook!
Sours: https://f10.5post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1606590

Problems 550i 2016 bmw

BMW Service: Common Problems With The BMW 5 Series

BMW service Foreign Affairs Motorwerks pompano beach

The BMW 5 series is an immaculate all-round design. With the combination of performance, stellar ride quality, and roomy cabin size, the BMW 5 series is brilliant in every way. The 5 Series gives you the performance you enjoy while not compromising on the high-end practicalities required for a family. Like all other performance cars, over time the BMW 5 series can present you with some common problems that may need to be addressed. Here’s a look at the most common 5 series problems, and how a routine BMW service schedule will prevent any niggles from occurring.

Air Conditioning Problems

Intermittent air conditioning issues is a common 5 series issue. The main problem is an alternating fan speed without any active control from the driver. In other words, the fan tends to change speed by itself, and only blows out cold air on lower settings. This may take you a while to notice if you haven’t put your fan speed right up for a while. It might be worth checking your air-con on all the fan speed settings. This is an easy issue to fix at a reputable BMW service facility.

Faulty Fuel Pump

Back in December 2016, BMW issued a recall on several models because of a fuel pump issue. This included the E60 5 series and the 535i model. The issues resulted in the fuel pump not working, which caused poor engine performance and engine stalls. This is a potentially dangerous problem when you’re driving at high speeds, as you can imagine. This issue was in part due to broken wired connections, which led to melting connectors. In case you weren’t aware of this recall and you’re experiencing engine stalls, acceleration issues, or misfiring, it’s recommended to head straight to your BMW service facility to get this sorted out promptly.

Cooling System Failure

Water pumps and thermostats tend to be common BMW 5 series problems. Keep an eye on your engine service light and engine temperature gauge, as these are where you’ll find warning signs that there may be issues. The cooling system on the 5 series is responsible for 25% of all mechanical faults on the 5 series. Allowing this issue to persist can lead to permanent engine damage, so it’s best to get it checked out fast.

Timing Chain Snaps

Timing chains are generally very reliable, but some BMW 5 series models have been known to encounter a timing chain snap. These snaps can completely disable your engine and render you motionless. BMW service inspections will ensure that your timing chain is maintained correctly and will replace it if need be.

Worn-Out Tensioners

Tensioners can wear out over time, which often leads to disconcerting squealing sounds that come from your engine bay. If you hear a noise like this, the first step is to do a quick visual inspection of your engine belts. Be on the lookout for cracks or other signs of wear and tear. Over time, damaged belts will also lead to problems with your cooling system, so it’s best to get your tensioners and belts checked out if you suspect a problem. The key to preventing worn-out tensioners is to invest in a factory scheduled maintenance plan for your BMW.

Sun Roof Seals

Some sunroofs on the 5 series are known to cause a whistling sound when driving. This points towards an issue with the rubber seal, which isn’t always installed correctly. It’s a common production fault and can be rectified easily. Even if you’re happy to live with the whistling noise, it can still impact your fuel economy by creating a drag effect. It’s best to get that rubber seal replaced.

Your One-Stop BMW Service Shop

At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, our highly skilled team of technicians are trained to diagnose and repair all BMW service and repair issues. If you suspect any issues with your BMW 5 series, just bring it in, and we’ll sort out the rest. We are authorized dealers for reputable BMW performance brands, which means you can rest assured that all repairs are backed up with a solid warranty. Why not call us today at (954) 746-0488?

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Sours: https://foreignaffairsmotorsports.com/bmw-service-common-problems-with-the-bmw-5-series/
BMW 5 Series F10 Problems to Expect

BMW 550i Owner’s Guide

If you want the comfort of a sizeable sedan, a technologically advanced driving experience and the power of a V8, then the BMW 550i should be on your short list. It’s earning the name sports sedan from it’s sweeping body to the muscle under the hood.

Drivers that aren’t concerned with MPG and put a premium on performance are gravitating towards the BMW 550i sedan. It’s the beefiest sedan in the long-running 5 Series lineup, which makes it stand out from its competitors.

The BMW 550i Model Essentials

The BMW 550i model is the top-grade sedan in the 5 Series. You won’t find another BMW more luxurious or powerful with a 5 in the model number.  Driver can expect fewer miles per gallon but a whole lot more horsepower.

Currently the BMW 550i comes in two models:

  • 550i Sedan
  • 550i xDrive Sedan

Performance and Pricing

Some have noted that the 550i is very similar to the 535i in terms of the body and features. So why does it cost almost $10,000 more? Mostly it’s because of the more powerful engine. This sedan is a real hard charger. When you push the gas pedal it responds in a hurry. All that speed comes from a 4.4-liter, TwinPower Turbo V-8 that uses a throttle-less intake system.

Additional performance specs for the latest BMW 550i model include:

  • High Precision Direct Injection
  • Up to 445 horsepower
  • 0-to-60 in as little as 4.3 seconds (535i xDrive)
  • Up to 480 lb-ft torque
  • Integral Active Steering
  • 8 speed sport automatic transmission
  • Driving Dynamic Controls with ECO PRO setting
  • Dynamic Damper Control
  • Dynamic Traction Control
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Dynamic Brake Control
  • Cornering Brake Control
  • Dynamic Cruise Control
  • Electronic Throttle Control
  • Double wishbone front suspension
  • Adaptive brake lights
  • Auto start-stop
  • Servotronic power steering assist
  • Lightweight multi-link rear suspension

At over $66,000 starting for the 550i and $68,600 for the 550i xDrive, these vehicles are clearly luxury sedans. For that hefty fee you’ll get a car that rivals any 4-door competitor on the road in terms of power, safety and enhanced driving.


When you’re paying top dollar for a 5 Series vehicle you can expect that leather seats come standard. And the seats themselves are carefully designed to hug the body just right whether you’re sitting up front or in the back. It’s one of the many ways BMW is making the 550i comfortable for everyone in the car.

Things are driver-oriented up front, but the dash and seats don’t have the cockpit feel you’ll find in other BMWs. Everything is very clean, classy and streamlined rather than sporty. The low dash and slim framework gives the driver great visibility while driving, even though there are cameras to help cover any blind spots.

Tech Components

Tech and electronics are a high note for all of the vehicles in the 5 Series. BMW isn’t just adding technological wizardry to the entertainment systems. It’s helping to improve performance with various drive settings and driver assistance features.

The top tech features of the BMW 550i sedan include:

  • Heads Up Display system
  • Harman Kardon® Surround Sound Audio System with 16 speakers
  • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio with 1-year subscription
  • Ambient lighting
  • iDrive system with on-board computer
  • Parking assist
  • Navigation system
  • 2” HD monitor
  • Power outlets up front
  • Advanced real time traffic monitoring
  • Enhanced Bluetooth
  • Enhanced USB
  • HiFi 12-speaker sound system
  • iDrive touchpad controller
  • 20-way multi-contour front seats with lumbar support
  • Xenon Adaptive headlights
  • One-touch operation sliding/tilting moon roof
  • Rain-sensing windshield wipers
  • Automatic climate control
  • Anti-theft alarm and audio system

Common BMW 550i Maintenance in Austin

When you have an ultimate driving machine like the BMW 550i in Austin it’s an investment you’ll want to protect. The best way to make sure your 550i withstands the sometimes icy winters and always blazing hot summers is with regular maintenance.

In our experience the top maintenance needs for a BMW 550i sedan are:

  • Oil changes
  • Oil filter changes
  • Wheel alignment
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Air conditioning diagnostics and tuning

The maintenance schedule provides guidance on when to bring your BMW 550i in for maintenance. However, those are just guidelines. When, how and where you drive can make a difference so it’s important to pay attention to any noticeable changes.

BMW 550i Repair in Austin

It’s known among 5 Series owners that the powerful V8 engine of the 550i has had more issues down the road than the six-cylinder engine of the 535i. However, many of the quirks were worked out with the 2014 model.

The most common BMW 550i repairs in Austin are:

  • Noise coming from the front and rear doors
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Valve cover gasket replacement
  • Alternator replacement
  • Starter replacement
  • Water pump replacement
  • Squealing from the brake pad wear sensor

So far there have been 12 recalls on the BMW 550i model, some of which apply to other 5 Series models as well. If you’re buying used make sure all of the recall repairs have been made.

For the best BMW 550i service in Austin you can count on German Auto Center. We’ve earned the right to call ourselves a Bosch-authorized service center, and our technicians are among the most experienced in Central Texas. Call today to learn more about our maintenance, repair or performance upgrade services.

Sours: https://www.germanautocenter.com/performance/bmw-owners-guide/bmw-550i/

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