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Days of Our Lives has always had a rotating cast coming in and out of the fictional town of Salem. But now, the latest comings and goings show that a lot of fan favorites — and new cast members — are being added to the roster. Did your “fave” make the list? Let’s take a look.

Days of Our Lives star Adrienne Frantz wearing a purple turtleneck with a black blazer

Adrienne Frantz teases a daytime return on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Days of Our Lives veterans (and other soap vets!) can’t contain their excitement about their return to Salem. First, Lisa Rinna let it slip that Eileen Davidson was returning to the show — though Davidson was ultimately confirmed to be appearing in Beyond Salem — and then, Adrienne Frantz spilled some beans!

Soap watchers will remember Frantz as the devious schemer Amber on The Bold and the Beautiful. (At one point, Amber was involved in Sheila Carter’s plotting and scheming, so you know she was very good at being very bad.) And when she sent out the above tweet on Sept. 4, fans immediately began wondering if the actor was returning to Los Angeles to reprise her role of Amber.

But Days of Our Lives showrunner Ron Carlivati seemed to confirm that Frantz wouldn’t be returning to Los Angeles at all. She wasn’t even returning to Salem. But, Carlivati’s tweet seemed to imply that Frantz would be appearing in Beyond Salem.

Nothing has been confirmed definitively, of course. But with the recent news of Charles Shaughnessy, the 5th Baron Shaughnessy’s, return to the Days canvas as Shane Donovan, having a beloved soap vet like Frantz on the canvas for Beyond Salem would be an embarrassment of riches.

Fan-favorite Bryan Datillo confirmed to return to Salem

SoapHub has confirmed that fan-favorite actor Bryan Dattilo is returning to Days of Our Lives. The outlet confirmed that Dattilo, who originated the role of Lucas Horton back in 1993, has just signed a contract that will keep him in Salem for at least another year.

A little-known fact about Dattilo that most Days fans don’t know is that he originally tried out for the role of Tommy Oliver (aka The Green Ranger) in the children’s show, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. According to his IMDb page, he was actually offered the role, but turned it down when he got cast as Lucas on Days.

Dattilo has also had bit parts in such shows as Saved by the Bell, CSI: NY, and In The Heat of the Night.

New actors added to the lineup

Peter Porte is also on the Days of Our Lives canvas. But this soap veteran will be appearing in the Days spinoff, Beyond Salem.

Porte may look familiar to soap watchers because he previously made his bones on the hit soap opera The Young and the Restless. On that show, he played Ricky Williams, the son of Paul Williams. Porte played the role from 2011 to 2012.

But on Beyond Salem, Porte will be playing Kyle Williams, an ISA agent. Kyle will reportedly be involved with Billie Reed, played by Lisa Rinna. Rinna, as fans know, can be seen on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills today.

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Who’s coming and who’s going from Days of our Lives (DOOL)? Are any of your favorite performers from yesteryear returning to the daytime drama, this week, or in the not too far off future?

Days of our Lives C&G News

Have any new actors or actresses been cast on the show in contract, recurring, or day player roles? Are any well-remembered stars from other soaps, past or present, about to join the Days of our Lives fold in surprising new parts? Here’s the latest casting news from the NBC soap.

The week of August 30, 2021
Tina Huang is back as district attorney Melinda Trask. Look for the character to go head-to-head with Dan Feuerriegel’s EJ in scenes airing Monday, August 30. Huang made her last Salem appearance back in June.

Cady Huffman continues her recurring stint as DAYS’ Calista Lockhart. Look for the character to continue to cause trouble for her ex-sister-in-law, as Bonnie’s (Judi Evans) wedding day to Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) approaches.

Marla Gibbs has wrapped up her fiery run as Olivia Price, Paulina Price’s (Jackee Harry) mother. The actress, who’s a longtime Days of our Lives fan, is reportedly open to returning for more episodes in the future.

Days of our Lives History

DAYS made its debut in 1965 and is one of the longest-running daytime soap operas in American history. It has outlasted other soaps to become a mainstay for many households. Needless to say, decades of storylines have kept viewers locked in and wanting more.

From Sami Brady’s (Alison Sweeney) crazy schemes to Victor Kiriakis’s (John Aniston) one-liners to the epic love story of John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall), DAYS knows how to entertain and keep fans coming back for more. Fans love their daytime soap operas and the excitement in Salem is non-stop.

Current Soap Operas

DAYS is one of four soap operas currently on the air. The other three daytime dramas include General Hospital (GH), The Young and the Restless (YR), and The Bold and the Beautiful (BB). Days of our Lives (DAYS) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes. For more about what’s coming up in Salem, check out all the latest that’s been posted on DAYS spoilers, and for an in-depth look at the show’s history, click here.

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This week’s Days of Our Lives comings and goings focuses on two soap opera veterans. These two beloved actors have very different fates on upcoming episodes. But who’s staying in Salem, and who’s going? Let’s take a look.

Days of Our Lives comings and goings focus on Eileen Davidson and Alison Sweeney, pictured here

Eileen Davidson is returning in the ‘Days of Our Lives’ spinoff, ‘Beyond Salem’

Soaps @ SheKnows confirms that one of the most notable Days of Our Lives comings and goings is Eileen Davidson. Although she won’t be returning to the flagship show, she will be appearing in the Beyond Salem spinoff.

The question on everyone’s mind is, “who will she play?” DOOL fans know Davidson as Kristen DiMera, a role she originated in 1993. In 2017, Stacy Haiduk took over the role. But Davidson also played Kristen’s doppelganger, Susan Banks. She also played Sister Mary Moira Banks, Thomas Banks, and Penelope Kent during her legendary stint on the show.

Lisa Rinna — who will be reprising the Billie Reed role in Beyond Salem — confirmed Davidson’s return on her social media pages when she posted a photo of the two of them behind the scenes. And Davidson confirmed on her Twitter page that fans will have to “tune in and find out” who she’s playing when she returns to Salem.

Rumors about Alison Sweeney’s fate persist

Some Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that EJ will be kicking Sami out of the DiMera mansion in the coming week.

This, too, has raised the question of whether Alison Sweeney — the actor who plays Sami — will be leaving the show. As fans already know, Sweeney originally left Days in 2014, but returned in 2017 and has since played Sami on and off.

Neither Sweeney nor anyone on DOOL‘s production team has commented about it. But it remains to be seen whether Sami will be on a future list of Days of Our Lives comings and goings.

Production will soon resume on ‘Days’

According to Deadline,Days of Our Lives shut down production in March 2020. They, in this regard, were no different than any other soap opera. Many productions shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And the soap world was no exception.

However, Days had enough episodes to air through October 1. That meant that fans could enjoy the show without any interruptions or hiatuses. That, of course, is excluding the two-week hiatus they experienced for the Tokyo Olympics.

But Deadline reports that if all goes well, DOOL will resume production in September. It will remain interesting to see who stays, and who leaves, after production resumes.

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Days of Our Lives Coming and Goings: Ej and Johnny Returns, Eric Rumored Comeback

Who Is Leaving Days Of Our Lives In 2021?

"Days of Our Lives" would be nothing without its super couples, and Ben and Ciara have been an on-again, off-again power couple for the past few years. Ben, a reformed serial killer, and Ciara, the daughter of legacy super couple Bo and Hope, had a rough road to their happily ever after, which was short-lived. After marrying in July 2020, the couple separated when Ciara experienced amnesia and forgot her feelings for Ben after being injured in an explosion. She later became involved with her lifelong friend, Theo. Most recently, she and Theo returned from South Africa to get married, but Ben kidnapped her before the ceremony.

Now that Ben and Ciara seem on the verge of getting back together — since she has regained her memory — some fans might be worried the actors are leaving the show. While actress Victoria Konefal has exited "Days of Our Lives" before, only to return, it looks as though both she and actor Robert Scott Wilson will be sticking around — for now, at least. According to Today, Konefal left the show as a full-time cast member last year, but she will continue to return periodically as her schedule allows.


Goings and daysofourlives coming

Days of our Lives cast rotates in and out but fans wonder if Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) will leave again and the fate of Sonny Kiriakis after a recent update from Freddie Smith. Here’s the latest on DOOL comings and goings for the soap opera’s character action at NBC.

Comings and Goings on Days of our Lives – Ciara & Ben Cliffhanger – What’s Next?

DOOL comings and goings suggest Ciara Brady won’t be around for the long haul because Victoria Konefal wants to pursue other projects. A quick glance at her IMDB shows one new project – Living Dead Presents: Fog City – where she’s a lead. While this could point to her moving past Days of our Lives, don’t worry too much about it.

That movie shot years ago. Yes, Victoria plays the lead, Georgia Paige. But, it shot quite a while ago and is just in post-production now. It’s set for release Halloween 2021. This was pulled off the shelf and pushed through post, likely because not much has shot over the last two years and distributors are looking for movies to release.

That aside, Days of our Lives‘ Konefal did want to be able to come and go as she needed to do auditions and accept other roles outside of the soap. With Ciara Brady’s big cliffhanger with Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) kidnapping her from her wedding – what does that mean? It looks like they’ll get a happy ending? But that doesn’t mean Ciara (and Victoria) stick around too long.

If she’s got auditions or another role, we expect to see Victoria Konefal to exit as Ciara Brady from Days of our Lives. As for Ben, the writers showed they can use him in other storylines on DOOL. And there are other married characters whose partners are constantly MIA. Yet they function in other plots just fine. As of now, there’s no sign of Ben Weston leaving Days of our Lives in 2021.

DOOL Comings and Goings: Will Freddie Smith Be Back as Sonny Kiriakis?

Another big question on people’s minds is about Sonny Kiriakis and his husband, Will Horton (Chandler Massey). It wasn’t too long ago that Days of our Lives fans saw Will return to meet his nephew, little Henry Horton. But it’s been since October 2020 when Freddie was physically on-screen as Sonny. He also popped up on a video chat in December of that year.

Days of our Lives viewers were disappointed to see Will and hubby Sonny Kiriakis leave and hoped to see them back. But so far, it’s not worked out that way. Then recently, actor Freddie Smith addressed fans directly with an answer on the fate of his return as Sonny. On his podcast he does with Alyssa Tabit, his wife, he said he would have come back for a pre-pandemic offer.

Since then, the ex-Days of our Lives actor relocated to Florida. Now, Smith says he won’t ever come back as Sonny and will devote himself “100% to my future”. He called his time on the soap for years as Sonny a “wonderful experience”. So, it seems definite Freddie Smith’s off the Days of our Lives cast. But that doesn’t mean Sonny Kiriakis is gone for good.

Instead, it seems likelier that they’d do a recast in DOOL comings and goings. At the NBC soap, replacing actors is pretty common place. Key characters like Abigail Deveraux have two actresses that swap in and out (Kate Mansi and Marci Miller). And they swapped Kristen DiMeras seamlessly (Stacy Haiduk and Eileen Davidson). So, a new Sonny Kiriakis seems plausible.

Who is Leaving Days of our Lives in 2021 – and Who Might Pop up in Salem?

Now, we know that TV icon Marla Gibbs comes soon as Olivia Price, mother of Paulina Price (Jackee Harry). Plus, Carson Boatman debuts next month as a SORAS’d Johnny DiMera. And Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean has a little cameo as a driver. And in bigger news, Kyle Lowder returns soon as hunky Rex Brady. However, Theo Carver (Cameron Johnson) is likely to exit.

Viewers also keep asking will Days of our Lives be on during the Olympics? Sometimes during pre-emptions, daytime dramas will run late at night. That’s not the case with DOOL. It is fully off the air through Friday August 6 – returning Monday, August 9, 2021. When we’re back to regular daily episodes, we’ve seen the last of Eric Brady as Greg Vaughan bowed out.

And the plots picking up on Days of our Lives include Ciara Brady who might be off-screen again after her wedding confrontation resolves. As for Sonny Kiriakis, it seems it’ll take a recast to bring him back to DOOL on NBC.

Get your favoriteDays of our Lives comings and goings updates from Soap Dirt.

Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings: Shocking Recast and Sad goodbye

Days of Our LivesComings & Goings

It’s beginning to seem as if everyone involved with Beyond Salem — the highly-anticipated Days of Our Lives spinoff which hits the Peacock streaming service on Monday, September 6th — has trouble keeping secrets. First, Lisa Rinna let slip that Eileen Davidson would be appearing on the limited series, then Davidson herself confirmed that she’d be playing Kristen (and possibly another role). Now, after some teasing by Adrienne Frantz, we can confirm that she, too, is part of the star-studded sudser!

Along with her real-life husband Scott Bailey, they will play married couple Sophie and Miles Faversham — the hosts of a party Ben and Ciara crash (posing as Princess Greta and her husband Austin) in order to get one of the stolen gems.

The casting reveal started simply enough, with Frantz — best known to soap fans as Bold & Beautiful scheme queen Amber — seeming to excitedly promote Beyond Salem. “So excited to see this!” she said of the project. And why wouldn’t a daytime alum be stoked to see a new drama making waves?

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But soon after her initial tweet, Frantz sent something that seemed a bit more telling. “Something exciting is coming soon!” she posted, along with a stunning headshot and a hashtag that proved just how well she knows us: #don’tyouwanttoknow

Before we could respond, “Hell yes, we want to know,” another piece of the puzzle seemed to fall into place when Ron Carlivati — headwriter of both Days of Our Lives and Beyond Salem — joined the fun. In response to Frantz’ tantalizing tweet, he wrote, “Something exciting… something… beyond?”

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Those not quite getting why we’re so excited about Frantz appearing on Beyond Salem — and, dare we hope, perhaps then bringing her mystery character over to Days of Our Lives? — are perhaps unfamiliar with her work. So let’s offer you a quick, but by no means comprehensive, introduction.

Bold Beautiful Amber Rick CJ Becky

Originally hired to babysit Rick and Bridget, Amber soon spiced things up for everyone… including CJ.

Frantz first appeared on Bold & Beautiful back in 1997, and her Amber Moore quickly got caught up in the schemes of fellow waitress Sheila Carter. Amber would later go from babysitting Rick Forrester to seducing the babyfaced hunk. Over the next few years, she’d be involved in everything from pawning jewelry to a baby swap. She was not, however, a villainess so much as a young woman who made more than her fair share of mistakes in the pursuit of happiness. This would become clear when, after the character crossed over to The Young and the Restless in 2006, she was befriended by none other than Katherine Chancellor.

Should Frantz’ role on Beyond Salem prove to be a one-off, we’ll simply go back to championing the notion of her returning to either of the CBS sudsers. Heck, she’s already got a spot on our list of Bold & Beautiful characters we’d love to see back on the canvas!

Thursday, September 9th, 2021


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