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The house of Torani is a potpourri of nostalgic memories of fables that Karan Torani’s grandmother told him while growing up. The brand is a testimonial to the strength of the unsurpassed skills of craftsmen in India. All fabrics used in the collections are hand weaved, handmade and custom designed for our collection on the looms of Chanderi.

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    Chanderi dress and jacket


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    Bottle green aari kurta set


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    Kurta and farshi set


  4. Torani

    Bottle green kurta set


  5. Torani

    Bottle green kurta set


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    Bottle green chanderi kurta set


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    Printed kurta set


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    Red kurta and farshi set


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    Red embroidered kurta set


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    Red kurta and farshi set


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    Natural beige kurta set


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    Embroidered kurta and farshi set


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    Beige embroidered kurta set


  15. Torani

    Beige kurta and farshi set


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    Red aari embroidered kurta set


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    Multicoloured panel lehenga set


  18. Torani

    Multicoloured chevron lehenga set


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    Pink tree and tiger printed lehenga set


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    Pink tree- & tiger printed sari


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    Pink printed silk crepe sari


  22. Torani

    Pink embroidered blouse


  23. Torani

    Yellow embroidered organza lehenga set


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    Green printed lehenga and chogha set


  25. Torani

    Green embroidered sharara set


  26. Torani

    Green embroidered sari


  27. Torani

    Green kurta and bralette set


  28. Torani

    Green printed sari


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    Pink and green printed blouse


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    Green printed blouse



Designer Karan Torani has never been one to follow the herd. As a kid in school, he was listening to qawwali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Ghulam Ali even though hip-hop was the accepted measure of cool. And in middle school, when most of his peers were grappling with career choices, Torani was crystal clear about his path.

He had a vision for his brand; he was building a portfolio and writing to fashion schools in the ninth grade. “It was eerie because no one else in the family was in fashion or art,” he admits. And when Karan Torani launched his beloved eponymous label in August 2018, he wasn’t just another young kid making Indianwear. His focus on ‘handcrafted luxury clothing inspired by Indian nostalgia’ turned the conversation to an old-world aesthetic, which was timeless but felt incredibly timely.

Karan Torani

Even in the face of mass business closures due to COVID-19, Torani was one of the early designers to think ahead and shut down his store and factory before the announcement of a lockdown. On Instagram, he appealed his patrons to contribute towards the salary fund of the strong team of 250, which would be redeemed against any purchases in the future. “It was a harsh decision to make as a businessman. My main concern was the karigars who live on a hand to mouth basis,” he explains.

“There is a complete lull in orders right now. Our generation is so accustomed to instant gratification that putting down your money without knowing when you’ll receive your pieces is an alien concept. But this is nature’s call for us to be calm and to breathe. And we can only see it through with patience.”

Image: Courtesy Torani

In the midst of chaos and challenges, Torani finds a quiet moment to reflect on his journey so far with Lifestyle Asia.

On his early days

“After studying fashion design from Pearl Academy in Delhi on a scholarship, I spent four years working with designers like Nida Mahmood and Manish Arora, and then in digital marketing and styling. It wasn’t the original plan but it allowed me to make mistakes and learn on someone else’s expense while saving enough money to start my brand. Then came a time when I just had to jump.

So I quit in 2017 and spent a fortnight in Chanderi working with craftsmen. I set up a makeshift office at home and hired masterji, a tailor, and an embroider. Our first collection was ready in six months. There was no plan, but I’m a millennial and all I knew was that it had to go on Instagram. Within a week, I got a call from Amit Hansraj at Ensemble. They sold out half of the collection within days.”

On cultivating his aesthetic

Image: Courtesy Torani

“The aesthetic is one I had cultivated as an individual. I was constantly living in the past and had a very specific taste from a really young age. By the time I launched Torani, I had lived so many journeys that I already tried and tested what did not suit my palette. The narrative is one I’ve always known. It’s never been about sales. Even the bio for my personal Instagram account reads ‘storyteller’. I don’t have a PR team, a stylist, a content writer, or a social media agency. Designing is like directing a movie — everything has to come from you. It’s a painful process, but where’s the fun if it’s not all yours?”

On his ultimate inspiration and muse: his Nani

Image: Courtesy Torani

“Even though I grew up in Delhi, I spent a lot of time with my Nani in Bhopal. I realised I was always going back to her images while referencing. She was her own person — she revelled in Urdu qawwali, only wore chanderi saris with half-sleeved blouses, and custom-designed all her jewellery. She was a patron of the arts and often took me to craft bazaars where she would buy Madhubani paintings and bagru print saris. She became my symbol of refined taste, a case for style over expensive fashion. She has truly influenced my idea of beauty like no other — and that (idea) wasn’t aspirational or fantastical. It was attainable and realistic. Even now, whenever I design something, it’s with one end-goal: ‘Nani should like it.’” 

On tracing his heritage through his work

Image: Courtesy Torani

“I have been drawn to Indian crafts since college, having spent time in design hubs like Bihar, Bhuj, and Aurangabad. In particular, I spent a month in Bhuj that shares borders between Sindh and Pakistan. I’m a Sindhi and my forefathers are from Pakistan. A part of our culture drifted and dispersed after the partition. I wanted to rediscover where my culture was born, what are the origins of our custom, and what we stand for.

To me, it’s not about religion, but a lost identity. I exist but what is my identity? My work should speak about this culture. So, I sought out Sindhi families in Bhuj and learned mirror work and rabari from them. And while I’ve used bits of this in ‘Surma’ and ‘Chatt’, there will be full-fledged collection based on it later this year.” 

On the preservation of craft

“Fashion and textile employ the highest number of people in India after agriculture. And we have a responsibility towards our artisans. So last year, we started a training room to teach them superior crafts while paying them a stipend. It helps them gain self-value and I get a great karigar – it’s a win-win.”

On fashion’s new order post COVID-19


“History is proof that art has always stepped up and shown the way forward during times of darkness. Times like these bring out creative geniuses, resourcefulness, and collective thought. We will come out of this with more heartfelt collections. Emotions are at a high right now and the motivation to succeed will be different — it will be to express and convey ideas, rather than just the economics of it. There will be a change in purchasing too. Consumers will now seek standout, occasion-worthy pieces with feeling or luxury pret that is value for money.”

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The next in Indian fashion

As fashion embraces an uncertain future, it is looking into days gone past. Yet the industry has never been more dependent on cutting-edge digital solutions. The industry seems to be entering a new phase; ‘Nowstalagia’ perhaps describes this new chapter most aptly. This also sums up the philosophy of Torani, a fashion label started just two years ago by 26-year-old Karan Torani. His first full menswear collection launched just a few weeks ago as part of his Jamali Kamali collection that featured handcrafted Chanderis and silks with his signature chintz prints.

The son of a south Delhi “tent wallah”, Torani has been around weddings since he can remember. “A large part of my understanding of creative direction, set design or leadership skills has come from there. I have seen my father handle thousands of Bengali tent kaarigars who would bring his vision to reality and weddings of every scale possible.”

By the time he was a teenager it was obvious to him that fashion was his calling, but it was the one industry that his parents did not approve of. Nevertheless, he was accepted into both London’s Central Saint Martins and New York’s Parsons School of Design. He opted to attend Delhi’s Pearl Academy, as he received a full scholarship.

Karan Torani’s autumn-winter 2019 campaign Chatt was inspired by neighbouring terraces of Old Delhi

Torani then assisted designers Manish Arora and Nida Mahmood before moving into the world of digital media. “Around the time I was graduating from high school, our family’s financial situation was really bad. I realised that to survive in Delhi, I would need a job that pays me well. Being an assistant designer wasn’t helping,” he says.

To survive, he became a social media manager for Snapchat’s fashion department but the itch to be a designer never faded, so he found a way to do both. He became a freelance digital consultant and set up his eponymous label, Torani, with five kaarigars working out of his living room. This was his mother’s idea.

Backwards to the future

Torani wanted supermodel Lakshmi Rana for his inaugural social media campaign, which went live in the summer of 2018. He knew that Rana was the right face to tell his story: steeped in heritage but narrated on new age media. “We’ve misunderstood the youth: we think they’re all looking to be different and eccentric, when in reality, all they’re seeking is a sense of belonging, almost like finding their roots,” he says.

His handle tells you the stories behind India’s traditions, mythology, monuments, rituals and crafts. It is truly a treasure trove of information for any culture vulture. “The name of my brand, Torani, comes from my family surname. The brand was inspired by my grandmother and the way we lived as a family, so it was only natural to identify it with our family name,” he says. 

The Gulabi Mela spring-summer 2019 campaign drew inspiration from the vibrant fairs of Sindh, Pakistan

A contemporary Indian label, with its principles rooted in slow fashion, his first collection looked at a fabric that is now a constant in his collections: Chanderi. Torani’s grandmother hailed from Bhopal, known for its Chanderi weaves. He called it Airavata, inspired by Hindu scriptures as a tribute to his grandmother who told him tales of Krishna as she put him to sleep. Within a week of posting his first image on Instagram, India’s premier design multi-brand boutique, Ensemble came knocking (or DM-ed him, as is the way now).

Creative consultant Amit Hansraj, who was then a buyer with Ensemble, recalls, “I chanced upon Torani’s Instagram handle almost the day he launched it. The image of Lakshmi Rana caught my attention. Nobody has managed to capture her like that in almost two decades of her career.”

The handles Torani used had a clear language and edit very much his own, almost in a style of a fashion magazine. “He finds a personal connection with the heritage he speaks about, whether it’s his Sindhi origin or his experience of watching his Nani on the terrace drying papad. There’s always a personal story and that’s what appeals to the audience,” says Hansraj. (Torani’s second collection was called Sindhdi.)

Since that DM, the Torani label has been worn by celebrities, feted in leading fashion publications and has a social media following of over 111,000.

The Dopahar collection was all about personal relations and moments at a ’90s Indian middle-class home; (Right) The Jamali Kamali menswear line is inspired by the secret love story of a homosexual couple in the Mughal era

An artist’s artist

“On many days I feel like I’m vicariously living the dream of being a director, poet or even a writer through my job. And why not? Weren’t all great artists of the world multitaskers? I believe a true designer needs to take that ownership and lead his visual narrative as strongly as he does his craft,” says Torani.

Well-known fashion stylist Divyak D’Souza styled one of Torani’s early campaigns and immediately realised that Torani was about to change the rules of the game, “We shot the campaign on the banks of the Yamuna in a freezing Delhi winter, and he was impressively clear-headed and exacting about the story he wanted to tell,” says D’Souza. It was a narrative steeped in tradition but shot for new-age media.

Torani has not taken part in any fashion week so far: the audience for them is limited, unlike content made for digital platforms, he says. Recalls D’Souza, “We had everything from a Ferris wheel to camels to an installation of 20,000 glass bangles – all authentically executed – for his first big-scale campaign shoot. That’s real dedication to shooting a story for your brand, something very few designers in India do.”

Of course, it takes more than social media acumen to make a brand successful. As Torani says, “Only the product speaks. If it doesn’t have quality and craft, it won’t sell. So I am a designer first, but I get to tell my stories, and everyone around me has a job, because of the craft and the product. I don’t let anything take precedence over that in my studio.”

The seven holy rivers of India called the Sapta Sindhu inspired the Shuddhi Festive line

He does not compromise on textiles, embellishment or finish and has travelled around India to gain first-hand knowledge of India’s craft heritage. From Bhujodi embroideries in Gujarat to Madhubani paintings in Bihar to Paithani weavers in Aurangabad, his quest is a design vocabulary that is fluent in this country’s heritage of handmade arts. He truly believes that his duty is to makes clothes that can be cherished. “The true responsibility in the hand of each designer is to know that we play a huge role in defining what’s cool for gen-next. I celebrate that responsibility, and what better country than India to be born for that,” he says.

New age bride Sanjana Rishi turned to the Torani label for a custom-made veil to wear with a vintage Gianfranco Ferré powder pantsuit for her wedding and her look created a digital sensation. “I celebrate brides like her because they choose to wear their heritage like a crown and accept it in equal measure with their individuality, which is what the current generation is all about. It’s about making that choice and being free and happy when you’re doing that. Being modern doesn’t necessarily have to mean negating your heritage,” says Torani.

Forward march

At the start of the lockdown, Torani started a “pay it forward” scheme for his craft-based label and he was one of the first designers to admit to being in trouble. In December 2019, Torani had taken the brave and bold decision to open a bricks-and-mortar space in India’s most expensive retail high street, Khan Market. The store has the feel of a wedding ceremony, with its floral decorations and ceremonial objects d’árt. The millennial advocate of the democracy of social media says: “One can never overlook the experience of retail. The feeling of touching the fabric and trying the garment on yourself – that is incomparable.” Though 70 per cent of sales come from social media or e-commerce platforms he does hope to open more stores.

Airavata is inspired by Karan’s childhood in Bhopal with his nani

Luckily, by now his situation has improved and, as a result, his Instagram account’s vision has become stronger and more relevant. Hansraj says: “It is an honest voice which can look beyond the Instagram algorithm and that is what Indian fashion needs now.”

Torani hopes to expand his label into jewellery, shoes and home décor. But all this attention has meant that there are now many copy-cat versions available of the label. At first, he says, this annoyed him. But now it just amuses him.

From HT Brunch, October 18, 2020

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How to Make a Torani Flavored Mocha

R. Torre & Company, Inc.

San Francisco company of syrups, sauces, etc.

Torani logo.jpg
IndustryFlavorings, spices and other ingredients
Founded1925 (1925)
  • Ezilda Torre
  • Rinaldo Torre

South San Francisco, California


United States

Key people

Melanie Dulbecco
ProductsSyrups, Drink
RevenueIncrease US$ 85 million (2011)[1][2]

Number of employees


R. Torre & Company, Inc., maker of Torani, is a San Francisco-based family-owned company that produces flavoring syrups, sauces and blended drink bases. Torani can be added to coffee, espresso beverages, cocktails, soda and other beverages. The R. Torre & Company was founded in 1925 by Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre and is still owned and operated by the Torre family.[4]

Torani dates back to 1925, when husband and wife Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre, immigrants from Lucca, Italy, introduced Torani syrups to the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Mixing their syrup recipes with sparkling water, the Torres introduced the classic Italian soda to local cafes, and soon began mixing, blending and selling Torani Syrups from their Italian wholesale grocery.[5]

In 1957, the Torre's son-in-law, Harry Lucheta, took over the business and oversaw Torani's growth from a small local San Francisco business to an international brand.[6][7]

Torani remains a family legacy, owned by Paul Lucheta and Lisa Lucheta, grandchildren of Rinaldo and Ezilda. The company employs over 100 people, and Torani products are distributed in over 40 countries. From the late 1990s – March 2020, Torani’s headquarters, which include both its business offices and manufacturing facilities, were located in South San Francisco, CA. In March 2020, Torani moved its headquarters, now known as the Torani Flavor Factory, to San Leandro, a large suburban town in Alameda County located on the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay. The move, which took 3 years of planning, made national headlines because it was successfully executed during the COVID-19 pandemic. [8] The company blends flavored syrups for sale to global food service clients and specialty retailers under the Torani brand name. Its products, which include Italian syrups in flavors such as amaretto, butterscotch, cheesecake, chocolate, French vanilla, strawberry, and peppermint, are used to flavor coffee drinks, sodas, and teas. The company also produces dessert sauces, smoothie bases, frozen beverage mixes, and sugar-free syrups. R. Torre & Company, Inc. received the President's "E" Award for its export program. A committee of public and private sector members reviewed 20 nominations for the award and selected Torani as one of its recipients.[9] The clients of R. Torre & Company, Inc. include CPWM specialty/import retail stores and UNFI, an independent national distributor of natural and organic foods, specialty foods, and related products in the United States. Chicken 'N Waffles syrup—which started as a joke—has become a real product.[10][11] Torani has started working with World Pantry and New Carbon.[12] Melanie Dulbecco is CEO of R. Torre & Company since 1991. She is the first CEO from outside the Torre family.[13][14]


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Official torani

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Pulling from the deep well of nostalgia and reminiscence from his childhood, Karan Torani brings to you a luxury designer label that feels homely and inviting. The house of Torani is inspired by memories and mythological fables of a simple and timeless era. Naturally, to create its unique and elegant pieces, it turns to Indian handlooms and crafts ranging from the Madhubani style from the Bihar plains to the Bandhej style from the dunes of Gujarat to the beautiful mulmul from the Bengal valleys. Pernia’s is proud to present an astounding collection of Torani clothing online, which includes a wide array of Indian garments such as exquisite lehengas, sarees, kurta sets, blouses, and dupattas, as well as Western pieces such as skirts, pants, capes, stoles and scarves, dresses, and crop tops. Find select pieces from the Torani collection in our curation of Designer Maxi Skirts and Designer Knee Lengths Skirts.


Torani Lehengas: Inspired by nostalgia and mythology

Proudly handmade in India, a lehenga that is inspired by the fables of Indian mythology is truly a piece of art. The Torani Lehenga collection roots itself in fundamental and classic design aesthetics while reinventing itself for the tastes and needs of the modern Indian woman. To create an eye-popping fashion statement, go with a mustard lehenga in silk organza base with hand embroidery, paired with a matching blouse and dupatta. Show off your rebellious streak my mixing and matching pieces from this collection. Pair a maroon skirt in chanderi base with cheetah print with a gold blouse in a handwoven tissue base with full sleeves. Drape an embroidered and tasseled dupatta in a matching maroon shade or a rich ivory color for contrast - and voila! Explore more designer lehenga from the best fashion houses in the country with collections by Kiran Uttam Ghosh, Kazmi India, and more.


Torani Sarees: Elevating the quintessential Indian drape

The quintessential Indian drape is a constant fixture on the global runway and our personal wardrobes. The latest collection of Torani Sarees elevates the humble saree into an elegant and striking outfit. Wear a grapes pink saree in silk organza base adorned with delicate hand embroidery and paired with a sleeveless blouse for the ultimate contemporary look. Have heads turn wherever you go with an orange saree in a rich handwoven chanderi and andhra cotton base with gorgeous block prints. Look like the ray of sunshine you are with a subtle embroidered saree in a deep mustard shade. Like what you see with Torani Sarees? Browse more designers with a similar aesthetic with our collections by Pleats by Kaksha and Dimple, Megha and Jigar, and more.


Browse Torani Kurta Sets: A perfect outfit for every occasion!

Looking for an effortless way to create a chic and modern outfit? Browse our collection of Torani Kurta Sets to find the perfect look for every occasion. For a flowy and flirty outfit for a Mehendi function, go with a peach kurta in a handwoven chanderi base with hand embroidery, paired with matching sharara pants and a beautiful dupatta. For a sleek and feminine look for a fancy brunch, we recommend a grapes pink kurta in silk organza base with hand embroidery. Go bolder for an evening event with a royal red kurta in silk organza base decorated with hand embroidery. Shop for more designer kurta sets at Pernia’s with collections from top designers such as The Little Black Bow, Surabhi Arya, and more.


Drink mixes using Torani Syrups - Coffee and non-coffee

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Torani Pumpkin Spice Pack of 3 750 Ranking TOP13 Pump Bottle mL PLUS 1 Cheap Syrup


Torani Pumpkin Spice (Pack of 3) 750 mL Bottle PLUS 1 Syrup Pump

Torani Pumpkin Spice (Pack of 3) 750 mL Bottle PLUS 1 Syrup Pump

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Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor Syrup (25.4 Oz) and 1

18 Beverages Grocery Gourmet Food Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor Syrup 25.4 Oz and 1 25.4,Oz,18,Syrup,Torani,1,Chocolate,Chip,flavor,Cookie,Grocery Gourmet Food , Beverages,and,Dough Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor Spring new work Syrup 25.4 and 1 Oz 25.4,Oz,18,Syrup,Torani,1,Chocolate,Chip,flavor,Cookie,Grocery Gourmet Food , Beverages,and,Dough 18 Beverages Grocery Gourmet Food Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor Syrup 25.4 Oz and 1 Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor Spring new work Syrup 25.4 and 1 Oz

Torani Year-end annual account  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor Spring new work Syrup 25.4 and 1 Oz


Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor Syrup (25.4 Oz) and 1

  • One 25.4 oz Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Syrup PLUS One Syrup Pump
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Lurking within this gem are bakery notes and hints of rich butter. Sweet with just a touch of salt. Your mocha will thank you.
  • Make uniform drinks, avoid messes, pump fits Da Vinci or Torani 750 ml bottles, dispenses 0.25 ounce of syrup with each pump

Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor Syrup (25.4 Oz) and 1



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