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Tulsa Health Department works to safeguard public health through education on safe food handling practices and the regulation of food service establishments.

Food Safety

Each year, food protection services educates over 30,000 restaurant employees and other food employees on food safety. All local food service employees must have an original, valid Food Handler Permit from THD in their possession while at work. To receive a permit, you must successfully complete a THD Food Safety Class.

Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Online Training

Food Protection Services now hosts food handler training classes online for the employee’s convenience on any digital device. From training to testing, this online class is available in eight different languages and can be taken 24/7.

Click Here for Online Training

Computer Stations

If you do not have a computer, tablet, or phone with internet to complete the online training; you can come to the James O. Goodwin Health Center (5051 S 129th E Ave.) or the North Regional Health Center (5635 MLK Jr. Blvd) and use the computer testing stations. They are available between 8am – 3pm Monday – Friday.

In-Person Training

Please note: Due to the ongoing situation surrounding COVID-19, in-person classes have been suspended indefinitely. Please check back at a later date for updates.


Upon passing the test, you will receive a Food Handler Permit. Food Handler Permits must be available at all times while the employee is working. The Health Department inspector will accept screenshots and paper copies. Duplicate original permits can be obtained at the James O. Goodwin Health Center for $5. If you completed the course online, you can log-in to your account and reprint at any time for free.

Taking an internet online training course from a third party does not qualify to get a THD permit. Temporary Permits are no longer available after January 2, 2020.

House Bill 1804 Verification Requirements

House Bill 1804 went into effect on November 1, 2007. As a result, anyone attending a food handler class or applying for a manager's certificate from the Tulsa Health Department must sign a statement that they are either (1) a United States citizen, or (2) a qualified alien under the federal Immigration & Nationality Act and are lawfully present in the United States.

Sours: https://www.tulsa-health.org/schedule

Oklahoma Food Handlers Card

Oklahoma Residents: You are 3 short steps away from getting your Oklahoma state-approved food handler's card and certificate.

It is fast and easy! To download and print your card and certificate:

  1. Complete the course.
  2. Pass the test.
  3. Make a payment.

Properly trained food handlers can improve food safety and reduce risks and behaviors commonly associated with foodborne illness and outbreaks.

Although your state does not directly require food handlers themselves to take training, it does require that the “Person-In-Charge will train the employees.” This person is responsible for knowing all food sanitation rules, as well as policies and procedures within the food establishment. 

eFoodcard takes the burden of training off of the “Person-In-Charge” by providing employee training and testing. Each employee who passes the eFoodcard course receives a food handler certificate and card, which confirm that he or she has achieved a basic understanding of food safety and met the learning objectives of the course. In addition, you have third-party documentation of your compliance with your state’s laws, which can help protect you from possible lawsuits. Your business may even want to advertise, “All employees trained in safe food handling practices."

Attention Food Handlers: Your city or county may have special requirements for food handlers. Please visit the website of your local or state health department for further information. 

Norman and Moore Food Handler Requirements

Tulsa Food Handler Requirements 

eFoodcard does not provide training in Cleveland County. 

Sours: https://www.efoodcard.com/ok
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Oklahoma Food Handlers Permit

Ever heard of the Oklahoma food handlers permit? If so, that’s probably because you have food working experience. If not, well… you’ve come to the right place.

For those new to the industry, the Oklahoma food handlers permit is a certificate awarded to someone – usually a restaurant employee – once they have successfully passed a food safety course.

Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Well, think again.

oklahoma food handlers permit

Although the Oklahoma food handlers permit is a simple concept, the process of getting one isn’t… and it can often be quite the headache unfortunately.

If there’s any info found online about the Oklahoma food handlers permit, it’s difficult to find. After a quick google browse, you’ll see deceiving online food handler courses, old and outdated government websites, and as always – a hefty batch of advertisements.

Because of this, we decided to get our hands a little dirty and do the digging so you don’t have to.

On this post, you’ll find information on all things Oklahoma food handlers permit. This includes state and county requirements, answers to common questions, helpful links, tips, and other resources.

Enough of the intro. Let’s get right to it.

Card Requirements

Oklahoma does NOT REQUIRE common food handlers at state-registered food establishments to receive an Oklahoma food handlers permit. Despite many states across the nation having this requirement, Oklahoma’s food safety regulations aren’t nearly as strict.

IMPORTANT: Here’s where most of the confusion lies though. Although the state does not requireme food handler permits, counties and cities, on the other hand, have the right to enforce their own food safety rules and regulations – which override the state mandates.

The ONLY Oklahoma cities that require food handler permits for typical food workers are Moore and Norman. Both cities are located in Cleveland county, Oklahoma. And more details on each food handler process as well as specifics are found below. 👇👇

The ONLY food handlers requirement you may have to worry about, made by the state of Oklahoma, is primarily for food establishment supervisors and managers.

You see (and this goes for just about every state in the US), at least one person with a Food Managers Card MUST be present, at the food facility, at all times.

This state-wide law ensures that every food-facility in the state of Oklahoma has a supervisor and/or manager that is qualified in food safety practices… has an advanced knowledge of food handling procedures… and can generally guide other restaurant employees to follow suit.

Oklahoma Food Handler Permit Summary

We just covered a lot, so here’s a condensed version of what we just explained, people.

  • Your typical kitchen employee (server, line cooks, food prep, bussers, dishwashers, etc.) does NOT need to receive an Oklahoma food handlers permit – unless you are working for a restaurant within the city-limits of Norman or Moore.
  • Most supervisory positions (head chefs, kitchen/restaurant managers) in the state will have to get a state-approved Oklahoma food managers card. (Ask your owner or supervisor on where to take the course)
  • Someone with a Food Managers card must be present, at the food facility, at all times.

Norman and Moore Food Handlers Cards

All food workers in the cities of Norman and Moore, Oklahoma MUST obtain a food handlers card. This means you must successfully pass a county-approved food safety course.

New employees who handle unpackaged foods in the cities of Norman and Moore must get certified within 30 days of their hire date.

The cities only provide courses offline, in a classroom environment. Unfortunately, there is no online course option.

Both Norman and Moore food handler cards only cost $5. That cost is substantially lower than most states and counties we’ve covered.

The Class itself will consist of a short PowerPoint presentation, discussion, and written test. After the course and training portion, you will then have to take a test.

A passing grade of 76% is required in order to receive the card.  Successful applicants will receive their card at the end of testing.

Class times, locations, and finer details are provided here. Furthermore, here’s a helpful FAQ we found, just in case you have more questions.

Oklahoma Food Handler Permit Benefits

So what if you’re not a supervisor or manager… or not located in Moore or Norman… is it still worth getting a food handlers card?

Of course!

Despite no state mandate that requires typical food workers or kitchen employees (line cook, food prep, servers, food runners) to receive a Oklahoma food handlers card, it may still be in your best interest to become certified.

As a food worker who is on the hunt for a job, anything you can do to strengthen your resume is worth it.

By becoming certified in the safe handling of food with a food handlers license, you are proving to your future employer that you are serious about the food and drink industry and are someone that they should give a chance to.

Sours: https://foodhandlerscardhelp.com/oklahoma-food-handlers-permit-requirements/
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