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I'd like the M3 gauge cluster as well, but it looked to be a pretty expensive mod. I see them selling in the $ range, but that could perhaps be avoided with patience. But then there is the issue of "virginizing" it. From what I saw, Bimmergeek will do it but it's about $ for that service alone!

Does anyone have a lot of info about the swap? I basically wondered if 'virginizing' could be done via DIY, and also exactly whether or not the 'dynamic redline' would work or not with our DME. Then there is the shift light found on the auto M3's, which would be awesome!, however I believe I read that there is no way to get that functioning on MT.

Somehow two small (~1mm diameter) 'smudges' made their way onto the left silver ring around my speedometer. Who the hell knows how that is even possible. They annoy the hell out of me and I've wanted to replace my cluster ever since I bought the car.
yes, it will work. IIRC, it can also be configured to use oil temp, but it's not set up out of the box.

You can viriginze the DME with a programmer that can write to the Odometer chip - those cost between $$
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Originally Posted by capocuocoView Post

I have a '12 i Sportline 6MT. I was driving home from out of town and I noticed that my oil temp gauge on my dash wasn't working. The needle was all the way to the left. I had been driving for an hour, so my car was at operating temperature. I pulled over, looked under the hood, listened and everything seemed okay. No check engine light, codes etc. I made it home and drove it again yesterday, same thing. I have heat, car sounds fine, runs fine. I've tried to find some more info online, just can't pin it down. Could this be the oil temp sensor going bad? If so, is it an easy DIY? Where is this part located in car?

First thing I'd try, is looking at the digital display via the hidden menu. Then you will know what the oil temperature is, or if there is a fault with the gauge. No digital display, likely a sensor issue.

Hidden menu, the one accessible using the code generated from the last few numbers of the VIN number. There are videos on how to access, if you are not familiar with the way in.
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Originally Posted by Bee PeeView Post

Correction m2 has coolant and oil temps

In photo - symbol plus 'OK' is coolant status ie text says cold/ok/hot. Beneath is the coloured bar chart graphic showing oil temp with mid point circa deg C and FSD of +/- 50deg c for lower/upper oil temp ranges


"Engine temperature display

Displays the current engine temperature,
based on a combination of coolant and engine
oil temperature
. As soon as the optimum operating
temperature has been attained, the indicator
is in the center position.
If the engine oil or coolant, and thus the engine,
become too hot, a Check Control message
is displayed too."

Once reposted, I won't help noticing the slide bar looks ugly.

Thus I suggest the reading is not "coolant temp. is + C which is COLD and the door is only slightly open ", it's "ambient temp. is + C, the engine is only a little warm which is effectively COLD, a door is open". They aren't too accurate with the icon (regarding the calendar one, by the way, I initially thought the "1" within was the car's age or maintenance stint and expected it to turn "2" appropriately. ).

A white over blue, "bride" over "lone bitch" (regarding M2) should deserve congratulations, perhaps.
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Originally Posted by stevedView Post
Is there a link to the hidden menu instructions as I've tried to find it for the 6 but no luck?
google "bmw hidden menu" and check out the videos. Generally it's all the same procedure that is a combo of button presses on the odometer reset.

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