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Finding the correct security for your bike can be a complicated process. You need to assess which bike locks will suit your lifestyle and bike needs. There are tons of bike locks available on the market, offering different levels of safety and security to your bike.

You can use U-locks, chain locks, cable locks, and combination locks. Among these types, combination types are one of the most widely used. You have the option to use a numerical combination lock or a bike lock with letters.

Between these two, using a letter lock provides you the top standard of security for both commercial and personal use. You can use the alphabet letters of your choice and have them as your passcode. However, with the highest level of security, resetting the bike lock may be cumbersome for others.

You need to follow a step-by-step process to do it right. Thus, we have this guide about how to reset a bike lock with letters. It includes resetting the bike lock using the default password and resetting the bike lock without the password.

For a more detailed approach, continue to read this guide from top to bottom.

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What is a Letter Bike Lock?


A letter bike lock or a word-bike lock is almost the same as any other combination bike locks you see on the market today. It uses letter dials to set the passcode instead of numbers. The standard letter bike lock you can find has the four-digit letter combination.

Cheaper ones have a 4-digit letter combination, while the most expensive ones can go as high as a 6-digits combination. Nevertheless, no matter how many combinations are present, they still operate the same. You have to set the right combination for the shackle to be released and allow you to lock the bike.

Why Reset a Combination Bike Lock with Letters?

Using a combination bike lock has its benefits. You would not need a key to lock and unlock a 4-letter bike lock making it more convenient to use. There is no key to lose or misplace, only carefully chosen combinations to unlock it.

You can also select the preferred letters you want to use, which you can easily remember. You need to set a group of letters or words to memorize. It is the safest and most personalized way to secure your bike at all times.

However, even if your letter combination is hard to decode, it is necessary to reset the lock occasionally. It will give you added security, especially when the code is being changed from time to time.

So, knowing how to reset your bike lock is essential. It protects your bike and keeps it more personal to use.

Resetting the bike lock is effortless even when using a word lock reset 5 letter combination with this simple guide prepared for you. You just need to follow the steps below when resetting the bike lock with letter seamlessly:

  • Resetting the bike lock using the default password
  • Resetting the bike lock without the password

How to Reset a Bike Lock with Letters Step by Step Instruction


There are two ways to reset your bike lock with letters. The first one is resetting it using the Default Password, and the second one is resetting it without the password. We will walk you through the steps by step process in each option.

1. Resetting the bike lock using the Default Password

All bike combination bike locks have default passwords upon purchasing them, especially the word lock 4 letter reset. You might want to use it when resetting your bike lock. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: You can try to unlock the bike lock with the default combination provided by the manufacturer. It is usually effective and will allow you to reset the lock.
  • Step 2: After unlocking the combination bike lock, search for the set system that should twist clockwise up to 180 degrees. Doing so will allow you to begin the resetting process.
  • Step 3: Then, you are now free to choose the combination you want once you see the set mechanism. Remember, you need to pick a letter combination that is very familiar to you. You can memorize it, and it is easy to remember.
  • Step 4: Once you have already established the letter combination you like, use the ‘set’ mechanism and turn it counterclockwise around 180 degrees. It is an indication that you already set a new passcode for your bike lock.
  • Step 5: Lastly, test the combination you used and make sure that it is working. If the bike lock unlocks with the new letter combination, you are all set

Having a default password is easy when you reset the master lock bike lock with letters. Most companies would provide the password to make it more convenient for users to reset it. Some have an instructional guide that comes with the product upon your purchase.

2. Resetting the bike lock without the password

In case you forgot your old passcode, and the default setting was ineffective, here are the steps you should follow when you reset word lock bike lock with letters without password:

  • Step 1: This process may require you to use force to pull the ends of the bike lock. You can use both of your hands to pull the sides of the lock to separate them. It will help you determine the combinations used by paying attention to the sound and clicks produced.
  • Step 2: Then, you can start twisting the rings and take a chance of guessing the correct letter of a particular hole. You have to bend and pull the rings apart to get the correct letter. You will be able to identify it once you hear an atypical click coming from the ring. If you have not heard an abnormal click, continue to twist and pull the ring apart. This step is trial and error, and we require you to be patient until you hear the click.
  • Step 3: You can repeat the process in step 2 to the rest of the rings. Once you find the proper letter combination, the bike will automatically unlock. This process might be more challenging than the one with a default passcode, but it is still helpful and constructive.
  • Step 4: After determining the right combination through trial and error, you can reset it again using your preferred combination. You only need to find the set mechanism. Rotate it clockwise up to 180 degrees, set your new passcode.

Then seal it by rotating it again, counterclockwise, this time. Check again whether the new combination you used unlocks the bike.

Pro tip:

Combination locks may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. To prevent damaging your device, refer to the instruction manual that comes with the product package. You can follow the guide and find the word lock’s bike lock reset password.


Having a reliable bike lock is the ultimate convenience among bikers. It does not only keep your bike safe but makes you worry-free, as well. Combination locks are designated to provide you both the reliability and security you need for your bike.

It also comes with an added responsibility to keep your passcode safe and well-protected, as well. The key is resetting the combinations occasionally so that no one can decode the letter combination.

May this guide on how to reset a bike lock with letters helps you with the process of resetting a word combination lock. We have provided two options for you, and you may find them just as effective.

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WordLock maintains the highest standard of security for personal and commercial locks, without using any keys or arbitrary number combinations. Instead, WordLock uses your memory's natural preference for keywords and the alphabet, allowing you to set and change your own combination from thousands of possible word and letter combinations.

Traditional locks require keys or they make you remember confusing sequences of numbers. Those days are over, thanks to WordLock's advances in lock technology. Security, creativity and usability come together in the original family of WordLock padlocks, bike locks, travel locks and cable locks.

WordLock... Easy to set, never forget.

Visit www.WordLock.com to learn more.

Sours: http://www.worldandmain.com/brands/wordlock
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Word-Lock Bike Lock Review

The Word-Lock cable bike lock uses letters combinations instead of numbers to open the lock. Create an easy-to-remember word that means something to you as your combination and never be stuck unable to open your lock. Ideal for kids or people who for whatever reason have trouble remembering number combinations. If theft is a real risk, you'll want something stronger than a Word-Lock cable bike lock to protect your bike against a more determined and experienced thief as a bolt-cutter will snip through the cable in a hurry.


  • Letters form words for an easy-to-remember combination.
  • The combination can be a word you choose.
  • Combinations can be reset as needed — create a new word anytime.


  • Word-Lock cable bike lock is not particularly durable against a determined thief.
  • Plastic housing surrounding tumblers has a tendency to pull away.


  • Wordlock has letters instead of numbers allowing 10,000 possible combinations.
  • Self-coiling, plastic coated steel cable won't scratch your bike's finish.
  • Lock Size 6' feet long (fully stretched out) x 12mm thick.
  • Includes seat post bracket for easy mounting and transport.


FAST. SHED. BOOT. BIKE. All these are word combinations possible with the Wordlock Cable Bike Lock, a clever little device that uses letters instead of numbers as a combination for the lock. Four tumblers with letters and vowels offer 10,000 different combinations, allow you can pick words that are easy for you to remember but nearly impossible for anyone to guess. The password is easy to set, with a twist of the dial, and you can change your password whenever you want.

The lock is ideal for kids on bikes as the combination is easy to remember and the self-coiling 12mm steel cable lock includes a seat post bracket for easy mounting and transport. Plus it's fun to select your own four-letter word for a combination, limited only by what you can come up with using the most common vowels and consonants that fill the Word-Lock's four tumblers. And resetting it is a snap if you disclose your password to someone or simply decide you like DAVE better than JAKE.

The downside to the Word-Lock is simply that carried by all cable locks: they are not as durable as a hardened U-lock and can be relatively quickly snipped by someone with a bolt-cutters. So, feel free to go with this lock if you plan to use this where theft is not a big risk and you're really only trying to deter another kid from taking your bike. Get another lock if you're going to be parking your bike somewhere that theft from experienced bike-knappers is a real risk.

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(Picking 108) Wordlock combination padlock - revisited again!

how to set a wordlock bike lock

There are several types of bike locks but the most common and popular among bikers are those with keys or those that have number combinations in the locking system. This type of lock is good but the tendency of the bike owner to forget the combination can lead to some minor issues when it comes to recovering the numbers and resetting for a new one.

Enter the WordLock bike lock as the best alternative where the bike owner can easily learn how to set a WordLock bike lock in just a few minutes. They are a company that provides one of the highest standards when it comes to personal and commercial locks including those specially designed for bicycles. This type of lock uses letters of the alphabet when creating possible combinations. For me, this is much better and comfortable compared to the more confusing number combinations.


Why the Need to Set a WordLock Bike Lock?

There are many reasons why it is important for a bike owner to set his WordLock bike lock consistently. For one, when it is new and the combination is still at default, it is important for the bike owner to change it to his personal preference.

The advantage of using a preferred combination is it will be easy to remember as he can set it with a group of letters or words that is familiar and won’t be easy to forget. Also, the default combination is usually the same in all locks if I am not mistaken and those thefts definitely know it one way or the other. So, failure to change the default combination can lead to giving the thieves an opportunity to steal your bike.

Another reason for setting a new combination for your WordLock bike lock is when you forget the original combination you set. The chances of this from happening are very slim to none as the WordLock bike lock is not as confusing compared to the number combinations.

Lastly, if and when a lot of people already know your secret combination, then it is high time to change it to a new one for security purposes. As much as possible, it is important for you to keep your secret combination but if not, tell them to people whom you trusted the most.

How to Reset a WordLock Bike Lock?

how to reset wordlock bike lock

When it comes to resetting the WordLock bike lock, any bike owner can do it, and can be done in just a few minutes. There will be an instruction that can be found on the product package but I will also explain it here as an added reference. Please find the step-by-step process below:

Setting it Using the Default Password

When you just buy the bike lock, you need to change the default password to your preferred one and this can be that by following the steps below:

Step 1: Unlock the bike lock first using the default combination provided by WordLock.

Step 2: Once it is unlocked, you will find a “set” mechanism inside that must be twisted clockwise around 180 degrees for the setting process to start.

Step 3: After that, set the new combination of letters that is preferred by you It should be a combination that is easy to remember and will not be forgotten.

Step 4: Once you set the new combination, it is now time to turn the “set” mechanism counter-clockwise to end the setting procedure.

Step 5: The last step is to test the new combination to confirm if it is now working and it should work as expected.

Setting it Without the Password

What if you forget or do not have the password on the bike lock? There is still a way to set it using a unique gut feel or sound-based technique. Please remember to use this only when needed or you do not have any idea of what the password is.

Step 1: The first step is to use both hands to pull both sides of the lock apart from each other.

Step 2: Then start twisting the rings and try to guess the correct letter of a particular ring while you are pulling it apart. If possible, start twisting it from the first letter found on the right. You will find that it is the right letter once you feel that there is a change in the way that it is clicking during your twisting motion.

Step 3: Repeat the process to the 2nd until the 4th ring until it will be unlocked. When doing this, please bring your patience because you will be guessing the letters using a trial-and-error method and it will take some time before you will have the right combination.

Step 4: If you have unlocked it already, you can have the option not to change the secret password or have it changed to a new one using the setting process similar to the one when you have a default password.


Learning how to set a WordLock bike lock is a unique skill that must learn as a biker. It can be used to protect your bike from opportunists who want to steal your bike if it is left unattended. However, if you have set a strong password for your WordLock bike lock, it will be impossible for the thefts to steal your precious investment.

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