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Product Review: White Sands Styling Sprays

I’d like to take the opportunity to utilize my blog, at times, to review products. Some of the products that you’ll read about, here on the pages of my blog, will be stellar examples of what shampoos, conditioners, or styling products should be and some of the reviews will expose products that, in my humble opinion, are just worthless crap.


White Sands Sprays

White Sands Sprays

The first review I would like to do is that of a group of styling sprays produced by a company by the name of White Sands.


The White Sands Company was created and developed by the Salas family in the 1990s and, as stated in the company description, is dedicated to the needs of both the hairstylist and the consumer.  They produced a few, really great styling spray products that stand out in a sea loaded with mediocre, at best, hair sprays.


I was introduced to White Sands about 6-7 years ago while attending a national beauty show in Chicago. As I meandered the show floor, I observed various models walking around with hair, some at least 18 inches long, standing straight out from their heads. Some of this hair was curled into very large loops, some was zigzagged into various positions, some was just standing out stick straight; but all of the hair, that I was seeing, defied gravity and had a shiny, fabric-like texture. I thought, “Holy crap! That hair has to be ‘cemented’ into place and would, literally, break off if it were touched.”


A model approached me, as models often do (LOL!), and invited me to touch her “gravity defying” hair. To my great surprise, the hair felt like hair that had little to no styling product on it, at all! I was super-intrigued.  How could this be?


So, I made my first order of business to go to the White Sands classroom where, I watched a demonstration, by Fernando Salas, who was cutting and styling hair using these incredible products. After the class, I had the pleasure to meet with Fernando, and some of his family members, to discuss the White Sands product line, cutting, and styling techniques.


After 20 plus years in the beauty business, and attending lots and lots of hair shows and educational classes, you rarely see, or learn, anything “new.” Usually, the best that you can hope for is that you see something, marketed as new, that is something that you saw and taught year’s prior, that you just forgot about.


A person in the business, for as long as I’ve been in it, tends to become cynical and jaded regarding anything that’s labeled as “new.” They find themselves yearning for that special product or technique that will really re-energize them and advance their talents to that next level. Well, that’s just what happened with my introduction to White Sands styling products and the techniques demonstrated by the Salas family.


The styling products that really stand out in White Sands line are the styling sprays:

Liquid Texture Firm Hold


Liquid Texture Firm Hold

This product truly is the “ultimate design tool,” allowing the creation and recreation of unbelievable hair designs. This product imparts incredible shine, when used in conjunction with hot tools and provides for hairstyles with memory (allowing for long lasting results) regardless of humidity.

Liquid Texture Medium Hold


Liquid Texture Medium Hold

This product, too, out rivals most products for use with hot tools, because of the properties it possesses to guard against heat damage, resist humidity, and enhance color and shine. It’s a wonderful product to use with a blow dryer to achieve voluminous styles with outstanding luster.

Infinity Hairspray

Infinity Hairspray

This is my favorite hairspray to use after a precision haircut. As its name describes, this hairspray allows, both the hairstylist and the consumer to achieve infinite styling options with extraordinary hold, style management, and flexibility. Hot tool use, with Infinity Hairspray, presents unprecedented style creation and recreation while bestowing fabulous shine with gravity defying results…and without flaking!


Stuck Up Mega Hold HairsprayStuck Up Mega Hold Hairspray

This is a great mega hold hairspray used for finishing work. It can be used with any of the other sprays or as a stand-alone finishing spray.



So, by now, if you think that I am a huge fan of White Sands styling sprays, you wouldn’t be wrong. For more information regarding the purchase of White Sands products or, more importantly, inquiring about receiving a great service at the Beauty Asylum, contact me for a consultation at no cost or obligation.

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Harold James is an expert stylist with more than 20 years experience in precision hair cutting, hair color application and correction, and hair extension application. His salon, The Beauty Asylum, is located at Scottsdale Road and Shea in Scottsdale, Arizona. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and visit my Google+ page at https://plus.google.com/u/0/116731848062741164246 View all posts by Harold James »
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It’s one of those universal truths: Heat (or, specifically, hot tools) hurts your hair. We all know it; we’ve all experienced it. We’ve grown accustomed to hot tools being our enemies, making hair appear dry or dull — yet we keep using them. And, really, that’s not going to change until someone invents heatless blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons that somehow get the job done. So, instead of doing away with them completely, we take great pains to prep and protect our hair with “heat-proof” products that will help minimize the inevitable damage.

And, while those can be great, now there’s something out there that takes it even further: Rather than combat your hot tools in an attempt to protect your hair, White Sands Infinity Hairspray — used by stylists on Pretty Little Liars and Jane The Virgin — promises to actually work with the heat to give you extra shine. That’s right: With this spray, it seems the more heat that’s applied, the shinier your hair becomes. We know: Mind blown.

It seems the secret lies within the very scientific combination of ingredients, particularly the copolymers, the silk amino acids, and the trimethicone. According to Fernando Salas, the creator of White Sands Haircare, when you use a flat iron or curling iron on your hair after applying the Infinity spray, the unique combination of copolymers lay the cuticle layers of your hair down flat. “When you put heat on the hair with Infinity, it super boosts these copolymers and increases the way it makes the hair shine even more,” he tells Teen Vogue. “Our particular copolymers have a smoothing ability that is then anti-frizz and humidity resistant.”

The silk amino acids (which Salas says are “the shiniest protein[s]...available,”) then act as co-conspirators to the copolymers, boosting the shine factor even more, and protecting your hair from the usual damage from tools that makes it dull. “Heat normally cuts the hair if there is nothing that makes [it] resilient,” Fernando says. “Silk amino acid gives hair this resilience...The flat iron glides over the hair with ease, which then amplifies the shine you will get when using Infinity.”

But Infinity isn’t just about adding shine when you add heat. These ingredients, along with the trimethicone, also protect your hair from another imminent danger: your hairbrush. When you brush or comb your hair, the process can pull up the scales of each strand and “fracture” your locks, contributing to the dullness. “Many hairsprays use copolymers that are not comb-able, which means you are right back to the problem of [your] hair being fractured again every time you comb,” Fernando says. But, Infinity’s formula was designed so that you can brush, style with hot tools, and brush again, all without separating those precious strands. “Essentially, the copolymers [in Infinity] align the fabric of hair perfectly so that [you] can get the best response in every way; shine being one of the most important.”

As if that wasn’t enough to grab a bottle, Infinity does all of that highly scientific work on your locks, while also being super light, leaving your hair feeling just as soft, weightless, and comb-able after you use it than before — none of that hard, gunky hair nonsense.

Smooth, shiny hair thanks to our hot tools rather than in spite of them? Pass the curling iron.

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Sours: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/white-sands-infinity-hairspray-for-heat-tools
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