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Get your MistaTwista and relax! No crazy finger skills are needed with this paper roller. Make anything from standard 86mm raw style cones up to 140mm monster torpedo's. Take control of your cone production because NOTHING chases the bad spirits from their hiding places like your own custom incense stick. Works great with sage, oregano, marjoram & King size papers. Spicy!


  • ANODIZED ALUMINUM - solid quality construction designed to last
  • TRIM GUIDES - allows for the creation of cones in three standard lengths
  • STAINLESS FILTER PINS - plenty of room with some extra length for your preference of filter

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DELINOVA Mista Twista
Trademark Status Information as on October 18 2021

DELINOVA Mista Twista TM Status Information is as follows :-

DELINOVA Mista Twista is a Trademark filed by Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited. So Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited is the proprietor and owner of the Brand DELINOVA Mista Twista as per Trademark Registry's Records.

Trademark Applicant Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited applied for the Trademark DELINOVA Mista Twista on 2015-03-23. The DELINOVA Mista Twista Trademark is applied as a (Device Logo/Wordmark) to be Registered under IP India Records.

As per government Records the Trademark DELINOVA Mista Twista has been applied under TM Class 29. As per the IP India Website The Goods and Services covered under Trademark Class 29 by Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited the Owner, for DELINOVA Mista Twista Trademark are as follows :-

TM Class 29 - Milk and milk products

The Registered Address of the Trademark Applicant Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited is STYLUS COMMERICAL SERVICES PVT.LTD., GFE-I BLOCK (BEECH) MANYATA EMBASSY BUSINESS PARK, OUTER RING ROAD, BENGALURU - 560024, KARNATAKA, INDIA. So it means that any sort of prosecution over DELINOVA Mista Twista Trademark has to be conveyed to STYLUS COMMERICAL SERVICES PVT.LTD., GFE-I BLOCK (BEECH) MANYATA EMBASSY BUSINESS PARK, OUTER RING ROAD, BENGALURU - 560024, KARNATAKA, INDIA i.e. the Applicant's Address and if there is an authorised Attorney or an agent, then the duplicate copy of the same needs to be sent to the Concerned Authorised Attorney or agent.

DELINOVA Mista Twista Trademark's Current Status as on October 18 2021 is Send To Vienna Codification.

DELINOVA Mista Twista Trademark Details

Trademark :DELINOVA Mista Twista

Trademark Applicant : Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited

TM Class : 29

Application Date : 2015-03-23

TM Status : Send To Vienna Codification

Goods and Services Description : Milk and milk products


Buy all Trade mark Documents of DELINOVA Mista Twista TRADEMARK

  • TM Applicant Details
  • TMA Form
  • TM Attorney Details
  • Trade-mark Application Number
  • Formality Check Documents
  • Examination Reports
  • Objection Details
  • Opposition Reports
  • Current TM Status
  • Registration Certificate
  • Prosecution Details
  • Jurisdiction Details of the Mark

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Some important terms and facts to be understood while checking the information about DELINOVA Mista Twista Trademark are Stated below :-

  1. Trade-mark Applicant - The person who Applies for the Trademark DELINOVA Mista Twista is called a Trademark Applicant. Once the Applied Trademarks reaches the final level of Registration, then Trade-mark Applicants become the Registered Trade-mark Owner. Trade-mark Applicant in the above case is Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited.
  2. IP India - IP India is a government body that provides every information related to Intellectual Property and it-s a body that regulates the rules and functioning of various Intellectual Properties, Trademark being one of those IP Rights.
  3. Trademark Registry - Trademark Registry is a government Registry that comes under IP India and it takes care of Trademark Registration process from the very inception to the very end and it is an organisation that keeps a check on the various Trade-mark related Activities done on daily basis. Trade-mark Registry includes a wide variety of staff like examiners, registrars etc, that are continuously working towards providing approval and disapproval of Trademarks.
  4. Trademark Class - Trademark Classes or Trademark Classifications in simple terms mean that the IP registry has divided all types of businesses into certain sectors, in total there are 45 TM Classes that defines all sorts of business activities. First 34 Trademark Classes are Manufacturing based Classifications and the next 11 Classes are service based Trademark Classes. Each Classification has certain definition for the business activities included under it, like in the case of the DELINOVA Mista Twista Brand the Trademark Class it belongs to is TM Class 29 and the explanation for the same is Milk and milk products.
  5. TM Status - In simple terms trademark status can be considered as the Stages a Trade-mark passes during the process of Registration. Some of the most common stages during the process are as follows :-
    • New TM Application - We can call it the Inception of a New Trademark Application basically it is the initiation of Trade-mark Registration Process. Every mark has to be filed via New Application, even the DELINOVA Mista Twista mark filed for a New TM Application.
    • Send To Vienna Codification- This stage arise when there is a Device Logo Trademark to be filed and during this process the design of the logo is basically codified as per the standards laid down under Vienna Agreement. After New Application DELINOVA Mista Twista Trademark status would become this.
    • Formality Check Pass - If all the documents are submitted to the Government Department and the information provided is completely correct then the mark status changes from Send To Vienna Codification to FCP. At Company Vakil we ensure that wordmarks or logos like DELINOVA Mista Twista, filed via our portal always gets through the stage of Formality check Pass without any failures.
    • Examination Report Issued - This stage arise post FCP when the TM passes to the next level i.e. the mark has reached the Examiner and the examiner has released the report and the result is about to be published. The next level for DELINOVA Mista Twista TM would be to clear the Examiner's quality check and wait for the exam report to be issued on the same.
    • Objected - One of the major stages during the Trade-mark approval process is of Trade-mark Objection, i.e. it's the point at which a brand actually gets stuck due to certain structural, phonetic similarities or maybe due to non-distinctive nature of the mark. Company Vakil Experts are highly specialized in drafting Trademark Objection Replies, so feel free to reach us if you are stuck over the same. If DELINOVA Mista Twista Mark has some similarity to other marks in the same category or is non-distinctive in nature then the registrar has the full reason to Object the same, until further reply over the same.
    • Advertised before Acceptance - Once a Trade-mark passes the Registrar's Examination, then the same is advertised in the journal for a period of 4 months, during that time period the TM Status stays as Advertised before Acceptance. As the examiner clears of marks like DELINOVA Mista Twista, they automatically get promoted and published in the journal for 4 months.
    • Opposed - This arises only when a 3rd party files an opposition against the trademark filed by the applicant. A mark can be opposed only during the 4 months period of its advertisement in the journal. Company Vakil Experts can help you fight the same and protect you brand because if any 3rd Party feels DELINOVA Mista Twista Trade-mark is infringing upon their rights then they are fully eligible to Oppose the same on those grounds.
    • Accepted and Advertised - Once the 4 Month window ends or the opposition proceedings goes in applicant's favour, then on that moment the mark gets Accepted and Advertised, now this means that the registry has accepted the TM and it has been advertised in the journal as well. So after completion of 4 months at Advertised before Acceptance Status DELINOVA Mista Twista would move to Accepted and Advertised in the journal.
    • Registered - This is the final point of any Trade-mark Application filed, once all the above pointers are passed, then finally a mark reaches the Registration stage and the mark become eligible to use - "R" symbol next to it. This is the full and final Stage for marks like DELINOVA Mista Twista and once the applicant receives the Certificate, the Brand is Treated as an asset of the applicant i.e. Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited
    • Refused - if a mark is questionable on certain rules under the law, then the IP Indian Registry has full right to refuse the TM from being processed and this status shows up next to the applied TM.
    • Removed - When a mark is removed from the official Register of TM Registry by the Registrar, then TM Status is shown as Removed next to the concerned mark.
    • Rectification filed - In certain cases some Trademarks get through all the stages of Trade-mark Registration, but if someone feels that the Registered mark has some issues or is infringing upon a certain brand, then the concerned person has the full right and option to file a Rectification against the same. Post the stage of Registration if someone wishes to challenge DELINOVA Mista Twista Trademark then they would have to file a Rectification for the same.
    • Abandoned - There are many reasons for abandonment some of the major prominent ones are like If a mark surpasses the 10 years time period of validity and it-s not renewed within the given period or if a certain reply has to be given at some stage of the tm process and the same is not provided within a particular time period then the Trade-mark can be abandoned by the registry. If after Registration DELINOVA Mista Twista Brand isn't renewed on completion of 10 years or its owner Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited neglects any of the required compliance during the process of Registration then it can get abandoned.
    • Withdrawn - At time TM Owners themselves withdraw the applied TM due to some or other reason, at that moment WITHDRAWN Status is shown for the same. The Applicant Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited has full right to withdraw DELINOVA Mista Twista from the Registry.

So, as explained above the Current TM Status of DELINOVA Mista Twista is Send To Vienna Codification. Any further updates or changes in the Trademark Status of DELINOVA Mista Twista Brand i.e. under the ownership of Hindsiam Bevs Private Limited would be displayed on our platform.

Sours: https://www.companyvakil.com/trademarksearch/DELINOVA-Mista-Twista/327142
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"Mista Tung Twista" lyrics

Twista Lyrics

"Mista Tung Twista"

What's happening, y'all?
This is Tyrone Chilifoot down with the funky Tung Twista, baby
[?] inches of straight stupid, straight ignorant dope funky stuff for ya, baby
So turn up your radio and get down to the Tung Twista
Kick it, gee

Let the Cavalier Tung kiss ya, it's the Mista Tung Twista
Pumping a rhythm, a lyrical styler
My tongue'll be flinging a funky pile of
Lyrical rhymes that's breaking 'em off in the mind, I be flowing 'em holy, I'm
Kicking the funk of Islam, my lyricals slipping 'em like petroleum, slowly I'm
Pumping the flow of the lyric, I'm breaking 'em off with the radical texture
I'm one brother you could never get next ta
Flex your style, I'm gonna give 'em a lyrical pump of the rhythm of Cav
And cracking 'em up with the word of the wise
I be bringing 'em up in the flow of the funky dialect
I elect a flow for suckers that try a wreck
I spark the light of a head and be waking 'em up and then cause a fly effect
I insist ya lay with the path of my rhythm and follow me like a scripture
Flowing this from my lung, a tongue twister
Mister, my style'll be making a dent and be leaving the tracks bent
Stepping is the lyrical black gent, my Nubian accent
Breaking 'em up and then making 'em take in the smell of my funk I be kicking up in 'em
And then I'ma give 'em a lick of my lyrical lollipop, I'm 'a bring 'em up into my doctrine
Rock, then the rhythm'll making the clock spin blackwards
The funk of the rhythm'll snap, crackle and pop, then flow, oh
I'm making 'em follow the path of a God and my track'll be blacker than Cocoa
This lyric I'm making is dope, don't call it so-so
Don't diss the Tung Twista
Leaving the suckers soft as a whisper, Tung kiss ya like a sister
Then I'ma let it be known that it's the way that I throw
That's making the funk of the lyrical glow
And how I tell it, yo Cav is kicking a funkedelic flow, and oh, my fist'll
Swing at the rhythm of suckers, then I'm gonna give 'em a tongue blister
It's the Mista Tung Twista

Boy, that's Tung Twista for ya
Coming at ya in 3-D
We're gonna get down funkier than that, boy
Check it out
Kick it again

My tongue is spinning
I follow with Allah and the Father be stopping the Cavalier from sinning
The lyrical rhythm beginning and then in the ending
I ratatattat tactics, giving 'em black kicks
Flow of the lyric I'm pumping and rapping 'em up is dope as a crack fix
Wack? It's funky, I'm greater
Never to step at the lyrical dictator, a state of
Shock is what I put a sucker into, then to mentally
Go with the smell I be styling, gee, funky is what the scent'll be
Harming this? Uh-uh, the Cavalier's kicking my charm in this
Simply because I'm in this, I'm as dope as a pharmacist
Calming this? Hype as a rattle be shaking and ripping the rhythm
And breaking up into a sweat, I be working the lyrical serving a sucker
So never come near a, lyricist Cavalier, ah
Rock the flow of the lyrical rhythm be shining like a mirror
Hear a sucker step at the Twist, ya gotta be going like this to beat me
The funk of the lyric'll flow from me like peepee
You caught a work of my tongue as I be flowing like water
Cracking 'em up with a flow of the sort of slaughter I ought to
To be bracing Nubian nation, race and chasing
My tongue your tasting, a quick pace and facing lyrical wasting
Tung'll be cut like Jason, racing
Tung Twista rock, your lip'll lock
My tongue'll be making a tick tick or tick tock to Nubian hip-hop
Flip-flopped, a flow when I wrote this
Kicking and making some hocus-pocus, focus
Tongue'll be flipping just like this I'm a locus
Giving a diagnosis for Twisterosis
Cracking a mouth and them making 'em ache I'ma put 'em up into a coma
You're sniffing a dope aroma
I'm blending
I'm able to break up a sucker that you might send in
The funk of the lyrical rhythm beginning
Spinning the suckers around like a dollar
Be making 'em holler kicking the funk of a lyrical scholar
I pray to Allah, I'm making this funky like I'm a hobo
Throw better than bolo, ya thinking that he can battle my solo
I just say, "Oh, no," 'cause that's a no-no
When I be smelling the funk of my flow, jo
I'm pumping this up and I'm breaking this in with a lyrical, then say ha ha
Take titles, then say ta-ta
I'm ripping a rap and then rocking a rhythm and ring in my tongue I'ma bend 'em
And flow with a lyric it's stepping inside 'em
And get with the funk I be pumping up in 'em
With this and it's the
Yeah, Tung Twista

Boy, if that ain't bad, my name ain't Lewis Tyrone Chilifoot, baby
But we finna get the Boogieman [?]
Go head, get 'em

The Boogieman was speaking, he said, what's up Mista Twista
Don't you know that Nubians ain't never supposed to whisper
Talking behind my back is making it seem like it's a rumor
So tell me face to face when you will decide to come to Juma
Don't say your name backwards because you don't like Cav
Played to the left by def and I'm gonna eff up the right half
The sucker descendant of Canaan, I'm 'a let my pizzas wreck
I'm speaking this to the devil that calls his self an Aztec
You ain't a Puerto-Rican, know what I'm speaking, Islam you're seeking
You might as well open the doors of a church and become a deacon
Don't step to me, speaking the pep to me about what your rep'll be
Crept to me because I let them see that you had leprosy
Them suckers that be dissing me I simply just insist ya
Stop stepping against the Mista Tung Twista

Now that was bad, baby
But if you think that was something
Wait 'til you hear the album
I like to give a shout to my son [?]
And get out to Eric the Wiz
Of course Cavalier, it's his album
Recila Beeh [?]
My man Raw Material
And the DJ Cut
And the whole entire hip-hop nation
We Audi 5000
Take the mic, y'all

Do the robotic robot

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Mista Shock x Mista Twista - Killa Trey Block

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About Mista Twista (Alex Bau Remix) Song

Listen to Avex Axiom Mista Twista (Alex Bau Remix) MP3 song. Mista Twista (Alex Bau Remix) song from the album Mista Twista (4-Track Maxi-Single) is released on Jun 2008. The duration of song is 06:20. This song is sung by Avex Axiom.

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Released onJun 23, 2008



© Zuvuya Recordings

Sours: https://gaana.com/song/mista-twista-alex-bau-remix

Twista mista

Mista Twista | Metal Cone Maker Roller

Mista Twista | Metal Cone Maker Roller


200 ratings Write a review

Item #:


Order now and get it around Tuesday, October 26

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on (110-120) volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • ANODIZED ALUMINUM - solid quality construction designed to last
  • TRIM GUIDES - allows for the creation of cones in three standard lengths
  • STAINLESS FILTER PINS - plenty of room with some extra length for your preference of filter
Package Dimensions6.73 x 0.94 x 0.91 inches (17.1 x 2.4 x 2.3 cm)
Item Weight1.51 ounces (42.81 grams)


Get your MistaTwista and relax! No crazy finger skills are needed with this paper roller. Make anything from standard 86mm raw style cones up to 140mm monster torpedo's. Take control of your cone production because NOTHING chases the bad spirits from their hiding places like your own custom incense stick. Works great with sage, oregano, marjoram & King size papers. Spicy!

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Is it worth it to be a diyer for cones? what is the cone failure rate, like with ripped cones?

    Answer: Yes it’s worth!!! I use it every day. I wish they made one of some kind of wood, because I use plant base papers and they always sticks to the metal so I had to buy an plastic one in order to use my plant base papers. Other than that I have no problems with the cone roller.

Customer Ratings

4 customers ratings

  • 5 Star 58%
  • 4 Star 10%
  • 3 Star 13%
  • 2 Star 9%
  • 1 Star 11%

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Customer Reviews

ti•• ••m

December 7, 2020

Buy raw cone tips they fit perfectly

Great tool

CH•• ••om

July 12, 2020

Instacone's cone making wand is the only one for me!

Hands down the very best of all the cone making wands on the market. The only warning/advise I have about cone maker is to take extra care not to drop it, the tip-pins may become loosened or bent.

Ed•• ••ta

June 25, 2020

This is a pretty slick cone roller.

Super solid and lets me make different sizes. I like it! My buddy bought one after using mine. I Highly recommend it.

Ti•• ••er

June 8, 2020


Get ready to rip a lot of paper with this junk. The two prongs on the bottom side bend easily and it’s not well put together. I’m afraid eventually it will fall apart.

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Tung Twista - Mista Tung Twista (Music Video)


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