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Style and fashion are important when you want to follow the current trends. Vantablack, being the darkest fabric available, is sought after for its eye-catching nature. If you want to stand out from the crowd, vantablack clothing is the way to go. But where can you buy vantablack clothing?

Used for satellites and science equipment, Vantablack hasn’t yet hit the clothing market. A forest of carbon nanotubes makes up vantablack. It withstands shocks and vibrations and is perfect for rough rides. But, human touch can cause damage. Due to this, vantablack isn’t usable in clothing.

If you wonder why you can’t find vantablack fabric, this article will tell you. Keep reading to learn more about the intrigue of vantablack, its uses, and why you can’t find it in clothing.

Vantablack Fabric

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What Is Vantablack Fabric?

Vantablack fabric is a man-made substance developed for use by the military and the space industry. Designed by a British firm, Surrey NanoSystems, it is a material that absorbs 99.9% of all the light that hits it. This makes it the blackest black ever invented. But it’s not actually a color. Technically, it isn’t a fabric either.

It’s a coating that can be added to practically any surface. Like the outside of space rockets or the inside of telescopes. Any surface that requires protection from shocks or vibration is a good candidate for a vantablack coating. So too, is any surface that needs to eliminate the amount of light reaching it.

The coating sucks up so much light it makes everything look totally flat. Items are shapeless and have the appearance of the darkest black color you’ve ever seen. Or not seen because it’s not a color. Think of it as more of an optical illusion.

Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays-black, or vantablack for short, is not a paint or a pigment. Nor is it any kind of dye. It’s formed rather than made. Grown in a laboratory, the coating is a series of tiny, densely packed carbon nanotubes that have no mass. Meaning the coating is mostly fresh air.

Because of this, the material is highly sensitive to touch. One stroke from a human hand can crush the little nanotubes, rendering them and the light absorption qualities useless. This is one of the reasons the substance is not available for use in clothing. Simply putting a garment on would destroy the nanotubes.

The process of making vantablack is complicated and involves chemicals and intense heat. Heavily patented, it’s a process that can only be used by the developers, Surrey NanoSystems.

What Is Vantablack Fabric Used For?

Even though vantablack is an awesome material, it has very limited uses. The best applications for the substance are ones that require light reduction and protection from shocks and vibration.

Infrared cameras, sensors, and the inside of telescopes are particularly suited to a vantablack coating. These items all work better in limited light.

The carbon nanotubes are incredibly resilient to shocks and vibrations. Making vantablack an excellent product for use on the outside of spacecraft. It protects rockets from the bumpy, jolting effects of leaving and re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

Satellites and science equipment are what the product was designed for. In fact, at the current time, the substance can only be used for astronomical and scientific purposes. No commercial use has been approved. Vantablack cannot be purchased by companies, designers, artists, or the general public.

Vantablack Clothing

The types of clothes you could make with vantablack are endless. Shirts, dresses, jackets, morphsuits, hoodies, they would all look simply fantastic. Even the coolest black-out curtains would look impressive.

Just imagine how cool a morphsuit would look in the blackest of all black fabrics. There is a very good reason why morphsuits are made out of spandex. You need to be able to move in it. Movement in all garments is pretty important for humans. It’s not so great for the nanotubes.

Unfortunately, as soon as you lift the garment to put it on or hang the curtains to frame your window, you’d crush the tiny little nanotubes that make up the material. They would fall off the surface of the item they were grown on. Leaving a drab, colorless, and boring fabric.

Surrey NanoSystems may be looking into the potential for developing vantablack technology for the clothing industry. At the current time, a vantablack morphsuit is an impossible and expensive pipedream.

Vantablack clothing in any form is not possible. Any clothing advertised as vantablack is more likely to be one of the substitutes or alternatives we’ll be looking at later in the article.

Can You Buy Vantablack Clothes?

At the moment, making clothing out of vantablack fabric is neither economical nor possible. There are a couple of reasons why it’s likely to be a long time before this fabric is a clothing staple.

The first reason, although the fabric is strong enough to endure trips out to space on the surface of a rocket, can’t survive the weight of a human hand. Micro nanotubes making up the smooth surface of the fabric can be damaged beyond repair by even the lightest touch.

They are so small and tiny, the slightest pressure will cause them to collapse. That could make your exquisite, totally black gown look a little deflated. Ruining the overall effect of the fabric. The delicate nature of the nanotubes makes this an unsuitable fabric for clothing.

Another reason is the owners of the vantablack technology and who they allow to use it. Vantablack was developed by a British company called Surrey NanoSystems. Although they have been approached by watchmakers, carmakers, designers, and artists, they have given the exclusive right to use vantablack to just one person. A sculptor called Sir Anish Kapoor.

Specializing in conceptual and visual arts, Kapoor has prevented vantablack from being used commercially. It is not available for purchase by any other company or designer. With only Kapoor able to use the fabric, the price tag for both the material and items made from it remains high. Much too high for most people to afford.

Is Vantablack Toxic?

Nanotechnology is still a relatively new science. As vantablack is nanotube-based, there is some confusion over whether it is harmful to humans. A study carried out in the UK back in 2008 found the tiny little nanotubes used in vantablack could cause harm to mice.

The vantablack they tested was the type used to coat items designed for use in space and optical instruments. Not expected to come into contact with humans, the slight risk of harm from the substance was thought to be too small to be a worry.

There is another form of vantablack. It’s called vantablack S-Vis. A slightly different coating is expected to be used in areas where the chances of human contact are high. The jury is still out on whether this second kind of vantablack is as toxic as the space-based option.

The truth is, the chemicals involved in the production of both vantablack substances could cause irritation to the skin. They could also be responsible for lung and eye problems.

Looking at too much vantablack fabric for too long could cause a similar condition to snow-blindness. Sensory deprivation symptoms may be short-lived, but no one really knows for sure the level of damage that could be caused to retinas or the optic nerve.

How Much Does Vantablack Cost?

Vantablack fabric isn’t made in the same way as most fabrics through weaving or knitting. It’s not material as such, it’s more of a coating made up of micro nanotubes. These nanotubes and the technology behind them belong to Surrey NanoSystems. They can only be grown in Surrey NanoSystems’ laboratories.

Processing the coating is complicated and involves different substances and intense heat. Applying the nanotubes to a surface can take days. The lengthy process of making and utilizing vantablack makes the substance expensive.

However, as the material is not readily available for commercial use, it’s hard to put an exact cost to it. Estimates from Surrey NanoSystems have indicated the price per ounce could be far higher than either diamonds or gold.

What Are Some Vantablack Alternatives?

VBx1 & VBx2

These are two coatings designed by Surrey NanoSystems with artists in mind. Not harmful to health and a lot easier to apply, they can be used by anyone after approval by the company.

Each version is slightly different. VBx1 can only be used on products that are compatible with a vacuum process of application. VBx2 is applied by specialist painting contractors with a spray gun. Both versions require the artwork to be sent to Surrey NanoSystems for the coating to be added.

Black 3.0

Unlike Vantablack, this product is paint. It can absorb about 98% of light so is less dark than vantablack. Although the difference is minuscule to a human eye. Less expensive and easier to produce, this product is available for anyone to use. Well, almost everyone.

Developed by Stuart Semple as an affordable alternative to vantablack, the one person in the world not allowed to purchase Black 3.0 is, Sir Anish Kapoor. It was his exclusive deal with Surrey NanoSystems that encouraged Semple to come up with Black 3.0.

Easy to apply with a paintbrush, this option is cost-effective for both artists and fashion designers. Making this the product most likely to be used in clothing.

S139 Suede black

Another paintable coating designed by a company called Nextel, this product can be used to make a matt surface with the texture of suede. It has a non-glare surface reminiscent of vantablack.

However, this product doesn’t have the same light-absorbing qualities. It’s mainly used on switchboards, optical instruments, and surfaces.


Nanotechnology is still in the early stages. It’s unlikely vantablack will be in retail stores anytime soon. In the meantime, try the vantablack alternative, Black 3.0 in your projects. You’ll get a similar result for less cost and hassle.

Let me know in the comments if you liked the article. Have you seen any vantablack sculptors or art installations? Are you going to give Black 3.0 a try in your next project?


Vantablack Fabric: Can You Buy Vantablack Clothes?

Not all interesting colors can be purchased.There will be times where you will see a color that just attracts your complete attention. Then you find out you can’t purchase it. There are always different and valid reasons why you can’t purchase the colors that attract you.

Can you buy Vantablack clothes?There may be versions that have conquered the challenges that keep people from buying this fabric or color. Someone has said that Vanatablack 3.0 is one of those versions but that remains to be seen. Also, it may not be used in clothing yet.

To learn more about Vantablack clothing just continue to read our article. It goes into the subject to make sure you have the answers to some of your questions about this color and use.

Can You Buy Vantablack Clothes?


Right now the word on the street is no you can’t. It is not that this is an expensive color or material to buy nor is it because it can’t be used in clothing. The reason you can’t buy it is because of a selfish temperamental artist.

Unless things have changed, the artist named Anish Kapoor is the reason you cannot find this color added to any clothing that you can purchase. For some reason, he was able to purchase or maintain exclusive rights to this color and he ha snot allowed any commercial use of Vantablack

The color is used in scientific and astronomical experiments and equipment but that is as far as the permissions go. That may not be as selfish as one would think as Mr. Kapoor is keeping people from having skin and other health issues that come with this color.

Is Vantablack Illegal?

As far as we have been able to find out it is not illegal in a courtroom or criminal situation. People may get sued if they use it because they would be violating those exclusive rights held by that artist.

Unless he gives specific permission for you to use the color in your clothing or on your car, on your walls etc., you have no legal right to use it. It is more of a civil issue than a criminal one.

You can blame the creator or manufacturer, Surrey NanoSystems, for this problem as they felt that they could not produce enough of this color for a wider application. So they gave Mr. Kapoor exclusive rights because he is known for working with voids.

It is possible to get similar versions of this color called VBx1 & VBx2 as they are solvent-based colors and not carbon nanotube-based colors.

Can Vantablack kill You?


It is not a poison in the sense common and well-known poisons can kill you. But because of the ingredients involved, you may experience some skin issues as well as lung and eye problems.

But that is par for the course when you are using harsh chemicals to make everyday items. These chemicals are not as safe as experts will tell you and depending on your health and skin type, chemicals are something you should avoid.

In the long run, you may experience a loss of life but that may take years not minutes. That means no it can’t kill you unless you do something stupid with this color. You may become sensory deprived if you stay in a room painted with this color as it absorbs light and does not reflect it.

How Expensive is Vantablack?

This is something that is hard to measure because the color isn't available for commercial use or sale. There is a watchmaker claiming they are using Vantablack on a limited edition, 50 watches, of timepieces, and those watches cost about $75,000 or $95,000 depending on the story you read.

For clothing, it is not available right now and while the Surrey company is experimenting with using this color on fabrics, they have said it will be a long time before you see dresses made with Vantablack.

The reason for the delay is that Vantablack is not a paint, not a pigment but a coating of nanotubes. It is not a dye either. So far BMW is the only car company to make a car using this color and it is expected to be a one-time experiment.

The ‘paint’ would cost too much and it is not sure if it can handle the rigors of daily road conditions as well as other reasons.

Vantablack Dress


This might be an item you can put on your bucket list. Buy one dress made with this ‘color’. Right now the last word we have seen is that the company that owns the rights to this ‘color’ is not producing a version for clothing.

They have said it will take years before they get close to using it and even then they are not sure how practical it will be as a fabric color. Remember Vantablack is made with nanotubes and it is not a dye, pigment, or paint.

The applications for Vantablack are very limited and were designed for very special scientific and technological uses. Those uses include absorbing light that interferes with seeing solar flares, star light, and so on.

Vantablack Costume

Number one, do not believe the hype. If someone has created a YouTube video saying Vantablack is being used on costumes, etc., do not believe them. The exclusive rights granted to that artist do not allow for such use at this time.

Number two, the company has not perfected this chemical for use in fabrics. That word comes from a 2016 article as well as articles written in the past few months. Part of the problem is the rights issue and it seems some watchmakers have been able to secure limited use rights to put the color in their watch models.

There has been no up to date word if the company has succeeded in transferring this ‘color’ and make it a practical color option for clothing.

Vantablack Fabric


To read about this material you would think it is some kind of superman like fabric. It is sensitive to touch but yet strong enough to withstand shock and vibration. Also, it is made mostly from air as the carbon nanotubes have no mass.

That means this color or material is perfect for those items that have to endure a bumpy ride. Like space ships do. After all, this material was created to be used in super technical industries like telescopes, space equipment, and so on.

The presence of those limited series watches tells you that the company is working on making this material practical for everyday use. But that objective is still in the research and development stage.

There may be other applications but the car industry does not seem to be one of them at this time.

Black 3.0 Clothing

To make sure there is no confusion, this is not Vantablack. It is a different type of ‘color’ made by a different company altogether. It is called the blackest paint in the world because it is, unlike Vantablack, actual paint or pigment.

Also, since it is not made from the same materials as Vantablack it does not fall under the exclusive rights contract Mr. Kapoor has with that Surrey firm. What Black 3.0 is when you look at it, is an acrylic pigment that absorbs light.

Plus, it works on almost any surface you want to paint and is applied by a brush. One funny aspect about this paint is that the makers have said, right in their advertising, that it is not available for Mr. Kapoor.

While it may be the blackest paint around, it can still be thinned with water.

Vantablack Alternative


There seem to be several alternatives to Vantablack. We have mentioned three already and those three are not expensive, not under the exclusive rights deal, and can be found in a lot of retail and online stores.

VBx1 & VBx2 are two of those 3 alternatives and Black 3.0 is the third. Another alternative is S139 Suede black made by Nextel/ Mankiewicz but it is not actually that close to Vantablack.

The problem with going for alternatives is that government laws may interfere with their retail or commercial purchases. You would have to check the laws to see if you can import those alternatives as well as sell them.

It is called dual-use and it can be tricky to navigate those rules.

Some Final Words

While it has its application and is a real material, do not expect Vantablack to grace your fabric store’s shelves any time soon. Even if it does, you may not be able to afford it.

Right now just be content with the alternatives you can buy and are available now. Black is black and all variations are good to use.

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Vantablack may be a term that you have heard when it comes to creating the darkest tone possible. It was once heralded as the densest material around. Understandably, this piqued the interest of artists and designers who are on the hunt for the best “new black”. But, what does this actually mean and could this allow for Vantablack clothing?

Can you buy Vantablack clothing?

Sorry to burst the bubble so soon, but no. The properties of the material, its applications, the costs, and the potential health risks all mean that Vantablack isn’t suitable. The military may get to wear something in the future but, civilians have little chance. This will be a disappointment to those that love the idea of the blackest tone possible. Let’s learn a little more about this material, why it is so problematic, and how designers at MIT have created something even darker since its conception.

What is Vantablack?

Simply put, Vantablack is a scientific breakthrough that was once the most truly black tone to exist in the world. Any garments somehow made with Vantablack could be the darkest in the world. This nanofabric was created by a nanotech company in the UK. It is a very strange material that is unlike other synthetic options as it is grown with countless carbon nanotubes. The thinness of the tube – 10,000 times smaller than a strand of hair – allows for a very dense material that blocks out light.

As a result, you end up with one of the darkest black materials currently in existence. We will look at the competition a little later. Vantablack has potential applications in engineering and manufacture where the small carbon fibers can create a thin dense layer of black that is incredibly striking. Therefore, it is no surprise there are questions about bringing this into the world of fashion.

Why do so many people want Vantablack clothing?

A lot of the appeal of Vantablack material comes down to that idea of the classic little black dress. This has been a staple of women’s wardrobes for decades and even if the lengths and styles have altered with time, the color has remained the same. Therefore, the idea of bringing an even darker, more striking black tone to the dress is intriguing. There is, however, the warning that the extreme darkness and dense tone of the black material would make the wearer look a little more two-dimensional. Whether or not that would be flattering depends on your figure and the purpose of the dress. Perhaps it might make a good impression on the catwalk or a movie premiere. A brunch date in town, not so much.

Can you make Vantablack clothing?

The biggest obstacle here is the way that the material is produced. Vantablack grows on a surface, rather than being grown synthetically in a lab and then applied to another material. Therefore, you can grow Vantablack coating onto metal, creating coatings for vehicles and other applications. This is a problem for creating wearable items with Vantablack. Potentially, you could grow the material onto body armor and use it in a military capacity. But, there isn’t much room for the process in dressmaking. You aren’t going to be able to grow this onto a piece of fabric, fit it to a model, and then stitch it all together. It is unclear just how you would create a Vantablack little black dress. But, that doesn’t mean that engineers and designers won’t collaborate and try this out in the future.

Or course, the other issue to contend with here would be the cost. This is such a ground-breaking piece of engineering that even if you were to get hold of the means to grow Vantablack on a suitable material, it would cost a fortune.

Is Vantablack even the blackest option anymore?

No. This where the desire for Vantablack clothing may decline a little. As with any new technology or innovation, there is always someone out there trying to go a little further or make something a little better. Engineers in MIT did just that to try and improve the oxidization risk of the material used by their British counterparts. In doing so, they also happened to make it even darker.

Vantablack was the darkest option for a time, absorbing 99.96% of any light it is exposed to. To the untrained eye, that may as well be 100%. However, that did mean that there was 0.4% of the light that wasn’t absorbed, and therefore room for improvement. In came the MIT team who created their own material that brought the light absorption level to 99.995%.

Could either of these materials make it into mainstream clothing brands in the future?

If we can’t buy Vantablack fabric and start making our own super-black creations at home, perhaps we might be able to buy them in the future? Well, I don’t recommend getting your hopes up on that one as there is one final issue to consider. There are still health concerns.

Vantablack isn’t a material like we are used too. You don’t have a standard weave of fibers creating a strong fabric that you can then manipulate and wear as much as you like. Even synthetic plastic materials mimic the properties of natural materials and are relatively safe. Here, you have a completely different structure of tiny carbon nanofibers that could break off when damaged. This raises the question of what happens if the tiny particles get into our eyes or our lungs. There are concerns about the material being carcinogenic.

Don’t expect to be able to use Vantablack or its cousins any time soon.

In short, we can’t start getting carried away about the potential of Vantablack fabric when buying or making clothes. We have to remember that this is unusual carbon material with properties, unlike any standard material. It isn’t designed for traditional clothing and there is still a lot to learn about its properties. For now, we can simply marvel at the tech and the density of the tone creating.

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