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Oelwein City Park


69 acres located on the south edge of Oelwein, this park contains a 55-acre lake named Lake Oelwein. Modern playground equipment has been installed in several areas within the park.

The park also offers picnic shelters with tables, open play areas, tennis courts, sand volleyball, horseshoe courts, and restroom facilities. Campground facilities include 30 modern RV sites, primitive campsites, private shower facilities, dump station, and public boat access to the lake. For more information, call City Hall at 283-5440.

Orville Christophel Appreciation Park









A 1-acre park located at 1st Avenue and 1st Street SW, also known as Orville Christophel Memorial or Log Cabin Park.

The park offers the historical monument from days of yore, plus picnic tables, benches, and parking for downtown shopping.



Levin Park

2 acres located at 4th Avenue and 4-1/2 Street SW, this park offers picnic tables, an open play field, and is bordered by a natural wooded environment. The bike/skateboard/walking trail accesses it to the west.


Platt Park

16 acres located at 7th Street and 7th Avenue SE, this park offers 1.25 miles of foot paths, picnic shelters and tables, as well as playground equipment, a horseshoe court, restrooms, and large playfield. This park is the home of a Gazebo, Handicap Covered Shelter and "Trail of Dreams" created by Oelwein Care Center. 


Red Gate Park  









24 acres located on West Charles Street, this park offers a large wooded area as well as picnic facilities, playground equipment, tennis court, horseshoe courts restrooms and Bocce Ball courts. 



Reidy Park

3 acres located at 2nd Street and Hillside Drive SE, this park offers a basketball court, playground equipment, picnic facilities, new and improved tennis courts, and playground equipment installed by the Kids Playground Fund.


Sports Complex

32 acres located on 20th Street SE, this park offers soccer fields, softball fields, and baseball fields. The complex is restricted in use for league play only at this time. Modern restrooms, concessions stand, and drinking fountains are available.


Walter P. Chrysler Park

2 acres located at North Frederick and 2nd Street NE, originally two small parks referred to as "Twin Parks" and "Gazebo Park". Dedicated to Walter P. Chrysler, who once resided in Oelwein, the park to the east offers a gazebo with picnic facilities, water fountain, flower gardens, and a planting of Thunderchild Flowering Crabapple Trees, received through an Arbor Day Challenge Grant and Oelwein Trees Forever. The second park holds the Korean and Vietnam Veterans Memorials, donated by the McNamara family in 1998.

Wings Park

24 acres located at 4th Street and 5th Avenue NE, Wings Park is the home of the Oelwein Family Aquatics Center adjacent to a skate park, picnic shelters with tables, tennis courts, 3 softball fields, basketball court, horseshoe courts, playground equipment and restrooms. 


Plaza Park

Oelwein's newest park is located on West Charles Street in downtown Oelwein. Developed in 2015, the park is home to a 18'x32' band shelter, picnic tables and grassy area. The park is home to many of the Oelwein Chamber & Area Development events such as Party in the Park, Fall Fling and Olde Tyme Christmas, as well as the annual United Way Dance and more! Located next to the Oelwein Community Plaza.

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Family Aquatics Center

Oelwein's Aquatic Park with its large swimming pool, water slide, fountains, lap lanes, wading pool, and diving boards, offers great summer fun for Oelwein families. Swimming lessons and aqua aerobic classes are available. It's a cool place to be an a hot summer day! Phone 319-238-8160 (summer) for more info, or 283-5440 all year.

Hours of Operation

Oelwein's swimming pool will be closed for the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See you next summer! 
Sours: https://www.oelwein.com/attractions/oelwein-parks.html

Carrico Aquatic Resources, Oelwein IA


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Street Department, 107 E Railroad St, West Union, IA (20.31 miles) Phone (563) 422-3449

Kwik Trip, 341 S State St, Denver, IA (22.10 miles) Phone (319) 984-5242

Public Works Building, 425 W Fayette St, Denver, IA (22.54 miles) Phone (319) 984-9251

Road Ranger, 100 Plaza Dr, Elk Run Heights, IA (22.70 miles) Phone (815) 315-0271

Junie's Restaurant, 100 Plaza Dr, Elk Run Heights, IA (22.70 miles) Phone (319) 833-8021

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  • Shazam Atm, 201 S Frederick Ave, Oelwein, IA

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Sours: https://www.openingtimes.co/carrico-aquatic-resources-oelwein-ia
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Oelwein Family Aquatic Center

Facility Rules

Pool Rules

  The following rules have been set up to ensure a safe, healthy and pleasant experience for all patrons. Please obey the following rules and treat the staff with respect. Those people that cannot follow and adhere to this established set of rules will be asked to leave and may be subject to loss of future swimming privileges. 

Admission Rules

1. Everyone must pay admission to enter the pool premises whether or not you actually get into the pool, i.e.: supervising young children or sun bathing.
2. Children six (6) years and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult (14 or older). Infants and toddlers who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.
3. The Oelwein Family Aquatic Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

4. Stealing, fighting, abusive/inappropriate language, entering the facility without paying and any other  related actions will not be tolerated and will receive punishment by law enforcement.

5. The Oelwein Family Aquatic Center is a Smoke-Free & Tobacco-Free campus. NO one will be allowed to smoke (including vapes) while on the facility.

Bathhouse Rules

1. All patrons must take a shower before entering pool.
2. Please use the toilet facilities before entering the pool.
3. Any person who is supervising a child 6 years and under, and anyone using the pool area must be  

wearing a swimsuit.
4. NO cutoffs, street clothes, aqua socks or street shoes in the pool.
5. NO food, candy, drinks or glass containers in pool area.
6. Persons with infection, open sores, cuts, a cold, or other communicable disease will not be admitted.

7. A family restroom is available for immediate family members only. Please ask a manager to unlock  

this facility.

8. NO cell phone usage allowed in the locker rooms.

9. Lockers are not for overnight use.

Slide Rules

1. Users must wait for guard’s permission before going down the slide. 

2. Riders must be at least 48” tall to ride.

3. Only one person may go at a time.

4. The Water Slide must be ridden feet first lying on your back or in a sitting position.

5. Only two persons are allowed on the top platform, four on the second platform, and the others must  wait in line at the bottom.

6. User must exit plunge pool promptly after entering the splash down area. 

7. Swimwear must be free of all exposed metal such as rivets, buckles, snaps, zippers, and pockets must  be empty. 

8. Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of slide and failure to follow posted rules or staff  instructions. 

9. No glasses, sunglasses, goggles, or other foreign objects may be worn down the slides. 

10. Life jackets may NOT be worn down the slides. 

11. No running up or down steps. 

12. 300 lb. weight limit per person. 

13. Stopping in flume is prohibited. 

14. Catching at the bottom of the slide is NOT allowed. 

15. Riders must face forward when going down the slide.

16. For safety reasons, pregnant women and persons with heart conditions or back trouble should not ride this slide.

Pool Rules

1. No diving during public swim except off the diving boards.
2. NO Running on the deck. NO horseplay, including dunking, pushing, shoving, throwing, splashing,  

and horseback or shoulder rides allowed.

3. Artificial swim aids and flotation devices will not be permitted.  This includes lifejackets, water wings, those built into swimsuit, beach balls, and noodles.
4. For your safety, no food, alcoholic beverages, smoking, glass containers, full face goggles or any other type of glass allowed in the facility.
5. Talking to lifeguards is not permitted unless it is official business or an emergency.
6. No spitting, urinating, blowing the nose or spouting while in the pool.
7. Do not hang on the safety ropes.
8. Face pool while jumping from edge. Jumping in, backwards flips and gymnastic stunts are not allowed. Must jump in feet first.
9. Lap swimming in lap lane only. No children allowed in pool area during the morning and noon lap  

10. No squirt guns allowed in pool or grass area.
11. No footballs, soccer balls, Frisbees or skateboards in pool or grass area.

12. Everyone must obey the established pool rules and any lifeguard's interpretation of these rules. 

13. Disobeying these rules may lead to temporary and/or permanent suspension to the Oelwein Family Aquatic Center.

Diving Rules

1. Children must show the ability to swim 25 yards of the front crawl in good form before being allowed  to using the diving boards without direct supervision by a responsible adult (one 14 years or  older.)

2. One person on the board at any one time. The next person waits on the deck until the person ahead is safely on the way to the ladder.
3. Only one bounce before a dive.
4. Dive straight off the board, swim directly to the closest ladder following a dive.
5. No swimming under the boards.
6. Potentially dangerous diving is prohibited. This includes: cartwheels, hanging from the boards, cut a ways, dropping on the buttocks, inwards dives, and any other dive the staff views as potentially  

dangerous to an individual.
7. No diving from the side of the pool in the diving well.
8. No one is allowed to catch a person going off the board.
9. No items may be thrown from the boards into the pool.

Sours: https://oelwein.fun/aquatics
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