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mDesign Modern Kitchen Sink Strainer, Drain Cover for Standard Kitchen Sinks, Double Farmhouse Sinks, Utility Sinks - Flexible Base Traps Debris, Wide Metal Rim, 4" Round - 2 Pack - Bronze

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Kitchen Sink Basket Strainer Drain with Post Style Basket in Stainless Steel

Kitchen drains have never looked so good! The 3.5" basket strainer kitchen drain from Sinkology is designed and manufactured for easy installation and durability. Solid stainless steel construction makes this drain blend seamlessly into your kitchen, and the removable post-style basket is simple to clean. Our basket strainer drain coordinates perfectly with a variety of kitchen sinks, including stainless steel, composite granite, and farmhouse style. Sinkology products are built to last a lifetime, and our drain comes with our exclusive Everyday Promise lifetime guarantee.

  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 2.5"
  • Drain size: 3.5"
  • Easy to install
  • Fits most kitchen sink drain holes
  • Removable post style basket strainer can be used to hold water and is easy to clean
  • Durable stainless steel coordinates beautifully with stainless steel, composite granite and fireclay kitchen sinks
  • Protected by our Sinkology Everyday Promise Lifetime Warranty
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Where to find oversize sink drains and strainers for a farmhouse sink

Several readers have asked: Where can they find oversized kitchen sink drains and baskets for their vintage kitchen sinks? Seems like today’s standard for the opening to the kitchen drain is 3.5 inches. But back in the day, drain openings seem to have been as wide as 5.5 inches. Where to find parts? I find some answers — but maybe the community can help find even more?! 

This issue came to my attention when in a comment on my mega research about Farmhouse Drainboard Sinks, Jennifer wrote:


We need to find a sink basket for a vintage sink that has a 5-inch drain opening? Does anyone know can we purchase one? Thank you!!!


Where to find an oversize drain for a kitchen sink

My first, go-to place for questions like this is And indeed, they have had a special fitting for an oversized kitchen drain specially made:

Here’s what they say about their Oversize Kitchen Sink Drain — which gets ya to 5.5 inches.

So, you bought an antique sideboard sink, had it refinished, built your kitchen around it, and the plumber says “There’s no drain that fits this sink”.  We have a solution!  We are machining a ring and backing plate that our regular kitchen sink drain will sit into, but gives you a OD of 5 1/2”.  The ring “floats” so all you have to do is seal it with a bit of plumber’s putty when installing.  Two finishes available.  Sorry, we still have no provision for a garbage disposal.  Supplied with complete drain and 4” tailpiece.

Golly, I LOVE deabath. They are so retro geeky about their hardware! From childhood on, I have always been happiest in a… hardware store.

Okay. Anyway. Another reader, James, popped up in the comment thread, balking a bit at the price. He said:

I’m having the same trouble :(. Luckily, I have the drain, I just don’t have a basket to fit it. My plumber suggested I change the whole thing, but I can’t find a replacement. That option is, indeed, hella expensive. I’m not sure I can justify that :(.

Please note, I permit balking at prices here on the blog. But not much more. That’s because: Machining parts is no small deal; running a business is no small deal; and running these niche businesses can be a very good way to: lose money. Heck, I lost money trying to sell TEE SHIRTS. 

Okay. So I did some more research. Is there any cheaper way? Try these links, maybe something will fit, heck if I know:

Other thoughts: If you are starting with a vintage kitchen sink: DO NOT THROW OUT the drain and drain pieces! They may be: Golden!

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