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Motor oil for NISSAN 370Z 3.7

Why it is important for the correct engine oil NISSAN 370Z 3.7?

The correct engine oil is important for proper performance, so i and a long durability and reliability of the car.
The correct oil namely ensures smooth running of the engine. Oil creates between the mechanical parts of the layer and so prevents the parts to each other directly to spawn and opotřebovávali and protects the engine.
In addition, the oil keeps the vehicle engine NISSAN 370Z 3.7 from dirt and oxidation. Just depends on oil. Oil is produced in different viskozitách. Viscosity is a measure of the internal friction. What is the oil heat, this is the internal friction of the higher rate. For comparison-such as honey has a higher viscosity than water. Viscosity directly depends on the ambient and indoor temperatures and must correspond to a specific engine. The viscosity of the oil to find out directly from the designation. Oils are referred to as 5W-30. The first number indicates the viscosity of a cold, which indicates the following letter(W=WINTER).The first number is lower, the oil less viscous. Lower viscosity cold helps the engines better start in cold environments, because it creates less resistance. The second number indicates the viscosity at high temperatures. This, again, must meet the requirements of your engine.

Mineral and synthetic oils are suitable for NISSAN 370Z 3.7?

There are mineral, partially synthetic and fully synthetic oil. Mineral oils are made from crude oil, which is industrially processed and deprived of impurities and unwanted components such as waxes. Synthetic oils are made more complex chemical process that ensures their purity. Because synthetic oil better protects the engine, particularly when starting, when parts are most stressed. They are also more resistant to heat and are better protected against oxidation. When you move from the nesyntetického to the synthetic oil is, however, in older cars must consider the condition of the engine-synthetic oil better dissolves and can lead to a blockage of the oil filter and Lube the channels and by seizing the engine. Servisovanému the car regularly, which comply with the intervals of the exchange of oil and filters, and use high quality oils, however, there is no such risk.

Especificaciones de NISSAN 370Z 3.7
Pneus pour NISSAN 370Z 3.7Sours: https://www.whichoil.info/nissan/370z-3-7

Nissan 370Z Oil Change Guide

One of the most critical aspects of Nissan 370Z ownership and maintenance is routine and proper changing of your oil. The VQ37VHR engine, while known for being quite reliable, needs regular oil changes like any other car. Fortunately, this is something you can do yourself as opposed to taking it to the shop to get done. This guide will serve as a reference for engine oil type, weight, proper filter, oil change procedure, and more.

Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links, meaning I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you click on the link and make a purchase. I only recommend products I’ve used and trust unless stated otherwise. 


Lubrication Intervals

It is generally recommended that for the Nissan 370Z, you should change your oil and filter every 3,750 miles or every 6 months, whichever comes first. If the 370Z is put away for the winter it is always recommended that you change the oil and filter as part of your spring maintenance as you bring the car out of hibernation. Additionally, it is a great idea to regularly check the oil and to top off the oil if you notice the oil-line on the dipstick getting close to the ‘low’ indicator.


Oil Type and Brand

For the 370Z, there is very little question of what brand of oil you should choose, as Nissan produces their own brand of ‘Ester’ oil that they recommend you always use to change the oil on any year 370Z. With lots of older vehicles, such as the 240Z, there is a ton of debate of what exact brand of oil you should buy. Car enthusiasts argue over whether you should purchase synthetic oil and if so, what synthetic additives it should have, and on and on. The benefit of this Nissan Ester oil is that you know for sure that you are making the perfect choice for your engine — this is the exact same oil the vehicle came from the factory with. You’ll need 6 quarts of Nissan Ester oil. I recommend 6 quarts, as you will be filling 5 1/8 quarts and you will have some left over to top off with.



Filter Type

The 370Z features a cartridge-type oil filter as opposed to a permanent housing setup for the filter. Our primary recommendation for which filter to use is a Nissan Genuine OEM oil filter, part number 15208-65F0E. We sell this part on the ZCarGuide store.

Another important note here is that you should stay away from FRAM oil filters! FRAM filters are cheap, but naturally this means that the actual build quality is cheap. I normally try to stick to only recommending products I believe in, but I have heard too many horror stories of FRAM filters breaking up and becoming adding contaminants instead of capturing them! I have heard of more than one occasion where the paper inside of a FRAM filter came loose and caused havoc inside the engine by going straight for the camshaft. While it may be tempting due to the cheap price point, I recommend you steer clear of FRAM filters.


Oil Capacity

The Nissan 370Z’s VQ37VHR engine has an oil capacity of approximately 5.125 quarts, or 4.9 liters.


Oil Change Process

  1. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to heat up the oil. This is helpful because it will allow the oil to flow more freely so you can accomplish a more “complete” oil change.
  2. Jack the 370Z up using a jack and suspend it in the air with a set of jack stands. If you do not have one, I’d recommend you purchase one for routine maintenance. Another great (possibly better) option is a set of ramps which allow you to just drive up and do jobs like this much quicker and easier.
  3. Remove all the bolts holding up the front beauty shield underneath the front end of the car. This gives you access to the underside of the oil pan and the drain bolt, which is located on the passenger side of the oil pan.
  4. Line up your oil catch pan and remove the plug. Be careful of hot oil and do your best to catch the plug and crush washer before the oil starts pouring out. If you miss it, don’t worry — it happens to the best of us! Just be careful when retrieving the plug and washer from the pan of hot oil.
  5. To remove the old oil filter, simply unscrew it off. If you cannot quite get it by hand, you will need to use a set of oil-filter pliers. If the filter has been over-tightened and cannot be unscrewed by hand or with a set of filter pliers, you can drive a long punch through it and use it as a handle to unscrew the filter.
  6. With the filter removed, take out the oil cap to improve the flow of old oil out of the engine. Simply wait a few minutes for the oil to drain fully.
  7. Clean old oil off the mating surface where the old oil filter attached to the engine.
  8. Take your new Nissan OEM oil filter, and smear a few drops of new oil around the outer ring of the new filter. This allows the filter to make a better seal, and makes it a bit easier when you have to change the oil again next time.
  9. Torque the oil filter down to 15 ft./lbs., or if you don’t mind being a bit less precise, take it 3/4 of a turn past snug.
  10. Reinsert the drain plug with the new drain plug washer. Torque it down to 22 ft./lbs.
  11. Lower the car, or reverse away from your ramps.
  12. Pour 5 quarts of oil in.
  13. Run the engine for a few minutes and check the oil level. You may need to add a bit more to get it to read between ‘low’ and ‘high’ on the dipstick. Note: make sure you’re on a level surface!
  14. If you are able to get a good reading on engine oil, don’t forget to reattach the beauty shield before driving again.
Sours: https://zcarguide.com/nissan-370z-oil-change-guide/
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It is always important to make sure that you carry out regular servicing on your 370Z and to make sure that it is topped up with a good quality oil. Failure to do so can reduce the life of the engine inside your Nissan 370Z and in some cases total engine failure may even occur.

In this quick guide we have put together some information on when to change the oil and oil filter in a Nissan 370Z, along with which oil and oil filter to use. Additionally, we have included some other oil related questions as well.

What Is the Correct Engine Oil Weight for a Nissan 370Z

In the section below we have put together some information on how the oil classifications system works and what all the different numbers/characters mean for your Nissan 370Z.

The letter/number combo at the front of the “XW-XX” system indicates the viscosity of the oil at – 17.8 degrees Celsius (0 degrees Fahrenheit). A lower number means that the oil will thicken less in cooler temperatures.

The two numbers at the end (XX) indicate the viscosity of the oil at 100 degrees Celsius and represent the oil’s resistance to thinning at high temperatures.

If we look at a 5W-30 vs a 10W-30 oil, we find that the former will thicken less in cooler temperatures, but they should be roughly the same at operating temperatures. Alternatively, if we take a 5W-30 and compare it to a 5W-40 we find that the 5W-30 will thin out quicker at higher temperatures.

What this means for your Nissan 370Z is that an oil with a lower winter viscosity (XW) is probably better for colder operating temperatures or environments. For those of you who are located in a really hot environment, an oil with a higher viscosity at 100 degrees Celsius may be a better option. However, this is just generalising and there are a few other things to consider as well.

What Is the Best Engine Oil for a Nissan 370Z

It is recommended that you use a good quality 5W-30 engine oil for most driving conditions for a Nissan 370Z. Some owners like to use a 0W-30 oil for cooler starts, while a 5W-40 may be better if you live in a really hot climate or do regular spirited driving.

Both non-synthetic (dino) and synthetic oils will work, however, keep in mind that if you use a non-synthetic oil it will need to be changed more regularly. Nissan does recommend using their 5W-30 Ester oil in the owner’s manual, but many Nissan dealers and service centres, along with 370Z owners use different oils. This is largely down to the fact that Nissan Ester oil is very expensive to buy and it is not actually a real ester oil.

Our Recommendations for the Best Engine Oil for a Nissan 370Z

Below you can find some of our top recommended oils for a Nissan 370Z.

Red Line 5W-30 Full-Synthetic Ester Oil – Best Ester Oil

While Nissan does recommend their own ester oil, it is massively overpriced for the quality. A great alternative is Red Line’s Full-Synthetic 5W-30 Ester Oil that is designed to provide the highest protection, efficiency and performance.

Check it out here.

Amsoil 5W-30 Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil – Best for General Use

If you are looking for an excellent synthetic 5W-30 engine oil you really can’t go past Amsoil’s Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil. Amsoil is often regarded as one of, if not the best oil manufacturers on the market and their oils are engineered for maximum protection and performance.

Find out more here.

Castrol Edge Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-30 – Best for Cold Weather

If you are looking for more protection during cold weather starts you can’t go wrong with Castrol’s Edge Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-30 motor oil. Castrol oil is often used by German Nissan dealers and specialists, so it will be perfect for your 370Z. This oil is a little bit more difficult to find in stock, but it is worth it if you need better cold weather protection. Many owners also recommend a 0W-30 for general use, so this is a great alternative to the oils above.

Find out more here.

Mobil 1 0W-40 Full Synthetic Motor Oil – Best for Higher Temps

If you are looking for something that performs slightly better at higher temperatures, Mobil 1’s Advanced Full Synthetic 0W-40 is a great option. It meets and exceeds the latest OEM standards and is widely used in service centres all around the world. This oil not only provides excellent high temperature protection, but also low temperature protection as well.

Check it out here.

Oil Service Interval for Nissan 370Z

Different owners will change the oil at different mileages, but it is generally recommended that the oil be replaced every 6,000 km (3,750 miles) if non-synthetic oil is used. Good quality synthetic oils should be okay up to around 14,500 km (9,000 miles), but many owners like to change the oil much earlier than this at something like 12,000 km (7,500 miles) or even less.

In some cases, really enthusiastic owners will replace synthetic oils every 6,000 km (3,750 miles), but this is not really necessary. If you do not drive your 370Z much the oil should be replaced every 6 to 12 months regardless of mileage (closer to six if non-synthetic oils are used).

For those wondering if their Nissan 370Z can go a bit further between changes, we recommend that you send the old oil off to a laboratory where its condition can be assessed. The lab will then be able to tell you if you can go further between changes or if you need to make changes more frequent.

How Much Oil is Needed for a Nissan 370Z?

The VQ37 engine in the Nissan 370Z takes around 4.9-litres or 5 1/8 quarts. We recommend that you use this figure as a general guide and then use the dipstick to make sure that the level is correct. Add more if needed as running a 370Z with too little oil can cause major problems.

Best Oil Filter for a Nissan 370Z

If you are looking for the absolute best oil filter for your Nissan 370Z we recommend the Nismo 15208-RN011 oil filter. Another great option that is more readily available is the standard Nissan oil filter with the part number of 15208-65F0E. If you are looking for an aftermarket option, this one from Purolator should do the trick.

When Should the Oil Filter Be Changed on a 370Z

It is usually recommended that you change the oil filter in a Nissan 370Z with every oil change. Oil filters are cheap to purchase and overtime the filter material can break down.

For those who want to know more about common problems with the Nissan 370Z or those interested in buying one, check out our buyer’s guide here.

Sours: https://garagedreams.net/products/what-is-the-best-oil-oil-filter-for-a-nissan-370z
How to change NISSAN 370z oil!

Correct Motor Oil to use in my 370z?

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Automotive lubrication is probably the most overthought and pointlessly-argued subject on the internet.

Agreed. Any quality oil of the appropriate weight, changed on schedule and not subject to excessive heat, will be fine. Pick your preferred flavor, get an oil analysis, and if the numbers look right go on with your life.

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