New fade haircuts 2020

New fade haircuts 2020 DEFAULT

Fade haircuts are one of the most popular, versatile, and attractive haircuts for men, teenagers, and boys. They look great, are easy to style, and work for all guys.

Fade haircuts work for every hair type from thin to thick and straight to curly. For men with thick hair, fade haircuts lighten up hair and make styling easier. So how do they work for thin and even thinning hair? Ultra short hair on the sides makes the hair on top look thicker and fuller in contrast. This is true for guys with thick hair but also for men with fine, thin, and thinning hair. For wavy, curly, and kinky hair, fade haircuts keep the sides short and create a clean-cut hairline.

Hairstyles with fades can be anything you like. Hair can as short or long as you like, or anything in between. The buzz cut with a fade is a very popular hairstyle. On the other end of the spectrum, a sideburn and low fade adds a masculine finish to long hair. Fades also look great at every age and can extend the time between haircuts for boys and add for older men.

Taper vs. Fade – What’s The Difference?

Just like saying soda versus pop, barbering terms can vary between people and regions. Some people use the same word to mean different things or different words to mean the same thing. Sometimes the words taper and fade are used interchangeably.

If you ask us, they mean different things and the dictionary agrees. The dictionary definition of fade is to “gradually grow faint and disappear” while taper is defined as “to diminish or reduce in thickness toward one end”.

Fade haircuts usually use clippers to “fade away” hair from a short length to even shorter or the skin. Fades can also be cut with scissors but this results in a softer look instead of a crips, blurry fade. Taper haircuts are classic scissor cut men’s hairstyles with shorter hair at the sides and back.

Fade haircuts for men

To make sure you get exactly the cut you want, always show your barber or stylist a photo. Using words and even clipper guard numbers can result in miscommunication.

What Is A Fade Haircut?

Fade haircuts start short and disappear into a short stubble or skin. With an expert fade, this transition is a seamless gradient or blur. A popular version of the fade is the skin, bald, or zero fade that goes all the way down to the skin, as the name implies. Skin fades raise the hairline and create a new shape. Shadow fades go from short to shorter.

A fade can happen anywhere on the head. Some fades are small and confined to the sideburn, temple, or neckline. Mid and high fades are more substantial and cut hair short halfway up the head or all the way up to the hairline. Low fades cut hair short around the hairline.

Expert barbers and stylists customize the shape, size, and transition of a fade to your head and face shape.

Those are the words but fade haircuts are much better explained by pictures. Here are all the types of fade haircuts you can get.

Types Of Fade Haircuts

There are so many types of fade haircuts that you can get. In this guide, we cover all the most popular fade styles.

1. Low Fade Haircut

Low fade haircut


As the name implies, the low fade haircut starts down low on the head. Your barber and stylist can help you find the most flattering version but this one starts at the temple and dips down slightly behind the ear. This looks great with straight hair cut into trendy crops or timeless pomps but also is a cool addition to this cool haircut for curly hair.

2. Mid Fade Haircut

Mid fade haircut

Here’s a beautiful example of how a fade haircut focuses attention on the rest of hair and makes it look extra thick. This mid fade haircut goes very short at the edges but only down to the skin at the sideburns. Most mid fades drop down to allow some length around the crown though some follow a straighter line for a bold effect. This is a very cool short haircut for men that can take you from work to the gym to the club.

3. High Fade Haircut

High fade haircut

Sky Salon

As the name indicates, high fade haircuts start up high on the head. This fade is an extension of the line up, beginning above the temple. This type of fade haircut works really well for slicked back styles like this textured sweep back or pompadours.

4. Taper Fade Haircut

Taper fade haircut

Chris Jones

The taper fade haircut splits the difference between a scissor cut taper and a clipper cut fade. The result is in a clean cut finish that is slightly longer than a fade.

5. Short Hair Fade Haircut

Very short hair fade haircut


Fades can be added to any type or length of hair. For a stylish look that couldn’t be easier, try this high fade with a short textured crop. Work a little bit of a clay or other texture enhancing hair product through hair with fingers to style.

6. Medium Length Hair Fade Haircut

Medium length hair and fade

Josh O’meara-Patel

Textured styling and a shaved line add a modern update to this classic pompadour fade haircut. The contrast between dark hair and pale skin show off the blur of the fade and precise hair design.

7. Longer Hair Fade Haircut

Long hair with a cool high fade

Zach Ramsey

Fade haircuts work with longer men’s hair too. While man buns, braids and mohawks are an option for this cut, so is a longer slicked back look. This is a flattering look for all men but really works to elongate round face shapes.

8. Temp Fade Haircut

Temp fade haircut for curly hair

Junior Ortiz

Short for temple fade, temp fades are the smallest type of fade but still have plenty of impact. This mohawk fade is usually cut a burst fade behind the ear but this temp fade creates the same profile.

9. Bald Fade Haircut

Bald fade haircut

Sayyod Khayrullayev

The bald fade goes by many names, including the skin, razor and zero fade. It goes all the way down to the skin to create a new hairline whether it’s high, medium or low.

Skin Fade Haircut

Skin fade haircut

M15 Barbershop

This classic side part hairstyle with a low skin fade could be straight out of Boardwalk Empire. Get the look with Layrite Matte Cream Pomade and a comb.

Drop Fade Haircut

Drop fade haircut

Dylan Portner

The drop fade, you guessed it, drops down at the back of the head. Like other fades, the drop fade can be low, medium or high. This high drop fade haircut with a pomp hairstyle has a cool shape from the side and the back.

Faded Crop Haircut

Faded crop haircut

John Carmona

The textured crop is a hot men’s hair trend in the North America and Europe. This cool short haircut for men can be cut and styled in many different ways but the sides and back are always faded.

Heavy Crop Fade

Heavy thick hair crop fade haircut for men

Anthony Giannotti

Here’s a version of the faded crop for guys with thick hair. Hair on top is heavier but still cut to enhance texture and reduce weight. A low skin fade creates an angled hairline.

 Comb Over Fade Haircut

Comb over fade haircut for men

Wess Lane

The comb over fade is cut to create a side part hairstyle. This version features a high fade and hard part but it can also be worn with a medium fade and combed part.

Fade Haircut With Design

Fade haircut with cool hair design

Michael Kelly

Fades create a canvas for shaved hair designs. These hair tattoos can be anything you want them to be from intricate faces to team logos to shaved lines. Hair designs can cover the back of the head, one side or just the neckline. Get creative with it.

Mohawk Fade Haircut

Mohawk fade

Julian Payne

This burst fade mohawk looks cool with straight hair spiked up or curly hair that stands up on its own.

Side Part Fade Haircut

Side part fade haircut

Pat Regan

Fade haircuts can be classic, modern or somewhere in between. This short and clean cut side part hairstyle is appropriate for work but looks cool anywhere you go.

Afro Fade Haircut

Afro fade

Liam Kenny

Adding a fade to an afro adds a modern touch to the retro style. This streamlined shape also updates the look for the new millennium.

Military Haircut Fade

Military haircut and high fade

Cameron Tooyserkani

Ultra short military haircuts are popular with all kinds of men. Fades have always been a military look and this buzz cut fade looks good in and out of the uniform.

High Top Fade Haircut

High top haircut

Frank Soto

Close cut sides make a high top look even higher. Instead of the classic flat top, this high top fade features a rounded profile and curly edge with that signature height.

Curly Hair Fade Haircut

Curly hair haircut with high fade

Stephen J.

Fade haircuts makes it easier to showcase the natural texture of curly hair. When the sides and back are cut short, it is easier to style curls on top.

Shadow Fade Haircut

Shadow fade haircut

Shuto Kawai

There are two kinds of fades, the skin fade and the shadow fade. The skin fade goes down to the skin while the shadow fade goes from short to shorter. Both blends can start low, medium, or high or keep the length on the sides light, medium, or dark. While many fades do go down to the skin, the shadow fade is an equally fresh look.

Fade Haircut With Waves

 waves haircut

Rich “Smash” Payne

The waves haircut is a popular look for black men that can be worn with a fade or without for the full waves.

Fade Haircut With Beard

Fade haircut and beard

Junior Ortiz

Fade haircuts and beards absolutely can be worn together. While the temple fade creates a disconnection between hair and facial hair, it also creates a smooth transition between the two. This works will all kinds of fades and all kinds of beards.

Fade Haircut With Line

Textured fade haircut with line

Braid Barbers

A shaved line is a such a simple hair design but creates a bold look that will make people look twice.

Blowout Fade Haircut

Blowout fade haircut for men


The blow out haircut combines medium length curls with a temple fade and neckline fade. The result is textured curls with clean cut edges.

Fohawk Fade Haircuts

Fohawk Fauxhawk fade haircut

Javi the Barber

The fohawk is one of those haircuts that stays in style because it looks so good on so many people. This version adds hot looks like textured styling and the V-shaped neckline.

Box Fade Haircut

Box fade haircut

Barber Bebo

The box fade has a high fade hair looks like a box on the head.

Burst Fade Haircut

Burst fade haircut for men

Devon @ Flycutz

A burst fade on both sides creates a wide mohawk effect.

High And Tight Haircut Fade

High and tight fade haircut

Bruce Hayden

The high and tight is a military haircut that leaves short hair high on the head. It is a popular and easy to wear cut for straight, curly and black hair.

Fade Haircut With Braids

Fade haircut with braids

Zeke the Barber

These cornrows in a braided samurai bun get plenty of attention but the fade and hair design place even more emphasis on this cool look.

Pompadour Fade Haircut

Pompadour fade haircut

Javi the Barber

Like a comb over fade, the pompadour fade leaves hair longer on top with short faded sides. The difference is hair is combed up and back instead of over to the side. This modern pomp has tons of height, a matte finish and some thick texture.

Classic Fade Haircut

side part haircut with fade

Matthew Conrad

Fades have been a popular men’s hairstyle since the s. This side part haircut with a low fade plus beard and a healthy mustache is a classic style that looks as good today as it did 50 years ago.

Razor Fade Haircut

Razor fade haircut for guys

Seu Elias

Razor fade is just another way of saying skin or bald fade. This short spiky cut with a blurry taper is a beautiful example of how good fades can look. The three slashes only make it better. Keep the look up with barber visits every couple of weeks or let it grow out, it will look just fine.

Boosie Fade Haircut

Boosie fade haircut for men

Devin the Barber

Made popular by rapper Lil Boosie, the Boosie fade has a high skin fade with some length at the top. In contrast to the box fade, the profile is curved.

Buzz Fade Haircut

Buzz fade haircut

Cameron Tooyserkani

The buzz fade is one of the most popular short haircuts for men because it looks the best with the least amount of work. Just keep it up with regular barber visits.

Undercut Fade Haircut

Undercut Fade

John Carmona

The undercut fade goes up a little higher than the high fade to create a disconnected hairstyle. It looks great with short hair or medium length looks slicked back or pomped up.

Twist Fade Haircut

high top fade with twists

Dencio Aguilar

Fade haircuts around the sides and back work with and enhance any men’s hairstyle, especially these medium length twists.

Faux Hawk Fade Haircut

Faux hawk fade haircut for guys

Javi the Barber

A fade gives a faux hawk even more of a mohawk look.

Flat Top Fade Haircut

Cool flat top fade

BHarmony Clothing 

Tight sides make flat tops look even taller. Check out the Make Flattops Great Again shirt by BHarmony Clothing.

Hard Part Fade Haircut

Hard part fade haircut

Alex the Barber

There’s no question about where to part the hair in this hard part haircut. Medium length hair is styled into a cool comb over haircut with some volume and texture.

Burst Fade Mohawk Haircut

Burst fade mohawk haircut for men

Travis Hill

A burst fade follows the same arc as this cool curly mohawk.

Drop Fade Haircut With Curly Top

Drop fade haircut for curly hair men

Gregor @ Rum Barber

A drop fade creates a cool curly top haircut that isn’t in a mushroom shape.

Southside Fade Haircut

Southside fade haircut

Papito Blessedhands

The Southside fade takes the buzz cut fade haircut to the next level. Short hair is concentrated at the front half of the crown with a line up to define the edges.

Line Up Fade

Short hair line up haircut for men with high bald fade

Luis O. Melendez

Last but far from least is the line up fade, another version of the buzz cut fade but with the added definition of an edge up. The lines contrast with the blur of a fade. The same combination defines the cheeks of the beard and tapers into the skin fade.

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48 Best Men&#;s Fade Haircut and Hairstyles for

Classic Tight Fade

Classic Tight Fade


This is how you achieve neat and tight fade hairstyles for men! Buzz out the sides in a clean manner while making the top hair fuller and in shape. Stylist Ashley did an amazing cut to this dapper gentleman.

Low Taper Fade with a Buzz Cut

Low taper fade with a buzz cut

Instagram @legends

A low taper fade with a buzz cut is a precise haircut that could be worn at work when it is executed correctly. This cut comes highly suggested for men who are already getting a buzz cut.

Scissor Fade

Scissor fade for men

Instagram @austinwilkersxn

Try a scissor fade if your hair seems to grow back heavily with a clipper cut. The beauty of a scissor fade is that it is unique to your hair and head shape. It is altered based on your measurements and preference. It is pricier than the clipper cut, but the grow-out is softer and maintains the shape of the haircut for a long time.

Straight Up High Fade Haircut

Straight Up High Fade Haircut

Instagram @tulio_magalhaes

Enjoy this skin fade with lots of hair to style at the top of your head.

The Popular Burst Fade

The Popular Burst Fade

Instagram @vitabarber

A popular fade for black men that tapers around each ear, is also known as the burst fade. It&#;s perfect when trying to achieve a mohawk style.

Boosie Fade

Boosie Fade

Instagram @under8edbarbers

The Boosie fade is one of the most popular black men&#;s hairstyles. Its short length is what makes it easy to style and maintain.

Beard Fade

Beard Fade

Instagram @mikeyyyyyyy_

One of the best types of fades for men is a beard fade that helps define the jawline. It makes a smooth transition, too!

High Top Fade Haircut

high top fade

Instagram @merit_universoul

A high top fade is a men&#;s haircut that&#;s stays with us forever. It won&#;t go out of style because of its uniqueness and head-turning vibe.

Temp Fade Haircut

Temp Fade Haircut

Instagram @riskythetempest

Temp fade haircuts for men are great for guys who want shorts sides and a sharp style. Though this short haircut works on any hair type, it would look best on gents with natural curls or waves.

Straight-Up High Fade Undercut

Straight Up High Fade Undercut

Instagram @braidbarbers

This is a straight-up  undercut with a high fade. The deep weight line with a quick skin fade really makes this look pop.

High Skin Fade

High Skin Fade

Instagram @mr.7_t7barbershop

This is a great high skin fade cut for guys with medium to low facial hair. It uses the whole head as a canvas to draw sharp clear lines, whether it&#;s on the cheeks or on the sides of the head.

Faded Sharp Edges

Faded Sharp Edges

Instagram @billysbarbershopgr

These faded sharp edges are a faded cut that promotes the spiky look. Pointing those spikes horizontally makes it approachable and modern.

Piece-y Skin Fade

Piece-y Skin Fade

Instagram @jarredsbarbers

This is a faded cut with a full and rebellious top. It&#;s like drawing teenage spirit through hair. Still playful on top, with a touch of grown-up on the sides.

Clean Slick Pompadour Fade

Clean Slick Pompadour Fade

Instagram @maxi_privilegebarbers

You would have never believed a haircut can be soothing like this pompadour fade. Long, clear, uninterrupted lines, frontside and fading to the back.

This cut is slick, it&#;s soothing, and will go best with monochromatic outfits. This is definitely one of the more popular fade haircuts for white men.

Spiky Medium Fade

Spiky Medium Fade

Instagram @13byblackstar

Spiky medium fade hairstyles are not for the faint of heart. This cut is bold, noticeable, and here to make a statement. It fades on both sides to create more emphasis.

A Fresh Comb Over Fade with a Hard Part

A fresh comb-over hairstyle with a hard part is sure to look suave with faded sides! Men with straight to wavy hair will love wearing it.

Clean and Slick Fade

The ultimate gentleman&#;s cut is here—it&#;s a clean and slick fade haircut, created by James Beaumont, a top-notch barber from Exmouth, UK.

&#;This style is a contour hairstyle that has a low skin fade, parting on the left and at the front top. The hair pulls towards the back creating a sculptured shape, almost silhouetting a pompadour shape from one side angle,&#; Beaumont describes.

Beaumont&#;s advice for men wanting to adopt this look is to have a consultation with a stylist or barber. The ideal head shape would be as flat and smooth as possible, avoiding indents or ridges which can cause shadows within the fading. &#;Medium to fine hair texture is best, avoiding a thick density so the hair can be manipulated to grow backward. If the hair is thick then we would require a longer length of that style,&#; Beaumont explains.

Cool fade haircuts like this need to be blow-dried when styling. Thus, these are only ideal for gentlemen who are willing to put a little time into preparing their style daily.

Kids&#; Fade Haircut

kids fade haircut

Instagram @masterlook_89

This kids&#; haircut is a clean, short fade pomp. It&#;s pretty versatile for any hair type as long as you have the personality to carry it off.

If the boy has curly hair, use a high shine pomade for a clean, detailed style. If he has straight hair, go more for a dry paste for a matte, messy style.

Drop Fade on French Crop

french crop with drop fade

Instagram @matchlless

This look is a masculine French crop with a drop fade. What&#;s great about this cut would be how the layers sit just about the fringe, creating a lot of texture and movement.

This cut also complements a short fringe towards the hairline that was textured using the point-cutting technique.

If you are considering having this type of cut and have thick hair with a strong jawline, then consider having a longer fringe. If you have finer to thin hair consider more of a blunt short fringe.

Temple Fade

Temple Fade

Instagram @_flakk_da_barber_

Here&#;s a temple fade cut on curls to achieve a cooler way to add flavor to a seemingly simple hairstyle. The Brooklyn fade gives a suave cut at your temples and leaves clean edges for a smooth finish.

Taper Fade Haircut

taper fade haircut for men

Instagram @abstracthand_design

This is called a taper fade haircut.  Its dark edges give you a really smooth and soft look that stands out, but also brings out the rest of the cut.

My best tip for getting this hairstyle is to ask yourself if you&#;re ok with a faded look. Most dudes who haven&#;t had it tried it out and loved it. It can really stand out and make a difference in your men&#;s hairstyle.

Normally this looks starts with a zero but it can also be started with a one or a two.

Mid Fade Haircut with Design

This is a mid-skin fade with a beautiful sharp pattern consisting of four consecutive arcs containing subtle fading within them. The top of the fade is heavily textured to resemble a popular European hairstyle known as a crop, making it a really unique haircut!

Barber Enrique Tapia of California made this mid-fade haircut. According to Tapia, it requires little to no maintenance as with most haircuts with lots of texture. &#;Before applying any product, I make sure to blowdry the hair thoroughly while running my hands through the client&#;s hair instead of using a brush. After the hair is dry, I set the blow dryer on cool to help seal the cuticle and safely lock the hair in place,&#; he explains.

Before sitting at the barber shop and going under the blade for a similar design, it&#;s important to consider the following. A hair design grows back fairly quickly. With just a clipper/trimmer, you&#;re looking at three to four days before you start to see hair build-up.

With a razor blade finish, the design should be able to last you a good week or so. These are one of the cons of getting a hair design. Tapia recommends visiting an experienced barber who is familiar with symmetric designs and is great with a straight razor.

Slick Back Haircut with Fade

This is a signature classic slick back haircut with a fade, designed by Liam Kenny, a barber from England.

The product Kenny personally uses when styling is the Ruezel pomades. They give good texture and finish with a matte look that still has just the right amount of shine.

Mid-Skin Fade

This is a mid-skin fade clipper cut. Stylist Casey Terramoccia of New Jersey used a number 2 on top, but since everyone&#;s hair is different, the size on top will vary based on the barber&#;s discretion and your hair type. &#;I like this look because it&#;s a very simple, classic, and clean-cut look. The beard also stands out because the top length is so short,&#; Terramoccia notes.

No need for products here. At the very most, Terramoccia says a beard oil might be used to add a smooth shine and softness to the beard.

This mid bald fade is recommended for a guy who doesn&#;t want to fuss with their hair. A rounder head shape would work best with this look, too, according to Terramoccia.

Shadow Fade

Shadow Fade

Instagram @_ceci_lie_

To be honest, a fade really never gets old. And it isn&#;t for young gents only. See for yourself what a nice shadow fade can do to you.

Undercut Fade

undercut fade for men

Instagram / @natejcutler

This is a tight, undercut fade. The top was cut with a straight razor to bring out texture and remove weight.

Barber Nate Juergensen of New York points out, &#;I really like this faded undercut because of the contrast between the clean and tight sides and the soft top with lots of movement.&#;

&#;Fades work on most hair types to show natural head shape. Men interested in getting this faded cut should be prepared to get the sides and back cleaned up monthly,&#; Juergensen adds.

Low to Mid Fade

This is a classic low/mid skin fade cut by Josh Mathur, a barber in St. Helens.

&#;The fade isn&#;t too harsh, meaning this style works great for the &#;get up and go&#; guys and the more corporate ones, too,&#; Mathur emphasizes.

He adds, &#;I&#;d recommend this style to guys who aren&#;t afraid to visit the barber at least once a week and want to achieve that clean and fresh look. To keep a skin fade looking fresh, a regular visit to your barber is key.&#;

Most men can have this style, though the best results are seen with thicker and darker hair. This look works wonders for a longer face shape, but will also work on the more common oval shape. High fade haircuts on men with a longer face shape are a big no-no.

Asian Fade Haircut

This is an Asian high fade, natural medium-length comb over hairstyle. Stylist Ganie Alvaro from Dubai, recommends using a sea salt spray product to create the texturized volume for loose and natural tousled waves, plus a texturizing clay and a bit of hairspray to finish.

&#;Guys with a thick or medium thick hair type on a round or slightly round face shape can wear high fade haircuts. Any kind of lifestyle can pull off this cut and style,&#; Alvaro explains.

Low Skin Fade Haircut

This is a low skin fade haircut. According to stylist Cairan Mclaughlin of Australia, the best thing about this low bald fade is that it&#;s a nice clean look for a guy who doesn&#;t want too much maintenance.

A dry look product, which is nothing too heavy, is recommended to style this hair.

Mclaughlin also suggests this type of style to guys who want a look that&#;s easy to maintain, but still stylish at the same time. &#;This cut always looks good when the man has thick hair because the fade is more pronounced.&#;

Long Hair with Faded Shaved Sides

Long Hair with Faded Shaved Sides

Instagram @ashirich

A slight nod goes to the innovative styling of the top long hair and pairing it with the faded shaved sides. The rest of it goes to the undeniably smooth transition from thick to shaved along the sides, going down to the neck area for a fresher feel.

Afro Fade Haircut

Afro Fade Haircut

Instagram @herb_the_barber

This afro fade haircut for men is inarguably one of the most decent trends for 4C type of hair.

Low Triple Zero and Side Part Fade

Here&#;s a hairstyle that&#;s an &#;Ivy League&#; side part with a low triple zero fade, designed by barber Jasmine Shipley from Australia.

&#;I recommend this side part fade for men who want to look sharp and fashionable. Medium to thick hair is preferable. Since this is a sharp and square-cut, the look can be worn by most face shapes &#; giving them a straight and sleek appearance,&#; Shipley explains.

Faded Sides with Black Waves

Faded Sides with Black Waves

Instagram @freshcutcorey

Natural-looking waves with a fade like these look best on black men. So when you&#;ve got flavor this hot, let your faded waves be seen by the world.

Box Fade Haircut

Box Fade Haircut

Instagram @themarstouch

You don&#;t need any ruler to make a box faded cut this straight! Just go to your favorite barber and let him do the trick!

Long Hair Fade with Disconnected Undercut

Long Hair Fade with Disconnected Undercut

Instagram @hairbyharley

Leave the longer hair on top sleek and thick while the sides remain tapered and faded for a contrasted look. What&#;s great about a long hair fade with a disconnection is how you can wear it up in a man bun style if desired.

Short Fade Haircut with a Line Up

This short fade haircut is shaved with a mid-skin line up. Created by stylist Dale Hince of England, this is based on the man&#;s hair and skin color naturally.

&#;I love the impact I have created how short/ textured the top is against the crispy clean box line up along with the mid bald skin fade,&#; Hince notes.

According to Hince, your barber should always recommend his/her opinion depending on suitability. He adds, &#;this style is very low-maintenance because it&#;s so short you don&#;t have to do much in the mornings. Just add your matte clay or slick Gorilla texturizing powder, rough it through, and spray!&#;

Mohawk Fade Haircut

This haircut is called a skin low fade without a drop and scissors on top, which means about an inch off-cut into a mohawk on top.

&#;What I really like about this haircut is the skin fade. I like how the low fade goes from light to dark from bottom to top and it blends perfectly on top leaving a perfect blend,&#; Mexico-based barber Moises Gutierrez states.

This look is for younger kids, young adults, and teenagers. This cut works best on mostly thick hair, wavy hair, and straight hair. Any face shape can wear this faded cut, too.

Ivy League on Men&#;s Fade Haircut

Ivy League on Men&#;s Fade Haircut

Instagram @dbarber_

An ivy league cut on a men&#;s fade haircut might give you the smoothest mood you&#;ve ever had.

Textured Quiff with Classic Taper Fade

Textured Quiff with Classic Taper Fade

Instagram @cutskillah

A schoolboy&#;s cut—this textured quiff with a classic taper fade is boy and man-friendly. Professional and playful in one endearing package!

Frohawk Fade Haircut

This frohawk hairstyle with a fade gives a tropical fun look! Stylist Jose Crespo of Connecticut says, &#;I love how the top texture continues down the back of the head with the natural curls!&#;

High Skin Fade on Men&#;s Hair

High Skin Fade on Men&#;s Hair

Instagram @nick_kinsley

This high skin fade is described as a clean, professional cut that&#;s funky-fresh, as well. Stylist Nick is truly skilled!

Curly Hair Fade

Curly Hair Fade

Instagram @javi_thebarber_

If you&#;re a natural curly-haired guy, then a fade most likely suits you. For the straight-haired men though, a little curling iron and styling cream would get you the job done.

Military High and Tight Fade Crew Cut Haircut

Military High and Tight Fade Crew Cut Haircut

Instagram @galvezgrooming

A crew cut with faded sides like this has an attitude! That skin shave is tight and the side-swept hair is charming.

Bold Fade with a Combover

This is a bold fade with a combover, cut by hairdresser Abe Alobaidi of Riverview, MI.

&#;What I like about it is that it&#;s very clean-cut and keeps you fresh for a long time. With this look, you could go at least three weeks before you need another cut. I recommend this look for guys with dark hair,&#; Alobaidi notes.

High Bald Fade

This cut is a high bald fade haircut with the fade starting at the parietal ridge and fading to the desired length on top.

Stylist Martika Mitchell of North Carolina says, &#;for men with curly hair, you can use a curl sponge to maintain the top. For straight hair or any other hair type, you can use a pomade or nothing at all.&#;

According to Mitchell, &#;bald fades are very versatile and they can be cut on any hair type. They&#;re best for the &#;get up and go&#; lifestyle and require little to no maintenance.&#;

Low Fade Haircut

Here&#;s a low fade style by barber and salon owner Edward from Haltom City, TX.

&#;I suggest complementing a low fade haircut with a well-groomed beard. This creates a contrast in textures between your fade and your facial hair,&#; explains Edward.

The barber suggests Suavecito Pomade when recreating the style because it provides moderate hold and a matte finish.

Edward also adds, &#;the low fade starts extremely low with the skin at the very bottom, then blends up from that point, following the natural curvature of the head. It&#;s a good option for a more oblong, diamond, or triangular head shape.&#;

Fade Haircut with Line

Fade Haircut with Line

Instagram @barbearianavalhada

Don&#;t fret looking all messy with this dappered-up tight fade. A surgical line and side part puts the look altogether.

Medium Spiked Fade on Faux Hawk Haircut

medium spiked fade on a faux hawk haircut

Instagram @milenobarber

Create a faux hawk with your layers and a faded haircut. The best tool to achieve those neatly shaved sides graduation would be the clippers and a razor. Ask your barber to add some sweet designs to tie the entire look together.

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For the sides and back, however, it’s almost always the same. You’ll simply ask your stylist for a fade. Specify the starting point (depending on the exact hairstyle you choose), and tell your stylist you want your hair to fade into your skin.

In most instances, you’ll see guys with skin fades have gotten the fade extremely short. Many men typically request a shorter clipper setting like #3 or #4 for the top part of the fade (above the ears). Some go as short as a #2. The length of the clipper setting can completely change the look of your skin fade, so make sure you know what settings you want.

Also, consider how gradual you want your fade to be. If your fade starts at #5 and goes all the way down to skin level, it won’t stand out as much. If you’re going for a subtle, classy look, then consider starting from a higher clipper setting.

On the other hand, if you start your fade at a #2 or #3, it will pop out. That’s because your fade starts at a low setting and doesn’t have much lower to go. It only decreases 2 or 3 lengths before fading into your skin.

Take a look at examples with both of these styles, and see what you like. As always, we recommend taking in a picture of your desired haircut to your stylist.

And finally, guys with straight or slightly wavy hair will get the most out of a skin fade. It’s more difficult to achieve with curly hair, though it can be done.

Check the gallery below for more ideas.

Low Fade Haircuts

Fade haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles for men. They look good, work with every men’s hair type and style, from short to long and classic to trendy.

Fades started off in the military but were then embraced by black barbers, who experimented and expanded on the clipper cut. The creativity continues today with plenty of new fade haircuts to try.

The latest looks include new and different types of fades like the very low fade, the temple fade and low fade combination and the neck taper, a quick fade at the neckline. There are also all the classic types of fades worn with the latest hairstyles for men.

Check out these pictures for the latest ways to wear fade haircuts.

1. Spiky Hairstyle

We Married Hair

This low fade is very low, blurring the hairline all around. The clean cut edges contrast the spiky texture on top.

2. Long Curly Hair for Men + Low Fade

Braid Barbers

Fades can be added to any type or length of hair. This haircut for men with long curly hair leaves plenty of texture on top and at the sides while fading hair along the hairline.

3. Pomp + Low Fade + Temple Fade

Edward Styles You

This classic pompadour fade has some wavy texture on top and a fresh fade at the sides. A low skin fade is very low at the back and ramps up into a temple fade over the ear.

4. Pompadour Fade

Francisco Aranda

The pompadour fade combination can be cut and styled in a surprising variety of ways. This cool version features that classic silhouette with a matte finish and low fade down to the skin.

5. Comb Over + Low Fade


This ultra slick comb over hairstyle with a full beard gets an extra touch of style from an ultra low fade.

6. Quiff + Side Part + Low Fade

Stephen Browne

This retro-feeling look is on point for right now with a quiff at the front, side part and skin fade down low.

7. Textured Sweep Back + Low Fade

Baldy’s Barbers

This cool look combines medium length hair swept back with plenty of texture and a blurry fade at the edges.

8. Side Part Haircut

We Married Hair

One of the new trends in fade haircuts for men is contrasting the shaved sides with short hair that forms a step. This fresh look combines a classic side part hairstyle with an on trend mid fade.

9. Textured Sweep Back + Mid Bald Fade

Alan Beak

Medium length hair is styled with a hint of texture and swept back over short sides and back that taper down to skin in a mid fade.

Curly High Top Fade

Cameron Tooyserkani

This curly high top fade contrasts kinky texture up top with a smooth mid fade.

Matte Pomp + Mid Skin Fade

Tsarouhas Coiffure

Mid fades can drop down behind the ear in an arc or take a more direct path in a straight line.

Curly Flat Top + Hair Design

Atila the Barber

This cool look updates the classic flat top fade  with curly texture on top and a subtle hair design.

Textured Quiff

Seu Elias

This medium length hairstyle has a lot going on with a texture quiff on top, blurry fade and a pair of scratches on one side.

Short Men’s Hair +Mid Fade + Hair Design

Cameron Tooyserkani

This fun men’s hairstyle packs in a lot of detail without much hair. Short hair is styled into thick spikes, a mid fade cleans up the sides and back and a pair of swoops at the temple add a cool hair tattoo.

Buzz Cut + High Fade + Line Up

Eric Soto

This stylish and ultra short haircut is the popular combination of a buzz cut, line up and high fade.

Heavy Crop + High Fade

John Carmona

The crop haircut has made wearing hair in fringe over the forehead popular. This cool cut wears thick wavy hair over a high fade.

Comb Over Haircut + Side Part


The comb over fade is a very popular haircut because it is so easy to style and looks great.

Curly High Top + High Fade

Frank Soto

A high fade creates separation between curly hair on top and an impeccably groomed beard.

Pompadour + Line Up + High Fade

Seu Elias

A line up and blurry fade are fresh finishing touches for a classic pompadour.

Flat Top Haircut

Julius Cvesar

Fade haircuts originated in the military in the s but it was experimentation by the Black community that created the flat top fade.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

We Married Hair

A high fade keeps the sides and back short so you can focus on styling medium length hair.

Disconnect Hairstyle

Wes Staucet

The high fade is essentially the same as an undercut fade. The difference is the hair on top. Undercut hairstyles feature a disconnect from hair on top while fade haircuts have a transition. This medium length haircut slicked back over shaved sides is one of the most popular haircuts for men.

Dreadlocks + Undercut

Adam the Apprentice

For men, locs and fades are frequently worn together. Medium length dreadlocks over an undercut fade can be worn loose or tied back.

Long on Top, Short Sides and Back Haircut

Nomad Barber LDN

Textured hair is combed over an undercut for a short disconnected hairstyle.

Wavy Curly Hair + Undercut


Fades and undercuts are popular additions to medium length haircuts for wavy and curly hair. The result is a clean cut look no matter how styled or messy hair is on top.

High Bald Fade

Antonio Mateo

A skin fade tapers hair from short all the way down to the skin. That can happen in any type of fade, including up high, down low or in the middle.

Thick Hair + Mid Skin Fade

Cameron Tooyserkani

Fade haircuts can make thick hair more manageable as well as appear even fuller.

Low Skin Fade

Eric Soto

A low skin fade, sometimes called a blend, creates a new hairline height and shape.

High and Tight

Eric Soto

The high and tight haircut concentrates short hair on top and features a mid to high fade around the sides and back.

Textured Crop Haircut

Jake “Ralph” Bolland

This textured crop haircut is a major trend this year. The fade at the sides can be a blur or a quick transition down to the skin like above.

High Top Haircut + Scratches

Aaron Kiely

The flat top is one of the most well-known fade haircuts for black men. This version features a rounded top and a pair of scratches behind the ear.

Short Men’s Hair + Drop Fade

Julius Cvesar

The drop fade is a type of low or medium fade that follows the hairline, dropping down behind the ear.

Short Haircut for Curly Hair + Hair Design + Beard

Seu Elias

This sharp looks features curls up high, a beard down low and a blurry fade interrupted by a pair of shaved lines in between.

Wavy Sweep Back + Mid Drop Fade

Luke Beaumont

This drop fade follows the same arc as this wavy swept back pompadour.

Burst Fade Mohawk

Cameron Tooyserkani

The burst fade is a fade in a rounded burst shape behind the ear. One of the most popular burst fade haircuts is this curly mohawk.

Burst Fade + Nape Shape

Tsarouhas Coiffure

The combination of a rounded burst fade and angled neckline adds geometry to the sides and back of this medium length haircut.

Long Curly Hair + Burst Fade

Caleb Porter

The size of the burst fade can vary. This version is slightly more substantial than a temple fade but does continue behind the ear, creating a cool profile for long curly hair.

Side Part Haircut + Burst Fade

John Carmona

This modern side part hairstyle features a subtle burst fade, pair of shaved lines and horizontal neckline.

Faux Hawk + Temple Fade

Wes Staucet

Instead of a burst fade mohawk, try this temple fade and faux hawk.

Short Crop + Temple Fade

Nomad Barber BLN

The temple fade is a cool way to cut hair short at the sides but not the back.

Neck Taper

Josh O’meara-Patel

A taper is the shortest type of fade. This curved neck taper is a cool way to finish of any haircut.

Neckline Hair Design

Tsarouhas Coiffure

Using the neckline as a canvas is a hot new trend. This cool version shaves a line behind the head before taper hair down.

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2020 haircuts new fade

23 Best Bald Fade Haircuts in

Even if the “bald fade” haircut doesn’t ring a bell, chances are you have come across this trend in your everyday life. In fact, this hairstyle, which features a cropped back and sides with longer hair on the top, has climbed so high up the popularity ranks that it can be found on men in both professional and casual settings. 

What is a Bald Fade?

In this article, we present to you a collection of bald fade variations that will work with a range of styles and personal preferences. If you are considering a jump into the world of bald fades, but are unsure of exactly where to start, then this list is for you. Without any further ado, here is a list of the 23 best bald fade haircuts to rock in ALD BARBER IS TRIMMING THE HAIRCUT OF HIS BEARDED SERIOUS CLIENT. HE IS USING A HAIR CLIPPER

1. Faux-Hawk Bald Fade

For years, men have appreciated the versatility of a faux-hawk, and it’s easy to see why. It gives the alternative touch of personality that a mohawk gives without all the maintenance or excess product. The faux-hawk bald fade is the perfect combination of two trends, with smooth, shaved hair on the sides, and styled textured hair on the top. This style works best for men with naturally thick, long hair.faux hawk bald fade with brown hair and neck tattoo

faux hawk bald fade with blond hair

2. Bald Skin Fade With Curls

Fear not, all of you men with natural curls – there is a bald fade haircut just for you, and it’s a great one. At the barber, just ask for a classic fade around the sides of your head, and leave the top of your curls uncut. For most men, it will be enough to just let their curls fall naturally. Otherwise, a small touch of product can add some texture and personality to the top of your hair.Curly Bald Fade haircut

3. Pompadour Bald Fade

Although the pompadour gained huge popularity in the s after being adopted by Elvis, did you know that the origins of this hairstyle dates back to the s, to the time of King Louis the 15th of France? History lessons aside, there is a reason why this upswept hairstyle is so timeless. It’s somehow both trendy and classic. For a more natural look, ask for a loose pompadour. Chances are that your barber has a trick up his sleeve that can make this popular hairstyle all your own.Pomadour Fade Haircut

Pomadour Fade Haircut with Mustache


4. Top Knot Bald Fade

For the man whose personal style bridges the gap between “surfer chic” and “big city”, we present to you the top knot fade. Not quite a man bun, the top knot is made with a small amount of hair pulled together on the top of your head. As the top knot does not require as much hair as a full-on man bun, it is a great option for men who want something different but do not want to have to wait months to grow out their hair. A great thing about this hairstyle is that it works with a variety of hair types, from coarse to thin.Top Knot Fade Haircut

Top Know Fade Haircut with Earring


5. V-Shape Bald Fade

For those who are looking to show off their creative side, the V-shaped fade is a great option. With the V-shaped fade, your barber will shave the hair in the back of your head in the shape of &#; you guess it &#; a V. There is a nearly endless possibility of variations that can be taken with this one, including intricate designs that can be drawn within the V. Although you cannot see the pattern of the back of your head, be rest assured that everyone else can – and it looks great!V Shape Bald Fade Afro Haircut

V Shape Bald Fade Haircut Back


6. Bowl Cut Bald Fade

Think that bowl cuts were left behind in the kindergarten classes of the 90s? Think again! It’s no secret that our favorite trends from this decade are coming back, and among these are the bowl cut in the form of the bowl cut fade. This cut looks best in the form of a long to short fade that starts at your neck. This style is particularly great for men with bangs or guys with naturally voluminous or textured hair.Bowl Cut Fade Haircut Back

Bow Cut Fade Haircut Asian


7. Crew Cut

Ah, yes, the illustrious crew cut. A short cut with its roots in the military, it seems the crew cut is as common on men’s heads as hair itself. However, a crew cut with a tapered fade is a bit less common, and is a trendy variation on a classic short cut. This is the perfect choice for men who want to indulge in the fade trend, but aren’t willing to take too big of a leap. For something even more unique ask for the “regulation”, where the left side of your hair will be left a little bit longer.Crew Cut Fade Haircut

Crew Cut Fade Haircut Frontal


8. Quiff Bald Fade

Considered by many to be a variation of the aforementioned pompadour, we believe that the quiff deserves its own spot on this list. The quiff is the polar opposite of a buzz cut or crew cut – this is a style that embraces volume and styling for a look that appears effortless. One word of the wise, though: it isn’t actually effortless, and this hairstyle actually does require a fair bit of styling, so it may not be the best choice for beginners.Quiff Fade Haircut


9. Design Fade

Getting a design shaved into your fade is a great way to show off your personality and unique tastes. Like a tattoo that you can shave off, the possibilities for fade designs are really endless and can be chosen by you. While geometric patterns are popular, you could also get words or any other drawing of your choice, which makes this a great option for special occasions or events where your hair could be used as the perfect accessory.Geometric Design Fade Haircut


High Top Bald Fade

With a high top fade, like the pompadour or quiff, the top of the hair is kept very long and the sides of the hair are shaved. It is similar to a crew cut, except that there is generally much more hair left on the top of the head (sometimes even around inches). This look first was popularized in the “golden age of hip-hop” in the s and s. However, it holds up trend-wise, and would not look out of place today.High Top Fade Haircut


Side Part Bald Fade

It’s amazing what a simple part to your hair can do to change the look of your entire facial structure. With the side part bald fade, your barber will part your hair unevenly towards one side. This could either be the right or the left, as it really depends on the individual and personal taste (of course, some of us have pesky things called cowlicks that prevent us from being able to part our hair in a certain direction). The resulting look is an indie take on the popular fade haircut that looks great with a beard!Side Part Bald Fade Haircut


Buzz Cut Bald Fade

For men who prefer to keep their hair very short, we suggest a buzz cut bald fade. What sets this apart from your typical shaven head is the short blanket of hair that is left on the top of your head. The result is a hairstyle that looks like it requires a good amount of effort, although you can rock this one by simply rolling out of bed and out of the shower – no product necessary!Buzz Cut Bald Fade Haircut


Afro Bald Fade

The Afro bald fade is a popular choice for black men who are looking for a hairstyle that presents the trendiest elements of the Afro hairstyle without any of the maintenance. While you can pull off this hairstyle with a varying level of tapered fades, we love the layered look of a bald fade. The rigid bang cut in the front helps tie the hairstyle together to give it that polished look.Afro Bald Fade Haircut


Wide Mohawk Bald Fade

A less common version of the classic fade, a wide mohawk bald fade is a great choice for somebody with a lot of hair, and maybe a little bit of indecision. The way that this cut combines a tapered fade with a generous collection of long hair at the top of your head is an ode to both short and long hairstyles, and we love it for its fashionable duality.Wide Mohawk Fade Haircut


Textured Crop Bald Fade

This low-maintenance bald fade looks great on just about any face shape. It is ideal for men with thick hair that they may find unruly and hard to manage. When a barber cuts out a textured low bald fade, they will use a razor on the side of your head and then switch to scissors for the top of your hair, to give it that “messy yet kept” texture that is all the rage right now.Textured Crop Bald Fade Haircut


Bald Fade with Long Beard

Ah, a hairstyle of contradictions! In this fade, while your hair may be cut as short as can be in some places, your beard is still hanging majestically off of your chin. This may sound a bit weird on paper, but we promise that in practice it goes together swimmingly.Bald Fade Haircut With Long Beard


Bald Fade With Slicked-Back Hair

If you’re a guy who likes to feel more put-together, we hear you and we’ve got you. The bald fade with slicked-back hair is another take on a simple slicked backed hairstyle. Instead of treating your entire head of hair with a product, the bald fade restricts the side of your hair so that it is only the top of your head that you have to worry about. And it looks great!Slicked Back Fade Haircut


Ducktail Bald Fade

Another hairstyle that first gained popularity in the s, the ducktail is stylish if a bit high-maintenance. However, it may be a great option for those who own a good comb and do not mind a little bit of grooming in the morning. To make a ducktail, you will need a thick tuft of hair and a lot of product for holding it together. The bald sides of this fade add a nice contrast.Ducktail Bald Fade Haircut

Ducktail Bald Fade Haircut Color


Bald Fade Combover

Speaking of combs, have you considered a combover? If the answer is no, this bald fade with combover might just entice you to reconsider. In this hair cut, the sides and back of your head will be shaved, leaving the top of your head available for a combover.Bald Fade Combover Haircut


Mohawk Bald Fade

We covered the faux-hawk, but what if you want to go all out? A mohawk bald fade is certainly possible – in fact, it is a sight to be seen. This is the perfect option for those looking to turn heads in the best possible way.Mohawk Bald Fade Haircut


High Bald Fade

As its name would suggest, this fade relies on a barber that can use utmost precision to bring you a fade that breaks gradually, resulting in a transitional look. Other variations are the high bald fade, and the medium bald fade.High Bald Fade Haircut

Bald Taper Fade

The “taper” element of this fade makes it different in that it is not only clippers that contribute to this hairstyle. Instead, your barber will use a varying type of grades and then finally will use scissors. The result is a classic look that you probably already associate with the concept of a “fade”.Taper Bald Fade Haircut

Detail FADE tutorial 2020


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