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  • GOAT
  • Glasses, Jacket, Shirt Man

Occupation and Rank

not a rapper


  • Spits hot fire
  • Wins every rap battle
  • All powers imaginable and unimaginable from Superpower Wiki (omnipotence, but he's not a god)


Martian God with black skin

“I'm not a rapper”
―Supa Hot

Supa Hot Fire is a popular Internet character or a legendary rapper in the US meme rap battle history, dubbed the GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) freestyler. He is a young black-skinned man, or simply called "Glasses, Jacket, Shirt Man". He is said to come from Mars. He's not a rapper even though he has battled with rappers like Soulja Boy, Chris Rock, B-Bone, Hopsin and Timothy DeLaGhetto. His videos are the rap battles, in which he only wins, he never loses and his friends and fans around scream and shout out loud: "OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!". Soundtracks in the videos are extreme loud, thus they're frequently used in the MLG clips to induce more seizure to viewers. Supa Hot has won over hundreds of bazillions of rap competitions (except for losing one to Soulja Boy, but this loss has been erased from the universe's history by his superpower). But he's not a rapper, as he always says.


Supa Hot has all kinds of superpowers illustrated on Superpowers wiki. The following are what he specializes in:

  • Extreme crowd hype trigger
  • Freestyle rap power
  • Pyrokinesis (he's the hot fire, hotter than the Beatles)
  • Instant defeat for any enemy when he's looking at them with his glasses

Memeorable lines

  • I'm not a rapper
  • I broke up with my ex-girl. Here's the number.
  • Sweet dollar tea from the McDonald's, I drink that.
  • Supa Hot Fire, I spit that
  • two and a half men, I watch that
  • "Glasses, Jacket, Shirt Man." Jacket to keep me hot. Shirt to keep me cool. Glasses TO SEE YOU LOSE.
  • I'm about to end this man's whole career
  • I'm Supa Hot Fire. But I'm still cool. You went to Cranbrook? That's a private school. (OHHHHHHHHHH)

Losers list

Supa Hot Fire always wins !!! He won over 10^49 times and the loss to Soulja Boy has been wiped out from the history of mankind. Here are the names of skrubs that've been beaten to insanity:

  •  Chuck Norris (Sup ended his whole career)
  •  B-Bone (career got harshly terminated)
  •  Mute Spittah (this guy later allied with Sup)
  •  Chunk Dirty aka Timothy DeLaGhetto (Sup dumped them)
  •  Justin Bieber (he bumped that)
  •  Chris Rock aka Tremendous Repeat (his fire extinguisher failed to put out Supa Hot Fire)
  •  Deshawn Raw (Sup literally slapped him at the end)
  •  DAYLYT (this dude is too weak)
  •  Hopsin (had to go back to his Cranbrook school after losing Sup)
  •  White Rapper (he declared himself Supa Hot and he's winning, so Supa Hot wins)
  •  Jay-Z (had to beg Sup to join his concert)
  •  Lady Gaga (Sup's album was more hot than hers, but it's not an album)
  •  Beyoncé and Eminem (ended up like Lady Gaga)
  •  Maddona, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Big Shaq, The Beatles, Beethoven, Mozart,... (no one gonna buy their albums anymore after Sup released his album)
  •  You (self-explanatory)
  •  All remaining rappers: certainly they'll lose, for any rapper u think of, or even a god Sup will also beat them if they dare to battle him.
  • BOOM...
  • BAM
  • BOP
  • POW!!!

Meme star Supa Hot Fire attends UFC 266; social media reacts

Meme star and entertainer Supa Hot Fire was seen in attendance at UFC 266 on September 25 at the T-Mobile Arena.

The meme prodigy, who went viral nearly a decade ago via a hilarious parody video of a rap battle, shocked fans as he made an appearance in Las Vegas to watch the stacked pay-per-view event.

While other celebrities were in attendance at UFC 266, fans sighted the hilarious YouTuber among the crowd.

Supa Hot Fire is a character played by YouTuber DeShawn Raw. He was one of the very first prominent memes, stemming from one of his videos being shared by the WorldStarHipHop channel on YouTube.

Here's the original video of Supa Hot Fire from nearly a decade ago:

As soon as the news broke, fans around the world reacted to Supa Hot Fire's appearance at UFC 266 on social media.

The comedy YouTuber reacted to his visit to UFC 266 on his Instagram page. He stated that the event turned him into a fan.

"@halfwayblack had me Front & Center @ UFC 266 last night. That was Crazy, I am now a UFC fan. respect / @amrit_maraj."

The UFC 266 main event saw featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski defend his title for the second time against a strong challenger in Brian Ortega. The bout was labeled a Fight of the Year contender after the two engaged in an all-out war for five rounds, with 'The Great' taking the decision win over 'T-City'.

Supa Hot Fire boxed fellow YouTuber Deen TheGreat in a street fight

Supa Hot Fire recently engaged in a street boxing match against YouTube boxer Deen TheGreat. He uploaded the video, which gained a lot of traction, to his official channel.

Watch the full fight below:

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Deen TheGreat has been boxing quite frequently and is also notably recognized in the boxing community.

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​It's Been 10 Years Since The 'Supa Hot Fire' Meme Was Uploaded

It's been 10 years since the iconic'Supa Hot Fire' memewas created, having been borne from a parody rap battle video on YouTube.

For anyone who's been living in a cave for the past decade, Supa Hot Fire is the online alter-ego of YouTuber DeShawn Raw, who featured in a number of battle rap videos on YouTube.

The most famous includes a short scene in which Supa Hot Fire is battling among a crowd, saying to his opponent: "I broke up with my ex-girl. Here's her number."

He then hands his rival a piece of paper, before saying: "SIKE! THAT'S THE WRONG NUMBER!"

As people around him cheer, Supa Hot Fire casually turns to the camera, while his friend clutches his face in exaggerated shock.

Those few seconds of reaction are what became one of the world's most famous memes, with internet users dishing out screengrabs or GIFs to express themselves - having essentially become a means of saying, 'Oh no she DIDN'T!'

According to KnowYourMeme, the original 'The Rap Battle (Parody)' video was posted on 25 May 2011 by DeShawn Raw.

It was deleted from the platform but was reuploaded in 2013, and has since gone on to garner more than nine million views.

The YouTuber continued to post many more satirical rap battles, with the fans 'highly favouring' him over his opponents.

Other clips also saw Supa Hot Fire battling various other rappers, which - as the character's fame grew - went on to include some pretty huge names, such as Soulja Boy, Chris Rock and Timothy DeLaGhetto.

KnowYourMeme explains: "The videos widely circulated around the internet, inspiring various parodies.

"In February 2019, a screen capture from the original video was circulated as an image background, captioned with 'I'm about to end this man's whole career', in reference to situations in which one's reputation or social status can be harmed.

"This just goes to show that memes like this one remain relevant for years, and though the original Supa Hot video is now over a decade old, it still remains an iconic piece of internet meme history."

Fellow YouTuber WavyWebSurf said in a 2020 video that the reaction is 'one of the biggest GIFs of all time that people still share today'.

However, he added that in recent years, DeShawn Raw's 'relevance' on YouTube has 'significantly dwindled'.

The star has since launched a brand new YouTube channel called TheCareerOfSupaHotFire, which has more than 32,000 subscribers since debuting in February 2020.

Last month, he released a new video, SupaHotFire Vs DaBaby, which has had more than one million views.

More like thisSours:

One of the world's very first of the world's most famous memes... is going up for sale as an NFT!

Ten years ago, on May 25th, 2011, YouTuber MrDeshawnRaw, posted a video titled "The Rap Battle [Parody],” the first installment of a popular series of satirical Youtube videos, parodying battle rap. The series consists of a rapper named Supa Hot Fire battling multiple rappers, which has included special guests: Soulja Boy, Chris Rock, Mute Spitta,Timothy DeLaGhetto, Hopsin and more.

The Rap Battle Parody video gained over 62 Million views in less than two years before being deleted in 2013. It has since gone on to garner more than 2 billion views through re-uploads as internet users took creative license using the original video clip and sound recordings to dish out screengrabs or GIFs to express themselves.

For those unfamiliar, much of the humor in the meme is derived from the spectators’ exaggerated reactions in favoring one rapper over another, which is fairly common in rap battles where home advantage applies. The result was a trendsetter, leader, and visionary for memes to follow.

Gifstory: The Rise Of Supa Hot Fire

You know the gif. We promise. Here’s where it came from.

Live on Portion

A one-of-a-kind NFT featuring Supa Hot Fire vs B- Bone: the most famous scene in the series where two "rappers " battle amongst a crowd. The climax peaks with Supa Hot Fire handing his rival B-Bone a piece of paper, before slapping it out of B-Bones hand and saying "I broke up with my ex-girl. Here's her number."


As people around him cheer, Supa Hot Fire casually turns to the camera, while his friend clutches his face in exaggerated shock. The few seconds of reaction has become one of the world's most famous memes, with the internet adopting this viral clip/sound recording as a dramatic reaction - becoming a means of saying  "OHHH, OMG, GOT YOUU."

Fans fell in love with the video, the concept, and the overall energy given by the crowd and the witty content that Supa Hot Fire provided. The video, now over a decade old, still remains an iconic piece of internet meme history. YouTuber WavyWebSurf said in a 2020 video, “The reaction is one of the biggest GIFs of all time that people still share today.”

“SIKE! (Ohhhh)” is now going up for auction as an NFT. The 7 day auction opens Thursday (7/8/21) on Portion.IO.

Check out the drop here.

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Hot fire supa

Supa Hot Fire Person

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Supa Hot Fire is a character in a popular series of satirical YouTube videos, parodying battle rap. The videos consist of rapper Supa Hot Fire battling multiple rappers, which has included guests Soulja Boy, Chris Rock, and Timothy DeLaGhetto. The videos revolve around the crowd biasing around Supa Hot, often overreacting to the extreme whenever he ends his rhymes.


Battle rapping has been a traditional component of hip hop music since its emergence in the East Coast hip hop scene circa late 1970s. The format first became popular in the 1980s with active participation from commercially successful hip hop acts and saw a period of resurgence in the 2000s when it was adapted into mainstream music programs like BET's 106 & Park Freestyle Friday and MTV's Wild N' Out, as well as Eminem's 2002 hip hop drama film 8 Mile. On YouTube, freestyle rapping burgeoned into a popular video genre with the rise of YouTube Cipher Battles and All Hip Hop All the Time (AHAT) videos.

On May 25th, 2011, YouTuber MrDeshawnRaw, also known as Supa Hot Fire, posted a comedy video titled "The Rap Battle [Parody]", which lampoons the highly confrontational aspects of rap battles. Much of the humor derived from the spectators' exaggerated reactions in favoring one rapper over another, which is fairly common in AHAT battles where home advantage applies. The video gained 18,000,000 views before being deleted in 2013 or 2014.

The video was met by positive reception on YouTube and in the following months, it made the rounds across hip hop news sites and blogs like WorldStarHipHop as well as Twitter and Facebook. As of March 2012, the video has accumulated over 9 million views.

The video featuring Soulja Boy has also become notable, for being the only video in which another rapper beats Supa Hot Fire, gaining over 800,000 views


The video clip was posted onto WorldStarHipHop on June 14th, 2011, receiving over 379,000 views. On June 17th, Huffington Post reblogged the original video in a post titled "Hilarious Rap Battle Parody Featuring Supa Hot Fire." Throughout the rest of 2011, Mr.DeshawnRaw went on to publish additional parodies in the same style. In March 2012, the fourth episode of the series was released featuring Supa Hot Fire and Tremendous, a fictional rapper assumed by comedian Chris Rock.


On June 9th, 2011, Supa Hot Fire appeared in an interview-style comedy skit with NorthWood TV.

Notable Parodies

Other YouTubers soon followed up with similar parody videos, beginning with the Mexican Cholo parody uploaded on August 13th, 2011. Another parody titled "Future" was posted on October 13th. Hip hop artist T-Pain and comedian Kevin Hart also collaborated on a parody video and published it via YouTube on November 26th. The following year on January 5th, 2012, a battle rap skit involving characters from the anime series Dragon Ball was uploaded onto YouTube.

How to Shut Down a Hoe

How To Shut Down A Hoe is a series of videos that begins with a verbal insult or a dissing punchline taken from a popular film or television show, followed by memorable clips from the 1995 comedy film Friday and the 2011 viral video Rap Battle Parody depicting the crowds' wild reactions to the punchline.
On March 8th, 2012, the footage of crowd's reaction from the original parody video was featured in a recut Dragon Ball clip titled "How to Shut Down a Ho …As demonstrated by Goku," along with the well-known reaction clip of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker saying "damn!" in the 1995 stoner comedy film Friday. The video has since spawned numerous derivatives known as "Black People React to X" featuring Supa Hot Fire and the crowd's reaction from the original parody.

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