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Renting with no credit check is really simple — Our program is called a rental guarantee program. We guarantee the rents to the apartment, landlord or property management company. The rental owner or property management company checks our credit-worthiness, not yours. When a landlord, owner or property manager is deciding to rent to a prospective tenant, good credit is generally the deciding factor.

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Finding no credit check apartments has always been a challenge for renters with evictions, broken leases and low credit scores. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Ways2Rent has been providing renters with evictions and broken leases a simpler solution for no credit check apartments solutions. You no longer have to be turned down because of your eviction or broken lease. You can take control of your rental situation and allow us to assist your with all your rental needs for approval.

Ways2Rent offers a rental guarantee program that is designed to help any renter with rental problems get approved again. Utilizing our unique solution to helping tenants we have successfully placed 98% of our customer base into a new no credit check apartment rental and can get you placed as well. We have one of the best reputations in this industry in helping renters with evictions rent again.

No Credit Check Apartments are in every city and state and we are overly confident we can get you a second chance rental approval in a matter of days.

Over the last several years, you might have undergone several issues with your credit scores like millions of people throughout the world or even like the people in the USA. Simultaneously, you might see that the criteria for foreclosures as well as strict lending issues caused single homeowners to look for rental markets. In fact, you may find it difficult to get a rental approved with your credit issues because landlords in general run a credit check on their potential tenants with the help of management companies. So, save time and money before looking for no credit check apartments by checking to see if we can help you. We are here to assist you with all your concerns regarding the approval of your rental application.

Worrying about getting an approval or finding the perfect home that does not check your credit?

Do you feel helpless with an eviction on your record or applying for a home you like and getting turned down? Just shake off your concerns of your evictions as we can help you. You do not need to worry about your credit score when working with us.

Bring surefire chances for your rent approval:

Unlike many companies, we do not make some unrealistic offers, very simply only help you if we can guarantee you approval so you don’t have to worry about trying to find only no credit check apartments.

Our commitment is to improve your housing condition:

We assure you that you there is no need for you to undergo a credit check when considering a home you and your family have chosen. We are committed to helping you pass the hard and fast rules of credit as well as financial requirements.

Very simply, our commitment is for you to have a best-in-class experience as you relocate and find no credit check apartments. including popular areas like NY, CA, Texas (popular cities like Dallas, Houston, Arlington, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Los Vegas) and all other US States!

To get started is easy, simply complete your application below and a case manager will contact your regarding your case.

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No Credit Check Apartments: How to Get an Apartment with Low (or No) Credit

No credit check apartments can seem like a lifeline for those without credit or low credit scores.

Of course, no credit check apartments aren’t the only option for those without credit. You don't have to rely on no credit check apartments to rent with low credit.

This guide will help you understand no credit check apartments and layout all of your options for renting with low credit. Let's dive in!

What are No Credit Check Apartments?

No credit check apartments are apartment units that don't require a credit check as part of the rental process.

This is a shift from the traditional rental process, where landlords perform a credit check during the tenant screening process.

In theory, any apartment could be a no credit check apartment. However, finding an upscale or luxury no credit check apartment unit is almost impossible. These apartments are usually rented out by landlords in search of eager renters.

For prospective renters, there are several risks involved.

It’s important to be critical and wary of no credit check apartments. Usually, landlords choose to forego a credit check because they are desperately looking for tenants to fill the space.

In some cases, no credit check apartments may be undesirable, your landlord may be unprofessional, or you may be the victim of a scam.

Why Do Landlords Perform Credit Checks?

So what is the point of credit checks for landlords?

The tenant screening process's primary goal is to vet prospective tenants to ensure they will fulfill the duties of a good tenant.

A huge part of this screening process is determining whether a tenant is likely to pay on time and in full. Landlords rely on credit checks as a determining factor.

Credit checks give landlords an overview of your financial debt history. Do note that a credit check won't show financial information such as how much you earn yearly or how much is in your bank account.

Rather, they provide information about whether you have a history of paying your debts on time and managing your finances responsibly. They will show any outstanding debts, your credit scores from major bureaus, and any loans you may have taken out.

The logic is simple. If a tenant has a proven history of not paying off debts on time or a history of incurring substantial debt, they are probably not likely to pay their rent on time and in full.

How to Get an Apartment with Low Credit

Generally, prospective tenants should have a credit score of 650 or higher to rent an apartment. A score in this region indicates that the prospect has a solid history of paying off debt and managing their finances well.

If you have a credit score that's lower than the 650 minimum or you do not have credit at all— don't worry. Your chances of successfully renting your dream apartment aren't in the gutter.

The good news is that many landlords won't discount a tenant solely because of the results of their credit check.

However, you will have your work cut out for you. You'll have to put in a little extra effort to help convince a landlord that you are a great prospective tenant.

Although applying for a no credit check apartment may seem like the easiest way to circumvent the obstacles presented by a low credit score, it can be a very risky move.

If you want to avoid a massive headache in the future, it's best to pursue a traditional credit check apartment.

Here are some valuable tips to help you land a great apartment with low or no credit.

Get a Cosigner

The major challenge of having a low credit score is that it can be difficult to convince a landlord that you will be able to pay rent. That's where a cosigner comes in.

A cosigner is someone who voluntarily takes on the responsibility of paying rent if you are unable to pay. From a landlord's perspective, this offers a stronger guarantee that they will receive rent payment.

Cosigners are typically required to have a much higher income and credit score than a traditional renter. As it's a major responsibility to take on, cosigners are typically parents or very close loved ones.

Pay a Higher Security Deposit Upfront

Typically, a landlord will collect a security deposit to offset the potential costs of property damage, missed rent payments, cleanings, and key replacements.

A landlord will often require a month's rent payment as a security deposit. However, many states allow a landlord to collect more.

Look up the laws in your state and offer a bit more for your security deposit if possible. As long as you don't cause any damage, respect the property, and ensure that you pay your rent on time, you'll receive your full deposit back.

Offering a higher deposit upfront shows your landlord that you are serious about renting their unit and aren't afraid to put your money on the line.

Use Previous Landlords as References

In some cases, positive landlord references can be just as influential as a high credit score.

It makes sense. If you were a headache for your previous landlords — they might welcome the opportunity to help others avoid repeating the experience.

If you have a positive landlord reference, be sure to highlight this for your new prospective landlord.

In addition to providing evidence of your history of on-time rent payments, a landlord reference can provide bonus points in the responsible tenant category.

Show Proof of Income

The best way to convince a prospective landlord that you will be able to cover the cost of rent is to show rather than tell.

Be prepared with proof of income to demonstrate your financial security and ability to pay rent. Most landlords look for a monthly pre-tax income that is at least three times the cost of the rent.

Use our rent calculator to help you determine how much you can comfortably afford in rent.

Pay stubs, tax filings, and bank account statements are all viable forms that can serve as proof of income.

Rent with Roommates That Have Good Credit Scores

Renting with roommates can have benefits that extend well beyond the reduced rent rate.

If you're lucky enough to be renting with roommates who have good credit scores and meet all the other criteria of good tenancy, your prospective landlord might be more willing to rent to you.

Not only will this lower your rent burden (indicating that you'll have an easier time paying it), but your roommates will serve as informal cosigners.

If you are all on the same lease, you are all responsible for covering rent. To avoid facing the potential consequences of nonpayment, a roommate will usually step up to cover the cost of your rent if you can't pay it.

Strategies to Improve Your Credit Score

If you want to strengthen your position as a prospective tenant, giving your credit score a boost can make a big difference. Although credit scores are notorious for taking a long time to increase, there are some simple ways to improve your credit score in a few weeks rather than months. Here are a few tips to help you improve your credit score in a short period.

  • Become an Authorized User: Ask a close relative or loved one whether they would be willing to name you as an authorized user on their credit card account. If they have a history of excellent credit and a high limit, you may experience a substantial credit score boost as an authorized user. The risk is minimal for the account owner, as they don’t have to share any of the account information with you for you to get the boost.
  • Pay Down Debts: One of the most important factors that contribute to your credit score is the percentage of available credit used. Ideally, you want to keep your credit use below 30% of your available credit or else your score may be negatively impacted. You can pay down your debts as a means to reduce this number, which can increase your credit score.
  • Ask for a Higher Credit Line: You can decrease your credit use percentage by asking for a higher credit limit. For example, if you owe $500 with a limit of $1,000, your credit use percentage will be a high 50%. However, if you owe $500 with a credit limit of $5,000, your credit use would be a low 10%.
  • Get a Secured Credit Card: A secured card is a great way to build a credit history if you don’t have one, which can help improve your overall credit score. These cards are usually funded via a cash deposit upon opening. For example, if you deposit $500, that amount becomes your credit line limit. You essentially borrow your own money and may have the option to upgrade to an unsecured (traditional) credit card in the future.
  • Review Your Credit Report: In some cases, your credit score may have dipped due to an error recorded in your credit report. These errors can be difficult to identify and even harder to remove. That said, it’s worth reviewing your credit report to ensure that it’s error-free.
  • Take out a Loan: Though it may seem counterintuitive to incur more debt as a means of increasing your credit score, it’s a proven method. Due to the nature in which credit scores are recorded, mixing up the type of credit you have may help your credit score increase. If you have a lot of revolving credit (think: credit card lines), consider taking out an auto loan to give yourself a mark in the installment credit category.

Final Thoughts

Renting an apartment with low or no credit is challenging, though it’s not impossible! You don’t have to take a risk with no credit check apartments.

Putting a little extra effort upfront can help you land your dream apartment in any city!

Take our quiz above to get started!


Davina Ward

Davina Ward is a contributing author at Apartment List and freelance writer specializing in real estate and digital marketing. She received her B. Read More

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“i had a great experience. First off, i am an actual customer that not only was approved but moved in THIS weekend ((on saturday)) to my new apartment. the process started with me fillout out an application. then i was asked to provide my income information. i did that. then they asked for my identity validation documents, which i did so my info could get sent to the property i wanted. next i waited couple of days for my approval. they told me the apt would do a background check on me... ok, so i crossed my fingers here hoping nothing weird would happen and it would go like they told me for my, so my crossed fingers worked.LOL or their service did because next i got my "move in letter" with the amt i need to pay for my august rent and that i needed to get my renters insurance and to provide my electric account#. did thay right away, i figured before someone changed their mind!!! no one changed their mind... in fact the manager at the property was very nice, rolled out the RED carpet for me!! OK, this is the BEST i have been treated seme any apartment complex in ages. reminds me of old times when my credit was good..I will never take for granted the help i received from this company and i vowed to them to make my rent payments on time...and thanked god for this company taking a chance on me after running around town getting declined wherever i went. without them, i would STILL be living in an extended stay hotel, spending all my money just for a roof over my head and my 2 kids. kids will be OFFICIALLY registered this coming moday for school. i will not be embarrassed to tell the the school i am living out of a HOTEL room. yes, i am a real person, with real hardships and i never thought in my life that my divorce and bankruptcy could impact me in such a way. i feel like i need to share my story so other people know that they have hope.”
“It feels so good to be in a beautiful luxury apartment when I thought I wasn't going to have anywhere to go. Thankful for them and their service!”
“Happy and pleased with my new place, couldn't thanks Alex and Amanda enough.”
“If you pay your rent on time every month they will even report it for you that you have been making on time payments so I was building my credit at the same time. I'm so grateful.”
“My daughter and I were so lost after I didn't have the option to renew at my old apartment and they found one and applied for me within a week. I got approved!!”
“I had doubts but they proved me wrong!! Such a big help.”
“I will most definitely be renewing with them! They have been very helpful even after I moved in”
“Everything is very easy to understand and they tell you all of the instructions for their process. Moving was going to be very stressful but they made it easy!!”
“The process was easy and they explained everything from the jump. Thanks again :)”
“I am so pleased with where they located me and how seamless everything was.”
“This company has helped me out so much when I was helpless. Thank you so much!!”
“They really do what they say they do. This one is the REAL DEAL. I used another company before and spent application fees all over town. To be quite honest I thought this was going to be the same type of deal. But after I spoke to Jennifer I was pretty comfortable. She said their company “doesn’t need any practice”… LOL. She said they have been around the longest and companies have come and gone and tried to copy them. She said if their company cant get the approval at my 1st choice place, she will put in writing in an email that their company would ACTUALLY PAY ME my lost application fee I don’t have to go thru this anymore. OK, SOLD. And believe it or not, I got approved. Im not sure why I didn’t find them first!!!!!!! You guys have my business and my referral for anyone that needs one!!"”
“Very untrustworthy. Even if you live in NY (or just visiting) they refuse to set up an in-person meeting. The building address (1330 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY 10019) does not have them listed as a tenant in their directory. In my opinion, there is a HUGE risk when offering money to a company that is solely reliant on false information. Almost all of the communication I have had with this company has been questionable. Until they gain credibility, I would advise others to avoid doing business with them.”
“No customer service... Hard to work with.”

Luxury No Credit Check Apartments is rated 4.50 based on 14 reviews


Apartments credit luxury no check

Annalise Foxx

This company is literally a scam

This company is literally a scam. I just reported them to BBB (Better Business Bureau). I left pictures on their website page before main. Please look at these as proof. I asked a simple question of “is this a scam” and they got defensive. I asked several of their “apartments” they claim to “work” with, and they’ve never heard of this company or it’s affiliates. They have ONE number that always goes to voicemail, but they always text. If they were truly interested in helping people, they should have a less shady system of “helping” people in bad situations. Be careful people, they are preying on anyone who contacts them.

Update: If your reading this and would like to see the proof of this “business” being a scam. Also, I have proof and pictures of how “professional” their staff is. Just because I asked if this was a scam they started saying I was throwing out wild accusations!!! Hahaha I asked ONE question!!! ONE!!! And got treated with such disrespect. If you’re truly a “business” or “helping people”, your staff wouldn’t be extremely rude, disrespectful, and throwing out “wild” accusations against me. Like I said people stay away from this company. If you want proof let me know.

P.S. I actually did “qualify” for their “program” as one of their disrespectful staff gave me various apartments. It was when I reached out to these apartments and asked around that no one had heard of these people. I then texted the ONE number they have and asked if it was scam. Again, ONE question and one of their “employees” became enraged and defensive. My time spent military and my MOS taught me if they are defensive or shady, they have something to hide. I actually save lives for living. This “business” preys on those asking for help. Just stay clear.

Reply from Luxury No Credit Check Apartment Approval Service

Update: our application is not on our website. Everyone that fills out an inquiry gets property choices to review, if we have any, before applying. That's heck of a lot of free work from an allegedly 'SCAM COMPANY'

We are going to let barking dogs bark. Thats what they do. Bark to their hearts content when they don't get what they want or the attention they want. Just because someone shouts anything doesn't make it true. Nor has any organization such as the BBB contacted us.

With a business in operation for alomst 12 years, a day will finally come when youre are forced to have a confrontation with an "Internet Troll".

We will not allow Annalise Foxx (the very contextual description of an Internet Troll) such a wildly unstable woman to through around accusations ***simply because we refused service***

We will not be bullied, harassed or deal with verbal abuse from a potential customer that thinks the rules dont apply to them and their feelings of being more important are overrun with threats and abuse where they feel they can speak to anyone as they wish or send threats to write bad reviews if we dont call back to agree to tolerate such horrendous and childish behavior.

The screenshots say it all. From the multiple email addresses used to contact us, when we clearly tell our agents to avoid confrontation with such vile human beings.

Text Message:

Anyone should steer clear of this woman Annalise Foxx and her delusions grandeur, infalted sense of importance where she feels she is exempt from rules others have to follow, or wait to be attended to or she will cry out fowl that your business is a SCAM.

Scams particularly invloves someone calling another and the other party losing money. Im not sure when it became a SCAM to refuse service due to someone that cannot control their behavior.

As the website states " YOU MUST QUALIFY FOR OUR SERVICE" . We are not a "pay to play" service. All applicants and others considering to use the service must qualify with the same rules. THIS IS THE LAW, called Fair Housing.

For a business thats allegedly a SCAM, she sure keeps coming back and filling out more forms on our website! If most people are not happy with a service, they typically go elsewhere, but this MENTALLY UNSTABLE woman continues to reach out !
Form Inquiry 1:
Form Inquiry 2:
Form Inquiry 3:


Darius Saunders

Amazing Company to help you!

My wife and I were in a bad spot with our credit due to medical bankruptcy so we couldn't get approved for rentals. This company came through and for 3.5 years we have used them with ZERO issues. No scam, no fly by night company. Now we have rebuilt our credit we have transferred our rental into our name painlessly and will be buying shortly! This company literally helped prevent us from being homeless!! Lori is awesome!


The REAL DEAL - they helped me with a BK filing and an eviction. You have to be patient with responses as they get so many applicants.. they will get back to you, IF you qualify. If you don't meet the income or background requirements, don't expect a call. They are very clear about this on their website ... the helped me and my son out of an abusive situation and able to rent a gorgeous apartment. I will refer anyone that needs your help! thanks again!!

Kenneth P Siverson

Others failed... but delivered!!!!

I tried anchoryourassets to secure a lease after my bankruptcy. However, they were unable to secure a lease in a safe and luxurious town home. Anchoryourassets eventually kept all my money and even the deposit I had placed. Then I called and asked for assistance. The staff was very friendly, and worked with me to secure a lease. They applied one time and were approved instantly for a lease. I've had no problems or issues the entire time I used their services. I applaud and recommend corp-moves to anyone who needs assistance in securing a lease.


Vanessa Prather

Don’t let your credit score define You!

After my divorce and the loss of my home I didn’t know where to turn with a great salary and poor credit score. I was turned down and almost forced to reside to live in less than ideal apartments. This business was made for me! I was able to live in an upscale townhome in a fabulous school district because they didn’t let my credit score define me! This company gave me a quality way to live for 7 years. Thank You!

Would Definitely Recommend

After filling my BK13, these were the only people willing to work with me. I was unsure about them at first, but took the risk. I'm so glad I did! They're strict, but considering the business they're in, it's to be expected. Follow the rules--basically be a good tenant--and things will work out well for you with this company. It did for me. I was a client for 4 years while my BK13 case ran its course. Now, I've been able to purchase a home and get back on my feet. I thank God that He led me to this company and that they were willing to work with me when I needed them. I would definitely recommend!

Just a couple of FYIs... First, they're serious about you needing to have verifiable income. Consider their position. They're taking a big risk on you. Second, if you have any trouble contacting them, I found text is best. I always got a prompt response from them when I texted.

Ive been trying to call i need to know…

Ive been trying to call i need to know if you all help in nashville tn area

Reply from Luxury No Credit Check Apartment Approval Service

Dear Mandy Blair, I see you requested an appointment on Wed, February 05, 10:35am – 11:05am. We declined the appointment. Per our website it states the minimum income for our program is $4,500 a month household income. You received a message we cannot assist. This is clearly stated on our website along with "regardless if you write a negative review" we will not be strong armed into helping you when we cannot. There are plenty of companies out there that will happily take your money and tell you what you want to hear and then disappear after you pay them. We have been around over 10 years now starting our business in 2009. We are not one of those companies. It is unfortunate you felt compelled to write a negative review in spite of our honest approach to business. Like any other business our goal is to make money but not at the expense of hurting or lying to people.



Picked them over others out there and why...

I received excellent service from this company. I had called a couple of other companies before them that did the same type of service and never even received a response from them. If this was how another company would treat me before I paid them I knew it wasn't going to get any better after I paid them. This company however called me answered all my questions. They didnt charge any fees to review my application. After I did my application they worked with me to look for a place I liked. After I found one i liked they started me with 500 towards my total service fee. I felt good about it. They only take visa or Mastercard and told me themselves if you dont get what you pay for you can go dispute it even though we will gladly refund if for some reason you dont get approved. Well I got approved. Took about 5 days and then I called the property to make sure and I got confirmation from the manager it's a done deal. Loved the service. They kept me in the loop every step of the way.

Michael Francis

I'm in the process of using their…

I'm in the process of using their service now. On Monday I submitted all requested paper work including personal information. Since, I've gotten emails from David Rothchild & their Visnova USA corporate compliance team that their working on it. Now I call the 917-633-4703 number and its say's it's been Disconnected!!. Their is very little communication and the fact that I can't get anyone on the phone is SCARY. At the most this process should take 3days. Or they should be able to explain why it is taking longer. I asked david and he said their a situation. I'll remove this review if the company contacts me via phone not email and tells me what's going on...

Reply from Luxury No Credit Check Apartment Approval Service

sorry we could'nt help you. good luck finding another cosigner/guarantor - note: we never changed you a penny.

I didnt think this was really possible

I didnt think this was really possible. I got a lease guarantor for my apartment here in brooklyn. Prettty simple, I paid with my credit card to this company, then filled out the paperwork with my guarantor company then just signed the lease online the next day. The property tooks only 3 hours total to send my approval!!!! duh... should have done this weeks back instead of trying to figure this all out myself!!!

Reply from Luxury No Credit Check Apartment Approval Service

Hey thanks for the kind words! We really appreciate your business and thanks for giving us a chance to prove ourselves to you!


Worked for me!

The first thing to know about forrentnocreditcheck is that it is absolutely 100% legit. I am a real person who used their service and it worked out perfectly. They helped me tremendously and I got the apartment of my choice, probably one of the nicest apartments in definitely the nicest community in my area. The process works for sure, but there are some things to know. First, you have to meet their criteria and be approved to participate in their program. Nothing is hidden and it's pretty simple, but you must make net income per month 3 x the amount of monthly rent. You must also not have a criminal record. Other than that, you complete the application online and pay the $50 fee. This is not refundable and is considered payment for their time and effort to process your application to see if you qualify. Once you start the process by completing the online application, be prepared and vigilant about checking your email often and responding quickly to whatever next steps that they give you. There is no fluff or coddling about the process. The emails come quick, they are in big bold print and most things are very emphatically stated. They are not the most professionally looking emails, some things are redundantly stated and grammatically could use some work. Don't let this worry or dissuade you, it might not look legit and you might get suspicious, but don't. It's just the way they communicate. Your only job is to read and try to carefully understand what they are saying and what are your next steps and to act on them. Once you get approved by them to participate in their program, they will tell you based on your income, what your max allowable monthly rent amount will be. You will then be asked to pay the $500 deposit. This is like earnest money to show that you are serious. If they are unable to get approved or otherwise can't get you into an apartment because of a failure on their end, the will refund this money back, Otherwise it will be used as a credit toward the total upfront fees at the time they are approved for a corporate lease at the apartment, at which time, you will get an email with a breakdown of their fees (basically $250 + $amount equal to one months rent), which will show you how the $500 deposit was applied. If you don't get approved for the apartment because of a failure on your end, such as being unable to pass background check, etc., you will not get the $500 deposit back and it will be considered a fee for their time and effort. So, once you get approved by forrentnocreditcheck, again be prepared to act quickly. You will need to have visited or have in mind the properties you are interested in and have verified that they accept corporate lease applications. You will also need to determine which units are available for your timeframe, what the move in date will be, monthly rent amount, etc. You will then be responsible to contact the rental property and have them email their corporate application to forrentnocreditcheck at an email address they will give you at that time. Be prepared for the fact that some apartment communities are not setup to do corporate leases or have a bad way of determining corporate credit for the lease. It's possible a property will use a consumer credit reporting rental screening service, such as transunion, to save money, and the information they provide may result in a decllined application. Do not get too worried about this. Forrentnocreditcheck will work with the property management to supply whatever additional paperwork, financials, referrals is necessary to try to get an approval. If they still do not get approved, as happened with me at my first choice property, don't worry, some properties just don't understand how to do corporate leases or are apprehensive about them or whatever. You just move on to the next property. Forrentnocreditcheck will give you a list of property management companies and/or properties in your area that have worked out well for them in the past. But, you don't have to pick one of those, you can try any property you want, as long as you have verified that they accept corporate lease applications. Once a property has approved their application, you will need to quickly get either cashiers check or money order and deliver to the apartment community to cover the application fee + hold deposit. Once the apartment is on hold for you and forrentnocreditcheck is approved, you will need to go online a pay the balance of their fees, which will be basically an amount equal to one months rent, plus or minus some, factoring in your previous $500 deposit. You can pay this online with Visa or other credit card, debit card, etc. Once that is done, forrentnocreditcheck will proceed with the lease signing and set the move in date and email you with the cashiers check or money order amounts you will need prior to getting the keys on move in day. This is usually the remainder of the unit deposit amount (minus the hold deposit you already have them) + first months rent. Once the lease is signed, you make an appointment for move-in day to get the keys and sign some occupant addendum agreements from the rental property, and that's it, The apartment is yours. Technically, and important to remember, you are not the lease holder, you are the occupant. You do not have all the same rights legally as if you were the lease holder, but as the occupant, it will basically be considered your apartment. I know I've written a lot here, but it was important to let people know that 1) this is definitely a legit thing, 2) you must meet their criteria to participate, 3) everything is done electronically, over email, docusign, a payment portal, etc. 4) Be prepared to act quickly on any emails that you receive from them and take care to read and understand what are the next steps and if you have any questions or concerns, just email them. They tend to respond very quickly and in my case, some late hours and even on weekends. 5) again the emails will be very emphatically worded and maybe seem a little scary, don't worry, they just want you to know the fact and incite you to act quickly. There's no time to mess around. 6) It worked for me. They helped me and I am now living in my dream apartment, couldn't be happier. Good luck and don't be afraid to use them. They are there to help people who had a bad credit situation in the past, but are currently on their feet with good stable income and no criminal history issues. They also make some money too. So, you have to have a little extra money to cover their fees. But if you ask me, it was well worth it and it works. Best of luck and ta HUGE hank you to forrentnocreditcheck for helping me.

Reply from Luxury No Credit Check Apartment Approval Service

hey stephen! thanks for taking the time to review our services! glad you are pleased!


Success with this company

I had lost my job two years ago and had an eviction on my record. One month ago I found an apartment that I perfectly fit into but couldn't get approved. Found this company online on Google and decided to fill in the online application form. Everything went smooth and we arranged the details additionally over the phone. Very fast they got me my desired apartment. I had great experience with them and they are a highly reliable company that can get you qualifications.


No Credit Check Apartments Atlanta GA


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