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A Father's Advice

If a sportsman true you'd be
Listen carefully to me...

Never, never let your gun
Pointed be at anyone.
That it may unloaded be
Matters not the least to me.

When a hedge or fence you cross
Though of time it cause a loss
From your gun the cartridge take
For the greater safety's sake.

If twixt you and neighboring gun
Bird shall fly or beast may run
Let this maxim ere be thine
"Follow not across the line."

Stops and beaters oft unseen
Lurk behind some leafy screen.
Calm and steady always be
"Never shoot where you can't see."

You may kill or you may miss
But at all times think this:
"All the pheasants ever bred
Won't repay for one man dead."

"Early Instruction"
By Carl Kauba
c. 1902

Written by Mark Beaufoy of Coombe House, Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, in 1902, on presenting his eldest son, Henry Mark, with his first gun. Reproduced here by permission of the author's granddaughter, Mrs. P. M. Guild.


How to Operate a 9 mm Ruger Pistol

Firing Instructions

Engage the safety, which will also decock the gun. Point the gun towards the target and keep it pointed there at all times. Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are absolutely ready to fire.

Slide the safety into the firing position by pushing the safety lever up until the red dot is fully exposed.

Place your finger on the trigger. A Ruger 9mm does not need to be cocked in order to fire. It has a double-action mechanism, allowing you to fire the gun by fully depressing the trigger.

Slowly depress the trigger until the gun fires. Don't pull the trigger or your aim will be off. Instead use a smooth press. Keep this old adage in mind: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. After the first shot, subsequent shots will require less effort, as they will be fired in single action mode.

After firing always return the safety to the safe position by pressing the safety lever downward. Engaging the safety on a Ruger 9mm will decock the gun. The hammer will fall, but the firing pin is blocked, so no round will fire.



  • Use high quality ammunition in your Ruger, as poor ammo can cause a jam or malfunction.
  • As with any firearm, read the manual. If you bought the gun used, contact Ruger and they will send you a manual. See the reference for the address.


  • Keep the safety on and your finger off of the trigger until you are absolutely ready to fire
  • Always point your Ruger 9mm in a safe direction or at the target at all times

Writer Bio

Michael Scott is a freelance writer and professor of justice studies at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a former prosecutor. Scott has a J.D. from Emory University and is a member of the Utah State Bar. He has been freelancing since June 2009, and his articles have been published on and

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Well, the "send it back" route hasn't worked with them in years. They are still sending out stuff at a frightening pace that shouldn't leave the factory.

About the only option for them to improve is to CARE, which apparently they don't. People are buying 2 million Rugers a years with their poor QC............why they gonna change?

For two years in a row at the NRA shows, I heard every 3rd, maybe about every other person while I was listening, ask about the ongoing QC issues. They all got the standard response. "We know that is a problem and are looking into it". Sure enough, Ruger has great customer service and EVERYONE knows it, because it has to be talked about so often

Personally, I think it does WAY more good to bring it to light in threads like this, because you know they read these boards

Handgun 101: Safety vs. Decocker


Switch ruger safety


Handgun 101: Safety vs. Decocker


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