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  • SH570R8

    Powerful Workstation with Intel 11th Gen. Empower Professional Applications with Reliability and Expandability

    Shuttle XPC cube SH570R8 is built for data-intensive, multi-tasking workloads. Supports the latest Intel® 11th Gen Core processors, integrated Intel® Xe engine, dual DDR4-3200 high-speed memory, it offers fast and reliable performance for professional users of demanding software applications. Featuring expandability to accommodate up to four 3.5-inch hard drives and PCI-E 4.0x16 for a graphic card or other add-on cards expansion makes the SH570R8 suitable for content creators, media streamers, and professional designers. Designed with display flexibility and productivity, the SH570R8 supports up to three independent displays via HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.4.
  • SH570R6

    Custom Multi-Core and Fast Workstation PC for Professional Use

    Shuttle’s new SH570R6 adopts an LGA 1200 CPU socket, supports 10th/11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors (up to 125W), as well as dual-channel DDR-3200MHz high-speed memory with up to 128GB to deliver higher performance for professional tasks. The SH570R6 can run smooth 4K UHD content with the integrated Intel®Xe graphics plus drive triple displays from HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. Designed with a compact size, the SH570R6 delivers expandability and connectivity where it matters. It can support a dual-slot graphics card, multiple hard drives & M.2 SSD installation, further with up to twelve USB ports, including one with type-C that make users operate more conveniently and peripherals deployment. With Dual Gigabit LAN built-in and M.2 slot for Wi-Fi module expansion, network connectivity is extensive. The SH570R6 is equipped with an 80 PLUS Bronze certified 300W power supply and Shuttle’s exclusive I.C.E. 2 heat pipe technology for highly energy-efficient and stable long-term operation.
  • SH370R6 V2

    Next Level Performance: High-end Mini Cube PC with Coffee Lake Processors

    Shuttle's new version SH370R6V2 is a powerful, scalable mini PC solution to fit almost every need. Powered by 8th/9th gen Intel processor technology, the SH370R6V2 provides up to 8-core of processing power and delivers a significant performance boost. Through the rich set of I/O options, the SH370R6V2 supports up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM, up to 10Gb/s transfer rate of USB ports, two 3.5” hard drives, a dual-slot graphics card, a fast M.2 SATA/NVMe SSD, and even three 4K UHD displays. Designed for reliability, it comes with dual GigaLAN ports to ensure high availability of network access. With upgraded performance in a barely 14-liter chassis, the SH370R6V2 makes it easier for users to build what they need – ideal for mini server, mini workstation, and even gaming PC build.
  • SH310R4 V2

    Get Performance and Affordability: New Expandable Entry Level Mini Cube

    With the new SH310R4 V2, you can take full advantage of the performance and affordability in an expandable mini PC. Shuttle SH310R4 V2 is an entry-level mini PC supporting Intel Core processor of the 8/9th Gen. Featuring up to 8 cores of processing performance and integrated UHD graphics, the SH310R4 V2 has more power to handle demanding 4K workflows. With options for HDMI, DP and VGA outputs, users can gain better flexibility for simultaneous dual displays. Despite its seeming small chassis, there is enough room to accommodate up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, a fast M.2 SSD, a dual-slot graphics card, and even three storage drives. As desired, the front panel can also be fully customized to your needs.
  • SH370R8

    Built for Unlimited: High-Performance Flagship XPC Cube

    Designed to fit almost limitless applications, the flagship XPC SH370R8 provides unmatched performance in an expandable mini cube. Ready for the 8th/9th Gen Intel Coffee Lake processors, this particular designed system features up to 8 cores of multithread power for high-demand tasks. With barely a volume of 14.2 liters, the SH370R8 supports up to 128GB of DDR4 memory, up to 10Gb/s transfer rate of USB 3.1 Gen 2 interfaces, four 3.5” hard drives, a large dual-slot graphics card, and a fast M.2 SATA/NVMe SSD – even three 4K displays can be achieved with HDMI 2.0a and DP ports. Whatever is needed – gamers, creators, and professionals, you will never be at a loss for performance.
  • SH310R4

    Affordable Scalability: Entry-Level Coffee Lake Mini Cube

    Scalability and performance – more affordable than you might expect. The Shuttle SH310R4 is an entry-level mini PC supporting the latest 8th/9th gen Intel® processors. Featuring up to 6 cores, 12 threads, along with integrated UHD graphics, the SH310R4 has more power to handle demanding 4K workflows. With options for HDMI, DP and VGA outputs, users can gain better flexibility for simultaneous dual displays. Despite its seeming small cube, there is enough room to accommodate a whopping 64GB of DDR4, a fast M.2 SSD, a dual-slot graphics card, and even three storage drives. Striving for maximum individuality, the front panel can also be customized as you wish. Incorporating unmatched price/performance with scalability, the SH310R4 is simply the choice for your next computer upgrade.
  • SH370R6

    Next Level Performance: High-end Mini Cube PC with Coffee Lake Processors

    Experience a new level of performance with Shuttle XPC Cube SH370R6, a scalable, high-end mini PC with refreshed processors and beefed-up features. The SH370R6 is built on latest Intel® 8th/9th Gen processor family which supports up to six cores and 12 threads, boasting much better graphics performance than the previous generations. With the new processors and chipset combined with Intel® Optane™ memory as well as Intel® RST, the SH370R6 meets the demand for faster and higher capacity storage. Featuring three video outputs for 4K three displays, four slots for a maximum of 128GB of DDR4 RAM, multiple sets of USB with speeds up to 10 Gbps, and excellent scalability options with both PCI-E and M.2 interfaces, the SH370R6 packs incredible performance into minimal space. Ideal for mini server, workstation and gaming PC builds.
  • SZ270R9

    Light up the Battlefield

    Shuttle, the leading mini-PC designer, introduces its new Gaming Mini-PC model SZ270R9, supports the 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor and set to deliver the best performance for gaming and VR use. With RGB lighting technology, the all-new R9 model can be truly adapted to represent your lifestyle by color scheme set up. Designed to performance enthusiasts, the SZ270R9 provides dedicated XPC Overclock Software and a hardware physical turbo button on the top of the front panel allows real-time overclocking using single button. Small as it gets, the new R9 chassis offers a space for up to four 3.5” Hard Disk and two NVMe SSDs, it is able to support large size dual-slot graphics cards. Built-in Dual Intel Gigabit LAN, 500 Watt 80 PLUS SILVER PSU, three M.2 and ten USB ports, the SZ270R9 comes packed powerful and expandability in a small package and it’s definitely a gamer's pick to LAN parties.
  • SZ270R8

    New Mini PC packs 4K and High-end VGA cards with Kabylake platform

    The SZ270R8 with a stylish aluminum chassis is three times smaller than tower PC with impressive expansion capability and storage capacity at a compelling price. With a new internal design, the SZ270R8 can support large-format dual-slot graphics cards and install up to four 3.5” hard as well as support Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST), providing a variety of RAID mode selection . Equipped with Intel® Z270 chipset, this new high performance XPC cube is designed for to drive Intel® Kabylake LGA 1151 processors and deliver outstanding speed performance. With Intel® HD graphics, the SZ270R8 is able to support 4K/Ultra HD video playback. Display imaging on up to three independent screens via HDMI or DisplayPort. The SZ270R8 provides one PCI-E x16 slot (Support Dual Slot VGA card) that supports professional graphics cards for gaming PC, video wall, and more application. The SZ270R8 is built-in Dual Gigabit LAN that supports Wake on LAN and Teaming Mode, two M.2 2280 and one M.2 2230 slots, 10 USB ports(USB3.0*6), as well as optional RS232 with strong expansion capability. Thanks to its exclusive I.C.E.2 heat pipe technology and an 80 Plus Silver 500W power supply, makes the SZ270R8 highly stable and energy-efficient for long-term operation.
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Shuttle Computer

Experience high-level performance with Shuttle XPC Gaming Cubes. They come with expandable storage for high-capacity files. Most Mini-PCs feature cooling technologies that dissipate heat in quiet mode. Their HDMI® ports support audio and video display in high screen resolutions. Most come with DisplayPorts™ that transfer sound and video signals to screens. Some feature VESA mounting interfaces for wall attachments. Their built-in Wi-Fi® supports internet connectivity. Most come with USB ports for wired data transfer with external devices. Some feature turbo buttons for optimized configurations. They also come with light controls for personalization. Most are fanless, ensuring that the mini-PCs have long life spans.

Shuttle XPC Gaming Cubes Feature Integrated Cooling Technology

Shuttle XPC gaming cubes come with XPC overclock tools that monitor the CPU’s temperature and usage to ensure system stability. They feature RGP light controls, enabling you to personalize your gaming rig. Their One Touch functionalities enable you to load the most optimized overclocking configurations quickly and easily by pressing the turbo button. Most feature shuttle ICE 2 heat-pipe technologies that use conventional cooling to dissipate heat away from the CPU while operating at the sound of a whisper. These Shuttle computer CPUs come with dual-slot graphic cards that boost performance for gaming. Some feature HD audio and PCI-Express v.30 for high-performance graphic cards, providing an impressive VR experience. Most come with expandable storage that accommodates high-capacity games.

Shuttle XPC Slim Enables Fast Data Transfer

Most Shuttle XPC Slim systems come with three display connections for driving up to three displays simultaneously, making them suitable for heavy-duty use. Their HDMI comes in enhanced versions that permit high screen resolutions. These Shuttle mini PCs feature DisplayPort connectors, allowing for connections with sound and high-resolution digital displays. They are fanless and durable. Their NVMe modules process multiple gigabytes per second, ensuring that the start-up time is short. These desktop computers come with card readers, allowing you to access photos and videos upon insertion. Their gigabit network controllers ensure maximum data transmission rates for convenient Internet access. Most feature USB 3.0 connectors, enabling fast data transfer with external devices. Choose a model with a Kensington lock for anti-theft protection.

XPC Nano Works With Fanless External Power Supplies

The Shuttle barebone systems come with NVMe modules for quick system start-up. Their DisplayPorts support digital sound signals and high-resolution displays. Some come with always-on jumpers, providing hardware solutions for continuous use after power outages. Their HDMI interfaces support connections with screens, enabling picture and sound output via HDMI cables. Consider a model with an SSD with high data transmission rates and low energy consumption. Most come in compact housings, offering contracted spaces for drives. Some feature fanless external power supplies, ensuring that the systems are noise-free. They come with in-built Wi-Fi, enabling WLAN data transfer and internet access. Most come with VESA mounting interfaces that help you attach them to wall mounts or monitor arms.

An XPS All-in-One Enables Fast Communication

XPS All-in-One mini-PCs come with integrated gigabit LAN chipsets for high-speed data transfer and communication with network-attached storage (NAS) for added versatility. Most feature a compact PC housing, making them easy to carry around.

Shuttle XPC Nano NC03U Mini PC Review - Same Guts as a Chromebox


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