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These Macrame Cat Hammock Beds Are Purrfect

macrame cat hammock bed

As Etsy Affiliates we are always on the hunt for great ideas to share with our community. We recently shared this Macrame Cat Hammock Bed on Facebook and everyone fell head over paws!

If you have a puss in your home, you can bet they are going to love hanging out in any one of these handpicked ideas. Macrame Beautiful is the popular Etsy Shop behind these designs and they are absolutely beautiful.

macrame cat hammock bed
via Macrame Beautiful, Etsy

Macrame Cat Hammock Bed

via Macrame Beautiful

These Macrame Cat Beds can be made in various colors, sizes, and styles. They are made of strong, durable cords and are dip-dyed with bright colors.

The total length is around 33.46 inches/85cm from the top to the bottom including tassels The width is around 15.74 inches/40cm

macrame cat hammock bed
via Macrame Beautiful

Macrame Hanging Cat Bed

via Macrame Beautiful

Here is another very popular version of the hanging cat hammock. This one is like a basket and is the perfect place for your puss to curl up for a nap.

macrame cat hammock bed
via Macrame Beautiful

Cat Hanging Hammock Bed

via Macrame Beautiful

Here is another popular style of the cat hammock that gets great reviews.

via Macrame Beautiful

Hanging Cat Bed

via Macrame Beautiful

As you can see by the ideas that we have shared, Emma the creator behind Macrame Beautifulhas plenty of great ideas to choose from. The cat hammock above has also been a best seller.

Where To Find These Cat Hammocks

As mentioned earlier, Emma from Macrame Beautiful is a best-selling Etsy Shop. The good news is that Emma has loads of other ideas too.

You can find plant holders, nursery decor, and wall hangings to name a few. Be sure to spend some time browsing, you won’t be disappointed!

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How to Make a Gorgeous Macrame Cat Hammock with Habit Made – Free & Easy Macrame Cat Bed Tutorial

Learn how to make a gorgeous and safe Macrame Cat Hammock with this beginner-friendly easy step-by-step video tutorial by talented teacher Habit Made. We’re sure your cats and kittens will love their new hangout spot!

Affiliate links may be sprinkled throughout the awesome, free content you see below. I’ll receive a small commission when you purchase from my (Amazon) links (at no extra cost to you), which I’ll happily spend on more colorful macrame cords!

Macrame Cat Hammock / Hanging Cat Bed

Talented Macrame teacher Dan Soliman from Youtube Channel Habit Made has really outdone herself this time! This amazing Macrame hanging cat bed / cat hammock will look perfect in your home and is super easy to make.

Consisting of mainly square knots, this Macrame cat hammock is a great project for beginners that are looking for something else to make than a wall hanging or plant hanger. Dan’s easy to follow step-by-step video tutorial will guide you through the entire pattern!

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How to Make a Gorgeous Macrame Cat Hammock with Habit Made - Free & Easy Macrame Cat Bed Tutorial

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How to make a Macrame Cat Hammock

To make this beautiful and beginner-friendly Macrame Cat Hammock, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • A total of approx. 550 to 600 ft. (183 meters) of 5mm 3-ply Macrame cords
  • 2 Wooden rings of approx. 7 inches (18 cm) and 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter
  • Small round or square pillow of approx. 16 x 16 inches (40 x 40 cm)

Knots to learn

This Macrame Cat Hammock is mostly made with a simple square knot. Take your time to learn the 3 basic knots before you begin with your project and check out this helpful video by Habit Made to get started!

Macrame Cat Hammock Tutorial

Here is the super easy beginner-friendly Macrame Cat Hammock video tutorial by Habit Made that will teach you step-by-step how to recreate this amazing project.

If you want to slow down the video, you can do so by adjusting the Playback speed in the Settings (cogwheel icon on desktop / 3 dots on mobile). On mobile, to quickly skip 10 seconds back or forth in the video, simply double-tap on the left or right of the screen.

More Macrame Cat Hammocks

Dan has made another pretty Macrame Cat Hammock, which you can find in the previous blog post we worked on together here:

Making Beautiful Things with Macrame Teacher Dan Soliman from Habit Made

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Need some help with making your Cat Hammock?

Dan is a member of our Facebook group as well, which will come in very handy in case you need some help with making this project. Join us now and ask our lovely and helpful community anything you want!

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10 Gorgeous Free DIY Macrame Projects by Habit Made
Making Beautiful Things with Macrame Teacher Dan Soliman from Habit Made

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How to Make a Gorgeous Macrame Cat Hammock with Habit Made - Free & Easy Macrame Cat Bed Tutorial

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Happy Knotting!


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I have no cat, okay? But I promised my readers I’d give them a tutorial for a macrame cat hammock, so here it is. Besides, it turned out so sweet, it almost makes me want to adopt a kitten. Almost. Another nice thing about this hammock is that it’s comprised of mostly Square Knots, so it’s easy enough for macrame beginners.

(This post may contain affiliate links; as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. See disclosure here.)

supplies needed:

  • masking tape & scissors
  • 24″ long wooden drapery rod (1″ diameter) with two finials
  • Five 100-foot rolls of cotton clothesline (3/16″)
  • 18″ square throw pillow

getting started

Cut 24 pieces of rope, each measuring 20 feet long. Wrap a small piece of masking tape around each end of rope, to prevent fraying while weaving the design. 

lark’s head knots

Once the 24 rope pieces are cut and ends are taped (to prevent fraying), tie each one to the wooden pole using a Lark’s Head Knot. 

square knots

You now have 24 Lark’s Head Knots tied onto the pole and 48 individual cords hanging. To follow the instructions correctly, you need to understand the following key. While knotting, try to keep each horizontal row even, and always go from left to right. To make a proper Square Knot, see the tutorial here.

macrame key

  1. Start with 1st cord: 12K  (starting with 1st individual cord from the left, tie 12 Square Knots)
  2. Start with 3rd cord: 11K  (starting with 3rd individual cord from the left, tie 11 Square Knots)
  3. Start with 5th cord: 4K – S8 – 4K
  4. Start with 7th cord: 3K – S12 – 3K
  5. Start with 9th cord: 2K – S16 – 2K
  6. Start with 11th cord: 1K – S8 – 1K – S8 – 1K
  7. Start with 9th cord: 2K – S16 – 2K
  8. Start with 7th cord: 3K – S12 – 3K
  9. Start with 5th cord: 4K – S8 – 4K
  10. Start with 3rd cord: 5K – S4 – 5K
  11. Start with 1st cord: 12K
  12. (Begin this row about 4″ lower than the previous row.) Start with 5th cord: 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K
  13. (Begin this row about 3″ lower than the previous row.) Start with 2nd cord: 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2 – 1K – S2
  14. (Begin this row about 3″ lower than the previous row.) Start with 1st cord: 12K
  15. (Begin this row about 3″ lower than the previous row.) Start with 3rd cord: 11K

wrapped knot

About 20″ down from the last row of knots, make a Wrapped Knot (using a spare piece of cording). About 12″ below the bottom of the Wrapped Knot, trim the cords evenly.

ca wrap
ca done

adding a pillow

Nestle a small cat bed or pillow within the cords just above the Wrapped Knot. Spread the cords evenly around the bed. I used a whimsical 18″ square pillow from Target. 

finishing touches

If you cannot find a drapery rod short enough, cut a larger one down to fit. For an extra touch, I mimicked the pattern on the pillow onto the finials, using a permanent marker. To hang the hammock, tie an extra piece of rope onto the two ends of the rod and hang from a ceiling hook. 

nob 1
nob 2

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DIY Cat Hammock |Macrame Cat Swing |Kitty Hanging Bed

How to wrap the hoops with macrame cord

Below you can see the video tutorial. Use the triangle on the image to turn on the video. If you are on a phone or Ipad, hold the device sideways for better viewing. If the video doesn’t work, you can head to my YouTube channel to watch it HERE.

I started out by wrapping the two brass rings with Vertical Lark’s Head Knots which is definitely optional. You can make it even easier if you don’t mind the shiny gold. I, on the other hand didn’t want the brass to show and also wanted to make sure that the other parts didn’t slide around on the brass which wrapping the rings accomplishes. You could also use a dab of hot glue under the parts of the macrame yarn that are attached to the hoops to avoid sliding if you want to skip the hoop wrapping part.

  • Cut a string around 40 feet long. I know it’s super long but that’s what I used. I bunch all the string into a neat ball so I can easily loop the knots and then just pull out more whenever needed.
  • Start creating the Vertical Lark’s Head Knots by looping the yarn around the hoop as shown in the first and second photo with a short end of string hanging to the side
  • Pull the yarn tight
  • Then lay the yarn on top of the ring and pull through the back to the left side and pull tight
  • After that place the yarn behind the loop and up through the left as pictured. (I always keep telling myself in my head first front over and trough the back, then behind over and through the front so I remember to alternate to create the Vertical Lark’s Head Knots)
  • When you reach all the way around, you can cover the small string that you left at the beginning of the wrapping with more Vertical Lark’s Head Knots.
  • At the end you will have one piece of string left hanging which you will cover later with the other knots of the hanging cat bed.
  • If you run out of string during the hoop wrapping, you can just cover the ending string the same way and start a new row of Knots the way I showed you at the beginning.

Do this with both 20-inch hoops and put them aside until later.

Creating the hanging part of the macrame DIY cat bed

The way I created the loop part to hang the cat bed can be done different ways. If you want to save time then you can do it with a ring the way I did in my DIY macrame lantern tutorial. Just make sure you use a metal ring instead because the wooden rings can snap and break.

The loop I created is again the same Vertical Lark’s Head knots that I used to wrap the hoops. This time you wrap the strings that hang down at the center with a piece of yarn that’s about 8-foot long. Let me show you and you can also see this part in the video.

Figuring out how much macrame yarn to use

To me figuring out how much yarn to use is always the hardest part, especially when it is a project that I come up with myself and I’m not following someone else’s tutorial. I’d rather end up with a lot of leftover yarn material than not having enough. I always use my scraps for other projects like my macrame planter sleeve, macrame earrings, macrame bracelet and macrame half-moon embellishments.

You need to determine how long you want the cat bed to hang down. I knew that I wanted the bed to hang slightly above the window sill. So I hung my plant hook above the window first and then measured the length.
I multiplied that times 10 so I could have enough yarn for the rest of the knotting and the bottom tassel part.
Cut 8 pieces of yarn of that length and fold in half.

After I folded the yarn in half I draped the center part over a doorknob to start the Vertical Lark’s Head Knots at the center of the folded yarn with the separate 8-foot piece of yarn.

Now simply repeat the same steps for the Vertical Lark’s Head Knots as I showed you above when wrapping the hoops and as shown in the video.

Like I mentioned earlier my macrame lantern tutorial pretty much starts out the same way except for the ring part.

The Gathering Knot Method is best watched in my video at the 3:12 mark. Or you can just tie it of by twisting yarn around the strands and placing a tight standard knot at the end to hold it all in place.

For the rest of the project I used only square knots but you could also use spiral knots which are almost the same as the square knots, you just don’t alternate. Check out the difference in my YouTube video about Spiral and Square Knots.

I decided to not use Square Knots the entire string sections to make the project faster and to make it more visually interesting which is also why I added the wooden beads.

Below you can see that I always measured 5-inch equal sections on all 4 parts of the strands and just kept repeating that.

My beads didn’t have a hole big enough to add 4 strands of macrame yarn so I used a 3/8 drill bit to make the existing holes big enough. I clamped the beads into a vice and then drilled into the center. This leaves little teeth marks from the vice but I’m ok with that since I don’t have a drill press.

Attaching the hoops to the hanging strands

It’s time to create the area for the pillow to create the lounging part of the cat bed.

I marked 4 equal sections on the hoops and attached the strands with square knots to the hoop which you can see in the video.

Place the two center strands in front of the hoop and the two outside ones behind the hoop and then place the square knot under the hoop to hold it all in place as shown in my video.

Now it is time to cut more string for the sections between the top hanging strands. I decided to do three more strands for a Square Knot grid in between.

Cut 24 pieces of macrame yarn at 180 inches long. You need to fold each strand in half and loop them onto the hoop with a Lark’s Head Knot the way I showed you above when starting the Vertical Lark’s Head Knots. The only difference is that there isn’t just a small piece of yarn hanging to the side. This time it is equal yarn parts because you folded it in half. Maybe sounds complicated but really isn’t as shown in the video.

Believe it or not, I eyeballed this part instead of marking it exactly because in the end you won’t be able to tell.

Like I said above, fold the strands in half and loop the macrame yarn onto the hoop with Lark’s Head Knots as shown below and my video.

Each section has two Lark’s Head Knots to get the 4 strands that are always needed to create Square Knots.

I added a Square Knot to each section to match the Square Knots I used to attach the top hanging strands to the hoop.

Repeat this 12 times to complete all the sections.

Time to make the grid that will eventually hold the pillow for the cat to sleep on.

Grab the two outside strands on two adjacent sections and gather them with a Square Knot. I measured about two inches down.

Then keep repeating this all the way around the perimeter of the hoop.

Next you have to repeat that again to create a criss cross pattern. Grab the two adjacent strands next to each other which you can see below and gather with another Square Knot.

You have to attach the second hoop with more Square Knots which is the same way you attached the first hoop, remember?

Next you could continue the grid knotting with Square Knots to meet in the center of the hoop the way I did above but I decided to just gather the strands and tie them together to make things easier for me and you.

I simply used a piece of macrame yarn to tightly knot the yarn strands together in the center. You could also use a Gathering Knot like I used at the top of the DIY cat bed.

Trim the tassel at the bottom of the hanging DIY cat bed, add the pillow and you are done.

How to hang a macrame cat bed

My hanging planters are usually all hung from the curtain rods which has worked well but for the macrame cat bed I wanted to ensure that it was hung a bit sturdier.
I used a planter hook that is typically used outside to hang the cat bed as you can see below. This way I could use two large screws to drill into the wooden structure that holds the window behind the drywall. It might not look as pretty but I better play it safe than be sorry later.

Our kitties safety always comes first!


Cat tutorial macrame bed |


DIY Macramé Cat Hammock #1, Macrame Cat Bed Tutorial for beginner by TNARTNCRAFTS


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