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How To Complete The Unknown Signal Easter Egg In Outbreak

Since the Season 2 Reloaded update went live in Black Ops Cold War, radio has started popping up across all of the Outbreak maps.

This brand-new Easter Egg involves tracking down an Unknown signal that's being emitted from a random location within the four Outbreak zones.

Due to the completely random nature of this particular Easter Egg, it can be tricky to complete if the signal emitter doesn't appear in the first few rounds.

Here's how to complete the Unknown Signal Easter Egg in Outbreak!

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How To Complete Unknown Signal Easter Egg

The first step is arguably the longest as it involves visiting several locations in order to find out if the emitter has spawned into the map.

The easiest way to determine its location is to check the minimap for the radio icon. Once you've found the main emitter, listen to the full signal to begin the Easter Egg.

Warning: Plenty of Zombies will spawn once the signal has been activated so be sure to deal with them as fast as possible!

Here are all the possible locations for the emitter to appear:

  • Alpine - Hillside Cabins by a fire pit, behind the hockey goal on the frozen lake or next to the rocks at the First Aid Station.
  • Golova - Inside the Granary or on a table in the Lower West Town
  • Ruka - On top of a box in the Creek Dacha area or on top of barrels next to a shipping container near the Officer's Quarters.
  • Sanatorium - On the roof of Administration or in the central house in the Vacation Homes area of the map.

With the signal now playing, you must find three signal amplifiers that are in the near vicinity of the main emitter.

Zombies content creator MrDalekJD has provided some handy images revealing the locations of the signal amplifiers.


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+ 4


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It's important to listen to the signal that the emitter plays when switching through the different signals that the amplifier produces. Once you've found the right one, a cluster of undead opponents will spawn in. Deal with them quickly and match the other amplifiers with the emitter.

When all three amplifiers are emitting the same noise as the main emitter, head back to the location of the emitter where you will be able to listen to the full signal.

The emitter will play a classic Black Ops Zombies song along with plenty of Essence canisters as a reward.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - Outbreak Easter Egg Guide

By Richard Warren


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s first Outbreak quest has arrived, and players will need to carry out some specific tasks to complete it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fans have been waiting patiently to see what Outbreak’s main quest would bring to the table, and now they finally know the answer. Fortunately, Outbreak’s main quest does a lot right, with some interesting story setup, fun objectives, and a challenging boss fight. Treyarch takes full advantage of the map’s open-world setting, adding some sprawling objectives to complete across several regions. A new area is opened as well, making the quest much more memorable.

Before Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fans begin the quest, though, they should equip a ranged weapon in their loadouts – with the M16 being a popular choice. This will help greatly with the final boss, as the fight will mostly take place at range. As such, go-to weapons like the Hauer are not as strong as they are normally, with shotguns lacking the distance needed to injure the boss. While field upgrades like Ring of Fire deal damage, and Aether Shroud provide an escape, Frenzied Guard’s slowing ability and armor refills make it the best fit for the final fight. With a ranged weapon and Frenzied Guard equipped, Zombies fans should be ready to jump into Outbreak.

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Starting Outbreak’s Main Quest

Before Outbreak players can start the main quest, they need to progress until the third World Tier. While they can use the World Tier skip trick to reach this tier quickly, it is best to loot the areas normally so that weapons are stronger and armor is upgraded. Players should take this time to acquire their perks as well. Once on World Tier 3, players will want to track down a radio in their current region.

The process is similar to Outbreak’s radio side quest, as it sees players activating three amplifiers to match the main radio. Players will know if this is the main quest start point if they hear Samantha Maxis talking upon the radio’s activation. Subtitles will help track down the radio, as they give a cue when the radio is near. They also provide players with clear info on which frequency they need to hit. Once all frequencies are matched, players can head back to the original radio to get the first beacon part. The radios can be found in the following locations:

  • Sanatorium: The radio is found by the statue beneath the Sanatorium itself. The amplifiers are found in one of the staircases, by the podium at the bottom of the Sanatorium, and on a stone ledge near the Sanatorium barricade.
  • Alpine: The radio itself is found on the Steep Grove next to some oil tanks. For context, it is to the right of the hillside cabins and close to the Wunderfizz machine. The amplifiers are nearby, with one in a shack near some tools, another on a cliff by the ski slopes, and the third on another cliff by Upper Run 3.
  • Golova: The radio is on some palettes near an outhouse on the Lower Farmstead. It is near the map’s bridge. One of the amplifiers is outside a nearby shack, another is inside a shack, and the third is by a concrete barrier shaped like a right angle.
  • Ruka: Ruka’s radio is easy to find, as it is in the tent nearest the Old Farm location that houses the Pack-A-Punch machine. The first amplifier is in the tiny house on the outside of the Old Farm, while the second is propped against some hay in a shack outside Pack-A-Punch. The final amplifier is on the top floor of the Old Farm’s main house.
  • Duga: On some barrels at Duga’s SAM site location, the final radio spot is found. The SAM Site’s sniper tower houses the first amplifier, while the second is up against the concrete barriers next to one of the large hangers. A green shack at the SAM site’s exit houses the last amplifier spot.

Once this step is done and the Beacon piece is collected, players need to finish the region’s objective and head to the exfil Beacon as normal.

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Finding The Monkey Bomb Statues

Once at the Beacon, players will need to choose the option to call Samantha Maxis. Once the dialogue plays out, they can teleport to the next region. Now on world tier 4, players will want to find one of four stone monkey bomb statues left by Ravenov, Sam’s ally from the Firebase Z map. Specifically, they want to find the monkey with a white M next to it, as it will drop a projector reel once shot. Each map has its own monkey spots, and they are as follows.

  • Alpine: Near the edge of the map by the First Aid Station, players will find the first monkey propped up against a generator that sits next to a metal fence. The second monkey is on the second floor of the building that sits next to the Bathhouse. The third monkey is on the second-floor balcony of a Base Suite house. When looking at the houses from the jump pad, it is in the second house. The final monkey spot is in the right Hillside Cabin, and players should see it on a cabinet as soon as they walk in the front door.
  • Ruka: Right outside of the Missile Silos area, players can find the first monkey in a brick building with a large metal door. In the Gorge area where players go for Outbreak’s Defend objective, players can find a monkey against a crashed car. The third monkey is right below the huge Train Trestle bridge, and players can find it on the very edge of the map. In the center of the Cargo Platform, players can find the final monkey behind some wooden pallets.
  • Sanatorium: Under Sanatorium’s bridge and right by the water rests the first monkey. The second is found in the Bathhouse rafters, while the third is found in the Administration building’s main office. The right room has wooden walls, and a monkey is on its shelf. A shack in the Carved Hills houses the final spot, and for those looking on the map, it is near the empty bit of land with two lines drawn. A jump pad is found to the south of the shack.
  • Golova: The first monkey can be found at the top of the church, and players should see it as soon as they have climbed the ladder. The second monkey is on the left side of the map, and it can be found in the large Train Loading shack. Golova’s Industrial Park location, which houses a jump pad and Fury Crystal spot, also has the third monkey. It is in the building with a jump pad on its roof. Finally, the large House Ranch right next to the bridge hides the final monkey in its rafters.
  • Duga: At Duga’s base entrance, which is marked by a large overpass and a road with a roundabout, the first monkey is seen on a small building’s roof. The next monkey is found in Duga’s fourth bunker. The third monkey is up against the low brick wall that lines the Bus Depot, while the final monkey is at the Hilly Clearing to the right of Duga’s oil tanks. It is on top of the small building with Russian propaganda on its back end.

Projector Spots And The Point Of No Return

Once players have found the right monkey and picked up the reel, they will need to find a projector. Players can find a projector spot in every Outbreak region besides Ruka, as that map serves as the final area for the easter egg quest. As such, if gamers are on Ruka, they should progress to the next World Tier so that this step can be complete. The projector locations are as follows.

  • Alpine: On the top right of the massive Lodge that houses Pack-a-Punch, this projector rests next to a bed.
  • Sanatorium: In the Administration building where players found one of the monkey bomb statues. It is in a meeting room with a long wooden table.
  • Duga: On the top floor of the Admin Offices, players can find a projector spot in one of the side rooms. The right room has two doors for access and a ladder outside of it.
  • Golova: In the police station where players can purchase armor, they will find the projector. If players look at the armor stand and turn around, it will be on their top left.

After playing the slides on the projector, Samantha Maxis will talk to the player. They will need to activate the projector after every piece of dialogue is exhausted, she will tell players they need to head to Ruka. From there, they can head to the beacon to teleport to Ruka and enter the point of no return.

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Finding Ravenov And The Three Keys

Once in Ruka, the objective marker will lead players straight to where they need to go, which is a bunker inside of the Missile Silos. Once all players assemble into the elevator, they will head below ground. The goal will be to find Ravenov, which players can do by turning off the lockdown sequence in the bunker. To do this, they will want to explore until they find an area with a large green map and several terminals. From there, Call of Duty Zombies fans can press a button on one of the terminals to deactivate the lockdown. A cutscene will then play, and gamers will be told to find three keys. Several Mimics will also spawn, giving players a tough fight.

  • Key #1 - The Red Mimic: The first key will be found on the body of a guard that rests against a blue door. Once it is grabbed, though, a red Mimic mini boss will attack players, though it has the same attacks. The main difference is its beefed-up health bar, meaning that the Brain Rot ammo type may be helpful. Once dead, players can loot the real key.
  • Key #2 - The Monkey Trap: Players will then need to head to the area labeled A, which is a tough task due to the map being scrambled. Once found, they can find a circular hallway that leads to a version of Firebase Z's Essence Trap with a banana attached. Once grabbed, players will need to track down a spectral monkey, which can be best done by listening for its noises. It will be inside a vent, and once found, players need to toss the Essence Trap below it. Once done, players need to back away so that the monkey takes the bait. Once done, players can trigger the trap to get the second key.
  • Key #3 - Crystal Collection: Players then want to head to area B, activating a red canister that sits between two terminals. Once done, players need to search the areas for purple Aetherium Crystals. Shattering them should drop smaller shards that can be picked up, and players will need to gather 20 of these. The inventory is shared, making the process easier. Once gathered and deposited, a player can take the filled canister to area D. Once here, they want to locate a massive Dark Aether Jellyfish. They can then head down a nearby grassy staircase to get close, and from there they should use the special ability of the canister. Once done, they will float into the jellyfish to pick up the third key.

With all the keys acquired, players will need to activate three machines. They are white with eye scanner-like devices. Once the first is hit, players will be on a 45 second time to reach the second and third. The order is randomized, though the one that seems to work most is A to D to B. Once all three are hit, a countdown will begin, and players will need to head to the main hub and go upstairs. Once they open the door, the final boss fight will begin, so having the strongest Zombies weapons equipped would be wise.

The Boss Fight

The last boss fight of the Outbreak main quest is a genuine challenge, as it sees players taking on a massive Tempest named Legion. To beat the boss, players will need to break its armor. It takes a lot of damage to do this, however, and enemies will be spawning in to distract players. As such, weapons like the Ray Gun and monkey bombs should help, as players need to focus on both Legion and the undead.

After its armor is finally broken, it will enter a stunned state, and three balls will appear above its head. Players can focus fire on one of these balls, breaking it to take a third of Legion’s health away. From there, they can repeat this two more times to defeat this boss. With this being a tough fight and players having a time limit, it will likely take many tries.

Once Legion is finally dead, players can pick up a piece of Zombies intel from their fallen foe. With a full replay required to get this intel, players should make sure to pick it up as soon as the boss is dead. Once Legion has been defeated, though, players have finished the easter egg and watch the final cutscene.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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In Outbreak, there are unique base radios that spawn randomly in fixed locations across all the regions. The spawn order is random, and the rate of spawn is very rare.

When you interact with the base radio, it spawns several zombies that you must eliminate in order for the base radio to emit a unique signal with a distinct sound. This signal is weak.

You must then find three signal amplifiers close to the base radio by interacting with them and matching the amplifier sound with the base radio signal. The base radio distinct sound library is a fixed set of signals, but you always get random sounds for each radio.

When you are near the amplifiers, you will hear a static sound effect. The static sound gets louder as you get closer to the amplifiers.

Once you match all three radio frequencies, you can return to the base radio and interact with it to listen to the full radio signal that spawns a lot of essence (points) and a unique classic song cassette from one of the old Call of Duty: Black Ops games.

There are a total of five songs you can get and they are as follows:

  • Abracadavre (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood
  • Alone by Kevin Sherwood
  • Amerika Infiltration by Brian Tuey & Jack Wall
  • Avogadro by Brian Tuey
  • Beauty of Annihilation (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood
  • Brave by Brian Tuey
  • Frequency by Brian Tuey
  • Generation by Brian Tuey
  • Lost by Kevin Sherwood
  • Lullaby for a Deadman (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood
  • Pareidolia (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood
  • The One (Instrumental) by Kevin Sherwood

Note that these song cassettes can spawn multiple times. This means you can get duplicates when interacting with the radios. You can access these songs using the Music Player feature in Black Ops Cold War.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there is no minimum round for the radios to spawn. The radios can spawn at any difficulty level, whether it is difficulty level 1 or above. If you do not see the radio in any of the listed locations below, don't be discouraged. Continue progressing through the difficulty levels, and you will eventually find one. We had to skip 6 difficulty levels in one game to finally find one.

Another tip we have is simply checking for the locations in whatever region you spawn in and if you don't see radio in any one of the listed locations, restart the game.

The radio icon is not visible on the map until you are close enough.

The amplifier locations are not shown on the map even if you are close to them. This is where you use the static sound effect to find the amplifiers. Luckily for you, we've done the research. In this guide, we show you the locations of all the radios and the amplifiers in all the regions.

Video Guide


There are three possible radio locations found in the Alpine region.

Radio 1

Base Radio

The first base radio is found at the Fire Aid Station. The radio is on a ledge on a small cliff leading up to the warehouse.

Amplifier 1

The first radio signal amplifier is inside the cabin, right in front of the base radio. It is the first cabin from the right side.

Amplifier 2

The second radio signal is by the main road north of the Fire Aid Station. The amplifier is behind stacked concrete blocks by the generator.

Amplifier 3

The final amplifier is inside the medevac warehouse on top of wooden crates.

Radio 2

Base Radio

The second base radio spawns by the fireplace at the hillside cabins.

Amplifier 1

The amplifier is at the patio of one of the smaller cabins located at the hillside cabin. It is the first cabin from the right side. Go around the back of the cabin, and you will find it on the table.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is inside one of the bigger cabins. You will find it inside the left side cabin on the first floor right after you've reached the top.

Amplifier 3

The third amplifier is found slightly west of the hillside cabins in a small shack.

Radio 3

Base Radio

The third base radio is found by the Frozen Lake at the Base Cabins.

Amplifier 1

The first amplifier is inside the hut just behind the frozen lake.

Amplifier 2

The second amplifier is found inside the second cabin from the left (out of the four cabins located next to the lake).

Amplifier 3

The final amplifier is found inside the northernmost small hut by the frozen lake.

All Weak Signals \u0026 Radio Amplifier Locations (All Regions) - Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak
Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak: Unknown Signal Easter Egg Guide

The most recent Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War update introduced a new Easter Egg into the Zombie Outbreak mode. Players have finally figured it out, and we’re here to share a guide with you. Here’s how to complete the Unknown Signal Easter Egg in Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak: Unknown Signal

You’ll want to roam around the map until you can spot a satellite or radio signal icon on the minimap. It’s something you can only view on your minimap, so pay attention to it so that you don’t miss it if it’s nearby. Here’s a small picture of what you should look out for:

There are Signal Amplifiers in Golova, Ruka, Sanatorium, and Alpine. When you’re near one, you’ll hear a strange static noise and see a radio signaling device at the location. Walk over to the Signal Amplifier and interact with it. A loud sound will begin going off, which is going to attract all the nearby zombies. Try and do your best to eliminate the horde of zombies as they show up. 

Signal Amplifier Locations in Cold War Zombies Outbreak

Here are the Signal Amplifier locations for Golova, Ruka, Sanitorium, and Alpine.

Golova Radio and Amplifier

Ruka Radio and Amplifier

Signal Amplifier Locations in Cold War Zombies Outbreak - Ruka

Sanatorium Radio and Amplifier

Signal Amplifier Locations in Cold War Zombies Outbreak - Sanatorium

Alpine Radio and Amplifier

Signal Amplifier Locations in Cold War Zombies Outbreak - Alpine

After the zombies are dead, the Signal Amplifier will begin playing some morse code. Your job is to find three Signal Amplifiers around the map and have them produce the same sound as the first Signal one. Consider using headphones so you can hear the audio for nearby Amplifiers, and set them correctly. Make sure to switch the signal amplification of each device, so they all match up.

When you match them all up, you’ll complete the quest and get some Essence, Points, and Intel. You will also unlock new Menu Music in Zombie Outbreak called “Abracadavre.”


Amplifier locations alpine




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