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Polycom HDCI Connector

HDCI (High Definition Camera Interface) used in Polycom video conferencing systems. It uses a 60-Pin Low-force helix high-density connector interface.

Provides input for the main camera and second camera. These inputs support multiple formats in a single connector (Composite, S-Video, or analog Component YPbPr) and RS232 Serial PTZ control, using its own protocol (not Sony VISCA Protocol),


1 RS232 Rx 2 RS232 Tx 3 IR 4 +12 V DC 5 +12 V DC 7 Ground - IR RTN 8 Ground 10 +12 V DC 11 +12 V DC 12 Pb / B Shield 13 Pb / B 14 Pr / R / C Shield - CHROMA 15 Pr / R / C ( pg 70 of Integrators's Reference indicates 15 is Shield and 14 is Chroma for SVideo input ) 16 Left Mic 17 Right Mic 18 ARM Mic 19 Center Mic 42 A Ground 43 A Ground 44 Right Mic Shield 45 Left Mic Shield 46 Y / G / C Shield 47 Y / G / C - LUMA 48 P Ground 50 H Sync 51 V Sync 52 H / V Shield 58 P Ground

Cable end size[edit]

Length to base of interface: 56mm

Length to end of plug: 62mm

Width of plug at base of interface: 41.5mm

External links[edit]

Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDCI

Instantly Join Your Meetings

  • Zoom and Polycom have partnered to provide a native integration for your Polycom Debut or Group Series Room Systems.
  • With Polycom calendar integration you have a simplified workflow and amazing video, audio and screen sharing experience with one touch to start or join your Zoom meeting.
  • Bring the same Zoom experience you have on desktop and mobile to your conference rooms.
  • Use a Zoom meeting to include other participants from desktop, mobile or other room systems (Zoom Rooms, Cisco, Lifesize, etc...)

"This approach offers customers access to Zoom's reliable and easy-to-use cloud video service, and Polycom's field-proven and powerful group video solutions — all with an integrated scheduling and click-to-join workflow. We view this as a win for both Polycom and Zoom customers"

Ira Weinstein, Senior Analyst and Partner


Wainhouse Research

Sours: https://explore.zoom.us/en/products/zoom-rooms/room-connector/polycom/
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Polycom VVX Business Media Phones User Guide

Timesaver: How to quickly connect and disconnect your headset

You can quickly disconnect your headset by turning your headset off. When you turn it off, the

message "Headset removed" displays. When you turn your headset back on, the headset is

connected again.

To remove your headset:

1 Navigate to Settings > Basic > Bluetooth Settings > Manage BT Headsets.

2 From the Manage BT Headsets screen, select your headset, and select Remove.

Your headset is removed from the list and is no longer paired or connected with your phone.

Use the Polycom Desktop Connector

The Polycom Desktop Connector (PDC) enables you to use your computer mouse and keyboard to

navigate and enter information on your phone. This feature is especially useful when you are working with

built-in applications such as the Web Browser (see

any language your phone and computer supports, including most Asian and Central European character

sets. Contact your system administrator to find out if your phone supports the PDC.

Before you can enable and use the PDC, you need to download the PDC program from the

Voice Applications

website, install the application on your computer, and activate PDC on your phone.

Set Up and Enable the Polycom Desktop Connector

To enable the PDC, you need to enter your computer access credentials to the phone. You can provide

this information to your phone using one of two methods:

on how your phone and computer are set up.

After you install the software, you need to make changes to your phone to establish a connection to your

computer and provide an exception to your firewall or anti-virus software to unblock the PDC program.

Use the Direct Method

If your phone and computer are connected using an Ethernet cable, use the direct method to enable the

PDC. Using this method, your phone automatically detects your computer access credentials.

To connect using the direct method:

1 Run the PDC program on your computer by clicking Start > Programs > Polycom > Polycom

Desktop Connector.

Polycom, Inc.

Use the Web

Browser). The PDC is compatible with


or Indirect. The method you use depends

UC Software 5.2.0



Sours: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/968555/Polycom-Vvx-300.html?page=150
Connecting to Zoom Meeting from a Polycom

Polycom Desktop Connector

Extend your PC to your deskphone with the Polycom Desktop Connector

Have you ever wondered how much productivity your teams lose each day because their communication technology is incompatible? Polycom has.

The Polycom Desktop Connector simplifies your team’s communication tasks by extending your computer to include your phone’s display screen. This phone to PC connector enables you to use your mouse and keyboard to navigate and enter information on your phone.

No more looking information up on your computer and then redialing it on your phone. Conveniently navigate menus, directories, select names, options or enter and paste text right from your computer to your phone. Polycom Desktop Connector allows you to manage phone calls from your computer.

The PDC provides:

  • Easy access from computer screen to the desk phone's display screen using the PC's mouse
  • The ability to dial numbers quickly using the PC's keyboard
  • The Polycom Desktop Connector extends a PC keyboard and mouse functionality to the desk phone
  • Cut, copy and paste text from your PC onto your phone using the PC’s keyboard
  • Delete information on your phone by highlighting the information with your cursor and pressing the Delete or Backspace button
  • Enter numeric information, such as phone numbers, with the number keys above the alphabetic buttons or with the numeric buttons
  • The Polycom Desktop Connector is compatible with the languages which both your phone and PC support, including most Asian and Central European character sets
  • Compatible with Polycom VVX series phones that use UC Software 4.0.1 or later

Download Desktop Connector

Download Polycom Desktop Connector (PDC for UCS 5....

HD Voice Data Sheet

Increase productivity through voice quality and prepare for the workplace of the future.

Sours: https://www.polycom.com/content/www/en/products-services/voice/applications/desktop-connector.html

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