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Champion Power Equipment 201004 9375/7500W Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start

Product Identifiers

  • Brand

    Champion Power Equipment

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  • Model

    Champion Power Equipment 201004

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Product Key Features

  • Power Rating

    7.5 kW

  • Power Source


  • Tank Capacity

    5 gal

  • Maximum Power

    9.375 W

  • Battery Included


  • Color


  • Noise Level

    74 dB

  • Assembly Required


  • Features

    Portable, Electric Start, Overload Protection, Easy Operation, Cable Start, Anti Vibration Feet

  • Material

    Plastic, Metal, Steel

  • Type

    Power Generator


3500-Watt Wireless Start Generator


Champion Power Equipment makes powering your life easier than ever with the 100554 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start. With enough power to start and run a 15,000 BTU RV air conditioner, you can also use this feature-packed generator to power the essentials in your home the next time there’s an outage. For projects, the 208cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine has what it takes to handle the power tools you need.

Champion’s got convenience covered. Starting and stopping your generator from up to 80 feet away with the wireless remote key fob is a snap. The convenient electric start includes a battery, plus Cold Start Technology ensures a quick start in cold weather.

Champion’s Intelligauge monitors voltage, frequency and operating hours. The foldaway easy-grip handle and included wheel kit with never-flat tires make it a cinch to move your power where you need it.

At 4375 starting watts and 3500 running watts, this unit can handle your essentials during an outage, plus it’s the perfect companion for your next camping trip or weekend project. Not only that, but the Volt Guard™ built-in surge protector prevents overloads and keeps your equipment safe from spikes in voltage.

All the outlets have covers for protection and include a 120V 30A (TT-30R) RV outlet as well as a 120V 30A locking outlet (L5-30R) and two 120V 20A household outlets (5-20R).

Fill up the 4.7-gallon tank of gasoline, run at 50% and enjoy up to 12 hours of power. From 23 feet, the noise level is 68 dBA, about as loud as a vacuum cleaner.

Designed for safety with a low oil shut-off sensor plus an included oil funnel, this unit has a 0.6-quart oil capacity (recommended 10W-30).

Buy this EPA certified and CARB compliant generator with confidence – Champion Support and our nationwide network of service centers will back up your purchase with a 3-year limited warranty and FREE lifetime technical support.

What’s included

  • Wheel Kit
  • Oil Funnel
  • Battery
  • Remote Key Fob
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Our Technology

Innovation is at the core of what we do. We pride ourselves in anticipating our customer’s needs by continually providing innovative new products and enhancements. At Champion we like to say that our engineers can “see around the corner” by providing tomorrow’s technologies today.

CO Shield® – Carbon Monoxide Auto-Shutoff Technology

Powerful Protection From Harmful Carbon Monoxide.

What’s colorless, odorless, tasteless, and poisonous? Carbon monoxide, also known as CO. Protect you and your family from harmful exposure to carbon monoxide before it has the chance to build up. Read more…

The dangers of carbon monoxide are real. It’s impossible to determine the presence of the harmful gas by sight or smell. Thanks to CO Shield® Technology, you can know for sure that you and your family are protected.

Having an additional source of power at your disposal is great, but not at the risk of your family’s wellbeing. Portable generator safety has always been the top priority for Champion, so of course, they’re excited to make this potentially life-saving technology available to you.

You can count on CO Shield’s ability to make sure your environment is safe since the UL-listed sensor is designed to test itself automatically and lasts a minimum of a decade.

When the sensor detects the presence of CO, the carbon monoxide auto-shutoff system will shut off the generator before harmful levels of carbon monoxide have the chance to accumulate in your generator’s operating area.

The CO Shield LED will pulse red to tell you there is an emergency, and the generator will shut down, which indicates that it needs to be moved to a safe location since generators should only be operated in open-air environments with plenty of circulation.

CO Shield Technology is just one example of how Champion Power Equipment is constantly working to bring you advanced, innovative features to make sure you have safe, reliable power whenever you need it.

Champion’s CO Shield offers you peace of mind with powerful protection from hazardous carbon monoxide.

To learn more about generator safety and the hazards of carbon monoxide, visit, and be sure to look for CO Shield on upcoming Champion generator models.

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EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection Technology

Reduce Emissions and Increase Efficiency with Electronic Fuel Injection Technology.

Although electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology has been around for quite a while, this innovative fuel system is beginning to make its mark on the portable generator industry. Read more…

In order for an engine to run, fuel must be added to it. Traditionally, carburetors have been the fuel-delivery system of choice for portable generators. Carburetors rely on mechanical parts to inject the correct ratio of fuel and air into the engine’s combustion chamber.

Electronic Fuel Injection technology is a more precise way of injecting the fuel-air ratio into the engine. Getting that ratio just right gives your portable generator engine exactly what it needs to perform its job at peak efficiency. This translates into safety and savings.

Traditional non-EFI generators experience a significant performance loss when operating at high altitudes. This makes it necessary to install replacement carburetor jets to correct the air-fuel mixture.

EFI technology allows optimal performance at all temperatures and altitudes with no modifications necessary, plus the carburetor-free design eliminates bad fuel issues and gum-ups.

This dynamic, reliable fuel-delivery system reduces dangerous carbon monoxide emissions by up to 90%, making portable generators even more safe and environmentally friendly.

Portable generators with EFI will run more efficiently, resulting in up to 25% savings on fuel.

Unlike a carburetor, EFI is completely unaffected by air temperature or elevation since it makes its own pressure with a fuel pump. This means it can inject gas into the engine any time it wants, regardless of weather, location, or air pressure.

Portable generators with EFI technology easily adapt to changes. Sensors within the EFI fuel system provide feedback to the engine so it’s constantly adjusting to provide the optimum power for the current load. When a generator powering only a coffee maker switches to powering an A/C unit, EFI technology ensures that performance and efficiency remain consistent.

Although storing fuel long-term in any kind of gas engine is not recommended, EFI does simplify storage. Since an EFI fuel system is sealed, fuel-related issues like corrosion or damaging deposits are less likely.

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Dual Fuel Portable Generators

Run your portable generator on gasoline or propane right out of the box.

Champion’s Dual Fuel technology makes it possible to operate your portable generator using either gasoline or propane. Switching between fuel sources is safe and simple, allowing you to choose the best fuel for your needs. Power your life with innovative options for a cleaner, easier experience. Read more…

Whether you’re backing up home essentials during an emergency, enjoying a weekend camping trip, tailgating or powering your latest project, Champion’s Dual Fuel Technology allows you to choose the fuel source that works best for you.

A Champion Dual-Fuel generator can be operated right out of the box on gasoline or propane, and since only one fuel source is allowed to operate at a time, you can easily and safely switch between fuels.

Dual Fuel Technology was developed to allow you to choose the safest and most effective fuel option for your needs.

Gasoline is readily available and is a fuel source that is easily portable.

Propane is less expensive than gasoline, and may be easier to obtain during emergencies when gasoline is in short supply. However, propane is not as easily portable as gasoline.

Propane has a longer shelf life and remains stable in storage for longer periods than gasoline, which is helpful if your generator will be used for backup during power outages. Also, propane is considered to be eco-friendly and is a cleaner burning fuel source than gasoline.

Champion understands that different situations require different sources of fuel.

Take control of your generator, your way. Powering your life is more convenient and versatile than ever with Champion’s innovative Dual Fuel Technology.

  • Control – Dual Fuel Technology puts you in control and allows you to choose either gasoline or propane to power your portable generator
  • Convenience – Champion makes it easy to switch between fuel sources
  • Choice – Power your generator your way by choosing the best fuel source for your needs
  • Safety – Safely switch between fuels, since only one fuel source is allowed to operate at a time
  • Champion Support – Dual Fuel Technology is supported as part of your Champion generator’s warranty, which includes FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts

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Wireless Remote Start Portable Generators

Start and stop your portable generator from up to 80 ft. away.

Start and stop your Champion portable generator from up to 80 feet away with Champion Wireless Remote Start technology. Equipped with a convenient wireless remote key fob, this technology makes your Champion portable generator more convenient than ever. Read more…

Whether you’re backing up home essentials during an emergency, enjoying a weekend camping trip, tailgating or powering your latest project, Champion’s Wireless Remote Start technology makes portable power even more convenient.

Now you can start and stop your Champion compatible portable generator from up to 80 feet away with the push of a button.

Portable generators with Wireless Remote Start include a convenient remote key fob to ensure quick and easy access to your portable power.

Champion’s Wireless Remote Start technology allows up to two remote controls to be used with one generator. Generators featuring this technology come equipped with a wireless set button feature which lets the user
sync or reset remotes to the generator.

To begin using the Wireless Remote Start feature, make sure your generator is on a flat, level surface and that all electrical loads connected to the generator are turned off.

Turn the fuel valve on and enable the battery. Then, press and release the “START” button on the wireless remote key fob to start your generator.

Champion’s Wireless Remote Start technology is equipped with a safety feature which delays the electrical power availability during starting mode for approximately 15 seconds. This practical feature prevents damage to the
generator if electrical loads are accidentally left on during engine startup.

Take control of your generator, your way. Powering your life is more convenient than ever with Champion’s Wireless Remote Start technology.

  • Connection – Clear directions and a pre-programmed remote put you in control quickly and easily
  • Convenience – The handy remote key fob puts portable power in the palm of your hand, plus up to two remote controls may be used with one generator
  • Control – Start and stop your generator from up to 80 feet away
  • Safety – A 15-second delay during starting mode prevents generator damage
  • Champion Support – Wireless Remote Start technology is supported as part of your Champion generator’s warranty, which includes FREE lifetime technical support from dedicated experts

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Champion 4500 Watt, Wireless Remote Start, Inverter Generator with Quiet Technology / LOAD TEST


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Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator with Wireless Remote Start (CARB) (Overview 200964)


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