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A well-loved piece of jewelry can mean the world to someone, and when it breaks, you could be there to help restore it to pristine condition. By choosing to enroll at one of the available jewelry repair schools, you can gain the necessary skills to repair, adjust, and polish a wide range of jewelry.

From resetting a diamond in a treasured family heirloom to sizing an engagement ring for an excited bride-to-be, jewelry repair can be rewarding work, but it requires a high level of expertise. Through jewelry repair or goldsmith training, you can develop the specialized skills required to perform such delicate work. You can learn how to repair clasps, settings, mountings, and more. In addition, depending on the specific program, you could become skilled at engraving, appraising, or even jewelry production.

This unique profession can offer you the chance to work as a bench jeweler or goldsmith within jewelry repair shops, or you could choose to become self-employed—a popular route in this field. If you're ready to take on a career that combines strong technical ability with skillful artistry, request more information from one of the jewelry repair schools listed below!

Jewelry Repair Schools

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Comprehensive programs in basic, intermediate and advanced repair and fabrication as well as short classes in specialized jewelry manufacturing techniques. Offers classes in gemology in association with GIA and the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and appraisal through the Master Valuer Program, as well as sales and marketing. 

All information on the Jewelry Schools Directory is intended to be accurate, complete and timely; however, Jewelers of America does not guarantee the accuracy or relevance of the information contained in the directory. Links to any school or training program listed in the directory do not constitute or imply an endorsement by Jewelers of America. Jewelers of America recommends all students contact the institution and/or visit the school’s facilities before enrolling in any program.

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Classes Starting Soon!    CLICK TO SEE OUR NEW SCHEDULE...


Jewelry Television Design Competition

We are proud to report that Ashley Hoffman is the Winner of the first ever Jewelry TV Rock Star Designer competition


She graduated from American School of Jewelry’s Master Jeweler program.


Ashley received $5,000 Cash and will get to design and showcase her collection for JewelryTV


We congratulate Ashley and

wish her great success!

Browse Ashley's collection at

Certified Bench Jeweler

  • Develop professional jewelry making skills

  • Practice techniques used by jewelers every day

  • Projects planned by experienced jewelers

  • Proven success for more than 10 years!

  • Make and repair your own jewelry in no time after completing this class

  • If you are already making jewelry , this class is the continuing education that you need

During this class you will learn the techniques to preparefor the Jewelers of America Certified Bench Jeweler Technician testing

Certified Jeweler Designer

Certified Master Jeweler

Designing your own jewelry can be creative and rewarding. During this class you will learn to Design and fabricate rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, pendants, pins and just about everything that you can think of. As you complete this 5 month long course you will accomplish many projects and learn the techniques used for creating complex pieces of jewelry starting from a blueprint or an idea.

During the Certified Jeweler Designer program you will also complete the Certified Bench Jeweler program, the Stone Setting and the Wax Design and Casting jewelry making classes as part of the training.

This class was designed for jewelers who want to obtain top level education and prepare for the Jewelers of America 4th level of certification.    This program provides the students with in depth knowledge of jewelry making, designing and restoration as well as an ample understanding of the different areas of the jewelry business.  As part of this program you will complete multiple additional jewelry courses, create many pieces of jewelry and complete the required book work.

You will work to complete many of your own creations from the initial concept to the completion of the final product. Planning - design - making  - stone setting and finishing.

Jewelry I

Jewelry Design I

General knowledge of jewelry making techniques hands-on from day one! Learn to make rings, chains, nameplates, practice basic stone setting and many more jewelry making techniques.

This is a very powerful course for beginners and  a great refresher class!

Intro to Jewelry Designing

◊  Design Jewelry  and accessories
◊  From concept to creation
◊  Create your own design portfolio
◊ Easy to understand approach

Create designs just like the big guys !

CAD Design Intro

Computer Aided Design

CAD Design I

Jewelry Cad ClassesThis course is an introduction to the basics of Computer Aided Design (CAD). Learn to use and navigate the computer software as your instructor shows you many important commands for the designing of jewelry with the use of CAD. These classes are an eye opener to help you explore and learn the possibilities that designing with a computer brings into creating jewelry and doing business today. Beginners and experienced jewelry designers alike must train to use and master Computer Aided Design.

CAD - Computer Aided Design

Jewelry CAD Design CourseJewelers can no longer ignore the advantages of using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software for achieving their jewelry designs. Not only is it getting more and more popular, but it is also the perfect tool for turning the most complex designs into a simpler and faster task to achieve. Old time designing has its place but Computer Aided Design is a must for creating from the simplest to the most cutting edge jewelry design. For jewelers and jewelry designers it is a must to learn and use CAD for daily jewelry designing tasks.

Stone Setting

Advanced Setting

Hands on exercises with different stone shapes and different stone setting styles: rounds, marquise, emerald, baguettes, pear, princess. Practice by setting prongs, gypsy, bezel, burnish, channel, pave and more...                                                              Find out why so many companies send their jewelers to train at American School of Jewelry!

After reviewing basic setting skills, this class will concentrate in advanced setting styles.   Take your diamond setting skills into the next level. Improve your stone setting techniques and practice burnishing and pave styles !

Wax Design and Casting

Diamond Grading

Go from your idea into beautiful finished pieces of jewelry. During this course you will learn to create jewelry with the lost wax and casting process.

This course is perfect for beginning hobbyists and for experienced jewelers who are not presently casting!


Learn to grade, identify and separate diamonds from fakes. You will grade diamonds hands on.   The 4 C's system is explained in detail as well as techniques and formulas                                           We will also explain the 5th C= Cost         

Learn to buy diamonds like the professionals do !


American School of Jewelry is a state of the art post-secondary jewelry trade school directed by a Master Jeweler certified by "Jewelers of America", the largest jewelers trade organization in the United States. American School of Jewelry is located only a few miles away from the Fort Lauderdale beaches in Florida and half an hour from Miami. If you are looking for jewelry trade schools that will deliver jewelry education and serious professional training in jewelry making, jewelry designing and jewelry repairing, American School of Jewelry offers jewelry making classes that range from entry level jewelry classes for the beginner or hobbyist to specialized advanced jewelry making classes and jewelry repairing classes specifically developed for the professional jeweler.

Our classes include Jewelry I, Jewelry Design I, Certified Bench Jeweler, Certified Jeweler Designer for those wanting to be trained into creating the most complex jewelry designs, Wax Design and Casting, Stone Setting (beginner and advanced level), Platinum skills, Diamond Grading GIA (Gemological Institute of America's grading system). We also offer a very extensive and complete program, the Certified Master Jeweler Program. In our program CAD Design Intro and CAD Design I students will learn jewelry CAD design. Designing with computers can become a great time savings tool. After you are shown the basic steps and learn and master some of the basic techniques that can be accomplished with the use of CAD - Computer Aided Design, you will be able to output the most unbelievable creations in CAD and ready for many one of a kind Jewelry Design creations. You can use the power of CAD when building your jewelry line and jewelry design. The use of CAD can help you bring in new customers and compete with the most highly trained bench jewelers. Create a piece (CAD model) and alter the size, position and quantity of stones in your original model, just change a few things and import others from previously saved designs and you will be done and ready for printing. Only CAD gives you the power of creating an entire digital jewelry line. As you complete your CAD design you will learn to save it for future use. Display the new pieces that you create with your CAD online. Your CAD drawing pieces will look real, you can sell them allowing enough time for production and literally make a sale with no need of keeping expensive physical inventory. In our CAD Design School the instructor lead classes will give you a route to your CAD learning success destination by showing you step by step how to custom make different pieces of jewelry. In our CAD training courses you will be guided to perform a set of exercises showing you how to make jewelry designs with full instructions. Take full advantage of the power of computing technology by using one of the most powerful computer aided design (CAD) programs in the industry. The instruction that you will receive during this class is valuable for bench jewelers, jewelry designers, jewelry hobbyists, jewelry wholesalers, jewelry retailers and anyone who wishes to enter the world of design with the aid of computers and the combination of CAD and CAM (Computer Aided Machining) systems.

American School of Jewelry is not only a school for jewelers, but for everybody who wants to learn to design jewelry. With its new approach in jewelry making American School of Jewelry will help you develop your artistic abilities in making jewelry while working in a creative and rewarding jewelry profession. No matter what your goals may be, if you are looking to design jewelry or improve your present skills in the jewelry profession, American School of Jewelry will help you accomplish and approach your objective by taking jewelry making classes and jewelry repairing classes.


American School of Jewelry Serious Training for the Professional Jeweler or Hobbyist


Ремонт ювелирных изделий 36 обучение Jewelry repair training. jewelry making

Studio Jewelers LTD, Jewelry Trade School

*Please click on the course name for more detailed information about each course.

Student at workComprehensive Jewelry Training (720 hours)
For people planning to enter the professional jewelry trade, this course teaches small groups in four major areas of study: fundamental jewelry techniques, stone setting, wax modeling, casting/molds, and decorative processes. Classes meet Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (1-2 p.m. lunch) for 24 weeks. This course is our longest, and most thorough program we offer.

Comprehensive Jewelry Training - Short Course (360 hours)
This course is designed for individuals who wish to take a comprehensive jewelry training course but do not have 24 weeks. Our short format comprehensive jewelry trainng course covers the four areas of study; fundamental jewelry techniques, stone setting, wax modeling/casting/mold making and decorative processes in a condensed curriculum. The course can be taken in 12 weeks full time or part-time in the evening over a 30-week period.

Basic Jewelry Making (36 hours)
Ideal for beginners or intermediate craftsperson, students learn basic metal fabrication, covering techniques such as sawing, soldering, polishing and more, while constructing rings, earrings, pendants, etc. This course meets for 3 hours once a week for 12 weeks.

Jewelry Repair (72 hours)
This course is ideal for those who wish to learn the basics of jewelry repair. The course includes the most common repairs, such as ring sizing, re-tipping, chain repair, etc. Designed for beginner and intermediate craftsperson, classes meet for 12 weeks, twice a week. Each class is 3 hours.

Diamond Setting I (72 hours)
The essentials of diamond settings are taught in this 12-week course that meets for 3 hours per class twice a week. Prong, channel, marquise, pear shape, bezel/gypsy settings are covered. Designed for the beginner and intermediate jeweler.

Diamond Setting II (72 hours)
Advanced diamond setting is taught in this 12-week course that meets for 3 hours per class twice a week. Bead work and pave settings are taught as well as burnish (flush) setting.

Wax Modeling/Casting/Molds (72 hours)
In this 12-week course students will learn to create jewelry objects using various types of wax, which then will be cast and finished. Rubber molds will be made from the completed pieces. This course meets twice a week for 3 hours per class and is for the beginner or intermediate jeweler.

Pearl and Bead Stringing (8 hours)
Learn the art of pearl/bead stringing. Techniques include knotting, multi-strands, endless and more. Ideal for beginners, this course meets once a week, for 4 weeks, two hours each class.

Jewelry Design/Rendering (30 hours)
Learn to put your design ideas on paper using color, perspective and shaping while learning design concepts. Projects include the designing of rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. This course meets once a week for 12 weeks; each class is 2.5 hours.

Open Workshop
Offered to past and present students of Studio Jewelers experienced in jewelry making who want to make use of our facilities, yet do not wish instruction.

The workshop is arranged according to the number of hours per month needed. No materials are supplied, but equipment and tools are available. Students may use the workshop any time during school hours.

30-day period: 20 hours for $100
30-day period: 40 hours for $175
30-day period: 60 hours for $250


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