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Planning a bathroom remodel or designing a new space? A great place to start is the bathroom vanity since it tends to incorporate the most materials and serve as a centerpiece in the space. You’ll want to select elements that reflect your desired style and support the high-use space. For example, choosing Cambria for bathroom countertops means your vanity top will be durable, easy-clean, and hygienic (no moisture or bacteria will seep through the nonabsorbent quartz surface). With beauty and benefits in mind, we’ve curated fifteen bathroom vanity ideas to help inspire your master bath, powder room, or other bathroom project.

1. Pair marble-like quartz with gray cabinetry for classic elegance.

With a medley of warm neutrals and intriguing movement, Highgate is the perfect countertop to pair with gray cabinets for a glamorous master bath as in this bathroom renovation from blogger Mia Mia Mine. After frustration using marble in her guest bath (“It was pretty disappointing to see scratches and water spots so quickly on it,” she says), the blogger opted for Cambria, a superior alternative to marble. “Every design was breathtaking,” she says. “We had always loved Cambria products—they’re nonporous, nonabsorbent, and harder than granite so they’re really maintenance free—perfect for a bathroom!”

Cambria Highgate vanity paired with gray cabinets.

Bathroom remodel from Mia Mia Mine featuring Highgate™ bathroom countertops, gray cabinets, and chrome hardware.

Cambria Highgate design detail

Cambria Highgate design detail

2. Glam up a farmhouse bathroom with stylish selections.

For a luxe farmhouse bath, pair dark woods and shiplap with refined white quartz countertops and contemporary round mirrors. The spacious custom double vanity from Cypress Homes features marble-like Torquay countertops and a center seating area to add ease to morning routines.

Custom bathroom vanity with Cambria Torquay.

Elegant farmhouse bathroom featuring dark wood and Torquay™vanity countertops.

Cambria Torquay design detail

Cambria Torquay design detail

3. Coordinate your bathroom countertops with your shower.

For a cohesive look and even more benefits for your bath, use the same Cambria design for your shower as your bathroom countertops. This master bathroom designed by Heidi Huddleston for the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League Designer Show House features sparkling white Whitney countertops and a coordinating shower bench and entryway. Not just for countertops, Cambria is ideal for full shower surrounds, tub surrounds, and many other applications.

Master bath vanity and shower bench featuring Cambria Whitney.

Master bathroom featuring Whitney™ vanity countertops and coordinating shower bench and entry panel.Photo: Patrick Brickman

Cambria Whitney design detail

Cambria Whitney design detail

4. Pair white countertops with matte black and brass for contemporary cool.

Add a contemporary spin to a light and airy bathroom with matte black and brass. In this West Coast–cool space by Jenny Komenda, dual matte black faucets and mirrors contrast with Brittanicca Matte countertops. Brushed brass hardware and accent lighting adds a glam touch, while a vintage kilim rug and cactus-print artwork personalizes the space. Get ideas for how to make a statement with matte black in any space.

Greige double vanity with Cambria Brittanicca Matte countertops.

Brittanicca Matte™ countertops pair with matte black and brass in this stylish bathroom remodel.

Cambria Brittanicca Matte design detail

Cambria Brittanicca Matte design detail

5. Go high contrast for big impact.

You can’t go wrong with a classic black-and-white palette, and incorporating movement and pattern adds a fresh spin. This high-contrast bathroom by Jean Stoffer Design and Kenowa Builders is timeless and chic with a full-height black herringbone tile backsplash, contrasting white vanities with Brittanicca Matte tops, a bold statement black door, pops of brass, and patterned floor tile. Get tips for planning your space featuring a high-contrast design aesthetic.

Cambria Brittanicca Matte paired with white vanities.

A pair of white vanities with Brittanicca Matte countertops pop against a black herringbone-tile backsplash. Photo: Stoffer Photography Interiors

6. Showcase spa-like luxury with a floating quartz vanity and shelf.

A floating vanity crafted entirely of Cambria is a stunning way to showcase the beauty of the stone and infuse an indulgent feel into any bathroom space. An Instagram favorite, this mod master bath by Sire Design makes a striking statement with a floating Rose Bay vanity. A drop-mitered edge transforms the bathroom countertops into a bold centerpiece, with dramatic black marble veining against a white backdrop. A custom shelf crafted from the same quartz design offers a spa-inspired look and sleek open storage solution.

Customer floating vanity made of Cambria Rose Bay quartz.

A floating Rose Bay™ bathroom vanity and shelf makes a dramatic statement.

Cambria Rose Bay design detail

Cambria Rose Bay design detail

7. Contrast shapes and textures from vanity and backsplash to mirror and lighting.

Playing with contrasting shapes and textures is a great way to liven up a neutral palette. This bathroom by AFT Construction and E. Interiors pairs gray-toned woods with marble-like Swanbridge for a versatile and inviting color palette. The angular lines of the bathroom vanity contrast the rounded backsplash tile, while the square floor tile embraces abstract lines and a subtle color pop. A hexagon mirror is a fresh alternative to square or round vanity mirrors, softened by rounded wicker pendants. For another vanity featuring Swanbridge from the same designer and builder, see our post on luxe marble-alternative spaces.

Pair a wood cabinet vanity with Cambria Swanbridge and geometric shapes.

Swanbridge™ countertops, gray-toned woods, a hexagon mirror, and rounded wicker pendants combine for chic bathroom style. Photo: High Res Media.

Cambria Swanbridge design detail

Cambria Swanbridge design detail

8. Get a concrete look with better performance with gray quartz countertops.

Concrete countertops are heavy and tough to install, making them impractical for a bathroom vanity. Get a similar look and added performance benefits with one of Cambria’s many gray quartz designs. In this master bath by Brian Patrick Flynn, Carrick bathroom countertops pair with olive green cabinetry and stacked subway tile for contemporary sophistication. See more bathroom vanity ideas in our gray countertops roundup.

Create a masculine master bath wit Cambria Carrick and gray tones.

Carrick™ countertops offer a concrete look with superior performance for a master bath. Photo: Rustic White Interiors. 

Cambria Carrick design detail

Cambria Carrick design detail

9. Accentuate a bold countertop pattern with matte black cabinets.

Bathroom countertops with bold veining or dense movement, such as one of Cambria’s granite alternatives, offer a captivating look. If the design features dark undertones or black accents, opt for matte black cabinets to complement the beautiful details of the design. Complete the look with matte black hardware, fixtures, or other details. This bathroom by Jaclyn Peters Design pairs Summerhill countertops and backsplash with matte black cabinets, faucet, mirror, towel rack, light fittings, and vanity decor. If you’re choosing a design with deep brown or blue undertones, you can achieve a similar effect with dark wood or navy cabinetry to complement the countertops.

Cambria Summerhill  adds a pop of pattern to this matte black bathroom.

 Matte black complements the bold pattern and darker details of the Summerhill™ countertops and backsplash.

Cambria Summerhill design detail

Cambria Summerhill design detail

10. Create a streamlined look with an integrated Cambria sink.

Cambria’s advanced fabrication techniques and uncompromising quality mean the possibilities for custom vanities are practically endless. An integrated sink offers a modern minimalist look and extends the benefits of the countertop to the sink basin, with easy-clean convenience and durability. In this space from Beautiful Space Co., an integrated Torquay vanity sink makes for a sleek, industrial-look. We love the look of integrated Cambria sinks for residential and commercial spaces alike. Due to the high-quality quartz material, Cambria can be fabricated to far greater precision than granite or quartz. If you’re considering an integrated sink or other custom Cambria application, contact a dealer near you to discuss the options for your space.

Custom Cambria trough sink using Torquay.

This industrial-modern bathroom features Torquay as an integrated trough sink and countertops.

11. Make a bold statement with a quartz bathroom backsplash.

A continuous look with Cambria bathroom countertops and backsplash not only makes a bold statement but a smart investment. A Cambria backsplash to complement your countertops provides added hygienic benefits and maintenance-free convenience. This coastal bathroom from Brian Patrick Flynn offers swoon-worthy beauty with mesmerizing Skye countertops and backsplash. Love this hue? Discover more blue bathroom ideas.

A fun and functional Jack and Jill bathroom with Cambria Skye.

 Skye™ brings ocean-inspired blues as a bathroom backsplash and countertops. Photo: Rustic White Interiors.

Cambria Skye design detail

Cambria Skye design detail

12. Mix metals to complement natural stone countertops.

For a fresh, updated look, balance mixed gold and silver tones with natural quartz vanity countertops featuring rich tones and texture. Opulent and luxe, this traditional powder bathroom pairs rose gold and silver with a mitered-edge Roxwell vanity showcasing the stone’s flowing movement. To create a similar look, check out these pairing ideas from Cambria Style.

Add Cambria Roxwell to a Restoration Hardware vanity for a glam look.

Mixed metals complement the waves of black, gray, and white of Cambria Roxwell™.

Cambria Roxwell design detail

Cambria Roxwell design detail

13. Play with pattern from wallpaper to countertop.

Create a delightfully inviting bathroom by pairing floral wallpaper with a vanity featuring a boldly patterned Cambria countertop. This powder room by Kitchen Design Concepts combines Galloway and complementary floral wallpaper with metallic-like hues that play off the gold fixtures and sink.

Don't be afraid to add a patterned wallpaper to Cambria Galloway for a unique look.

Galloway™ countertops, gold details, and floral wallpaper make for a perfect pattern-play powder room.

Cambria Galloway design detail

Cambria Galloway design detail

For more ideas for your space, see our roundup of pattern-play powder rooms. Order samples of any of the designs featured here to plan your perfect look.

Ready to put your bathroom vanity ideas into action? Find your nearest Cambria dealer to start making your bathroom goals a reality.

Sours: https://refineanddefine.cambriausa.com/beautiful-bathroom-vanity-ideas-cambria-quartz/

Quartz countertops are a well known staple of great kitchen design. Resistant to staining and scratching, quartz is an ideal countertop for busy areas.

This beautiful and versatile product is also a great countertop surface in the bathroom, as well. Quartz is so low maintenance that it won’t be affected by things like toothpaste or makeup the way that a natural stone countertop may be. It’s also beautiful, with a wide variety of colors and patterns from which to choose that can complete your bathroom design - many of which mimic natural stone.

Quartz Vanity Tops Design Ideas

Take a look at these quartz vanity top and countertop designs to find inspirations and ideas for ways that you can incorporate this stylish material into your bathroom.

1. Contemporary Style

quartz vanity tops

Floating vanities or wall hung sink vanities are extremely popular in contemporary design. The vanity helps make the room look larger, because you can see more of the floor beneath it.

The clean lines of this vanity design need an equally clean and sleek countertop to complement it. That’s why this gray quartz countertop is such as a great choice; the deep color and minimal veining maintain the contemporary look of the vanity.

The oversized backsplash made of the same quartz protects the area and helps mimic the lines and shapes of the vanity below, creating a cohesive look.

2. Transitional Design

quartz bathroom vanity

Many bathrooms fit somewhere in between traditional and contemporary designs. These bathrooms are known as transitional; taking design inspiration from traditional elements & simplifying their details.

In this transitional bathroom, there’s a marble floor and some very ornate mirrors, as well as a Shaker style vanity. So, the countertop shouldn’t compete with a lot of veins and other details itself, or it will overwhelm the space.

This quiet, taupe/gray vanity top compliments the color and tone of the floor without adding busyness to the design.

3. Warm Contrast

This bathroom has a lot of very pale, light colors running through the design. This can make the room seem a little cold, so the vanity area seeks to change that. Rooted in calm, tinted neutral tones, the rich finish of the vanity provides the perfect balance to add warmth to the space.

The vanity itself is a rich, blue/green color that picks up the cool tones from the rest of the room. The quartz countertop adds depth, warmth, and contrast to the rest of the design by taking on a deep, warm beige hue. Together, the vanity and top add personality to the bathroom design.

4. Black and White Style

Black and white bathrooms, have and will, continue to transcend trends. This classic look has universal appeal, and there are many ways that you can capture it in your own home.While many people opt to use a pedestal sink when doing a black and white room, a vanity gives you storage and more counter space, making it a better functional choice.

In this bathroom, a deep espresso vanity was topped with a pure white quartz countertop to complete the look. Despite its white color, this countertop will not yellow or stain over time, so it will maintain its beauty and appeal.

5. Floating Counter

One of the ways that quartz is so versatile when used in the bathroom is its ability to completely cover and form the entire sink base. This sparkling black quartz is used to create a visually appealing, cantilevered plynth. This gives the illusion of having a solid piece of floating stone, without the weight or cost. Extra storage is used beneath the floating quartz counter, but the counter itself is the main focal point in this design.

6. Classic Design

gray quartz vanity top

Gray and white marble, wood floors, and furniture style vanities are all prominently used in classic bathroom design. But for many bathrooms, gray and white marble just isn’t practical; it can stain easily when it comes in contact with water.

This bathroom manages to capture the same classic look by using a white quartz with a subtle gray vein. The gray in the quartz perfectly matches the color of the vanity it’s on, creating a cohesive look while also contrasting the warm wood floors at the same time for a more dynamic design.

7. Quiet Appeal

quartz bathroom vanity tops

When you want to achieve a calm design, it helps to use materials that can give you a monochromatic look. In this case, the quiet color of the quartz countertop has subtle appeal.

The color doesn’t contrast with the rest of the room but complements it for a subtle design. The countertop itself doesn’t have any veining, so it makes for a more contemporary and updated statement at the same time.

8. Elegant Style

The contrast between light and dark colors has long been used to create a very elegant bathroom design. The espresso cabinet in this bathroom is topped with a clean white quartz countertop that sets the stage for the rest of the room.

The color of the wall tile picks up the background of the countertop, and mimics its shine, which creates a cohesive look in the room. The elegant, chrome faucets help to complete the look.

9. Marble Look

quartz bathroom vanity top

While marble wall tile in the bathroom has the ability to remain pristine, with diligent cleaning and maintenance, this isn’t always the case for the countertop. That’s why a quartz countertop that has the look of marble, like this Italian Waves countertop, can give you the look you want without the maintenance. This bathroom pairs Carrara marble on the walls with a quartz countertop for a clean, white, and elegant bathroom design that’s a lot less work and maintenance than it could be.

10. Slab Countertop

You don’t need a vanity in the bathroom to make use of a slab countertop. In this case, a thick quartz slab holds two vessel sinks without any vanity or shelving below. The result is clean and functional, making the bathroom appear to be larger than it is.

The soft taupe color of the countertop, along with the marble-look veins, helps soften the look of the vessels and makes this counter design more transitional than contemporary. This means that the look can fit into a wider range of bathroom designs.

11. Quietly Glamorous Design

One of the reasons that marble and marble look countertops have so much appeal is the sense of glamour that they bring with them. This bathroom captures that perfectly by pairing a quartz marble-look countertop with a traditional vanity and a wood floor.

The accent colors in the room pick up the subtle veins in the countertop and help give it a quietly glamorous appeal.

Complete Your Bathroom Design

Durable, low maintenance, versatile, and beautiful, quartz countertops make the perfect addition to many bathroom designs. Whether you want something classic or contemporary, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect quartz counter to finish your new bathroom in style.


Sours: https://hyundailncusa.com/blog/11-beautiful-quartz-vanity-designs-for-any-home
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Corian® Vanity Tops | Bathroom Vanity Tops with Sinks | Bathroom Countertops


POTENTIAL DELAYS: Due to industry-wide supply shortages, we are experiencing additional delays of up to four-weeks in the production of certain custom vanity top configurations. Please contact our customer service department at 888-715-3007 (EXT 4 for vanities) with questions. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Need Assistance? Reach out to one of our Vanity Top Specialists at 888-715-3007, Option 4

Color and Size

Vanity top widths come in standard vanity sizes up to 144". Custom widths may be purchased by ordering the next larger size and choosing the correct width. Vanity top depths typically measure 22” from front to rear, although custom depths may also be ordered.

  • About overhang: If you are replacing the vanity top, the correct measurements may already include the overhang. If all that is there now is the cabinet, then add 3/4" to 1" for the edges that are not against the wall. This amount should be included in the width and depth when ordering.

Sink Options

  • Visit the Sink Options Detail page for more information and specifications for the sinks offered in the vanity top program.

  • Vanity tops come with 3 sink options: no sinks or holes, undermount solid surface or undermount porcelain sink.

  • Solid surface sinks are available in oval and rectangular shapes and  are both attached under the vanity top in what is called an integrated undermount fashion so that the top flows seamlessly into the bowl.

  • The porcelain sinks are oval and mounted under the vanity top. The edge of the vanity top overhangs the sink opening about ¼”.

  • Sink Edge Thickness: Increase the thickness of the countertop around the edge of the sink   opening to one inch which gives the top a thicker appearance. Learn more about sink build-up options.

Faucet Hole Options

  • Faucet hole configurations are optional and include a single, centered 1-3/8” hole, three 1-3/8” holes where the centers of the 2 outer holes are 4" apart (4 inch on center), and three 1-3/8” holes where the centers of the 2 outer holes are 8" apart (8 inch on center).

Edge and Backsplash Options

  • Tops come with a 4” backsplash that is attached to the wall and vanity top by the purchaser. 4” left or right side splashes are available. Coved backsplash and side splashes are also available options.

  • Tops have a 1.5” thick edge and a choice of edge profiles.

Installation Information

  • The top can be set directly on the vanity cabinet since 1“  thick buildup spacing strips are shipped in place under the top (see images below). The strips provide support for sides with no finished edge and elevate the top so the edge drop of  1” does not interfere with drawers opening. The buildup strips rest on the top edge of the cabinets.

  • Read our Vanity Top Installation guide which goes into greater detail.

Lead Time

  • Our current lead time is up to 15 business days, but usually less, between ordering and shipping.

Tops are fabricated in the USA by a certified Corian fabricator.

Words From Actual Customers

I am very pleased with the vanity top that I received from SolidSurface.com. The quality is excellent and it is exactly what I ordered.

★★★★★ Cheryl F. (Verified Buyer)


Excellent Corian top - looks great. Very happy with my 72 inch Corian vanity top in Glacier White color. It looks modern and fit perfectly into the space between two walls. Best price I could find anywhere and it arrived promptly. My contractor was impressed.

★★★★★ Eileen L. (Verified Buyer)


Wonderful outcome. I was a little nervous to order such a big item online. But I did it and was so happy with the outcome. I love my countertops! Delivery from Estes was fantastic.

★★★★★ Sue L., 2 Vanity Tops (Verified Buyer)


Beautiful product and quick turnaround. We ordered a custom countertop and sink. The set was beautiful and carefully packed. We are enjoying it already.

★★★★☆ Kristin F. (Verified Buyer)


Need more proof? Check out all of our reviews


Sours: https://www.solidsurface.com/custom-vanity-top
How to Install a Quartz Countertop - Ask This Old House
Image of rsz istock 675494586 2 scaled in Quartz Vs. Marble vanity countertops - Cosentino
Countertops are one of the most important decisions when designing a kitchen or bathroom. One must think about functionality, looks, costs, maintenance, and a plethora of other considerations before deciding. When it comes to deciding between quartz and marble vanity countertops, however, benefits and drawbacks of each are fairly well defined and simple to choose from.Cosentino can provide an option for either material. This guide will walk through the good and great of both materials including durability, maintenance, and design considerations.

Vanity countertops


Marble is an instant classic when it comes to vanity countertop materials. It has been lauded for its beauty, being the material of choice for sculptors such as Michelangelo as well as the architect of the Parthenon in Greece. It is primarily white in color, with veins of black, grey, and many other colors. It is a porous stone and is used architecturally for cladding, countertops, furniture, and columns.Quartz is a newer player to the materials game. It is an engineered material that consists of about 95% quartz mineral with the resin being made up of polymer resins and pigments. The mineral quartz is the second most common mineral on Earth and has a Moh's scales hardness of 7, meaning it can withstand pretty much anything thrown at it. Because it is a man-made material, it can come in a nearly unlimited variety of colors and textures.

Download our free guide: A Guide to Stunning Kitchen Designs



Marble is a tough material, but it can stain fairly easily compared to quartz. It's porous nature means it can absorb liquids fairly quickly. The material reacts with acidic liquids, which can actually dissolve particles of the stone. This process is called etching and it may be the biggest caveat to marble vanity countertops. The surface watermarks relatively easily and must be sealed and re-sealed regularly.Quartz is an incredibly tough material that can easily withstand everyday use with very little maintenance. The resins used in the manufacture of quartz countertops provide a non-porous surface that is essentially stain proof. No sealing is ever needed. Quartz vanity countertops are heat and scratch resistant and easy to clean without needing special cleaners. As with many stone based materials, incredibly high heat and can damage the surface.


Marble is historically a higher maintenance choice when it comes to countertops. It stains easily, it needs special cleaners, and it needs to be re-sealed regularly. Sealer does not prevent marble from absorbing liquids; it simply slows the process. Anything spilled onto the surface must be wiped up as soon as possible. This can prove to be a pain around sinks and in bathrooms. Acidic liquids such as citrus juices and wine have to be cleaned immediately to prevent staining because of the chemical makeup of marble. It reacts quickly with acids and the reaction can permanently damage the surfaced.Quartz, on the other hand is a low maintenance material. It is non-porous so it does not need any sealing or special cleaners. However, harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach or abrasives can certainly damage the surface. Simple soap and water can typically do the trick.

vanity countertop

Design considerations

Marble can come in many colors, but it is usually white with veins of varying colors. While white is the main color of marble, the actual color can vary greatly from slab to slab and quarry to quarry. If the project is large and will need more than a single slab, the slabs will need the be from the same quarry in order to have as much color consistency as possible. If there are seams in the surface, they will be noticeable because of the inconsistency of the veining.Quartz is an engineered material and is designed to be consistent in color, pattern, and texture from one batch to the next. Seams are more easily hidden with quartz compared to marble. Dozens of colors and patterns are available to match almost any design imaginable. Colors range from pure white to bold reds and everything in between. There are even designs available that mimic the look of marble. Overall, quartz is a more durable and flexible material that requires less maintenance than marble. It is easier to maintain and can be found in more colors and patterns. And it is a more consistent material when it comes to pattern and color. Cosentino can provide a wide variety of quartz vanity countertops, some that even mimic marble.If you liked this article, check out our free guide:

Download our free guide: A Guide to Stunning Kitchen Designs

Sours: https://www.cosentino.com/news/quartz-vs-marble-vanity-countertops/

Vanity tops quartz

12 Best Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Table of Contents

What Are Quartz Countertops? 

Why is Quartz the Perfect Fit for a Bathroom Countertop? 

What Are Your Best Options for Quartz Bathroom Countertops? 




How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost? 

Last updated on October 04, 2021



When it comes to home design, many homeowners focus on high traffic areas, such as the kitchen. But while choosing stylish and practical kitchen countertops is important, it is also important to not forget about your bathroom. A bathroom remodel can update your room’s style and function and leave you with a space you will be satisfied with for years to come. 

Selecting countertop materials can seem like a complicated task. There are many surfaces you can choose from, ranging from granite countertops to marble countertops and other options like solid surface and laminate. While every countertop option will have its advantages and disadvantages, there is one particular material that is an excellent choice for any bathroom countertop: Quartz. 


What Are Quartz Countertops? 

Quartz is an engineered stone that is made from roughly 90 percent ground quartz and about 10 percent polyresin. Although the surfaces are not natural stone like granite or marble, quartz countertops are beloved by homeowners for numerous reasons. The surfaces are available in a variety of colors, are very durable and are low maintenance, among many other positive qualities. Because of the benefits quartz offers, the material is a terrific fit for a bathroom vanity top, backsplash and more. 

Why is Quartz the Perfect Fit for a Bathroom Countertop? 

As the section above indicates, quartz countertops are a great choice for your bathroom. You will be able to find virtually any color or style you can imagine, whether you want something that is light, dark, neutral or a color that will draw attention. You will be able to find slabs that have veining like marble or slabs that are a solid color. If you are looking for a durable alternative to natural stone, quartz is the way to go. 

Since quartz is stain resistant and moisture resistant, you will not have to fear installing it in your bathroom. The surfaces are engineered, which makes them non-porous. You will not have to seal a quartz countertop like you will with natural stone options. 

What Are Your Best Options for Quartz Bathroom Countertops? 

You will have many great options when it comes to quartz bathroom countertops. Below are 12 of the best types of quartz for bathroom countertops, broken down into the categories of Light, Neutral and Dark. 


Vena Pure White Quartz 

Pure white quartz counter top with back-splash of hexagon tiles

Vena Pure White quartz appears as its name implies – it is pure white in color. If that is the look you want for your bathroom, there is no better material to choose. When you factor in the material’s durability and other benefits, it is truly one of the best countertop materials you can have in your bathroom. 

Vena Statuario Bianco Quartz 

Double white quartz washbasin with round mirror

If you are searching for a type of quartz that resembles marble, Vena Statuario Bianco quartz can be just what you are looking for. The material has a white background and gorgeous gray veins throughout. 

5143 White Attica Caesarstone Quartz 

Bathroom with white quartz countertop and gold faucet

This stunning white quartz has dark gray veining. It is a great choice if you are looking for a light quartz that has some character to it. 

5031 Statuario Maximus Caesarstone Quartz 

 Bathroom with black accessories on white quartz

5031 Statuario Maximus Caesarstone quartz is a magnificent engineered stone that has a white background accompanied by gray veining. This countertop will look amazing in any bathroom setting. 

Vena Pure White quartz
Vena Statuario Bianco quartz
5143 White Attica Caesarstone quartz
5031 Statuario Maximus Caesarstone quartz


9601 Oyster Caesarstone Quartz 

Bathroom has cream quartz countertop and gold faucet

9601 Oyster Caesarstone quartz is cream colored and has consistent black speckling throughout. It is a gorgeous neutral tone to use in your bathroom. 


4230 Shitake Caesarstone Quartz 

Modern bathroom with gray quartz countertop

This wonderful quartz is a taupe color and has white and black speckles throughout. It is a very stylish choice for a new bathroom countertop. 

4033 Rugged Concrete Caesarstone Quartz 

Bathroom with blue cabinets and gray quartz countertop

4033 Rugged Concrete Caesarstone quartz features a darker gray background and lighter veins. This material will offer both aesthetic and practical benefits to your bathroom. 

Copacabana Quartz 

Bathroom has white cabinets white washbasin with blue quartz countertop

Copacabana quartz is a terrific gray quartz that will certainly grab attention from anyone who enters the room. Installing this material can put a nice finishing touch on your bathroom remodeling project. 

9601 Oyster Caesarstone quartz
4230 Shitake Caesarstone quartz
4033 Rugged Concrete Caesarstone quartz
Copacabana quartz


6338 Woodlands Caesarstone Quartz 

Bathroom with accessories on dark quartz countertop

If you are looking for a type of quartz that is dark but not quite black in color, 6338 Woodlands Caesarstone quartz can be perfect for you. The engineered stone has a very dark brown base color and gold speckling. 

Lunar Night 1525 Quantra Quartz 

Bathroom has white washbasin with black quartz countertop

This dark quartz is a beautiful choice for any bathroom countertop. It is sure to drastically improve both the style and function of your space. 

5100 Vanilla Noir Caesarstone Quartz 

Black quartz countertop and white washbasin with bathroom accessories

5100 Vanilla Noir Caesarstone quartz is a black quartz with white speckles. It is truly one of the most beautiful countertops you can choose for your bathroom. 

3100 Jet Black Caesarstone Quartz 

Just as there is a type of quartz that is pure white in color, there is an amazing material that is pure black in color as well. This amazing quartz will add a consistent black color to your bathroom countertop, which is perfect to match with darker colored elements or contrast lighter colored elements. 

6338 Woodlands Caesarstone quartz
Lunar Night 1525 Quantra quartz
5100 Vanilla Noir Caesarstone quartz
3100 Jet Black Caesarstone quartz


How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost? 

The cost of quartz countertops is dependent on a range of factors. Some of these factors include the color and style you choose, how much of the material you need and how many cutouts and angles you require. For example, you should keep in mind that you will need cutouts for the sinks and faucets. 

In general, quartz tends to fall in a middle ground when it comes to cost. On average, the material can be found for between $50 to $120 per square foot. 

If you are looking for a countertop material that combines both style and function for your bathroom, quartz is one of the best you will find. As long as you do not expose the surface to excessive heat, such as hot hair styling tools, your countertop will stay in magnificent shape for years to come.



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Sours: https://marble.com/articles/quartz-bathroom-countertops
Riverstone® Quartz Vanity Top Install


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