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Light Up LED 8-Bit Pixel Sword

Behold the epic power of the Light up 8 Bit Pixel Sword with Sound!  Create your own 8 bit adventures in the backyard, in the basement, out in the forest or at your next minecraft themed birthday party, Halloween extravaganza or costume party!  This big glow in the dark pixel sword is two feet long and lights up along the entire blade with poweful LED lights at the push of a button.  The creepers are not going to know what hit them!  Especially when you unload the pixel sword's bombastic sound effects on their sorry hides.  So pick up the Light Up LED Pixel Sword if you dare.  Adventure Awaits!

Instructions:  The on/off swich for the light up pixel sword is located on the handle underneath the cross guard.  Push the button to activate both the sound and lights.  Requires 3 pieces AAA batteries - Unscrew the battery compartment on the hilt of the LED 8 bit sword and slide it open.  Put in the batteries and slide the cover back on.

Note: Sold in sets of 5. You will receive 2 Green, 2 Red and 1 Blue LED Pixel Swords. Price shown is per piece.

Sours: https://glowproducts.com/us/light-up-pixel-sword

Minecraft® Light-Up Adventure Sword

The Minecraft Light-Up Adventure Sword is a thrilling action toy that emits light colors and sounds authentic to the Minecraft game. Two buttons in the handle allow you to control sounds and light as you play. To select the color of the sword’s light, hold either button for 2 seconds to change your sword to Iron (white), Gold (yellow), Diamond (blue), or Enchanted (purple) color. Then, press either button to hear “whoosh” and “clang” sounds as you wave the sword to fend off both neutral and hostile mobs (Zombie, Skeleton, Enderman, or Ender Dragon). You’ll know if you have encountered a neutral mob when the light turns to green—or a hostile mob if the light turns to red. If you encounter a hostile mob, rapidly press either button to defeat it! This interactive large-scale sword feels substantial to hold and makes a fantastic gift for Minecraft fans. It’s a thrilling toy that offers multiple ways to play and is authentic to the world of Minecraft! Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Dynamic battle sword lights up and plays sounds authentic to Minecraft game.  
  • You can battle against neutral or hostile mobs like Zombie, Skeleton, Enderman, or Ender Dragon. 
  • Buttons in the handle let you control sounds like swooshing and clanging and the changing of colors which indicate which type of sword you’re using. 
  • Sword is large and feels great in your hands!
  • It's a thrilling role play toy inspired by the world of Minecraft. A must have for Minecraft fans. Includes 3 AA batteries.
  • © 2017 Mojang AB and Mojang Synergies AB. MINECRAFT and MOJANG are trademarks or registered trademarks of Mojang Synergies AB.

SKU #: FMD13

Sours: https://shop.mattel.com/shop/en-us/ms/mattel-role-play/minecraft-light-up-adventure-sword-fmd13
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Minecraft Diamond Sword 14 Inch USB Desk LED Night Light - Decorative, Fun, Safe & Awesome Bedside Mood Lamp Toy for Baby, Boys, Teen, Adults & Gamers - Best for Home's Bedroom, Living Room Or Office


Bring a little piece of the extraordinary land of Minecraft right into your home with this Minecraft Diamond Sword Desk Lamp. Sleep by the warm glow of this adorable lamp and dream fun adventures.


- Authentic game design
- 15.6-Inch tall desk light
- Energy-efficient LED light
- Powered by USB cable (included in the package)
- Charming accent piece
- Diamond Sword Minecraft real look
- Officially licensed Minecraft Collectible Item


Perfect for those in the fandom looking for novelty Minecraft collectible items. Give this cool collector's item to friends, moms, dads, fans, grads, kids, guys & gals who love pop culture fun! Every Minecraft fan would love this useful and playful Diamond Sword Desk Lamp Light.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your own Minecraft Diamond Sword Desk Lamp now while supplies last!

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Minecraft-Diamond-Sword-Night-Light/dp/B08B5XRJJD
Minecraft but you can craft LASER swords from any block...


Light sword minecraft


Minecraft: Light / Life Sword Tutorial - How to Make a Sword Nether Portal Block by Block


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