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The Puppet Carver: An AFK Book

Five Nights at Freddy's fans won't want to miss this pulse-pounding collection of three novella-length tales that will keep even the bravest FNAF player up at night

Consumed by failure Desperate to keep his kiddie pizzeria from bankruptcy, Jack lets his animatronics tech pitch him a new invention that might just give him some perspective. Frustrated by an unfair arcadFive Nights at Freddy's fans won't want to miss this pulse-pounding collection of three novella-length tales that will keep even the bravest FNAF player up at night

Consumed by failure Desperate to keep his kiddie pizzeria from bankruptcy, Jack lets his animatronics tech pitch him a new invention that might just give him some perspective. Frustrated by an unfair arcade game, Colton throws himself into re-engineering the device at any cost. Marley's best friend goes missing on a tour of the Freddy's Pizza Factory; she knows what really happened but her guilt isn't the only thing threatening to eat her alive.

In this ninth volume, Five Nights at Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon spins three sinister novella-length stories from different corners of his series' canon.

Readers beware: This collection of terrifying tales is enough to unsettle even the most hardened Five Nights at Freddy's fansmore

Paperback, pages

Published July 6th by AFK


The Story Of The Puppet (Fnaf Theory)

"Remember What You Saw?"

"Save Him"

"Save Them"

"I Will Put You Back Together"

These lines are spoken by the mysterious Fnaf character known as the Puppet.

Hello! This is gonna be a special since Fnaf 2 is 2 years old! Today we're talking about the LEGEND that was introduced in Fnaf 2, The Puppet. The Puppet was one of the characters with unexplained origins, sure we may know that it was a child that William killed, but why is it so powerful and one of the key elements of fnaf since it is only a dead child like the others?. Well the answer (scratch that) err theory is here. I've done some research and watched some videos about the Puppet and sorted it out in my mind hole and after 2 hours (not really I was always taking a break) and with a little help from personal friends of mine we've concluded a theory that will hopefully suffice us until the next game comes out and gives light on the Puppet's origins.

The Wake Of The Puppet

user uploaded image

This first murder happened outside of the pizzaria, probably Fredbear's. We see that the child gets killed by PG and after the child dies the Puppet Jumpscares the hell out of us. As evidence by the jumpscare and the matching tears and more (pls wait) we can say that this child became the Puppet. Also note that the last animatronic/mascot he saw is Freddy Fazbear.

The Puppet's Friend

user uploaded image

In Fnaf 4, the ending lines of "I Will Put You Back Together" seems off rather than the normal fredbear text. The Puppet was probably friends with the Crying Child and promises to put him back together which he did in the Happiest Day Minigame in Fnaf 3. Crying Child can also be Golden Freddy since the Puppet has a very deep connection with this character.

The Sister Location

Yes, I believe the Puppet is in ALL of the games since we do see some clues in SL that proves this. Baby says "You Won't Die" in the canon custom night cutscenes to Michael. How does he miraculously live? Well which other force can bring the dead back to life? The Puppet. We actually see the Puppet in some of the Easter eggs in SL.

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Do the eyes of these characters look familiar? They should.

The Fnaf 2 Location

user uploaded image

The Puppet awoken the spirits of the dead children as we see in the minigames. We also see in the Prize Corner that there is a Freddy Plush and a music box that soothes the Puppet's rage. Which was the last animatronic he saw before his death? Freddy. In the cutscenes in Fnaf 2 in Night 4 we see that the Puppet stares deeply into Freddy's eyes which the cutscenes show the future, or in this timeline the Fnaf 1 location.

user uploaded image

The Fnaf 1 Location

The Puppet doesn't appear in Fnaf 1 yet clues had been scattered such as the Crying Child that appears in the walls rarely in the cameras. In Night 4, we see that Freddy's eyes go crazy and his eyes went white and very similar to the Puppet's eyes. Since the Puppet has a personal relation to Freddy it makes sense that he would do that. And without the tune of Freddy's music box the child goes restless and tries to manipulate Freddy into doing his bidding.

user uploaded image

The Fnaf 3 Location

In Fnaf 3, we see the Puppet free the five children including his friend, the Crying Child. He didn't actually leave the pizzaria because we still see him in his physical form when the Phantom Marionette attacks. I believe that this isn't the last we're gonna see the Puppet. Since he also hunts for William to get revenge since he didn't have the chance to or did he? Notice how Willtrap is still alive. Who gave him life to suffer inside that death suit? The answer is pretty obvious by now. I hope we see our dear old friend and his origins in the next installments.


The Puppet's Powers probably came from his own will. Since he is probably the youngest child due to his slumber during the tune of the music boxes. Plus, he is the ONLY child that was killed OUTSIDE an establishment which explains his roaming abilities and capability to roam from location to location.

This Theory Was Inspired By: 8BitGaming and Game Theorist

DISCLAIMER: I Am Not Claiming This Theory To Be My Own. Someone Probably Thought Of It Before Me, I Am Just Spreading This Thought.

Happy Anniversary Fnaf 2 Fans!!

That Includes Me Lol.

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The Puppet

FNaF 2
FNaF world


Security Animatronic (Fredbear's Family Diner)

Prize Counter Manager (Freddy's 2)

Eye Color

White (FNAF 2)

Green (FNAF 6)


Male (Possessed by female)

The Puppet, also known as The Marionette, is an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. It stays in the Prize Corner, and Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith must wind up a music box or else it will attack the player.


The Puppet is a tall puppet looking figure. It is all black and white except for it's face where it has red cheeks and two purple strips going from its eyes to its mouth. It has three strips going on it's arms and legs.


It functions for the main reason to check the camera, to wind up the music box. Neglecting the music box will be a game over unless the player can hold out until 6 AM.


Five Nights at Freddy's 2

The Puppet will stay at the Prize Corner, where Jeremy and Fritz must wind up a music box to keep it calm. If the player does not wind up the music box, The Puppet will slowly rise out of it's box and come straight for the player, resulting in a game over.

The Take Cake to the Children partially reveals it's origins, as it shows a child being murdered outside of the establishment by William Afton, followed by the Puppet's jumpscare implying that child possessed it. The Give Gifts Give Life minigame depicted the Puppet giving the MCI victims new life in the animatronics. As well as this, the cutscenes reveal the Puppet still had a presence even in the FNaF 1 restaurant.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

As well as the Phantom Puppet, the original puppet child is seen in the Happiest Day Minigame. The Child is wearing the Puppet's mask. When all the souls are present, it gives cake to the Golden Freddy soul, and the souls disappear, symbolically showing the souls passing into the afterlife. However, the Puppets mask falls slower than the others. In the gameplay, the original Puppet can be seen, casting a reflection.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

The original Puppet is depicted in Security Puppet, which is set at the same time as taking Cake. In the minigame, it is required to find a child with a green security bracelet and keep them away from the exit, but there will be no assigned child except if the game is played for approximately three times. After playing said number the minigame takes quite a dark turn, the assigned child is outside the establishment while the Puppet is trapped because of a gift box being placed on top of it's box.

The Puppet goes outside but is damaged by the rain. The Puppet encounters the assigned child's dead body and the now broken and discolored Puppet crawls to it. Once the Puppet crawled up to the dead child's body, it deactivates, hugging Charlotte's corpse, thus allowing her to possess it.

Ultimate Custom Night

"If you neglect its music box then it will break free of its prison. Once out, it can't be put back inside, and your ventilation system will drain much faster than it did before, causing blackouts and eventually a game over."

&#; Character description.

It should be noted the Puppet is vulnerable to the Death Coin.

Help Wanted

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Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Five Nights At Freddy's 3

The original Puppet in CAM


The Puppet in Happiest Day.

FNaF World


The Puppet attacking.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator


Help Wanted




The Puppet giving cake


  • Within the files for the second game, The Puppet's AI is listed as sockpuppet.
  • While it was confirmed that Puppet's soul is female, both The Freddy Files and Ultimate Custom Night confirm that The Puppet itself is a male.
  • It was unclear whether the original Puppet was present in Fazbear's Fright. It was eventually confirmed that it was present post FNaF 3.
  • It has been widely theorized that Charlotte's soul is the one inhabiting the Fredbear Plush in the FNaF 4 minigames.

Phantom Puppet

FNaF 3
FNaF world

The Phantom Puppet is the final antagonist in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and is one of the six phantom animatronics in the game. It is a hallucination of a burned and damaged Puppet.


The Phantom Puppet appears much like it's Five Nights at Freddy's 2 incarnation, though it's body is charred and it's eyes have small white irises, much like the other phantoms. It's charred and burnt appearance possibly foreshadows the torching of the attraction.

While 'attacking' the player, the Phantom Puppet will appear in front of the player and follow their camera movements. A noise will play and the player will have to wait for the Phantom Puppet to leave.


Títere Fantasma Animación.gif
The Phantom Puppet is used to obscure the player's vision long enough for Springtrapto get very close to you and then to leave causing an Audio error (when entering) and a Ventilation error (leaving). In addition, many people believe that the Phantom Puppet is the most dangerous Phantom as it obscures your vision for about 15 seconds or so and causes two errors.

Movement Pattern

As almost every Phantom, The Phantom Puppet lacks a movement pattern and at random intervals will appear standing in the CAM 8 hallway and you will have to put the monitor down before it appears in your office.


  • The Phantom Puppet, just like the the rest of the Phantoms, looks old and charred.
  • The Phantom Puppet is known as the most dangerous phantom animatronic.
  • The Phantom Puppets attack is about approximately 15 seconds.
  • Upon closer inspection, the Phantom Puppet still has it's red cheeks.
  • The Phantom Puppet likes to play a sound similarly like Mangle.
  • The Phantom Puppet This is the only version of the Puppet to not appear in Ultimate Custom Night.



Phantom Puppet attacking


FNaF 4
FNaF world

Voice Actor

Aleks Le (Ultimate Custom Night)

Nightmarionne(commonly referred to as Nightmarionnetteor Nightmare Puppetby the fan base) is a secret nightmare animatronic and an antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He is among the new nightmare animatronics introduced in the Halloween Edition, alongside Nightmare Balloon Boyand Nightmare Mangle. He is the nightmarish incarnation of The Puppet. Nightmarionne is responsible for replacing Nightmarein the Halloween Edition, and thus shares the same behavior.

He is also one of the non-canon nightmare animatronics released in the Halloween update, along with Nightmare Mangle.


Out of all the nightmare animatronics, Nightmarionne seems to be the "skinniest". He generally appears to bear many resemblances to the original Puppet from the second game. His body greatly resembles to that of a tall human skeleton, being tall and extremely thin. Unlike The Puppet, Nightmarionne doesn't have three buttons on his chest. The most significant changes are him sporting a large smile full of small, sharp-looking teeth with it's upper lip having more teeth than the lower jaw, as well as also being much darker in color to the point of being colorless and sporting longer, even lankier limbs and torso, the latter sporting three sets of protruding ribs. His head structure is very similar to the original Puppet with the exception of lacking rosy red cheeks. His lipstick and tear-like stripes are black in color as well. His three fingers also seem to be longer, thinner, and whip-like each with four white stripes, while the arms are little bit short and lacking stripes. His fingers are divided further down the arm, making them longer and more similar to branching arms. His legs are very long with a needle-like point at the end each, and also lacking white stripes. His white pupil-like eyes are very similar to the phantom animatronics' eyes from the third game, especially when brightened.


Nightmarionne behaves exactly like Nightmare, meaning that he can attack from the bed, closet, left hall, and right hall. Being a replacement of Nightmare, Nightmarionne only appears in Nightmare and 20/20/20/20 from 4 AM on. He can appear in any night with the All Nightmare challenge turned on.

When Nightmarionne is active, the music of the Music Box from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 will play instead of Nightmare's laugh. While sharing the same strategy of Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear, the player must pay close attention to the music box sound Nightmarionne makes to tell which direction he's going when defending themselves.

Similar to Golden Freddy from the first game while jumpscaring the player, Nightmarionne's close-up screen will appear with light-bluish colors and lack of teeth. In addition to its jumpscare, he shares the same strange radio-like noise as Nightmare.

Ultimate Custom Night

His presence moves randomly to different locations in your office as you play, and begins to reappear when your mouse cursor moves over him. Be quick to avoid the area of the office that he occupies, or your run will end with a jumpscare!

Help Wanted

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  • Nightmarionne bears a strong resemblance to Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Nightmarionne is the only nightmare animatronic to possess only one set of teeth.
    • Although Nightmare Chica's cupcake also has this feature, it is technically not its own separate animatronic.
    • Nightmarionne is also one of the two animatronics in the series to have 1 set of teeth, the other being BB.
  • Nightmarionne and Shadow Bonnie are the only antagonists in the entire series that are completely colorless.
    • Nightmarionne is also the only 'toy animatronic' and the Puppet's counterpart that lacks any rosy cheeks.
  • Nightmarionne is the Puppet's only counterpart to lack buttons.
  • Like Plushtrap, Nightmarionne is a nightmare animatronic without five fingers.
    • Nightmarionne only has three fingers unlike Plushtrap who has four.
  • Nightmarionne's discovery in his teaser is strikingly similar to how The Puppet was revealed for Five Nights at Freddy's 2; both are covered in near-complete darkness and can only be shown by brightening their respective images.
    • Nightmarionne's teaser image was also titled "dontwakethebaby.jpg". This may be a reference to the Youtuber Markiplier, who helped popularize the series.
  • Nightmarionne's head tilts towards his right (the player's left) at all times.
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