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NOTES BEFORE BUYING All items are brand new, sealed and will be packed correctly without damage, pictures will be sent before shipping. Any damages acquired while shipping, delays and other delivery issues will be shopee's responsibility. We will not accept order cancellation once the item is picked up by the courier. Product description Action figure model kit of the GM unit seen in the "War in the Pocket" OVA. Comes with machine gun, shield, beam saber and open palm left hand. Features & details -1/144 scale -No glue required for assembly, a hobby nipper is required to remove parts from runners -Colored plastic, little to no paint required to replicate appearance -A Japanese BANDAI product. Gundam is a very popular character all over the world. -Package Size/Weight : 25.5 x 19 x 5.5 cm / 218g -(C) SOTSU / Sunrise With freebies included Cutting board, cutter, hobby knife and gundam marker not included.

Bandai Hobby HGUC 1/144 #20 RGM-79 GM "Mobile Suit Gundam" Model Kit

Bandai Hobby HGUC 1/144 #20 RGM-79 GM "Mobile Suit Gundam" Model Kit

Bandai Hob

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Product Details

  • No glue required for assembly, a hobby nipper is required to remove parts from runners
  • Colored plastic, little to no paint required to replicate appearance
  • Product bears official Bluefin Distribution logo ensuring purchaser is receiving authentic licensed item from approved U.S. retailer
  • Bluefin Distribution products are tested and comply with all U.S. consumer product safety regulations and are eligible for consumer support
Product Dimensions9 x 5 x 1 inches (22.9 x 12.7 x 2.5 cm)
Item Weight7 ounces (198.45 grams)
Item model numberBAS5059248
Manufacturer recommended age15 - 16 years
What is in the boxBandai Hobby HGUC 1/144... For more details, please check description/product details


A 1/144 model of the GM from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Comes with Beam Spray Gun, beam saber, and shield.

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Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: can its shield be converted to a Zeon Colors and emblem?

    Answer: naturally no, the star is a insert, what you could do is take the shield apart (is 3 pieces that snap together takes seconds to take apart), remove the star piece completely, get a piece of tape and cover the hole where the star insert was, you can then paint it zeon colors or get a Zeon sticker or make them yourself (they sell blank stickers paper so just get a zeon image and print it.
  • Question: Is this compatable with plavsky partical gate?

    Answer: There's a good chance it won't - the Plavsky Particle Gate was advertised (and in the instruction manual) to work with the HG Gundam SEED Kits, which have an adaptor in the back for it. The GM also won't work with the base provided by the Particle Gate, since it doesn't have a hole in the crotch piece for the base to peg into. You need an Action Base 2 to get this thing into the air. Since this is Gunpla though, if you really want some Plavsky wings on the back of the GM, nothing's gonna stop you from cementing it on there.
  • Question: How tall is it?

    Answer: The 1/144 scale gundams are about 6 inches tall? Give or take.
  • Question: Would this set be good for beginners?

    Answer: Yes, this model kit would be good for beginners. Iam a beginner myself and found it to simple to put together. (It was also my first model kit I ever put together)
  • Question: Am i able to get a replacement pc a piece

    Answer: Your best bet is to look up what piece you are missing otherwise I dont think so
  • Question: This says it’s used. Does it come built or not?

    Answer: It should be new I’n a sealed box unbuilt
  • Question: Does the head have clear parts for cameras and visor so maybe I can try led for first time?

    Answer: HGUC kits usually do not have clear visors or screens. They're too small. Try Master Grade kits - they most definitely do have clear vision areas!
  • Question: How tall is it fully assembled?

    Answer: Around 5 inch

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Customer Reviews

Pa•• ••ey

June 24, 2021

One of the best $10 gunpla

don't over pay. its a simple kit and good for paint practice.

Da•• ••us

March 30, 2021

Easy to pose and fun to draw

Great model kit for beginners and collectors

Ty•• ••rd

February 7, 2021

Simple Build

Simple build, good for beginners and great for army building. Love the GM.

Ch•• ••er

May 30, 2020

The picture next to "Simple" in the dictionary

This is an old kit, and it shows in nearly every aspect of the build. The vast majority of sections are just two pieces of plastic sandwiching some polycaps. However, this means that there is little to no risk for anything other than the beam saber to fall off during posing. Range of motion is limited in a lot of areas. However, the articulation that is there is perfect for exaggerated poses that suit its simple, 70's animation era design. Nub placement leaves much to be desired... but for many, that is a plus. This is pretty much the cheapest gunpla kit you can get, typically, and it serves well as a training kit for filing, seam removal, or painting. If you are into gunpla, this is a kit you will probably buy multiple times. You might use it to test techniques. You might build a sassy little squad to act as a gundam's entourage. Or you might use it for dioramas such as the classic Z'gock scene (ie- you are going to tear it into pieces to show a more impressive kits). You will never regret owning a GM.

Th•• ••ks

May 18, 2020

I've built multiple of this model

This is one of my favorit kits to build. Easy to do in a about 2 hours while having a drink and watching tv. I would recommend for ages 10 and up. NO GLUE NEEDED!! Everything snaps together. All you need is a hobby knife and side cutters. look up on youtube "How To GunPla" {gundam-play} great tips

Jo•• ••gh

March 9, 2020

Very fun

Very fun to make and dose look bad at all

St•• ••ot

March 7, 2020

Okay, but lacks some of the newer features

This ones showing it’s age a little. Lacks features, sword is solid plastic, so have to paint it. Then again GM is trash in the show so... The one for build divers looks better imo but then again different than original design. Meh.

ad•• ••am

February 27, 2020

Easy to put together.

Came before delivery date, and assembled easy.

Lu•• ••ey

February 17, 2020

Nice little kit

Great little kit. Very similar in scope to the 30 minute missions kits. It has good articulation and looks great.

Ja•• ••ms

January 17, 2020

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1/144 HGUC GM

Skill Level 2:

Easy to Complete

Skill Level 2 kits require basic plastic model assembly techniques, such as cutting parts from the runners, and cutting or sanding away the remains of the gates (the place where the part was connected to the runner). Some kits in this level also provide stickers for some markings. Most level 2 kits do not require cement or paint, but be sure to read any additional information provided to be sure. To nicely complete a level 2 kit, you will want to have a pair of plastic nippers for cutting parts from the runners, and a fine file, sandpaper or hobby knife for cleaning the gates. In some cases, a pair of tweezers makes applying stickers easier. Most adults with no prior modeling experience would have no trouble completing a kit of skill level 2. Parents would probably want to assist younger children with a kit of this level if they have never built one before.

ガンプラ 旧キット 400円「1/144 ジムスナイパーカスタム (RGM-79 GM SNIPER CUSTOM)」#01開封・組立・素組完成レビュー / 機動戦士ガンダムMSV


  ** Action base is sold separately



1/144 scale assembly plastic model

・No adhesives required for assembly



*The product in the image is a prototype still in its developmental stage. The product is also painted. The actual product may appear differently from the image.

*Please note that in some cases bubbles may enter the clear parts during manufacturing process.



・This product cannot be found in model kits shops.

・This product may be on sale in events or other projects held by our company.

・Only a limited number of this product is available at 'PREMIUM BANDAI'. We apologize if we are out of stock on this product.

・Please note that for this product, due to the number of produced units, we are limiting the quantity available in each order.

・For this product, the shipping date is subject to change in some cases depending on application status and production circumstances,

Thank you for your understanding.

・Product images are in development stage. They may differ from the actual products.

・Product specifications will be current during the pre-order period.We ask for your understanding as they may be subject to change.
・Including the packaging and logo, specifications for this product may change without a notice.


1/144 gm


Rgm 79g ‘Gm Command’ 1/144 HGUC review


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