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This is my second Lego  furniture design, part of the livingroom project. This set is easy to build. You can change the colour if you want. I made a red and a yellow sofa, but you can build it in any Lego colour. 
It could be a perfect gift for your girlfriend, or children. Any Lego minifugure can sit on just simply remove the 2 plates and watch TV or play games. I created more mini livingroom furniture such as tables, TV, bed, bookcase or carpets which you can put together in a platfrom to create your own style. 

If you would like to make movies you can use as scenery. With 2 or more sofas you can build  longer couches or rebuild to a bed or table.  

Support it please if you like it!!

Thank you taking the time to view this project and be sure to check out my other project. Good game, and have fun.

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If you have more than one set of LEGO bricks in the house, then at one time you have pondered how to organize them with some kind of LEGO storage!

They are the toy that just keeps multiplying so I need a LEGO organizer to keep my house in order.  

37 LEGO Organization Ideas with shoe storage holding LEGOS, lego wall mats, buckets full of legos.

In my house, that is a good thing to keep 3 boys occupied, BUT LEGO clean up can sometimes be a nightmare.

Whenever I have a problem with how my boys clean up their toys, the lack of a place for everything is usually at the root of the problem. Knowing that I needed to tackle the toy clutter in my home with good LEGO storage and organization, I compiled this list of super smart ideas…

Ways to Organize LEGO bricks

Let’s tackle all those bricks with smart LEGO storage ideas that don’t break the bank.

Hanging LEGO Storage Bag

This upcycled shoe storage bag is clear which makes it the perfect way to sort and see.  This Hanging LEGO Storage Bag also portable for changing building locations.

LEGO Pick Up & Play Mat

This LEGO Pick Up & Play Mat is the perfect solution for small spaces or an easy pick up after play. You could use the mat for LEGO storage or use it to transport the bricks to another area.

Our LEGO Closet

I wrote about our LEGO closet over at Modern Parents Messy Kids.  I used inexpensive garage-type shelving for the LEGO storage that was filled with clear plastic bins that could be carried to the building area.  We do NOT sort LEGOs by color! <–that is an endless and thankless job!

Cheap and Easy LEGO Storage Organizer

Oh my goodness.  This cheap and easy LEGO storage organizer is amazing.  Wouldn’t it be awesome around the entire room?

Open Displayed Hanging Bins

SnapGuide has a tutorial on how to make these Open Displayed Hanging Bins which are perfect for easy building access.

Build a LEGO Wall

This fun idea from Dukes & Duchesses creates a LEGO Wall for building and storage. I love that is is beautiful and functional.

Hanging LEGO Brick Building Buckets

B-Inspired Mama hangs buckets for use and storage. What a fun look these Hanging Building Buckets give when everything is tidy!

LEGO Sorting Labels

This is a really good idea from the Organised Housewife for LEGO Sorting Labels to use on bins or drawers. So smart for LEGO storage!

Store and build legos in containers labeled by colors, shelves, and barrels.

LEGO Storage Ideas

DIY LEGO Sorting Labels

This is a smart idea from Boy Mama! She created her own DIY LEGO Sorting Labels and attached them to storage bins.

Drawers Sorted by Color

These Drawers Sorted by Color for LEGO bricks from I Heart Organizing will be perfect for kids who like their bricks tidy.

Build LEGO Desk

This genius idea to create Build LEGO Desk drawers for a building desk is from HoneyBear Lane.


That Mommy Blog shows another great IKEA LEGO Desk Hack with this LEGO storage and play desk that could be expanded for multiple kids.  I also love that the desk height is adjustable as the child grows.

Plastic Build Desk

This Plastic Build Desk is created entirely from inexpensive plastic containers and shelving units.

Build Buckets

I use something similar to this at our house {although they aren’t as fancy and photographic as these from I Heart Organizing} and agree that these Build Buckets are really good to catch those work-in-progress projects when you need a quick clean up.

More LEGO organization ideas that include bins, baskets, and boxes/

How To Organize LEGOs

Instruction Bins

What about all those instruction manuals?  I love this idea to use magazine baskets hanging on the wall to keep them tidy.  Great solution for this clutter is to make Instruction Bins from Making Lemonade.

Instruction Binders

Another idea for LEGO instruction manuals comes from Make Life Lovely.  She creates Instruction Binders with favorite manuals inside to store easily and keep them in good condition.

Instruction Pockets

Just a Girl and Her Blog shows how to use binder pockets to make Instruction Pockets keep instruction manuals under control.

Under-bed Storage

For small spaces or the ultimate in making use of what you have, check out this Under-bed Storage project from Daniel Sicolo.

Covered Building Bins

I like this post about the reality of LEGO organization from Frugal Fun for Boys.  Her solution of using Covered Building Bins work in real situations…today!

LEGO Coffee Table

Is it a LEGO coffee table?  These ideas from David on Demand is genius for living rooms that don’t want to be all kid all the time.

Drawers Under Table

This shows how Drawers Under Table  from Ikea Hackers can keep our LEGOs organized.

Simple and Maintainable Lego Organization

I like that this Simple and Maintainable Lego Organization! It keeps everything sorted and clean.

LEGO Organization Shelving Unit

This LEGO Organization Shelving Unit idea was created by Mom with a Lesson Plan to solve their LEGO disorganization issues!  Check out the plans and how it was exactly what her family needed.

LEGO organization solutions

LEGO Storage Solutions

Plastic Drawer Sorter

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom used an inexpensive a Plastic Drawer Sorter  set to color sort LEGOs.  It works really nicely because the colors show through the nearly-clear removable drawers.

LEGO Organizer For Big Collections

This useful LEGO organizer For Big Collections from Brick Architect was created from a crafting organizer and works great for LEGO bricks and accessories.

LEGO-themed Shelving

This lovely project from SnapGuide has both covered {necessity!} and display spaces for these LEGO-themed Shelving.

Minifigure Cubbies

Oh the cuteness of this project from The No Pressure Life to give a home to all the minifigures in a colorful way and where to find Minifigure Cubbies.

Minifigure Stands

These Minifigure Stands are adorable!  I totally want to create this just like Clean and Scentsible.

LEGO Closet with Built-in Shelves

Love this LEGO Closet with Built-in Shelves especially the organized closet from Learn 2 Play.

37 Ways to Organize LEGO with bins, cubbies, shelves, and buckets

Hanging Buckets

This really fun idea from Kojo Designs has Hanging Buckets  off of a build space along with magnetized storage solutions.

Hanging Storage Boxes

We use these Hanging Storage Boxes for nearly everything at my house, so I love how Happiness is Homemade transformed their LEGO corner for smart storage.

Hide-away LEGO Tray

This is pure genius from Thrifty Decor Chick!  She created a low profile Hide-away LEGO Tray that slips under the couch for a LEGO play surface.

Use Food Storage Containers

This amount of organization makes me hyperventilate a bit!  Every brick has its place in these Use Food Storage Containers from The Brick Blogger.

Tool Box Storage

We use Tool Box Storage for kids’ treasures at my house, so I was super excited to see them in use for LEGO bricks over at Raisin’ 4.

Garage Storage Boxes

The smaller Garage Storage Boxes  are used to create a corner for kids to build in this great solution from Love Grows Wild.

How Legoland Organizes Bricks

I think the pictures of this tour explains How Legoland Organizes Bricks!

How to Build a LEGO Table

This is the ultimate solution for our family.  Because I have three boys, we now have three of these! They work amazingly for building and storage and we can show you How to Build a LEGO Table .

LEGO Storage Resources

This post contains affiliate links. 

LEGO Storage Products and accessories like bins, totes, tubs, bags, and a head.

We found some fun ways to store LEGO bricks that don’t require any DIY.

More LEGO Organization Ideas

Creating a place to PLAY can really help keep things organized.  We have collected our favorite 12 homemade LEGO tables:

12 LEGO TABLE HACKS - Kids Activities Blog

What Are YOUR LEGO Storage Secrets?

We would adore if you would leave a comment on how YOU have tackled the LEGO brick mess at your house!  

We adore LEGOs and do LEGO activities, LEGO math, help kids write with LEGO, watch LEGO videos and make LEGO stop motion videos!

More Fun from Kids Activities Blog

How do you organize all those LEGOs? Add your LEGO storage tips below!

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  2. Streamlabs game overlay
  3. Bully yorkie mix

LEGO Ideas Central Perk 21319

  • Here’s a LEGO brick-built version of the famous CENTRAL PERK café packed with authentic details to inspire hilarious memories of the classic Friends TV show and to show off to your own friends
  • In the box: a buildable CENTRAL PERK café studio set, plus Ross Geller, Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Phoebe Buffay and Gunther minifigures with cool accessories to role-play memorable scenes
  • This collectible 1,079-piece LEGO toy makes a great Friends memorabilia gift for fans and offers a rewarding building experience for adults aged 16+ who love to build solo or share the fun with friends and family
  • This LEGO Ideas CENTRAL PERK 21319 Friends TV show merchandise is compatible with the LEGO construction toys, bricks and characters that you already own so you can create your own mash-up models and unique stories
  • This colorful Friends TV show gift item measures over 4” (11cm) high, 11” (29cm) wide and 8” (22cm) deep, and will make a big impression when displayed in any room or office
  • Sours:
    7 Quick LEGO Furniture Builds For Any LEGO House!

    Lego-Inspired Furniture And Designs With Nostalgic Flair

    You don’t have to be a kid to play with Legos although it is a little strange to see an adult doing it. But if you want to rediscover your inner child without looking like a lunatic there’s a really great solution: use your creativity to create unique Lego furniture and other themed crafts. You can have fun and play while also creating something useful for your home.

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    This Lego wall took several weeks to design and build but it was a ton of fun. One of the few ways in which you can actually build something for your home and enjoy yourself at the same time. Having a staircase built out of tons of tiny Lego pieces is definitely unusual. It’s the type of long-term DIY project that completely transforms the house.{found on beamdesign}.

    View in gallery

    I bet your living room could use a little bit of color. Why not design a coffee table with the top surface made of tiny brick blocks? That should keep you busy for a while.

    View in gallery

    And speaking of tables, how about something on a bigger scale? Can you imagine designing a tabletop for your dining table made entirely of Lego blocks? Or maybe a table for the meeting room. It would be a wonderful team building project.{found on tisztaszoba}.

    View in gallery

    This is a Lego chair designed by Alessandro Jordão and it really gets you thinking. All those fun things you used to build as a kid while playing with Legos can be made on a much larger scale and adapted to your home where they can serve as furniture.

    View in gallery

    Of course, you have to keep in mind that Lego furniture may seem like a fun and great idea but it also needs to be comfortable and functional. This Lego couch doesn’t really scream comfort but it would definitely make a cool display piece.{found on flickr}.

    View in gallery

    If you’ve somehow decided that a Lego kitchen island would look awesome in your home, here’s something you should know: It’s best to get a basic and plain kitchen island and then cover it with Lego pieces. It will take about a week or so and you’ll need around 20,000 pieces for an island of this size.{found on flickr}.

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    And if they need more than one, just go for it and build as many as they need. Maybe they can lend you a hand with that.{found on gravelandgold}.

    View in gallery

    Still haven’t found the perfect headboard? Why don’t you build one yourself using Lego blocks. Use a hot glue gun to make them stay put. A really fun idea for the kids’ room but also for a master bedroom.{found on etsy}.

    View in gallery

    The bed, dresser and those stairs may not be made of actual Lego blocks but they definitely look super fun. This is a great example of how you can create a Lego-themed room for your kids.{found on site}.

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    The Lego-inspired collection designed by Spanish Company Lola Glamour incorporate these nostalgic Lego bricks into modern and unique pieces of furniture for the children’s rooms. The collection includes a bed with Lego brick pull-out drawers underneath, a dresser and a cabinet as well as matching wall-mounted shelves.


    Ideas lego couch


    Easy LEGO Couch Builds! Tutorial


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