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Ted 2 Release Date

Blu-ray, DVD & VOD5 Years AgoDecember 15, 2015us

The movie Ted 2 is already released on Blu-ray, DVD, VOD and Cinema in the USA and UK and Streaming in the UK. The upcoming Streaming release date in the USA is to be announced.


December 15, 2015Confirmed



June 26, 2015Confirmed



December 15, 2015Confirmed






December 15, 2015Confirmed



November 23, 2015Confirmed



July 8, 2015Confirmed



November 23, 2015Confirmed



November 23, 2015Confirmed



November 23, 2015Confirmed


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Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law.


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Ted 2 [DVD]


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Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HDUniversal Studios | 2015 | 1 Movie, 2 Cuts | 126 min | Unrated | Dec 15, 2015

Codec: MPEG-4 AVC (27.49 Mbps)
Resolution: 1080p
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1
Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1


English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
Spanish: DTS 5.1
French (Canada): DTS 5.1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 (48kHz, 24-bit)
Spanish: DTS 5.1
French (Canada): DTS 5.1


English SDH, French, Spanish

English SDH, French, Spanish (less)

Blu-ray Disc
Two-disc set (1 BD-50, 1 DVD)
DVD copy


Slipcover in original pressing

2K Blu-ray: Region free

List price: $11.49  

Amazon: $11.96
New from: $5.99 (Save 48%)
Amazon shipped and fulfilled

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Movie rating






Ted 2


Ted 2 Blu-ray delivers truly amazing video and audio in this excellent Blu-ray release

Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law.

For more about Ted 2and the Ted 2 Blu-ray release, see Ted 2 Blu-ray Reviewpublished by Martin Liebman on November 21, 2015 where this Blu-ray release scored 4.0out of 5.

Director: Seth MacFarlane
Writers: Seth MacFarlane,Alec Sulkin,Wellesley Wild
Starring: Mark Wahlberg,Seth MacFarlane,Amanda Seyfried,Jessica Barth,Giovanni Ribisi,Morgan Freeman
Narrator: Patrick Stewart
Producers: Seth MacFarlane,Jason Clark,John Jacobs,Scott Stuber,Wellesley Wild

» See full cast & crew

Ted 2 Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by Martin Liebman, November 21, 2015

Press material for Ted 2, the follow-up to, what else, 2012's Ted, calls the title character "the world's most beloved trash-talking teddy bear," as if there's a plethora of trash-talking teddy bears from which to choose for that "distinction." Indeed, Creator Seth MacFarlane's (A Million Ways to Die in the West) foul-mouthed teddy bear come to life is a fairly unique entity, certainly not a brain-busting creation by any stretch of the imagination but a fun mixture of witty voice acting (from MacFarlane himself) and superb digital effects. But that novelty doesn't mean the series is resting on its laurels, taking advantage of a cinema monopoly and forcing garbage down the audiences throat. On the contrary, Ted 2takes a playful, and yes, foul-mouthed, look at what it means to be alive both by the most precise legal definition and in the heart, even if that "heart" isn't a real, beating thing but instead something else, something that defines a living thing beyond the biological and instead by something that cannot be scientifically measured: the soul. Oh, and so as not to lose the movie's spirit in a soupy metaphysical discussion: "Poop! "F**k! S**t! Pass the weed." Ahh. There's Tedagain.

Marsellus Wallace's soul makes a cameo.

The teddy bear-to-life Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) is marrying his human girlfriend Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). The ceremony is big and beautiful, but it doesn't take long for reality to set in. The couple lives in a run-down apartment. They're working dead-end jobs at a grocery store and are struggling to pay the bills. Their love is gone and their marriage is on the rocks. After consulting with one of his co-workers, Ted approaches his bride with an idea: they should have a child. She's all for the idea and everything seems hunky-dory. At least until they realize that they cannot have a child because Ted lacks the proper, um, appendageto do his part. They try their hand at sperm donation but learn that years of drug abuse have rendered Tami-Lynn infertile. Their final option is adoption, but their efforts again hit a brick wall when it's revealed that Ted cannot adopt because he's legally considered property, not a person. Their only recourse is to have him legally declared a human being in court. Ted and his best friend John (Mark Wahlberg) lawyer up and find a young, drug-abusing, 26-year-old fresh from law school attorney named Sam (Amanda Seyfried) to take the case pro bono.

Ted 2is unabashedly crude, a rapid-fire, foul-mouthed extravaganza that gives South Parka run for its money. No subject is taboo, no language is too coarse, no joke is played too safely. But like South Park, Ted 2isn't simply about flinging verbal mud at the screen. There's purpose behind the madness, even if the madness takes the lion's share of the screen time and, even more than the deeper story currents that run through it, dominates the proceedings. Amongst the crude jokes and physical gags -- which means plenty of drug use, a humorous exchange during which the characters wonder what the "F" in "F. Scott Fitzgerald" stands for, or various and very literal cheap shots at Comic-Con attendees -- is a story that's essentially the same thing seen in the Star Trek: The Next Generationepisode "The Measure of a Man" in which the android officer Data is the subject of a Starfleet inquiry centered on his sentience, the result of which will either validate his existence and allow him to continue his duties or relegate him to disassembly and study. That's not a surprise considering Director Seth MacFarlane's lifelong love affair with Star Trek(he hosted one of the key supplements in The Next Generation's season three Blu-ray release). He recreates the story neither smartly nor crudely but instead as an adequate and interesting backdrop for the humor, a backdrop that allows for all sorts of wild misadventures that even involve some fisticuffs between "famous Starfleet captains" (read: Trekkies in costume) and a large-scale Enterprise-D model that threatens to destroy everything.

On the other hand, Ted 2feels a bit bloated (note that this review is written in response to the extended cut, which runs about 10 minutes more than the theatrical cut). It's a high energy film that, a bit too frequently, becomes bogged down in somewhat repetitive actions and verbal exchanges that don't kill the pace -- it's still a laugh-out-loud and very fun ride -- but that instead keep it in neutral, preventing it from maintaining a linear, upwards momentum at all times. There's a tendency to drag out gags or repeat the same jokes, which works once or twice in establishing, or in the case of the sequel, reinforcing the rapport between Ted and John, but by mid movie there should be a greater emphasis on pushing the story forward and wrapping the humor into it, not vice versa. Still, the movie is a blast and the cast is terrific. Wahlberg really nails the part, playing a character that certainly doesn't stretch him as an actor but that allows him to have plenty of fun on the set, interacting with the beautifully animated bear that looks absolutely real and comes to life with a perfectly attuned vocal performance from Director Seth MacFarlane, who nails the balance between crude and tender and vulgar and relatable. The film enjoys excellent work from series newcomer Amanda Seyfried and the film plays host to plenty of great cameos, some of which are outlined in one of the Blu-ray supplements and some of which are left for the audience to find for themselves.

Ted 2 Blu-ray, Video Quality

  5.0 of 5

Ted 2's 1080p transfer is uniformly excellent. The HD video source material never pushes more than a hair glossy or flat, resulting in a crisp, amazingly clear, and expertly colored and textured image. Details are precise on every surface and form every distance. Intimate facial features are endlessly complex. Clothing lines, seams, and fringes are tactile. Urban backdrops reveal every fine structural nuance. Even distant overhead shots offer astounding definition of far away structures and other environmental details. Colors are robust, plentiful, and bright. Green vegetation is a real standout, but so too are clothes and plenty of wildly varied shades both on city streets and, of course, in the Comic-Con convention center where posters, costumes, props, and other objects sparkle. Black levels are naturally deep and true. Flesh tones never betray a believably natural shading. The image suffers from no obvious examples of noise, banding, macroblocking, aliasing, or other unwanted eyesores. This is a top-tier transfer from Universal.

Ted 2 Blu-ray, Audio Quality

  5.0 of 5

Ted 2comes to life with a finely detailed and richly exuberant DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack. Music is potent and well defined down to the most subtle note, whether orchestral score, smooth Jazz numbers, energetic Pop beats during a legal montage in chapter six, or the signature Jurassic Parktheme heard in chapter 12 in one of the funniest borrowed music gags ever. Spacing is effortless around the stage, with dominant fronts but surrounds that don't slack. Low end musical detail and pronouncement are excellent, too. Atmospherics are regularly rich and filling. Light city din is pleasingly immersive, Comic-Con chatter and clatter puts the listener into the environment, and a couple of examples of good dialogue reverberation, prominent at the wedding at film's start and a little less ambitious later on in the courtroom, all bring the film's key areas to vivid sonic life. A few gunshots are healthy and crisp while an explosion in chapter 13 sends a nice, pulsating rattle through the listening area. Basic dialogue enjoys excellent definition, perfect prioritization, and consistent center focus.

Ted 2 Blu-ray, Overall Score and Recommendation

  4.0 of 5

Ted 2is a wildly fun film that runs a bit too long for its own good, but the core dynamics -- the bond between John and Ted, the effortlessness with which they interact (thanks to great digital and voice work), and the chemistry they share in their joke telling -- remain the series' strength. The plot is right out of Star Trekbut gets the movie where it needs to go. For such a simple idea and generally simple execution, it all works very well and the result, with Ted 2, is one of the funniest movies of 2015. Universal's Blu-ray release of Ted 2features standout video and audio. An average allotment of extras are included. Highly recommended.

Sours: https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Ted-2-Blu-ray/131057/
Ted 2 - Official Trailer (HD)
Ted 2
Film Rating
1 hour 55 minutes
Film Budget
$68 million
Box Office Results
$81 million

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Dvd release ted 2 on

Ted 2 is an comedy movie directed by Seth MacFarlane and starring Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Barth and Giovanni Ribisi. The movie was written by Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin. The film has a $68 million budget with a 115-minute running time. Ted 2 currently has a 6.3 IMDb rating, based on 157180 and 48 Metascore on Metacritic. The movie is rated R.

release date for Ted 2

Ted 2 release date

When does Ted 2 come out in theaters?

The official theatrical release date for Ted 2 (2015)is June 26, 2015.

When will Ted 2 be released on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital?

Ted 2 DVD/Blu-ray release date is Tuesday, December 15, 2015. The estimated DVD release date is December 2015. The movie has been out for around since its theatrical release. DVD and Blu-ray releases typically come out 12-16 weeks after the theatrical premiere.

Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes will be available 1-2 weeks before the Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K releases – sometime in December 2015. Dates do change so check back often as the release approaches. We will update this page with more details as they become available.

Check out Amazon for pre-order details and digital, DVD and Blu-ray deals.

Ted 2 budget

How much did Ted 2 cost to make?

$68,000,000 budget

The movie cost $68 million to make.

Ted 2 movie poster

Ted 2 rating

R Rated

Ted 2 is rated R. R stands for ‘Restricted’, which means children under 17 require accompanying parent or adult guardian. The movie contains some adult material and parents are urged to learn more about the movie.

Ted 2 reviews

6.3 IMDb 48 Metascore

The movie currently has a 6.3 of out 10 IMDb rating and 48 Metascore on Metacritic. We will continue to add and update review scores.

Ted 2 trailer

Ted 2 plot summary

What is Ted 2 about?

Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he’s a person in a court of law.

Synopsis from IMDb – The same as above.

The running times are based on US timings only and all times are rounded off to the nearest minute. Other countries may have different running lengths. Theatrical releases running times differ due to the counting of frames from the first frame to the last frame of any credits.

Ted 2 cast

Who is in Ted 2?

Ted 2 box Office

How much did Ted 2 make?

$217,022,588 worldwide

The film has made over $217 million worldwide at the box office. This does not include the DVD, Blu-ray and digital sales.

Ted 2 details

Theatrical Release Date:June 26, 2015
DVD & Blu-ray Release Date:December 15, 2015
Film Budget:$68 million
Box Office:$217 million
Length:115 minutes

The movie is 115 minutes long (1 hour and 55 minutes).

The movie is out on June 26, 2015. The movie has been out for .

Mark Wahlberg plays as John.

Seth MacFarlane directed the movie.

This page aims to be one-stop for everything Ted 2. Please help us keep it updated. Let us know if we are missing something. Share this page with your friends if you found it useful. We will continue to update this page as new information is released.

Sours: https://www.releasedetails.com/movies/ted-2/
Opening to Ted 2 2015 DVD


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