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Customers appreciate Drizly delivery for beer, wine, and spirits favorites

Drizly is the nation's largest alcohol e-commerce marketplace. It streamlines shopping for beer, wine and spirits online by connecting its customers with an array of selections, competitive pricing, and fast delivery. Drizly has partnered with premium retail businesses in over 180 markets across North America to deliver an unrivaled selection, competitive pricing, and personalized recommendations. Drizly trusts Onfleet to help their network of individual stores to power drivers and deliveries to customers in a seamless solution.

Drizly customers order online for beer, wine, and spirits deliveries

Beyond an intricate e-commerce and delivery operation, Drizly also has developed proficiency in managing the complexities of state-by-state differences in alcohol regulations, retailer and payment processing challenges, and proof of identification and signatures. Recently, the company has also taken measures to keep its community, partners, and customers safe by offering contactless ID scanning, eliminating customer signatures, and offering outside deliveries.

Based in Boston, Drizly has grown its business steadily since launching in 2015. However, shelter in place restrictions in early Spring of 2020 spiked demand.

"We had to learn to scale up the supply side to meet demand in this 'new normal'. Our 2-year growth projections suddenly materialized in 2 weeks. In addition, we looked to develop contactless delivery for safety in signatures which are required by law for beer, wine, and spirits."

— Justin Robinson, Co-Founder & SVP of New Business, Drizly

Onfleet's app can capture signature and ID proof for legal Contactless Deliveries
"We're excited to partner with Drizly, the leader in alcohol delivery in the U.S., to help drive efficiency and a delightful customer experience, as consumer demand for deliveries grows rapidly around the country."

– Khaled Naim, Co-Founder & CEO, Onfleet

For businesses managing scheduled and last-minute "hotshot" deliveries at volume, across different geographies, Onfleet becomes an especially powerful tool in bringing transparency and efficiency to a complicated set of tasks.

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Wine Deliveries: What Are the Options?

Under Covid-19 protocols, where can you look now for alcoholic beverages? It depends on how fast you need them and how selective a consumer you are.

Since most of the nation began living in coronavirus quarantine, retail wine sales have shot up. In the latest data available, wine sales in dollars were up 66 percent in the week ending March 21, from the same week a year ago, according to Nielsen.

Partly this is because nobody is going out to restaurants now, and sales have shifted. But it also reflects the mood of an anxious, restless and, yes, bored population that sees wine alternately as pleasure, comfort or therapy.

Shopping in stores is generally out of the question. So most of those purchases are for pickup or delivery. If wine delivery is new to you, here are a few of the available options.

Need It Right Away

In New York, services like Swill, Minibar and Drizly offer home delivery of wine, beer and spirits. But only Drizly promises to deliver in less than an hour, and the current situation is causing it to hedge its pledge a bit. Drizly offers a nice variety of craft beers and spirits. For wine, however, the choices are, with a few exceptions, restricted to big brands, and many wines are not identified by vintage. If your local wine shop is open, that might be a better option, particularly if you have a relationship with the staff.

I Can Wait a Few Days

Most good wine shops will not deliver immediately, except to customers within a small radius, but the breadth of their selections and their personalized service are worth the wait. Every shop has its own shipping policy. Bigger stores in Manhattan will deliver anywhere in the city once you surpass a purchase threshold. Others will have modest charges. Many also offer case discounts. In most states, you can order from any retail shop in that state, and in many states you can order from out-of-state shops as well. But you will pay shipping charges. If you are searching for particular bottles, wine-searcher.com is a handy tool.

Go Directly to the Source

Most states permit direct shipping from American wineries, so if you have favorite producers, you can order directly. You can expect to pay shipping charges and receive your orders in 5 to 10 business days, though each producer is different. Some are offering promotional discounts to encourage online sales.

Order From Restaurants

Some states, like New York, California and Texas, as well as municipalities like Atlanta, are permitting restaurants that are selling takeout and delivery meals to include wine, beer or spirits from their lists at roughly retail prices. Ordering would be a good way to support restaurants, and would of course provide excellent additions to your meal.

Grocery Services

Companies like FreshDirect and Instacart deliver wine as well. But their selections are fairly limited, and, judging by the difficulties nowadays in reserving delivery slots, your purchases will not arrive swiftly.

Reducing Human Contact

Transactions involving alcoholic beverages make contactless deliveries difficult. Strict legal protocols require showing identification and signing a receipt.

Different companies will handle the situation in their own ways. In my experience, independent stores are often more relaxed, while deliveries made by larger companies may be more rigid in their requirements. Drizly suggests allowing deliverers to scan IDs without touching them, and says that decisions on whether to require signatures are made by its individual retail partners.

Either way, wearing masks and gloves would be a good idea no matter how the delivery plays out.

Sours: https://www.nytimes.com/article/wine-delivery-service.html
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Fall is here, and if you're looking to stock up on some pumpkin beers, red wine and other booze without having to actually go to the store, good news: There are lots of reliable liquor delivery services that make ordering alcohol right to your door easy. Plus, ordering alcohol online often means a bigger selection of beer, wine, liquor, hard seltzer or any other adult drinks you want. 

Many of these booze delivery services function just like Uber Eats or GrubHub, sourcing inventory from local liquor stores and then employing on-demand delivery drivers to get the goods to you, often in an hour or less. In fact, Uber just acquired alcohol delivery service Drizly. Plus, the transactions are all managed online or through the app, and you can often compare prices from various local sellers to find the best deal. 

Read more: Best wine clubs and subscriptions in 2021 for your taste

Note that alcohol delivery laws vary by state, so not every service is available everywhere. Many states, however, have deemed liquor stores an essential service during the pandemic, and are allowing delivery of alcohol from restaurants and liquor stores where they may not have in the past. Inventory also varies by store and service, so if something is out of stock now it may come back in stock soon. We update this list periodically. 

To stock up on craft beer, fancy booze, great wine, champagne and other treats without ever having to put pants on, check out this list of the best wine and liquor delivery services to try in 2021. Just remember that the same rules that have always applied to alcohol apply now, perhaps more than ever: Enjoy wine and spirits in moderation and never drink and drive, but always tip your delivery person.

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Drizly is an online alcohol delivery service that partners with thousands of retailers across North America to send beer, wine, liquor and snacks to your door. It's available in 31 states and DC. 

When you add something to your cart, you'll have the option to choose which store in your area will fulfill the order, as well as delivery ETAs, minimums and fees. You can often get your order delivered in under an hour (though that depends on a few factors, like time of day and order volume), or schedule a delivery for the future. Add a tip for your driver, and you're good to go. The site is also encouraging users to select contactless deliveries.

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Uber Buys Alcohol Delivery Startup Drizly for $1.1 Billion

Responsible Consumer Alcohol Delivery During COVID-19 & Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic created a shelter-in-place environment in the U.S. that prompted consumers to minimize public contact and seek “doorstep” convenience for virtually everything, including alcohol.

Early in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to protect all points in the industry supply chain and keep consumers from an increased risk of exposure, WSWA urged 50 U.S. Governors, President Trump and Congressional Leadership to designate alcohol wholesalers and retailers as essential businesses. Alcohol retailers quickly took advantage of licensed delivery and curbside pick-up options where already allowed, while regulators and elected officials in many jurisdictions temporarily rolled out similar consumer-friendly options in areas where they hadn’t existed before.

States that were permitting retailer delivery and online marketplaces of alcohol to operate before the pandemic, and those who relaxed restrictions during the crisis, adapted to consumer demand while maintaining the current U.S. regulated system of alcohol distribution. Regulators innovated to help retailers while ensuring public health and safety.

Delivery platforms like Drizly are doing the same. Even before the pandemic, Drizly worked to meet increased consumer demand for convenience, by providing access to beer, wine, and spirits from local, licensed retailers, enabling product exploration and price comparison with a simple checkout process and same-day delivery from a smartphone. Today, licensed delivery platforms are helping to keep community-based businesses operating and competitive and providing retailers with safeguards such as contactless age verification of consumers through proprietary technology.

Consumer delivery from licensed, in-state retailers is one example of the adaptability the three-tier system provides, and a change that has long been championed by Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA). WSWA, along with its almost 400 members throughout the country, believes that convenience and smart regulations can and should coexist in a digital marketplace to support today’s local marketplace, as well as secure consumer choice and public safety.

In an effort to protect consumers and maintain the standard of public safety the current U.S. system of alcohol distribution ensures, WSWA defines responsible alcohol delivery as the direct transportation of alcohol from a licensed, local retailer to a consumer age 21 or older.

What does responsible alcohol delivery look like?


Sours: https://www.wswa.org/news/responsible-consumer-alcohol-delivery-during-covid-19-beyond

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Uber Buys Alcohol Delivery Startup Drizly for $1.1 Billion


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