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Monkey feet is an invention from animal house fitness that enables you to attach dumbbells and certain gym equipment to your feet to achieve gym quality workouts at home. they entrusted me to create unique content that showcases the ease of use of their new product, as well as highlighting several potential exercises. my videos were featured in a majority of their social media ads, and to date they have achieved extreme success with over $1.5 million in sales since their November launch, as well as $500,000 in February alone. recently discussed on the most popular podcast in the world, “the Joe rogan experience”, Animal house fitness will also be featured in an upcoming episode of shark tank, with filming set for June and the TV debut in September.

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So, I Saw an Ad for “MonkeyFeet” & I Bought It…

One thing that you will learn about me as you continue to read this blog, is that I am shamelessly susceptible to advertising so long as I don’t have any current financial responsibilities holding me back. I see a thing, want a thing, buy the thing. And that’s what happened with MonkeyFeet from Animalhouse Fitness!


No… not these type of monkey feet 🤨 (Although, they are cool)

Teenager monkey hanging on tree by feet looking at photographer. (Monkeyfeet Animalhouse)

And throwing this out there again – I am receiving no payment for mentioning this product. It just looked cool to me in an ad I saw on Facebook or Instagram (I forget which one), so I wanted to tell you a bit about it.



Some “Pre-MonkeyFeet” Context

I may not look it, but weighing in at about a constant 155 – 160lbs – I can bench press over 300lbs more than once (like 3 times if I’m fresh — I think 310lbs was my max the last time I checked it pre-COVID). I’m a “semi-gym rat” with aspirations of starting a fitness journey blog/vlog one day (more to come on that in the near future).

Anyway, I say all of that to let you know that I have a bit of a home gym that I workout in. Easily one of my best investments, especially since we’ve been dealing with a pandemic and I don’t play with things like that. One thing that suffers in my apartment-based home gym however is my leg routine. I have owned a full squat rack in the past, but not in this current home (I miss that thing). So – lots and lots of lunges happen, but it’s still lacking compared to what I can do at a gym.


Animalhouse’s MonkeyFeet is Helps Bridge the Gap

Look at this cool idea!

If it actually holds up to the rigors I want to put it through – it could be a great addition to my home gym. And I’d be able to hit a few muscle groups that have been getting a little neglected since sometime in March of 2020.

So, I ordered one just to give it a test drive. If I end up underwhelmed in any way – totally money I was willing to spend just on the CHANCE it’s amazing and can handle heavier weight than what’s shown in their demo. The site claims it can support “up to a 160lb dumbbell per foot” – so, we’ll see.

There will be a video in about a week or so just showing you all my experience with it. Can’t wait!

It looks simple enough to use…

And it also appears to have a pretty versatile set of applications (I’m sure I’ll think of more)…

Considering all of my current workouts are primarily dumbbell-based (I have a barbell as well, but not nearly enough weight – so I make due) because of COVID, this is a godsend as far as I’m concerned. Thank you, Animalhouse!

That’s it — this post is a pretty simple one letting you know that I saw a cool thing and went ahead and pulled the trigger on it because it felt like a no-brainer.


Peace, and thanks for reading.


The soundtrack for this post provided by…

 Image Credits:
– Cover Image © Animalhouse Fitness
– Body Image © sbw18 (Shutterstock)

Sharing is Caring

The DEFINITIVE MonkeyFeet Review - AnimalHouse Fitness MonkeyFeet

KNEE EXTENSIONS: Safe and Functional?

🦵The knee extension machine is present in most gyms across the United States. While many people use this machine, many others do not for fear of causing damage to their knees. Why is it that some people fear the knee extension machine? Is it safe to use? Is it a useful tool? Is it “functional” ?

👆This video will teach you why the knee extension machine is safe, why it can be crucial to overcoming knee pain, and how to include it in your e...xercise or rehabilitation program!

🔥 @theprehabguys with an amazing video packed with some high level insight on knee extensions. Please go give this a listen, we truly think you guys will get a lot of good value out of everything they cover in the video 👊

Full video up on their youtube, link will be in our story 💯💯

Video edited by: @aesthetic_al

#animalhousefitness#monkeyfeet#legextensions#kneepain #kneepainrelief #jointrelief#kneepainrelief#prehabilitation#prehab#physicaltherapy

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