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GMC Touch Up Paint

Find touch up paint specific to your GMC

Although this car brand has been around for more than a hundred years, everything was not always smooth sailing for this automotive giant. Let's start at the beginning - the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company was founded in 1901 by Max Grabowsky as one of the earliest commercial truck constructors. At the time, business savvy William C. Durant founded General Motors as a holding company for Buick. Flaring an interesting business opportunity, Mr. Durant bought Rapid Motor in 1909 marking the base of the GM truck foundation. The same year, the corporation bought another independent company; the Reliance Motor Car Company and quickly merged the two entities together in 1911. The first appearance of the GMC trucks was the following year at the New York International Auto Show. Since that time GMC was considered an independent entity encompassed inside GM. The truck company started gathering quite the amount of interest when they started a couple of cross-country expeditions across the United States. The initial 1916 expedition allowed one GMC truck to ride from Seattle to New York City in only thirty days. The subsequent excursion took the 1926 truck five days and thirty minutes to cover all the ground between New York to San Francisco. During the Second World War, GMC provided the U.S. Military with an impressive 600,000 trucks, some of them being amphibious 6x6 trucks. After this success, the company diversified its offering by developing a range of ambulances and fire trucks then the buyout of a Chicago bus company provided GMC the technical knowledge to construct urban and transit buses. At that point, the manufacturing of buses completely stopped in 1987 as a result of the increasing competition of this line of trucks. The brand is now concentrating on SUVs, pickups, light and medium duty trucks and vans. Our touch up paint is made as tough as a GMC vehicle and there is no better source to keep your vehicle looking new than TouchUpDirect. We have all the GMC colors you might want with all the accessories you need to complete the task. Don't waste time, use our paint finder to ensure you choose the color suitable for your repair.

GMC paint, exact match guaranteed

All colors guaranteed to match

All of our colors come right out of the manufacturer’s books. Under our Color Match Guarantee, we make sure that the color provided to you is a match for the one on your vehicle. Learn More →

GMC Touch Up Paint Warranty

Protect Your Purchase With TUDCare

TUDCare is TouchUpDirect's 12 month, one-time, same color replacement warranty. TUDCare comes free with the purchase of any of our Platinum Kits. If you lose your applicator for any reason, we will send you an entire replacement kit for free. That way, if your dog steals your applicator for his hoard, you'll be covered. Learn More →

What tools do I need for a GMC touch up paint job?

GMC Touch Up Paint Tools including Polishing compound, sand paper, clearcoat, basecoat, primer and wax and grease remover wipe

To create the best looking coat for your vehicle, we recommend the following:

PRIMER, COLOR, AND CLEARCOAT - It goes without saying that you need paint to do a touch up paint job. Clearcoat provides a thin protective layer for your paint job while Primer is required for damage that has reached the original base material.

WAX AND GREASE REMOVER CLOTH - The wax and grease remover cloth is used to remove wax, grease, and contaminants before painting.

SANDPAPER - Wet-sanding the affected area removes rust and prepares the surface with a rough finish so the paint can stick better.

POLISHING COMPOUND - The polishing compound smooths everything out with a factory-grade finish.

These tools are all available with our Platinum kit but can be purchased separately on the TouchUpDirect website.

How to apply GMC touch up paint?

Looking for help with painting your GMC? We have an entire library of instructions and how-to videos designed to walk you through the process.

How to find your GMC Paint Code?

How to find your GMC Paint Code?

GMC paint codes have moved around a little over the years. You have to keep an eye out for the "Service Parts Identification" sticker, sometimes a white paper tag or on more recent models, a silver sticker. Start by looking in the glove box as it is the most obvious location. Otherwise it will most likely be on the driver side door jamb. It can also be found under the left side of the driver seat or on the rear side pillar of the passenger door. As a last resort, take a look at the passenger sun visor, the side wall of the cab or behind the passenger seat. The GMC paint code is composed of a string of letters and numbers that you can see after the "BC/CC" indication. In case you have a two-toned model, the paint code for the upper body will be after the "U" and the lower body color or bumper color will be after the "L". GMC Paint Code Examples: 75/WA8980, GWY/WA106V, WA9967

Find your paint code on GMC
Find your paint code location for GMC
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We get it. It’s not always ideal to be shopping for touch up paint. But we’re here to help make the process easy, from ordering to application.

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GMC White Frost G1W Touch Up Paint & Scratch Repair Kit

GMC White Frost G1W Touch Up Paint

The PAINT2FIX touch-up paint kit is a popular touch-up paint kit that sells hundreds of thousands worldwide on and

Finish the touch-up application in 5 minutes with basic steps. Top quality custom touch up paint for GMC White Frost G1W

  1. Touch up the scratches and chips as described in the instructions.
  2. Clean overflowed paints using the our patented solution.
  3. Polish the touched-up area using carnauba based wax.

We offer you your exact color matching, high quality and easy to apply for GMC touch up paint that we produced thanks to vigorous and persistent r&d efforts. PAINT2FIX is a highly durable base coat touch up paint for your car. To waste your money in expensive body shops may annoy you. However, our exclusively produced touch up paint will allow you to come up with impressing outcomes.

The package contains all the necessary items to complete the touch up application. Touch up paints are prepared separately for each order.

Touch up paint can be applied to other plastic and metal areas of the same color as the car body.

It is not possible to make a wrong touch up application. With the our patented solution, you can remove the applied the paint on your car and start the touch up application from the beginning.

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GMC Paint Pens

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Touch Up Paint Pens for GMC sells the highest quality GMC paint pens for all GMC years and models. Order a GMC paint pen for your vehicle by clicking your model above. Next select your GMC year and color order your GMC touch up paint pen.

Picture of a GMC Paint Pen Ready for GMC Touch Up!

More About GMC

The GMC Logo. PaintScratch Sells GMC Touch Up Paint Pens.Since 1920, GMC has offered small economy models in the US and done research in the 1940s and 1950s waiting for the market to develop. Caught completely off guard in 1970, the corporation rushed to produce a series of poorly designed small cars when the first oil crisis in 1973 hit.

How big of a Spot can you fix with touch up paint? Lets find out!


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How to Use Touch Up Paint on any Vehicle


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