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27 October

We believe in the power of a connected world. With nearly half the world’s population connected to mobile, the challenge of bringing more people online and using the services available is too large and too important for any one company, group, or government to solve alone. Coverage is growing fast but for many that have access, usage is still a challenge. Why is this? This themed week welcomes partners to come together to discuss solutions and explore lessons learnt during the pandemic. 

“When the global digital economy is thriving, digitalization and intelligence not only bridge the divides, but also pave the way for equal opportunities. ZTE is always committed to being a driver of the digital economy. Based on our understanding of digital transformation, self-developed technologies, and experience in working with vertical industries, we expect to facilitate Africa’s digital process, thereby exploring and witnessing a Digital Africa together with all of you.”

James Zhang, SVP of ZTE Corporation

Join us on the Journey to MWC Africa 2022

Let us connect you with global digital leaders from across Africa.

The entire ecosystem will come together physically at MWC Africa 2022, and we want you to join us on our virtual journey to MWC.

Join our virtual conference series throughout 2021 for industry defining discussions and the opportunity to forge new partnerships.

Welcome to MWC Africa

Powering a Continent

Join over 2,000 Attendees for our Keynote Programmes

The leading brands showing the full spectrum of Connectivity Innovation 

Experience the original content produced which changes the boundaries of Connectivity 

Meet the MWC 

Keynote Alumni 

They’re the connectivity industry influencers who have previously walked our stages and inspired change in our sector. 

Become a Speaker

Whether you’re launching a new product or looking for partners to bring future innovations to life – MWC is the stage where you can get your voice heard


Huawei Day0 Forum 2019 Mobile World Congress 2019 - Huawei

Huawei Day0 Forum 2019

At this year's forum, we discussed how to build a leading 5G network, how to unlock the business value of 5G, and how to enable 5G industry development. We discussed the use of 5G technology in improving the efficiency of digital platforms and services, and in accelerating the digital transformation of operators' business operations. At the same time, we explored how operators can harness innovations that are applicable to multiple scenarios to generate new growth in personal, home, and enterprise services.





Adrian Scrase

Head of 3GPP MCC & CTO, ETSI

Zhengmao Li

Executive Vice President, China Mobile

Santiago Tenorio

Head of Networks Strategy and Architecture, Vodafone

Olaf Swantee

CEO, Sunrise Communications

Gisa Fuatai Purcell

Acting Secretary-General, Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

Kim Krogh Andersen

Senior Vice President, Telenor Group

Zhipeng Hu

Vice President, NetEase Group CEO, Thunderfire Game Group

Jonathan Wood

Senior Director for Business Development, Intel

Chaobin Yang

President of 5G Product Line, Huawei

Dafeng Li

Executive Member of the Supervisory Board, Director of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board Office, Huawei

Luis Jorge Romero

Director General, ETSI

Jervis Su

Vice President, Mobile Services, Huawei Consumer Business Group

Supun Weerasinghe

Group Chief Executive, Dialog Axiata

Qi Bi

President of China Telecom Technology Innovation Center

Margaret Hu

President of B2C Business Solution, Huawei

Tang Qibing

President of Global Technical Services, Huawei

Dan Bieler

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Wang Hua

CEO, CMPak Pakistan

Elmar Grasser

CTIO, Sunrise

Anthony Rodrigo

CIO, Axiata Group

Zarrar Khan

CTO, Viva Kuwait

Trevor Cheung

VP of C&SI Ecosystem Management Dept. GTS, Huawei

24 February 16:30 - 18:30
W Hotel, Barcelona

  • 5G is ON

    • Share commercial experience with 5G
    • Discuss how to build leading 5G network capabilities and business models
    • Promote 5G application incubation and ecosystem building
    • Create a greener, smarter, safer 5G city

    Learn More

  • Innovation Inspiring New Growth

    • Share best practices in technological innovation and business model optimization
    • Explore how to generate growth in personal, home, and enterprise services
    • Brainstorm how to improve network efficiency and value

    Learn More

  • Accelerate Transformation Towards Digital Business

    • Focus on digital transformation and new practices
    • Develop digital platforms and services for more efficient ICT infrastructure
    • Drive growth through better services and customer experience
    • Accelerate digital transformation to achieve business success

    Learn More

At the Huawei Digital Transformation Forum 2018, Huawei discussed five topics with over 500 global telecom industry elites, leading industry thinkers, and ecosystem partners: 5G, unlocking new economic value, B2B, Big Video, and operations transformation. We explored how operators can overcome traditional boundaries in terms of capability, connectivity, operations, customer experience, and collaboration. We also shared insights on how to accelerate digital transformation in the all-cloud era, build more partnerships, and develop digital ecosystems and digital infrastructure.

Learn More

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