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12" Combat Hunt-Down Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Blade Knife W/W

$31 12" Combat Hunt-Down Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Blade Knife W/W Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Hand Tools 12" Max 52% OFF Combat Hunt-Down Fixed Blade Stainless W Knife Steel $31 12" Combat Hunt-Down Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Blade Knife W/W Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Hand Tools Hunt-Down,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools , Hand Tools,Blade,/elsehowhtml,$31,Fixed,W/W,Steel,Combat,12",Blade,Stainless,,Knife 12" Max 52% OFF Combat Hunt-Down Fixed Blade Stainless W Knife Steel Hunt-Down,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools , Hand Tools,Blade,/elsehowhtml,$31,Fixed,W/W,Steel,Combat,12",Blade,Stainless,,Knife



12" Combat Hunt-Down Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Blade Knife W/W

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  • HEAVY DUTY SURVIVAL TACTICAL KNIFE. Great camping knife for hunting hiking adventure self-defense. Ultralight, ultrasharp, durable cool pocket knife for men with a long resistance sharp blade.
  • GREAT OUTDOOR STYLISH APPEARANCE. Perfect steel blade contains more carbon. Combat knife with sheath has ergonomically designed handle with non-skid materials.
  • DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY IN USE. Comfortable for everyday carry. Ability to bring the camp knife in a working position. You can use full tang knife as a spearhead make tent pegs cut small branches.
  • COOL ADDITION TO YOUR COLLECTION OF GADGETS! Besides practical usage, this tanto knife also reveals your personality. It is also a perfect gift True Connoisseurs of high-quality pocket knives.
  • Don`t forget to drop it in your backpack. It is perfect for outdoor activities!

12" Combat Hunt-Down Fixed Blade Stainless Steel Blade Knife W/W


" Hunt-Down Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade Knife with

Fixed,Knife,Hunt-Down,$16,,Ultra,Sharp,",/hahab9/eadhtm,Knife,Hunting,with,Blade,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools , Hand Tools " Hunt-Down Hunting Knife Ultra Blade Fixed Sharp wholesale with $16 " Hunt-Down Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade Knife with Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Hand Tools Fixed,Knife,Hunt-Down,$16,,Ultra,Sharp,",/hahab9/eadhtm,Knife,Hunting,with,Blade,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools , Hand Tools $16 " Hunt-Down Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade Knife with Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Hand Tools " Hunt-Down Hunting Knife Ultra Blade Fixed Sharp wholesale with


" Hunt-Down Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade Knife with

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • HEAVY DUTY SURVIVAL TACTICAL KNIFE. Great camping knife for hunting hiking adventure self-defense. Ultralight, ultrasharp, durable cool pocket knife for men with a long resistance sharp blade.
  • GREAT OUTDOOR STYLISH APPEARANCE. Perfect steel blade contains more carbon. Combat knife with sheath has ergonomically designed handle with non-skid materials.
  • DURABILITY AND RELIABILITY IN USE. Comfortable for everyday carry. Ability to bring the camp knife in a working position. You can use full tang knife as a spearhead make tent pegs cut small branches.
  • COOL ADDITION TO YOUR COLLECTION OF GADGETS! Besides practical usage, this tanto knife also reveals your personality. It is also a perfect gift True Connoisseurs of high-quality pocket knives.
  • Don`t forget to drop it in your backpack. It is perfect for outdoor activities!

" Hunt-Down Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade Knife with

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The Five Best Hunting Knives Ever

The best hunting knife is a knife that can gut, skin, possibly butcher, and possibly cape whatever unfortunate animal got in the way of your bullet. The knife must also be able to do a wide variety of odd jobs such as whittling fuzz sticks, chopping poles for a stretcher, cutting a switch for a lazy horse, and chopping onions in camp. Although butcher knives work best for butchering, and scalpels are preferred for caping, and just about anything can work on any job if you’re skillful enough, some designs simply work better than others.

The blades listed here made our cut, as it were, for the best knives for hunting, because they were revolutionary in their time or because they worked so well that they influenced knife design thereafter. There are only five of them, because only five truly deserve the designation “best hunting knife ever.”

Marble’s Ideal Hunting Knife—One of the First High End Hunting Knives

marbles ideal hunting knife

Once upon a time, there was no such thing as a perfect hunting knife. If you hunted, you did it to feed your face, and not for sport, and if you needed a knife you stole one from a kitchen, or bought a butcher knife and made a sheath for it. But then the idea of hunting as recreation caught on, and in , a Michigander named Webster Marble hit on the idea of a dedicated knife for this new breed of outdoorsman. He called his new knife the Ideal model.

The Ideal had a 6-inch clip-point blade made of good steel with a wide fuller, or groove, to save weight. Marble added a stacked-leather or stag handle, aluminum pommel, double brass crossguard, and asked a list price of $ The sheaths were pretty wretched, but that didn’t stop anyone. Whatever the job, the Ideal would do it, and the knife was in production from to

Reintroduced in , the Ideal is now a high-grade knife with a blade of A2 steel, all sorts of handle options, and a list price that can go over $ That’s because now, in its third century, the Ideal is still ideal, and if you have a job to do, it will do it.

Want the Sharpest Hunting Knife? Try the D.H. Russell Canadian Belt Knife

D.H. Russell Canadian Belt Knife

One of the most imitated knife designs of all time (at least 16 companies are copying it), this is the brainchild of a Canadian cutlery-store owner named Dean Russell. To produce his knife, in , Russell chose Grohmann Knives in Pictou, Nova Scotia, and they have produced it ever since. The Canadian Belt Knife has an elliptical blade and a distinctive offset handle that was originally made of rosewood and is now available in stag as well.

In use, the RCBK is as close to a scalpel as you are going to find. You can hold it in any position, control it to a fare-thee-well, and you’ll see that it’s one of the very few designs that is equally capable at gutting, skinning, and caping. Warren Page, who was forever taking animals apart, had one and doted on it.

Grohmann makes the RCBK in stainless- and tool-steel models. I detest the former; I’ve never been able to get one sharp. The tool-steel knives take an edge just fine. Grohmann now makes all sorts of variations on this theme, but what you want is the #1 Original Design. It’s a tool of astonishing versatility, a design of authentic genius.

Looking for the Best All Around Hunting Knife? Behold, the Randall Model 3

Randall Model 3 Hunter

In , a young Florida outdoorsman named Walter Doane “Bo” Randall watched a boat hull being scraped with an unusual-looking hunting knife. He bought it on the spot, tracked down its maker—an eccentric Michigander named William Scagel—and asked him how to make knives. Scagel told him, and in Randall made his first knife for sale. Today, 82 years and thousands and thousands of knives later, Randall Made Knives in Orlando, Florida, has never caught up with its orders.

Randall produces several dozen designs, but the Model 3, which is billed as its heavy-duty all purpose outdoor knife, is not only the first model, but the most popular. It is one of the most copied knives in the world. Every custom smith either began by imitating the Model 3 or currently does and calls it by another name.

Aside from its fit and finish, which are infinitely better than they used to be, the Model 3 has changed very little over the years. Randall began by using automobile leaf springs for blades, but soon switched to Swedish-made 01 tool steel, and that’s still what they use. The stacked-leather handle is still standard, although there are all sorts of options available, and the stainless-steel dome nut, which used to hold the handle in place, has been replaced by one that fits flush with the buttcap.

A Randall will not hold its edge forever and ever. Bo thought it best to make something that could be re-sharpened easily. If you know how, you can get a razor-like edge on a Randall. The first one I ever bought, in , nearly took my finger off in the first five minutes I owned it. I fell desperately in love.

Want the Best Steel for a Hunting Knife? Get a Diamond Blade Summit

summit knife

The Summit looks like a modest-sized, well-thought-out hunting knife, and not much more. The blade is ground from D2 steel, which was designed for die-making, has a lot of chrome in it, and is noted for its toughness and edge-holding ability. Lots of makers use D2. What sets the Summit, and all Diamond Blade knives apart, is what happens to that D2 blank on its way to becoming a blade.

This brings us to nuclear submarines. The way you build a nuclear sub is to make the hull in sections, stuff in all the neat machinery and electronics, then weld the sections together. Those welds need to be very strong, for obvious reasons. And for this the shipyards use a machine whose business end looks like the rolling ball on a deodorant bottle. As it passes over the steel of the hull sections, it subjects them to enormous heat and pressure, fusing them together forever.

In , Charles Allen, who runs DiamondBlade, got together with metallurgists from Brigham Young University to see if this technique could be adopted to knife blades. It could, and it became known as Friction Forging. It results in a blade whose edge is off-the-charts hard at Rc , while the spines are Rc

Where conventional forging rearranges steel down to the molecular level, Friction Forging works at the subatomic level. So what you get is a blade that is almost impossible to dull, is not hard to re-sharpen, and can be bent double and bent straight again without breaking. I’ve spoken to elk guides who have field-dressed three of the awful mud-caked beasts with a DiamondBlade and never so much as touched up the edge. For a conventional knife this is unthinkable.

No one else is doing what DiamondBlade does. There are other knives that will take as sharp an edge, but nothing will hold it nearly as long. Your hand will give out long before the blade does.

Want a Perfect Drop Point Hunting Knife? Consider the Loveless Drop Point

Loveless Drop Point

Now here is a tale: In December, , a young Merchant Seaman named Robert Waldorf Loveless went into Abericrombie & Fitch in New York City to buy a Randall knife. When told that there was a nine-month wait, he did what anyone would do and went to a junkyard in Newark, New Jersey, where he found a leaf spring from a Packard, forged it into a blade on his ship’s galley stove, and then took the finished knife back to A&F, who said, “Make more. We’ll sell them.”

Loveless did. Between and , he made around a thousand knives, essentially Randall copies, that sold under the name Delaware Maid. They outsold Randalls, and today if you happen across one, you’re looking at somewhere between $7, and twice that.

Then in , Loveless introduced the knife that would bring him immortality. It was called the Drop Point Hunter, or simply the Drop Point, so called because the point was ground down below the spine, and when you held the knife upside down to gut an animal, the point stayed clear of the guts.

The Drop Point is the embodiment of form following function. It is a minimalist masterpiece. The inch blade was deeply hollow ground and made of an exotic semi-stainless steel called CM that no one had used for knives before. Loveless tapered the tang down to 1/inch, which put the balance of the knife right at the hilt. He passed up the narrow-tang handles Randall used and went to full tangs because epoxy was now available and could hold a stag or micarta scale in place forever.

He etched his trademark rather than stamp it, because he believed that stamping weakened the blade. His hunting-knife sheaths had no snaps, because he didn’t believe snaps could be counted on. The list goes on and on.

Loveless was a showman and a personality, and his knives, good as they were, soon commanded prices all out of proportion to their value. As Loveless himself put it, his $ knives sold for $, and the extra $ was the price of his trademark on the blade. He was also an uneven workman. There are Loveless knives that are jewel-like in their fit and finish, and some that cause you to wonder how they got out of the shop.

So be it. Loveless is probably the most-imitated knifemaker of all, exceeding even Randall. This is fortunate, because if you can’t afford the $4,$5, price of the real thing, there are plenty of excellent copies that cost a lot less.

6 Day SURVIVAL in RAINSTORM (knife \u0026 paracord Only) - NO Food, NO Shelter Challenge

Hunt-Down 13" Tanto Point Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade

13",Sharp,,Tanto,Ultra,Hunting,24円,Fixed,Knife,Hunt-Down,/epagogichtml,Blade,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Point 24円 Hunt-Down 13" Tanto Point Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools 13",Sharp,,Tanto,Ultra,Hunting,24円,Fixed,Knife,Hunt-Down,/epagogichtml,Blade,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Point Hunt-Down 13" Tanto Point 国内在庫 Hunting Sharp Knife Fixed Blade Ultra Hunt-Down 13" Tanto Point 国内在庫 Hunting Sharp Knife Fixed Blade Ultra 24円 Hunt-Down 13" Tanto Point Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Hunt-Down 13


Hunt-Down 13" Tanto Point Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade

Hunt-Down 13" Tanto Point Hunting Knife Ultra Sharp Fixed Blade

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Down knife hunt

The Best Hunting Knives for Any Budget

A hunting knife has a single purpose: processing meat after a kill. We did the research to help you find the best hunting knife for your needs and budget.

Of course, your hunting knife should have secondary characteristics that make it useful for survival, camping, and for all-around utility. But the big job, the one it must conquer, is getting the meat field dressed quickly so it&#;s preserved and will taste great on your dinner plate.

What to look for? The knife should hold an edge or be easily field sharpened. It should fit well in the hand to protect the user from accidental injury. And a good hunting knife is usually stout enough to crack bone.

It doesn&#;t need to be big or bulky like some sort of weapon. Remember, the animal is already dead when the knife comes into play.

Personal Preference

I know I&#;m going out on a limb here with this kind of &#;best of&#; column. Whenever you say &#;best,&#; someone&#;s going to get left out. Someone&#;s going to get their feelings hurt.

But I&#;m OK with that. Suck it up, buttercup. And feel free to tell me why your knife deserves to be on this list. There are a ton of great blades in the world, and the GearJunkie staff wants to hear about your favorite.

The Best Backpacks for Big-Game Hunting
The Best Backpacks for Big-Game Hunting

We tested and researched the best backpacks for hunting deer, elk, and big game. These top hunting packs shone through. Read more…

Before I get into the specifics, a word about my selections: I don&#;t like huge knives for hunting, as I feel they are more dangerous to the user when it&#;s dark, rainy, slippery, or God knows what else. They&#;re also heavier.

And I don&#;t like gut-hooks, as I feel a well-handled knife does the job of opening the body cavity just fine. If that&#;s your bag, all right. It&#;s just not mine.

Finally, I prefer fixed-blade knives in general for hunting. That&#;s because, if they need to shift into survival or bushcraft mode, you have a tool you can baton through firewood with less risk. That said, folding knives can serve you well and I do include some here.

I&#;ve included retail prices as well as links to buy knives at a significant discount online. Happy hunting.

Editor&#;s note: This article was first written in It has been updated to include a few new models and prices for fall

Best Hunting Knives

Opinel No. 8 Beechwood Handle Knife

Opinel No. 8 Beechwood Handle Knife

This is a great, inexpensive camp knife at $18, and it works fine for small-game preparation. It&#;s the only knife on this list that I&#;d hesitate to choose for big game because it has zero finger protection. That said, the superb palm swell in the wood handle makes for a confident grip.

For the money, it&#;s a darned fine knife. No wonder it&#;s been around since the s. The inch blade is just about right for cleaning small and midsize game, and the high-carbon steel takes an incredibly keen edge.

Not my first choice, but for the money, it&#;ll do the job. Opinel makes the No. 8 Beechwood Handle Knife in France.

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at REI

Morakniv Basic

Morakniv Basic knife

This is a cheap knife ($13) that can take a beating, and it&#;s a true fit for even big-game hunting. One GearJunkie tester said, &#;My longstanding adventure partner knife has been a Mora — a stainless steel blade with a bright-blue plastic handle, which is easy to find when you set it down.&#;

He continued, &#;It&#;s survived me hammering on it with a log to break a deer&#;s pelvic bone. I&#;ve also gutted many fish with it. It&#;s a do-all blade. It&#;s light, cheap, easy to replace, and easy to sharpen. Not at all fancy, but it&#;s all you need.&#; Morakniv makes the Basic knife in Sweden.

Check Price at Amazon

Argali Carbon Knife

Argali Carbon Knife

The hunting brand Argali Outdoors specializes in lightweight backcountry hunting gear. And with that, it developed its own run of hunting knives. The Argali Carbon Knife ($) fits the lightweight theme to a tee.

At just ounces, the featherweight is barely noticeable. And yet, it doesn&#;t compromise prowess. Our field testing has proven it to be an agile and effective knife on big game in the field.

The grippy handle ensures that you don&#;t lose control even in wet and difficult conditions. And Argali offers a lifetime mail-in sharpening for their knives, at no cost to customers.

Check Price at Argali Outdoors

Gerber Gear Vital Big Game Folder

Gerber Gear Vital Big Game Folder

Where&#;s the Havalon, you ask? Well, it&#;s been bumped off by a replaceable-blade knife from Gerber. After using the Gerber Gear Vital Big Game Folder ($51), we found it much easier to replace blades in the field. And that means it&#;s safer and overall easier to use than its competitors. Many guides have made the switch, and we are too.

With the safest exchangeable-blade systems available, you can keep a surgically sharp blade ready and replaced in seconds. The inch blades aren&#;t made for breaking a bone or batoning wood. Instead, these are for intricate, perfect cuts. That&#;s what you want for quality meat.

This model ships with four extra blades, two drop-point and two blunt, to get the work done fast and efficiently.

Check Price at AmazonCheck Price at Blade HQ

Gerber Randy Newberg DTS

hunter in a hooded camp shirt and orange vest holding the randy newberg hunting knife

Randy Newberg is a renowned elk hunter. He brought his decades of experience to Gerber to help the brand build the DTS ($60), a task-specific big-game hunting knife with some unique attributes.

First, the DTS has two blades. A primary blade of mid-grade C steel gives you a reliable cutting tool. And the DTS&#; secondary &#;tendon tool&#; is made of extremely tough D2 steel.

This gives hunters a second, tough blade to use when cutting tendons or other burly flesh, bone, or hair, which helps save the steel in the primary blade for more delicate cuts. Our testing of this knife shows it to be tough and effective for breaking down big game in the field.

Check Price at GerberCheck Price at Amazon

Buck Pursuit Large Knife

buck Pursuit Large hunting knife

At a mid-tier price, you&#;ll be hard-pressed to find a better fixed-blade knife than a Buck. The Pursuit series is a great modern hunting knife line that takes advantage of Buck&#;s excellent steel-hardening capabilities.

The Pursuit Large Knife ($60) uses low-priced but well-hardened HC steel in its &#; full-tang blade. It&#;ll hold an edge well enough to process big game. And the slip-resistant nylon/Versaflex handle will stay secure in your hand.

Want this knife at an upgrade? Check out the Pursuit Pro line, which rocks S35V steel at a higher price.

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Kershaw CQCK

Kershaw CQCK knife

The CQCK is a newer model to Kershaw&#;s hunting line. In , it replaced the previously featured Diskin Hunter as a blade that will work great for hunting but can also transition into the survival realm and back. Made in collaboration with renowned knifemaker Ernest Emerson, the CQCK ($40) has a inch blade of 8Cr14MoV stainless steel.

The blade is a great shape for the hunter, with a deep belly for skinning or game processing. It&#;s a folding blade, which can save some space in the pack or pocket. On the handle, G10 front scales will give a good grip even when wet or bloody.

Deep jimping on the back of the handle adds to your secure grip, and the thumb stud or wave opening system allows for quick deployment for EDC. The stainless steel back and sturdy frame lock will keep it open and safe. It has a reversible pocket clip for left- or right-hand carry.

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Benchmade Steep Country Family

Benchmade Steep Country blade and sheath

Designed to hit the dead center of hunters&#; preferences, the Benchmade Steep Country ($) is a solid choice. It has a inch drop-point S30V blade.

Add a grippy Santoprene handle in blaze orange (easy to find!) with aggressive jimping for even more grip, and you&#;ve got a tool to get the job done in the field. A gut-hook-equipped model is also available. Benchmade makes the Steep Country in the U.S.

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KA-BAR Becker Campanion

Ka-Bar becker campanion hunting knife and tactical sheath

Here&#;s one for those who want a tough fixed-blade knife that can transition from skinning game to batoning firewood. The Becker Campanion ($89) has a Cro-Van blade. It&#;s not particularly hard steel, but it&#;s easy to resharpen in the field.

The inch drop-point blade gives enough length to manage a lot of bushcraft jobs. But it&#;s still short enough to not be a liability when cleaning game with multiple hunters working on the same animal. The contoured Zytel handle scales give a confident grip, and it comes with a sheath for belt carry.

Personally, this knife leans more toward bushcraft and survival than hunting. But it will certainly skin a buck or break down an elk, especially if you carry a sharpener in the field. And if you&#;re leaning toward a bigger, tougher knife, this is one of the best.

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Buck Ranger Skinner Knife

Buck Alaskan Guide Ranger resting on dead leaves

This is my personal favorite hunting knife. I have used it to quarter and process multiple elk. At the end of these fairly significant jobs, it remains usefully sharp even before hitting the Wicked Edge GO sharpener to fine-tune again. Not many knives can do that job and still retain a keen edge.

The key to this guy is the S30V steel($). I&#;m not sure of the Rockwell hardness, but the stuff just doesn&#;t dull. It&#;s also the perfect size in my hand.

And while the material could get slippery, in my use it remains secure because of the excellent shape that blocks the hand from sliding. The inch blade is easily managed in cold weather. And the rosewood handle? Beautiful.

A less expensive model ($70) is available in HC steel. These are made in the USA.

Note, the photographed model above has a black finish and was a Cabela&#;s exclusive design. Today, you can get the same S30V steel directly from Buck, but only as a custom blade.

And it requires an 8-week lead time, so be sure to buy early. You can get the HC model from Amazon or Buck.

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Spyderco Bill Moran Drop Point

Spyderco Bill Moran Drop Point knife and sheath

Bill Moran has more than 50 years of experience designing knives. All that knowledge goes into this drop-point hunting knife by Spyderco that carries his name.

The knife has an oversized FRN/Kraton handle that will give the hunter a firm grasp on the project. The business end of the knife is a inch VG blade to hold an edge.

And it&#;s tapered: from thick where the blade joins the handle to a thin-ground tip. The shape is superb and carries Moran&#;s signature. The Spyderco Bill Moran ($60) is made in Japan.

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Benchmade Altitude Fixed Blade Knife

Benchmade Altitude Fixed Blade Knife

Introduced in , the Benchmade Altitude ($) is incredibly light at just ounces. But it packs huge capability into this ultralight package thanks to the premium S90V steel construction. It&#;s a simple design that&#;s almost entirely steel, with a couple of carbon fiber micro-scales and abundant jimping to add grip.

But don&#;t let the simplicity fool you. At  inches overall and a inch blade with a inch cutting edge, this knife is ready to get to work. And thanks to the ultra-high-end steel, it will hold an edge long enough to process an elk, deer, or most any big-game animal in North America.

We put it to the test hunting in Colorado in and to great success. Read our fullBenchmade Altitude review here.

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DiamondBlade Pinnacle 1

Diamond Blade Pinnacle Skinner

DiamondBlade uses a unique friction-forging process that results in some of the hardest D2 high-carbon steel on the market. Its blades hold an edge for an incredibly long time.

While these come with a hefty price ($ for this one), the Pinnacle 1 is definitely one of the best hunting knives on the market.

The handle is handmade and contains handset mosaic pins. The inch blade has a deep belly for excellent skinning and shallow cuts for field processing.

Crisp jimping on the blade spine helps assure a stout grip and varied hold methods. Overall, it&#;s close to the ideal hunting knife if your wallet can handle the high price tag.

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Benchmade Meatcrafter

Benchmade Meatcrafter

Benchmade worked with hunter Steven Rinella of MeatEater to build a knife with the express purpose of turning wild game into food. So the Meatcrafter really comes into play when the hunt is over.

The inch trailing-point blade uses premium S45VN steel to hold its extremely keen degree edge angle. A gorgeous Grivory handle sits beautifully in the hand. We tested the knife and loved it for meat processing.

While we wouldn&#;t carry this blade in the field, it would live in camp or at home to complete the large task of butchering an animal into freezer-size steaks, chops, and loins. It, too, comes with a hefty price at $ But with that, you get an heirloom-worthy tool that is a joy to use.

Read our fullreview of the Benchmade Meatcrafter here.

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