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saint-george-ogou-lwaSt. George used for Ogou in Petro aspectsLearn a general service for Ogou!Ogou is a Nago Lwa. We can suppose that when the Nago people came to Haiti, all their spirits became grouped together with Ogou. This is because we have many Ogous that are known that have the names of Orichas. We serve Ogou Shango, Ogou Batala, Osanj (Not Ogou Osanj).Ogou has become like a last name for a whole family of spirits; these form a Nasyon. (Nation) In this case the Nasyon Nago. Some are not titled with the name Ogou yet are served within this rite. An example of this is, again, Osanj. Osanj may come from Osain, an Oricha of the leaves, as they have leaves in common.

People have personal and family Ogous too. I know one Houngan who serves an Ogou known as Ogou Tako. This Ogou came from his maternal line. He is really old, directly from Ginen, he explained. I have also witnessed others become possessed by family Ogous. So you can imagine how big the Nago Nation is!

Some of the commonly known Ogou are Ogou Sen Jak, Ogou Yemsen, Ogou Badagri, Ogou Balindjo, and more. Ogou Feray is definitely one Ogou that is widely served, and I would say that he is one of the most frequent visitors. He is known to be the husband of Ezili Freda.

All of this, yet, you will often hear: “All Ogous are Ogou“. Even though this saying makes it sound rather simple – and there are many commonalities in the service of the Lwa Ogou – there are a variety of nuances that are within the service of the Lwa Ogou.

Another thing that you may also find true is that in Vodou Peristyles, there are slight variations on the service of Ginen. Everything is not the same everywhere. This is because the Vodou tradition does allow some room for creativity, and the Lwa are living, breathing entities – so various things may change from one house to another.

All Ogous represent some type of power though. Power to create, or to destroy. Ogou Balindjo rules over healing power. He is a healer and is known to nullify poison. Ogou Feray is a lwa of war, of battle. Ogou Badagri is a known diplomat, he rules over diplomacy.

Different Ogou also act differently during possession. Ogou Feray often yells, Ogou Sen Jack has a high pitched feminine type voice. Yet all Ogous have things in common. They also drink different things, and may have different vevers. Again, they are a family of spirits. There is no way I could even hope to list them all here.

There are also praise names for the lwa Ogou, which should not be confused with the actual different Ogous. Ogou is sometimes referred to as Orisha Nago, Neg Nago, Gren Pwomene, or Papillon. Ogou is often visualized as a military General.

Ogou is also the master of the machete. Most Ogous can usually be spotted by seeing them wave this around. Some Ogous stick the point of the machete on their stomach and bend it. Sometimes he may beat his head with the machete. He might also slap, with the machete, individuals whom he chooses to chastise. Even though he may do this, the person isn’t harmed. The person will not have bruising or welts or anything of the sort.

This is all information for a basic service that can be offered to Ogou. When approaching a specific Ogou, it is best to be able to include all their details in the service. This is just going to be some general information. You can construct a basic service from this, but as you learn about Ogou, you will begin to elaborate and be able to serve a specific Ogou.

Ogou is a lover too. He loves women. Oftentimes, he may propose to women while in the head of someone. There are songs for Ogou that say he suffered through working and not eating, simply to buy a woman a dress. Ogou is a lwa of masculinity.

He is associated with fire. There can often be found a fe Ogou, or Ogou’s iron, on the peristyle grounds. This Iron, coming half way out of the ground, has specific ceremonies performed upon it to install it. A fire is built around this iron during ceremonies. If the ceremony is specifically for Ogou, this may be the focus. The Lwa may also decide to make this his focus, especially during the Ogou section of the ceremony (often times during the Petro rite too).

Sours: http://ezilikonnen.com/lwa-voodoo-spirits/ogou/

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 Ogou is the Loa who presides over fire, smithery, politics and wars. He is viewed as the ultimate fighter, the faithful warrior that will defend you through the end. According to legends, during the Haitian Revolution, the majority of the slaves were possessed by the mighty Ogou, including Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti's father of Independence.

 Ogou is by far, the most known and served Loa in Haitian Vodou. He is masculinity embodied, he is the husband of both  the gracious Erzulie Freda and the fierce Erzulie Dantor. Ogou is very famous for his love of women; although greeted as Papa Ogou in possession, he chooses the most beautiful women in the assistance as his wives for the time being, and usually ask their hands in spiritual marriage. As the traditional warrior, in appearance, he always displayed his attributes: A machete or saber, rum and tobacco, and curses a lot.  Ogou is a very severe Loa, he usually punish his worshipers for their misdeeds; on their knees, Ogou never hesitates to use his machete to slap them (in the butt)
The image of Saint Georges is usually used to represent Ogou, for the soldier shown fighting a dragon.

His offerings can be a bull, a goat, or a red rooster with mixed rice and beans and yams.

Alternatives: Ogou Feray, Ogou Badagri, St Jack Le Majeur(a Catholic Saint),Ogou Balendjo, Ogou Balizay(who's the captain of Agwe's boat), Ogou Ashade, Ogou Panama,Feray Aleman, Ogou Batala and so many more.

Colors: The Haitian Flag colors blue and red.

Song for Ogou

Ogou Fe Fe Feray o!
Ogou Fe Fe Feray o!
Sa ki fe yo byen, ba yo lavi pou mwe
Sa ki fè yo mal la lese san yo koule
Ogou Fe Fe Feray o!

Ogou Fe Fe Feray oh!
Ogou Fe Fe Feray oh!
Those who's done good to others, give them life for me

Those who's done bad to others, let their blood runs down
Ogou Fe Fe Feray oh!

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Title:Ogou Feray, also known as Ogoun Ferraille

Artist:Hector Hyppolite (Haitian, Saint-Marc 1894–1948 Port-au-Prince)

Date:ca. 1945

Medium:Oil on Masonite

Dimensions:20 1/16 × 27 9/16 in. (51 × 70 cm)


Credit Line:The Museum of Everything, London

Collection of the artist;
acquired from the artist by the Centre d’Art d’Haiti (DeWitt Peters) by 1946;
Purchased by Andre Breton in Haiti in 1946;
sold in Paris, Hotel Drouot, Andre Breton, CalmelsCohen, 2003, lot 4013;
Collection of Larry Kent;
purchased by present owner.

Sours: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/843501
OGOU, vini konnen koman w ka konvoke Ogou feray


Image ogou feray


OGOU, vini konnen koman w ka konvoke Ogou feray


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