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Fortnite Insider On Reddit Reveals Marvel Shang Chi Crossover, Season 8 Live Event & More

A reliable Fortnite insider on Reddit has revealed some planned collaborations and Season 8 details.

The same Fortnite insider who surfaced a few months back on Reddit has returned. This mysterious individual revealed countless planned collaborations, including Ariana Grande and Fortnite-related items that have since come to fruition. Radio silence followed shortly after the initial post went live on Reddit last month.

Now, they are back with more spicy details regarding the next few months of Fortnite Battle Royale through Chapter 2 - Season 8. We already know how reliable and accurate this Fortnite insider has been, so let’s see what more is in the works for Fortnite Battle Royale.

Shang Chi, Will Smith & Fortnite Crew

[Mod Post] Info From The Insider Vol. 2 from FortniteLeaks

The Fortnite Leaks subreddit is home to those across the scene that have unearthed details buried in the game’s data files. Yesterday, a subreddit moderator shared details from the Fortnite insider, including a crossover with the upcoming Shang Chi film from Marvel Comics, the Will Smith collaboration which we learned about recently and a Fortnite Crew leak worth considering.

Here is the complete list of information gleaned from the Reddit post regarding cosmetics.

Crossovers & New Skins:

  • Mike Lowery (Will Smith) - 8/28
  • Shang-Chi - 9/2
  • Something called "First Shadows" coming to FN Crew
  • Language used made it seem like its more than one thing

We now know that the Mike Lowery skin will arrive in the Item Shop on August 28 and the Shang Chi crossover is on the schedule for September 2. The Fortnite Crew information does not have a tangible date, but we can expect something soon with the month of August coming to an end.

Season 8 Countdown & Other Details

The fortnite character Dr. Slone stands on a black truck with Rick from Rick and Morty painted on the side, speaking to other characters through a megaphone. Above her one of the alien ships hovers in a cloudy sky

On top of the leaked cosmetics, the Fortnite insider also revealed some details about Chapter 2 - Season 8, which is due for release in a few weeks. It appears that Epic Games is planning an event to end this season, as referenced in the information below. The season-ending event, dubbed “Skyfire,” will start with a countdown on September 3, like recent in-game events. As previously teased, Kevin the Cube will also make its long-awaited return in Season 8.

Here are leaks referencing Chapter 2 - Season 8.

Season 8 News:

  • Something codenamed "Skyfire" will start counting down 9/3
  • Sideways confirmed to be a alternate dimension
  • Kevin the cube coming back is confirmed

Only a few weeks stand between Fortnite fans and the next installment to the four-year Battle Royale journey. We’ll have to see what more information surfaces in the lead-up to Chapter 2 - Season 8. Until then, this should keep us busy for the time being.




Huge Fortnite leak points to upcoming Ariana Grande concert

A revealing Fortnite leak has been doing the rounds over the past few days, with details on upcoming events, crossovers and spoilery story information.

The leak, which was originally shared with moderators of the /r/Fortniteleaks reddit, appears to come from someone with an intimate knowledge of Fortnite's upcoming plans, and who has leaked detail on multiple seasons in the past.

This new dump of information is the most eye-opening yet, however, with details on some of Fortnite's plans for the rest of this year and possibly next. And with today's new Fortnite patch, v17.20, the first element of the leak has already been spotted in the wild.

The headline from the leak is an Ariana Grande in-game concert, presumably similar to the hugely popular Travis Scott gig last year. The event is apparently in testing right now, suggesting a launch in the not-too distant future. We know Fortnite had at one point planned both Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga concerts in 2020 from court documents released as part of the Epic vs. Apple trial, and we've seen various other elements originally planned for 2020 (such as the LeBron skin) subsequently arrive in-game later than expected.

The leak continues with detail on other upcoming crossovers, such as more Justice League and Suicide Squad characters (likely to tie into the upcoming James Gunn film), and ongoing talks to secure the Naruto license for next season's battle pass.

Next, there's word on a Stranger Things crossover for next season where "something called 'The Sideways'" will "release monsters into the game". It's this point which has already been proven accurate, as dataminers have now found early reference to this in today's v17.20 update.

Finally, the leak details some spoilery Fortnite story details regarding the end of this season and the game's plans to completely refresh its map once again when Chapter 2 concludes. (Fortnite memorably waved farewell to its original island in its black hole event at the end of the game's Chapter 1.) If you want to read up on those, the link is above.

Fortnite is no stranger to leaks - such is the interest behind the game and the lengths fans will go to in order to datamine details about it. But this level of leak is unusual - and likely a headache for Epic Games until it is plugged. The leaker in question has been operating a while (one interesting detail is their previous leak that a character voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be introduced - something which happened but whose performer is still to be officially confirmed by Epic Games itself). This latest round of information is their most high-profile spill yet.

Epic Games did not respond when contacted by Eurogamer.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 leaked skins: Naruto, Kevin the Cube, and more

Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 is on its last lap and in a few days, Season 8 will take over the ongoing season. Fortnite has already announced that the transition will take place after a live event that has been given the code-name 'Operation Skyfire'.

Operation Skyfire will see Dr. Slone and the IO take the fight to the Mothership that has been hovering above the island throughout Season 7 and blow the Mothership with a bomb. Several map changes are also expected for Season 8 as Mothership debris will fall on the island, causing mass destruction.

However, the main attraction of the upcoming Fortnite season is going to be the various skins that have been leaked by multiple data miners over the last couple of weeks. Players can expect anime skins like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and more.

Naruto might be coming to Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass

During the long-standing courtroom conflict between Apple and Epic Games, a document was leaked that listed out the different franchises Epic Games had gone after to secure the rights to be included in Fortnite. On that list, Naruto caught the most attention as this Japanese anime has fans all over the planet and is widely popular even in the Fortnite community.

According to the best Fortnite leakers out there, Epic Games has secured the rights to Naruto and the character might be included in the Battle Pass for Season 8.

There are also leaks of an explosive Kunai weapon that will be added to Fortnite and it might be a special accompaniment of the exclusive Naruto skin.

The return of Kevin the Cube in Fortnite Season 8 is imminent

Fortnite has been teasing the return of the famous inanimate Cube for the longest time. Multiple orbs have been spotted on the island cropping up ever since Kevin the Cube was taken out of Fortnite.

Popular leaker Hypex has claimed that Fortnite players might see a Cube exclusive POI on the Season 8 map. The new POIs might also have something to do with the Egyptian theme that most people in the community believe will be the central story in Season 8.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 will get over on September 12 after the 'Operation Skyfire' live event has taken place. Season 8 is expected to take over soon after the event.

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