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Unique iOS 14 Home Screen Aesthetic Ideas

Make your iOS home screen as unique are you are with our iOS 14 home screen ideas for aesthetic backgrounds and custom app icons. All you gotta do is make sure the iOS 14 update is installed on your iPhone. Then instead of using an app icon's default cover, you can change it to be anything you want. This means you can do a whole coordinated fall aesthetic—think leaves and pumpkins for app icons with an orangish watercolor wallpaper behind it all. Or how about your favorite shoes, or abstract symbols, animals, vegetables, minerals! The list goes on. 

Check out this video to learn how to customize your iOS 14 home screen, and then continue below for SO. MUCH. INSPO.

PicMonkey’s thousands of graphics are perfect for designing a cohesive look on your iPhone home screen, and our textures are ideal for creating beautiful, aesthetic wallpapers to go behind. Here are some of our best iOS 14 home screen ideas for splendidly customizing your iPhone screen.

Black and white and aesthetic all over

If your aesthetic is minimal, no-frills, and all-business then go for a black and white home screen theme. Here we used graphics from the Infodoodles set to keep a bit of fun in the look, and paired them with a script font, Crystal Sky, that adds that bit of extra you can't live without.

Graphics: Infodoodles

Somewhere over the pastel rainbow

Get this soft and sublime look when you pastel-ify the rainbow. Primary colors are lovely and all, but sometimes you want a color palette to soothe you and this is the right vibe to accomplish it with pink, lilac, soft yellows and oranges, and mint green.

Graphic sets used in this design:

  • Social Media: Hundreds of icons for all your most-used apps like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more

  • App Icons: All the usual suspects you know from iPhone, but waaaaay cuter

  • Geometric Forms: Angular, iconic, shapes and patterns to add visual interest

Go green with sweet succulents

Who doesn't love a succulent? Not you, plant momma, so load up your home screen with rows of greenery. Not so much into succulents? That's cool, too, because we have loads of other botanical graphics like Tropical Leaves, Tropical Flowers, Sunflowers, and so much more in the Nature category.

Graphic set used in this design:

  • Succulents & Such: Potted plants galore—and guess what? You can customize our graphics by changing the colors so if blue and terracotta planters aren't your thing, make 'em pink and green. You do you.

Say it loud with text appeal

Text art is all the rage, and it's no wonder when there are so many beautiful fonts out there. Choose a font that matches your aesthetic, but one that you can still read when it's teeny, and customize your home screen with words. Here we incorporated a cool dark-to-light ombre look across our icons.

Graphic sets used in this design:

  • Hand Drawn: More of a style than a category, browse our bajillions of drawn graphics

  • Organic Blobs: Mighty morphing shapes for a natural-mod look

  • Social Media: Hundreds of icons for all your most-used apps like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more

  • Moon & Stars: Celestial clip art for all your outta-this-world ideas

  • Clean Green: A set of the eco-friendliest stickers you ever did meet

You better werk this branded look

Bring your branding to your home screen when you customize your iPhone using your own professional aesthetic. PicMonkey's Brand Kit feature, available to Pro Subscribers, lets you easily store all your favorite graphics, colors, logos, templates, and fonts to they're always at your fingertips.

Graphic sets used in this design:

Get groovy with design bundles

PicMonkey's design bundles take all the guesswork out of good design because we've already matched everything up for you with our aesthetic themes—fonts and graphics that go together, colors and templates that jive, and so on. Browse all the themes to see what fits you best.

Aesthetic theme used in this design:

  • Line & Groove: A collection of hand drawn figures, organic line drawings, and fall-friendly colors

Go old skool with a rad retro aesthetic

For a totally tubular theme, combine our 80's-themed graphics with neon gradient textures, and Web 1.0 notification windows. Your fanny pack is gonna be super psyched with this gnarly aesthetic.

Graphic sets used in this design:

Pumpkin spice-y fall idea

What is it about fall that makes us want to get hella hygge? Perhaps the crisp air begging for a warm throw blanket? Or all those carbalicious apple cider donuts we just ate? Whatever it is, your home screen wants in on the action so pumpkin it out, add leaves, and make it glow with orange-brown hues.

Graphic sets used in this theme:

  • Fall Harvest: Get all up in your fall feels with artsy gourds, mushrooms, leaves, and logs

  • App Icons: All the usual suspects you know from iPhone, but waaaaay cuter

  • Social Media: Hundreds of icons for all your most-used apps like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more

Cozy up with this winter home screen aesthetic

Celebrate the chillest season with a festive phone. Use any of our seasonal graphics that are perfect for whatever holiday you celebrate. We added a little shiny Foil Texture to this theme, and mixed up three fonts that go together like a trio of French hens.

Graphic sets used in this theme:

  • Snowflakes: Every one is an unique masterpiece, just like your home screen design

  • Polaroid Frames: Vintage Polaroid frames to give your widgets that just-snapped look

Make a phone wallpaper background to match!

Creating a custom wallpaper background for your phone is easier than you think! We’ll walk you through the steps for how to make one on desktop or in the PicMonkey mobile app. 

How to make a wallpaper background at

  1. Click Create new and start from a blank canvas.

  2. Referencing the screen size table below, enter your phone’s dimensions in the upper right corner. Click Make it!

iPhone modelScreen size dimensions
iPhone 11828 x 1792 px
iPhone 11 Pro1125 x 2436 px
iPhone 11 Pro Max1242 x 2688 px
iPhone SE, 8, 7, 6s, 6750 x 1334 px
iPhone X1125 x 2436 px
iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6 Plus1080 x 1920 px

3. Customize your blank canvas by changing the color, applying a texture, or making it into a photo. 

4. Download your finished wallpaper, or save to your camera roll on your phone.

Use color, photos, or textures for your phone wallpaper

You can change the color of your wallpaper using the Background color tool. Click the palette shape to see available color swatches, or use color picker tools (the color wheel icon) to find an exact color. Enter in its hex code if ya know it.

Replace the background with a photo. Use your own, or choose from our stock photo library of millions and millions of options. Try searching for “background” or “aesthetic background” or “abstract” for a photo-real pic.

Or apply a texture to the background like Color Gradients, Marbled Ink, Glitter, Wood, Space, and so many more. Go to the Textures tab on the left toolbar, browse for one you like, adjust it if you wanna, and then click Apply

The final step is to download your new wallpaper to use on your phone. If you have the PicMonkey mobile app you can just grab it from your stored images there in Hub when you’re on your phone. Otherwise, email or airdrop to yourself.

Take your iOS 14 home screen ideas to the PicMonkey mobile app

How to create phone wallpaper in the PicMonkey mobile app:

  1. Open the app and tap “Custom” under “Start a new design”

  2. Enter your screen dimensions then tap Create size

  3. Do anything you like to your blank canvas, like adding a texture, photo, or graphic

  4. When you’re finished, tap the check mark in the upper right corner and save to your camera roll

  5. On your iPhone go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper and grab your image from your camera roll


How to Make Your IOS 14 Home Screen Super Aesthetic

Ever since Apple released the iOS 14 update in September, iPhone users have gone all out to make their home screens super aesthetic, and in this article, I'll be showing you how you can customize your own home screen! Obviously, it's up to you whether you want your phone to be super aesthetic but lacking functionality, or whether you want to find the sweet spot where it can be both, which is why this guide will show you the basic steps so you can add your own twist to your home screen! Remember, all of these steps are optional, so you can choose which ones you want to do!

Step 1: Find an Aesthetic

Now, this step isn't required if you want your home screen to be very basic, but if you are particularly into a specific aesthetic or a couple of aesthetics, this is the time to figure out how you want to incorporate that into your home screen!

I personally love the beige/neutral aesthetic, as well as the dark academia aesthetic, so my home screen includes both! Another idea, which I've seen quite a few people do, is to have separate pages (on your home screen) for different colors. This idea is for those who want their home screens to look good, but still want them to be very functional. If you go with this idea, you won't need to customize app icons, which is a step further, and also makes your phone less functional.

This is an example of a black home screen:

This is probably the easiest way to customize your home screen and still make it look aesthetic. However, if you want to go a step further, here is some inspiration:

Remember, these are only a few of the quite literally endless possibilities out there! So, to find out which one you want for your home screen, I would suggest making a Pinterest board with some pictures that appeal to you, and then figuring out what the primary colors in your aesthetic are.

Step 2: Download Widget Apps

There are many, many widget apps that you can download, each with similar and different types of widgets.

The most popular one right now is 'Widgetsmith', and 'Color Widgets' is a close second. I also know of one called 'Photo widgets.' You can use one of these, or a combination of them to achieve your special home screen look!

I would suggest Widgetsmith because it has a number of widgets to choose from, whereas Color Widgets has just one style of widget with the date, day, and time, and you can choose whether you want it to display your battery percentage. For some people, the Color Widgets widget is a bit over the top, but it depends on your preference, so I would suggest downloading it to check it out, or looking online to see how it looks before downloading it.

Step 3: Shortcuts

If you're wondering how all of these home screens have app icons that are completely different, shortcuts is the answer!

While this isn't a new feature in iOS 14, it is definitely more useful now because previously, both the shortcut and the actual app had to be on the home screen, but now, you can simply remove the actual app. Don't worry, removing the app won't delete it, it will just move to the app library, which you can access by swiping left from your home screen (or from the last page of your home screen).

Anyways, back to shortcuts -

1. Open the Shortcuts app and click on the 'plus' on the top right corner.

2. Click on 'Add Action'

3. Click on 'Scripting', which is the third option on the top row that appears. It is a gray circle with an x as the icon.

4. Click on 'Open App' under Apps.

5. Now you can choose which app the shortcut will open by clicking on 'Choose'. This step will differ for each app you are making a shortcut for.

6. Once you have selected an app, click on the three dots on the top right corner.

7. Now click on 'Add to Home Screen'.

8. You can now name your shortcut whatever you want, and can also change the icon by clicking on the icon next to the shortcut name. This is where your aesthetic comes into play. For example, if you have a neon aesthetic, then you would save some pictures from this aesthetic, either from Pinterest (which is probably the most suitable, in my opinion) or from other websites such as Unsplash. Now, all you need to do is select one of these pictures to be your app icon!

9. Repeat the previous steps for each of the apps you want on your home screen. Yes, it is a rather tedious process, so only do it for the apps you want on your home screen.

Step 4: Create Widgets

By now, you have all of your customized apps on your home screen, and you can remove the actual apps as well as the other apps that you don't want on your home screen by long pressing on the screen and clicking on the 'minus' sign on the top left corner of the app and then selecting 'Move to App Library.' Once your home screen is free of the apps you don't need or want on it, you can get started on creating widgets!

If you're using Widgetsmith, you will need to click on the size of widget you want - small, medium, or large, and then click on the widget that appears, which is probably a basic date/time widget with a black background. Now, you can choose what type of widget you want from the bunch of options under the 'Style' menu. The next step differs based on which style of widget you chose, but if it is a date/time widget, you can change the font of what's on it. Then, you can choose the font color which is called 'tint color' in the app, and also the background color and the border color (if you want a border).

This is where your colors from your aesthetic come into play - you can change the background color of the widget to one of these colors so it'll fit your aesthetic. Here, you can kind of just play with the different options and create your own widgets. To add photos as widgets, all you need to do is choose the photo option under the style of widget, and then select a photo from your camera roll. Again, the photos from your aesthetic will be used here.

Step 5: Adding Widgets to Home Screen

By now, you should have all of your widgets ready in the widget app of your choice, and your app shortcuts should be on your home screen. Now, how do you add your widgets to the home screen? Again, long press on your screen, and then click on the plus button, which should either be on the top right or the top left corner of your screen. Here, you'll get a list of widget options from the different apps you have, so you can choose some of these if you like.

To get your customized widgets from Widgetsmith or Color Widgets or any other widget app, scroll down to the different app choices and select the widget app that you used. The apps are organized in alphabetical order, so Widgetsmith should be somewhere at the bottom.

Now, you can choose the size of the widget - if you made small-sized widgets, click on the small option and then click 'Add widget'. To get the other two sizes, just swipe to the left and then add them to your home screen. If you made a lot of widgets, you will have to repeat this process until all of them are on the screen. If the widget simply keeps repeating, and you want the other ones that you made, you need to long press on the widget, and then select 'Edit Widget'. Now, click on the 'Widget' option, and then choose one of the widgets that you made. You might have to repeat this with the other widgets on your home screen as well.

Step 6: Putting it all together

Now you have all of your widgets and app shortcuts on your screen, so all you need to do is move them around to get the structure you want. To move everything around, you need to long-press on the screen again, and now you can move the app shortcuts and widgets around. Yay! You're done!


Okay, you have your home screen set up, but there are still some additional things you can try out if you aren't already tired of customizing your screen!

Let's say you have a bunch of widgets that you want on your home screen, but there's just not enough space for them, or it gets too cluttered with so many widgets. In such a case, you can just move the widget onto another one, creating a 'widget stack'. This is perfect for people who want a bunch of widgets on their screens, or widgets that don't match the aesthetic but are important, or if they just get bored with the current widgets (like me, haha)

Two other apps I use are 'Motivation' and 'TuneTrack'. The first one gives you a different quote every day, and has a widget that you can put on your home screen. You can also customize the theme so it fits with your aesthetic. You'll see how I used it down below. The second app, TuneTrack, basically shows what you're currently listening to. It works with Spotify and Apple Music, and when you add the widget to your home screen, you can see what song you're playing at the moment. This is definitely not a very functional widget, but for music lovers, it is simply amazing! You can see how I used this one too, down below.

Here is some inspiration for you, based on how I customized my home screen. It also includes a couple of structure ideas. I haven't used any large widgets, but you definitely can! Remember, this is only one idea, and there are loads of them you can try!

P.S. I don't use all of these pages, I made them in the beginning but when I didn't need them anymore, I simply long pressed on the screen, clicked on the dots which signify the different pages, and then hid the ones I didn't want.

This is how I used Widget Stack! Here, I added a to-do list widget through 'Widgetsmith', it's linked to the Reminders app, where you can create specific lists for different things. I also used the TuneTrack widget here. This is probably the page that took the shortest time to make!

This is like a white themed page with photo widgets from 'Widgetsmith'.

And this one is a little neutral/pink one! Here, you can see that I used the 'Motivation' widget, as well as a 'Color Widgets' widget, along with a picture widget from 'Widgetsmith'.

This is the page I am currently using! I love how it is so simple and neat, I also used the WidgetStack option in this. This is how it looks:

I hope this guide was helpful!

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    It’s the new way to look aesthetic!

    We had limited accession to our home screen for a long time. But that was till iOS 14 arrives! It’s time to decide which look you want to have with app icons!
    With Aesthetic App, you can now customize your app icons with the colors, themes, styles created based on trend, aesthetic, and fantastic icon designs.
    Inside of Aesthetic App, you will have full access to all app icons’ sets. All you need is to download the app and start to change them. We also have a regularity to add new icons per week, so when you think that look isn’t your type anymore, you will have more options to decide!

    Here is Premium Subscription info:

    Premium is a $9.99 USD/yearly subscription that provides access to our entire collection of templates, filters, and fonts - updated monthly. This subscription auto-renews at the end of each year term at $9.99. Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited if you purchase a subscription.


    Aesthetic work on all iOS devices running iOS 14+. If you choose to set the health widgets, Aesthetic integrates with the Health app in order to collect and display health data from your iPhone The pedometer widget displays your daily step count, while the activity widget displays your move, exercise, and stand progress.

    Terms of use:

    Privacy Policy:

    Ratings and Reviews

    4.5 out of 5

    8.6K Ratings

    Cute images

    Makes you write a review like other people say, or at least directs you to the App Store. I don’t think they verify if you actually write one... I was confused at first cause they kept sending me to the App Store after each download so I thought it wasn’t working but it saves to your photos and you’re able to update your apps via shortcuts. Love the images. I’ve used some of these and found some similar ones to match on Pinterest as well. Only app like this that I’ve seen available for free

    Thanks for your review.

    pretty aesthetics but needs more options

    This app does not exaggerate in its advertisements; the shortcuts it has are beautiful! The problem is so many of them are premium… The best ones cost money and even those don’t have many choices for covers. Being someone who has a lot of random apps, I just wish there were more covers that would indicate what I was clicking on. Only the main ones have a featured icon (App Store, messages, insta, etc). It also takes an extremely long time to add all the shortcuts one by one so I wish there was a faster way. Overall, the app offers plenty of pretty aesthetic photos, but doesn’t do much more then that. It’s a start to a must-have though. Keep it up!

    Thanks for your review.


    When I downloaded this app I had my doubts on whether or not it would actually work. I’m still not sure because I just downloaded it and it made me write a review, but whatever. The themes that I saw were so cute and I’m excited to use them. I’ve always wanted a cute and aesthetically pleasing Home Screen, but since I don’t have a phone only an iPad it’s difficult for me to find an app where I can customise my apps and themes without paying. I 100% recommend this app if you don’t mind writing a review.

    thanks for your review.

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    Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


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    Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

    English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

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    Credits: @kyleschroeder, @olima, @wholelottajenni, @_cl0utchaser_

    What home screen theme is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! If you’ve got an iOS 15 home screen you want to share, tag our sister account @hellojenesais on IG and we’ll feature some of our favorites! We’re constantly updating our Pinterest with the latest and greatest home screens we find, so make sure to follow the board to keep up to date.

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    14 aesthetic ios

    [Update: New with iOS 14.3] How to give your iOS 14 home screen a custom aesthetic with unique app icons

    iOS 14’s most popular feature has quickly become the all-new widgets that can give your iPhone a personalized touch. However, going further than that, custom iOS 14 aesthetics have become a huge trend. We’ve already covered how to create ultra-customized widgets with Widgetsmith. The other big part is making your app icons tie everything together. Follow along for how to make an iOS 14 aesthetic with custom app icons.

    Update 12/14: Using custom icons has been nicely improved with iOS 14.3 (available now). The Shortcuts app doesn’t have to launch each time you tap a custom icon before opening the corresponding app. As it turns out, a banner alert still triggers for the Shortcuts app but it’s still a lot better situation overall.

    We’ve also got a roundup of sharp icon packs that you can use to give your home screen a fresh look.

    Going for an iOS 14 aesthetic can create a really unique look for your iPhone‘s home screen. There are a couple of ways to go about it: you can find the icons/images you want to use yourself or you can buy an icon set that has the aesthetic you’re looking for. We’ll cover some of the options below as well as the full process of using the Shortcuts app to actually create your new custom app icons.

    Also, be sure to check out our hands-on tutorial walking through creating custom iOS 14 widgets with Widgetsmith:

    How to make iOS 14 aesthetic with custom app icons

    1. One option is to search the web for the app icon(s) you want, for example, “clock icons” or “clock icons aesthetic”

      In the example below I’m using the free images available at On iPhone, you can long-press on images and choose the Add to Photos option.
      How to create iOS 14 aesthetic iPhone walkthrough 1

    2. A faster way to create your iOS 14 aesthetic is to buy an icon set and save them all to the Photos app or the Files app on your iPhone.
      Check out some of the best icon packs available now in our full roundup here.

      More options are available on Etsy and Pinterest with many of them ranging from $5-$30.

    3. Now that you have new icons/images you’d like to use, open the Shortcuts app (free from Apple if you don’t already have it)

      Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner — Tap Add Action — Search for Open App, and tap it — and then tap Choose highlighted in blue
      How to create iOS 14 aesthetic iPhone walkthrough 2

    4. Now choose the app you’re creating a custom icon for

      After picking the app, tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner — tap Shortcut Name at the top and enter one — now tap Add to Home ScreenHow to create iOS 14 aesthetic iPhone walkthrough 3

    5. Tap Shortcut Name again and enter what you’d like (could be the same as the original app or your own custom name

      Now tap the icon to the left of the name you just entered — now tap Choose Photo (or Choose File if you downloaded an icon to your iPhone)How to create iOS 14 aesthetic iPhone walkthrough 4

    6. Now find and tap the icon or photo you’d like to use

      You can adjust it in the frame to make sure it’s centered or zoom in by pinching and dragging — tap Add in the top right corner — now tap Done

    7. Now head to your home screen or last app page to see the new app shortcut with your custom icon

      Press and hold the app to enter jiggle mode to move it wherever you’d like

    8. Head back to the Shortcuts app, and tap Done two times to get back to the main screen

      Repeat the process for all the apps you’d like — you can also tap the three-dot icon on any you’ve already done to change the icon or name

    Something to keep in mind when you make an iOS 14 aesthetic with the Shortcuts app/custom icons, when you tap them to launch an app you will briefly see the Shortcuts app on your iPhone before it opens the app linked to it (no longer the case with iOS 14.3!). .

    Read more iOS 14 tutorials

    Top image via Vidit Bhargava

    Oh, and here’s the watercolor background used above for those interested:

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    Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

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    making my iphone x aesthetic!🦋- ios 14, widgets, wallpaper

    With iOS 14, Apple has finally given you the ability to customize the layout of your home screen to some extent. Instead of just repositioning icons, you can totally remove them thanks to the new App Library. With the new Widgets, you can finally fill your home screen with something other than just apps.

    But the new “aesthetic” iPhone trend goes a lot further. By combining Shortcuts with custom icons and highly-customizable widgets, you can give your iPhone a dramatically different look.

    Here’s how to get started making your iPhone “aesthetic.”

    Update 12/15/20: With the iOS 14.3 release, apps launched via Shortcuts no longer switch to the Shortcuts app before launching. Now, a small banner alert pops up instead.

    First, grab some icons

    Before you do anything else, you’ll want to grab some images to use as icons. There are lots of designers with matching icon packs on the web, just search for what suits you. Some are free, others (like Traf’s popular minimalist icons) are quite expensive.

    A great way to find some free icons is to search Twitter for “aesthetic iOS 14” and start poking around. 

    You’ll want to add your icons to your Photos library. On your iPhone, long-press an image and choose “Add to Photos.” If you’ve got a Mac, you can drag images into your Photos app.

    Use Shortcuts to replace apps

    The key to replacing all your app icons with your own designs is to replace your actual apps on your home screen with Shortcuts.

    shortcut aesthetic
    1. Open the Shortcuts app (it comes installed on your iPhone).

    2. Tap the + button in the upper right to make a new Shortcut.

    3. Tap Add Action.

    4. Tap Scripting.

    5. Tap Open App.

    6. Tap the Choose word and select the app you want this shortcut to open.

    7. Tap the three dots (…) in the upper right and select Add to Home Screen.

    8. Give your shortcut a name (the name of the app is a good idea).

    9. Tap the image to the left of the name and pick Choose Photo. Select the image from your Photos library you want to use as your new icon.

    10. Tap Add in the upper right, and you’ll see a popup telling you the shortcut was added to the home screen.

    shortcut aesthetic 2

    Back on your home screen, you can see your new shortcut. If the original app icon is still on the home screen, long-press it, choose Remove App, and then Move to App Library to get it off your home screen.

    Repeat that process for every app you want to keep on your home screen, and remove all the others, leaving them in your App Library.

    There are three caveats to be aware of when replacing your apps with shortcuts in this way. First, you won’t get those little red notification badges in the corner of your shortcuts like you will on real apps. Second, when you launch an app from a shortcut, you’ll first see a brief Shortcuts banner notification pop up before the app launches. And third, you’ll lose the ability to long-press on the app icon to access whatever quick actions it has—the shortcut won’t have those.

    Custom Widgets

    To match your custom app icons, you’ll want some custom widgets. New apps like Widgetsmith and Color Widgets are popular options.

    You’ll use the app to design your own widgets, choosing what information it will show, the fonts, colors, borders, and so on. Once you’ve got your widgets created, it’s time to add them to your home screen.

    1. Tap and hold on any empty area of your home screen until you enter “wiggle mode.”

    2. Tap the + sign in the upper left to add a widgets.

    3. Select the Widgetsmith or Color Widgets app (or whatever custom widgets app you used) and the size of the widget you created.

    4. Tap Add Widget.

    5. Position the widget on the home screen, and while still in wiggle mode, tap it to change its options—you may have to choose the particular widget you’ve customized.

    6. Tap Done in the upper right to exit wiggle mode.

    There are limits to what you can do with custom widgets right now, but  the capabilities of these apps continues to expand. 

    If you’re willing to accept the limitations of using shortcuts to launch your apps and using custom widgets you can create some truly unique home screen looks!


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